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LUUF Mattress Review

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Daniel Noyed


Ideal for:

  • Customers who want a choice of firmness levels
  • Sleepers who prefer a well-rounded feel with a blend of features
  • Shoppers looking for a 365-night sleep trial


  • Retail Price Point: While promotions are frequently offered, customers should know that the LUUF has a high sticker price and that they should always look for a discount to get a better value.
  • Challenges Choosing the Firmness: While the ability to select a firmness level is a plus for many shoppers, it’s important to know that it involves tradeoffs. For example, a firmer feel may mean less contouring and pressure relief, but a softer feel can mean it’s harder to move on the bed. Finding the right balance may be a challenge for some customers.
Price Range:
$1399 - $3199
Mattress Type:
Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)
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The LUUF company has been manufacturing quality mattresses in America for over 60 years. The LUUF bed is a well-executed take on the modern hybrid mattress, featuring a memory foam comfort system and a pocketed coil support core.

The LUUF bed is available in three different firmness options — the Plush Multi-Sleeper, the Luxury Firm Multi-Sleeper, and the Firm Sleeper — but these aren’t the only offerings from LUUF. The company’s product line also includes the LUUF Simplicity Mattress, a lower-cost hybrid with four inches of polyfoam in its comfort system, and the Little LUUF mattress designed for children.

The LUUF mattress has a well-balanced set of features and the ability to cater to many different sleepers, especially given its distinct firmness options. Our detailed LUUF mattress review examines all of the essential information that you need to know about this mattress if you’re thinking about whether it’s the best bet for you.

Luuf Mattress Review Breakdown

The LUUF bed is a hybrid that is offered in three firmness levels. Taking a closer look at how the mattress is constructed is an important starting point for a detailed review.

All three of the firmness options have the same cover, which is made with a stretch fabric that is the same on all four sides of the mattress. The interior design for the Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), and Firm (7) options are similar, but there are some slight differences in the comfort system and support core.

The comfort system in the Medium Soft (Plush Multi-Sleeper) version starts with two thin top layers of gel-infused polyfoam. The polyfoam has notable contouring and modest bounce. Underneath the polyfoam is two inches of memory foam that has been infused with graphene. This infusion, like the gel in the polyfoam, is included with the goal of reducing heat retention. The conforming properties of memory foam improve the bed’s pressure relief and ability to isolate motion. The last layer of the comfort system is one inch of transition polyfoam, and the support core is made of pocketed coils. These springs are arranged into five zones to provide enhanced support to the edge and to key areas of the body.

The Medium Firm (Luxury Firm Multi-Sleeper) model also has two gel-infused polyfoam layers at the top of the bed. The third layer is one inch of graphene-infused memory foam followed by a fourth layer of two inches of transition polyfoam. By making the memory foam layer thinner, the Medium Firm model reduces its level of plushness and contouring while retaining a meaningful degree of pressure relief. Pocketed coils serve as the support core, but in the Medium Firm model, they are arranged into seven zones instead of five.

The Firm (Firm Sleeper) version of the LUUF bed has two top layers of polyfoam in the comfort system, but these are not gel-infused. Because the mattress has less sink, air flows more easily around the body on this mattress, reducing the need for gel-infused polyfoam directly below the body. The third layer is two inches of graphene-infused memory foam to provide spinal support. Like the Medium Firm model, the Firm has a support core of pocketed coils formed into seven zones.


Mattress Type

Plush Multi-Sleeper: Medium Soft – 4, Luxury Firm Multi-Sleeper: Medium Firm – 6, Firm Sleeper: Firm – 7



The construction of the LUUF Mattress depends on the firmness option, but all models feature comfort layers of gel infused polyfoam and graphene-infused memory foam and a pocketed coil support core. The Plush and Luxury firm versions feature a polyfoam transition layer as well.

Cover Material:

Stretch fabric

Comfort Layer:

Medium Soft:

Gel-infused polyfoam (two layers)

2” of graphene-infused memory foam

Medium Firm:

Gel-infused polyfoam (two layers)

2” of graphene-infused memory foam


Gel-infused polyfoam (two layers)

2” of graphene-infused memory foam

Transition Layer:

Medium Soft:

1” polyfoam

Medium Firm:

2” polyfoam

Support Core:

Medium Soft:

Pocketed coils – 5 zones

Medium Firm/Firm:

Pocketed coils – 7 zones

Mattress Prices and Sizing

The retail price — also known as the sticker price or MSRP — of the LUUF bed is above-average compared to similarly designed hybrid mattresses. While it has solid performance characteristics, at its sticker price, it does not represent a great value for shoppers. That’s why it’s important for customers to know that the company frequently offers significant discounts through coupons and sales events. When offered with sizable promotions, the LUUF bed can offer customers a solid return on investment.

