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Water tubes


Polyester and cotton

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Since 2015, Eight Sleep has specialized in smart sleep technology with active temperature control. The Eight Sleep Pod Cover is equipped with a network of water tubes, collectively known as the Active Grid. The grid connects to the Hub, an external reservoir that heats or cools water within a range of 55 to 110 degrees. The Active Grid also features sensors embedded in the fabric to track various sleep data, which you can access through the Eight Sleep companion app.

The Pod 2 (formerly known as the Pod Pro) and Pod 3 Covers are compatible with any mattress measuring 10 to 11 inches thick. The recent PerfectFit upgrade option is a bit stretchier, allowing you to use the cover with mattresses between 10 and 16 inches thick. 

I used the Eight Sleep Pod Cover on my mattress — which is not an Eight Sleep model — for roughly four weeks. In this review, I’ll discuss my experience with the cover’s sleep-tracking and temperature control functions. I’ll also touch on pricing, assembly instructions, troubleshooting tips, and other details you should know before buying this product.

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What Does the Eight Sleep Pod Cover Do?

The Pod Cover’s Active Grid serves two primary purposes: regulating your temperature and tracking your sleep data. You’ll need to download the Eight Sleep companion app and purchase an annual subscription to access both functions. A layer of foam is sewn to the top surface, so the cover also functions as a low-profile topper.

Temperature Control

Simply put, the Eight Sleep Pod Cover’s active cooling and heating abilities are unparalleled in today’s sleep product market. You can program the temperature in single-degree increments anywhere from 55 to 110 degrees, allowing you to sleep comfortably throughout the year. After personally testing the cover, I can confirm it works as advertised.

The temperature can be adjusted with the Eight Sleep companion app. Use the digital Temp Dial to pinpoint a specific temperature and then input your bedtime. The cover needs a few minutes to heat up or cool down to your preset temperature, so you may want to set the timer a bit earlier than your planned bedtime. If you sleep with a partner, each of you can program different temperature settings for your respective sides of the bed.

Another smart aspect of the cover is its ability to automatically adjust temperature throughout the night. These changes are based on your body temperature and sleep cycle, as well as your bedroom environment. There is a break-in period for this feature that allows the cover to learn your ideal temperature settings using artificial intelligence. This process takes about a week.

I experimented with various temperature levels during my tests of the Eight Sleep Pod Cover. Warmer settings make the cover feel comparable to a thick electric blanket, and the foam padding nicely enhances this effect by absorbing heat. At the same time, I didn’t notice any bothersome heat retention from the foam when the cover was programmed to a lower temperature, and the surface felt cool to the touch. 

As you might expect, the most extreme temperature settings are pretty intense. I could see the appeal of getting into a toasty-warm bed on a chilly winter night or sleeping on an icy-cold surface during a summer heat wave. But for most people, moderate temperature levels will be sufficient.

The cover’s temperature controls also function as an alarm. Using the wake-up time that you’ve preset on the app, the Active Grid initiates gradual temperature shifts to rouse you out of sleep. Alternatively, you can program a vibrating alarm that produces gentle undulations when it’s time to get up, or you can opt for a combination of both alarms. I enjoyed this feature, though heavy sleepers might need more of a nudge in the morning. The mattress gradually reverts to room temperature once you get out of bed.

I can’t overstate how advanced the Pod Cover’s heating and cooling capabilities are. There’s simply no other mattress cover on the market today that offers this range of active temperature control settings. If you’re someone who needs a specific temperature to sleep comfortably, but you’re raising an eyebrow at the sticker price, rest assured the cover is truly one of a kind.

Sleep Tracking

I was most curious to test out the Pod Cover’s temperature-regulating abilities, so the sleep-tracking function was a nice bonus. The Active Grid’s sensors track various metrics and use your data to generate a daily sleep score. 

  • Time spent asleep: This is based on how long you sleep on your mattress over a 24-hour period, including nightly rest and daytime naps. This metric affects your sleep score the most.
  • Sleep latency: The amount of time it takes you to fall asleep also factors into your sleep report. More than 30 minutes of sleep latency will hurt your score for this metric.
  • Sleep and wake-up times: Your sleep score increases if you go to bed and wake up at roughly the same times each day. These metrics are based on averages over the previous seven days.

You’ll receive your sleep report and score within the app each morning. The app also displays personal stats to indicate if the previous night’s data is consistent with your normal sleep routine, and provides sleep tips to help you recover after a rough night. For example, if your sleep time falls below average, the app may suggest going to bed earlier that night. 

Another perk of using the app is full access to a built-in library of meditation, guided breathing, and exercise programs intended to help you sleep better. You can also sync the Eight Sleep app with other tracking apps like Google Fit and Apple Health to compare data.

In terms of overall capabilities, the Pod Cover isn’t as advanced as other trackers on the market. The sensors don’t monitor metrics like snoring, body temperature, or blood oxygen level. Price is another potential downside, as the cover costs much more than the average tracking device, and you’ll need to pay an annual subscription fee on top of the up-front charge.

That said, the Pod Cover will probably be a lot more comfortable than a tracker you’d wear on your finger or around your wrist. Plus, other sleep trackers don’t offer the cover’s temperature-regulating abilities. 

If you’re looking for a performance cover with active heating and cooling that also monitors some of your key sleep data points, the Pod Cover might be worth the investment. If you’re solely looking for a sleep tracker, you may want to consider something that’s less expensive and more comprehensive in terms of tracking ability. 

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Prices and Sizes

As you might expect from a luxury sleep product like the Eight Sleep Pod Cover, the sticker price is fairly steep. A 6% discount is available to military personnel, students, first responders, and health care workers.

Pod CoverPrice (Queen