The LUUF bed is 13 inches tall and offered in all of the six standard mattress sizes. Its height and overall dimensions are comparable to most other hybrids. Details about its dimensions and retail pricing based on the mattress size is outlined below.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 13" N/A. $1399
Twin XL 38" x 80" 13" N/A. $1499
Full 54" x 75" 13" N/A. $1899
Queen 60" x 80" 13" 7N/A. $2499
King 76" x 80" 13" N/A. $2999
California King 72" x 74" 13" N/A. $3199
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Discounts and Deals


Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on LuuF mattresses

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Plush: 4/5, Luxury Firm: 3/5, Firm: 3/5

All three of the LUUF mattress firmness options include memory foam, a material that confers a high degree of motion isolation. Memory foam only compresses where weight is actually applied to it, cutting down on the ripple effect from motion across the bed that can be generated by many coil-based support cores. Motion isolation can be critical for couples, particularly if one of the bed partners is a light sleeper or is constantly tossing and turning.

Customers who want the highest degree of motion isolation should look to the medium soft option. Because it has a more contouring feel and a thicker memory foam layer, it is better able to limit motion transfer. On the flip side, the Firm, which has less conforming, will make it easier to perceive the springiness of the coils, including with regard to motion transfer. As a result, the firm is closer to average in this area while the medium soft is solidly above-average.

Pressure Relief

Plush: 4/5, Luxury Firm: 3/5, Firm: 3/5

Across the three LUUF mattress models, we rate pressure relief as above-average although there are differences between the models. All three versions benefit from the zoned and pocketed innerspring coils that create a feel that better suits the body’s heavier sections. The comfort system of each model also plays a key role in pressure relief. The medium soft has the most conforming because of its softer polyfoam and thicker memory foam layer.

These design elements allow it to deliver more cushioning to pressure points. The medium firm and firm models also have polyfoam and memory foam to provide cushioning, but with a harder feel, these mattresses don’t offer the kind of deep cradling found in the medium soft. Ultimately, the choice of options allows each sleeper to choose what is most likely to offer ideal pressure point relief in their case since some individuals experience sharper impact in areas like the hips or shoulders.

Temperature Control

The LUUF beds don’t have a strong tendency to either sleep hot or cool, and consequently, their performance is rated as average for temperature control. The coil-based design keeps heat from building up in the support core, and both the Medium Soft and Medium Firm models use gel-infused foam to try to resist heat buildup. Overall, though, memory foam, even when it is graphene-infused, still has a greater propensity to collect heat than many other mattress materials. That effect will be most noticeable on the Medium Soft mattress because the deeper a person sinks into the bed, the more that cooling airflow around the skin gets blocked. With its softer feel and more pronounced cradling, the Medium Soft may be too warm for people who tend to sleep hot. With less conforming, air moves more easily around the body on the Firm, making it the best performing of these beds with regard to temperature regulation.

Edge Support

Plush: 2/5, Luxury Firm: 3/5, Firm: 4/5

Edge support in the LUUF beds ranges from average in the medium soft to above-average in the medium firm and firm. The way that the coils are structured in zones includes a focus on having more sturdy springs around the edge of the bed. This zoned design is used in all of the models but is most evident in the firmer options. In addition, because the medium firm and firm models are built to have less compression in the comfort system, there is less sinking around the perimeter of the bed.

For people who frequently find themselves sitting or sleeping near the edge of the bed, the firm will have the most stable feel. The medium soft won’t necessarily feel unstable, but the heightened compression at the perimeter will be more obvious.

Ease of Movement

The hybrid design of the LUUF bed makes it easier to move on top of the mattress. The springiness of the support core means that the mattress rebounds more rapidly as you adjust your weight on it. That responsiveness is a check against feeling stuck in place and allows for smoothly changing sleeping positions. That ease of movement is highest on the firm bed and lowest on the medium soft. On the firm, the bounce is more noticeable because there is less sinking into the comfort system, but on the medium soft, it’s possible to experience more sinking into the mattress. The medium firm is a good middle ground option with a bit more contouring but still above-average ease of movement.


Plush: 2/5, Luxury Firm: 3/5, Firm: 3/5

As in other categories, the performance of the LUUF beds for sex ranges somewhere around average. On the medium soft, there’s more of a tendency to find that the deep hug of the comfort system blunts the bounce of the coils, resulting in more difficult movements on the bed during sex. On the medium firm and firm options, the responsiveness is more evident, making it simpler to quickly move on the mattress during sex. All three options have enough softness to protect the body and its joints during vigorous sexual activity.


When it comes to off-gassing, all three LUUF beds are considered to have an average rating. All of the models include multiple layers of foam that can give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with a light odor. That smell poses no health risk, is comparable to what is found with most hybrids, and normally goes away within a few hours after first setting up the mattress as long as the room is well-ventilated.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Shoppers taking a close look at the LUUF beds can benefit from thinking about their sleeping position and body weight as these factors influence which model best matches their situation.

Side Sleepers: With serious pressure points at the hips and shoulders, side sleepers need a mattress that offers considerable cushioning so that these areas don’t become pain points or throw off spinal alignment. This usually means that side sleepers should look for mattresses from medium soft (4) to medium firm (6) with at least a moderate level of contouring. People who weigh more than 230 pounds will notice more sinking and thus typically need a firmer mattress than people between 130 and 230 pounds, and the reverse is true for people under 130.

Taking these needs into consideration, the medium firm LUUF bed is a solid option for side sleepers under 230 pounds, and the medium firm is best for those over 130 pounds. The firm model is a bit too firm for some side sleepers, though it is ideal for those over 230 pounds as well as side sleepers over 130 pounds who prefer a firmer feel.

Back Sleepers: For people on their back, the most important area for support is the lumbar spine. This region, more commonly known as the lower back, has a slight curve that must be cushioned by the mattress, but if the bed is too soft, the stomach and pelvis can sink in and apply excess torque to the lower back. Most back sleepers find the best balance in mattresses with a medium to firm feel and light-to-moderate contouring. A firmer option tends to provide the best results for people with a higher body weight and vice versa for people who weigh less.

The medium soft LUUF bed is too soft for the majority of back sleepers; however, it may be quite comfortable and supportive for those under 130 pounds. The medium firm and firm options can be a good choice for back sleepers of any weight because of their harder sleeping surface and mild contouring.

Stomach Sleepers: Among all the sleeping positions, stomach sleeping requires the firmest bed and the least amount of contouring. Stomach sleepers normally prefer a mattress that is medium firm to firm so that, as with back sleepers, their midsection doesn’t sag into the bed and put pressure on the lumbar spine. Beyond that spinal alignment issue, face-down stomach sleepers tend to prefer a firmer bed that won’t cause them to feel smothered.

Among the LUUF beds, the firm model is the best fit for stomach sleepers of any weight. The medium firm can be an effective option for people who sleep on their stomach and weigh under 230 pounds, but it is likely too soft for those over that weight. The medium soft is far too soft for most stomach sleepers, although a small subset of those under 130 pounds who don’t sink far into the comfort system may find it to be a good option.

LUUF – Plush Multi-Sleeper

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Excellent Good Fair
Back Sleepers Good Fair Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Fair Fair
Scroll L - R for more details

LUUF – Luxury Firm Multi-Sleeper

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Good Excellent Good
Back Sleepers Good Good Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Fair Fair
Scroll L - R for more details

LUUF – Firm Multi-Sleeper

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Fair Good Excellent
Back Sleepers Good Excellent Excellent
Stomach Sleepers Good Excellent Good
Scroll L - R for more details

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    Most of the LUUF mattress sales take place online through the LUUF website. At this site, the mattress can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and shipped to addresses in the contiguous 48 U.S. states.

    Shoppers in a few select locations can also scope out the LUUF in a physical store. Several retail partners in five states — Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado, New York, and Virginia — carry the LUUF mattress. Full details on finding the LUUF in person can be found using the company’s store locator.

  • Shipping

    Standard shipping is included with the online purchase of the LUUF mattress. It is delivered in a box, meaning that the mattress is compressed down to fit in plastic that is placed inside a cardboard box. That box is delivered to your home, and to install the mattress, you just bring the mattress into your bedroom and remove the packaging. Including order processing and ground shipping, the mattress usually arrives within 10 business days. Because of its weight, it generally takes two people to carry the box and properly set up the mattress.

  • Additional Services

    No White-Glove installation or old mattress removal services are available with the LUUF mattress.

  • Sleep Trial

    LUUF offers a 365-night sleep trial that comes with a 21-night break-in period during which you must keep the mattress. After 21 nights, you can request a return at any time within a year of having received the mattress. If you ask to make a return, LUUF will pick up the mattress and issue a full refund.

  • Warranty

    The LUUF mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. This non-prorated warranty stipulates that LUUF will replace a mattress that is deemed as defective.

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About Our Editorial Team

Daniel Noyed

Certified Sleep Coach

Danny is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with an in-depth knowledge of sleep health. He has tested hundreds of mattresses and sleep products.

About Our Editorial Team

Daniel Noyed

Certified Sleep Coach

Danny is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with an in-depth knowledge of sleep health. He has tested hundreds of mattresses and sleep products.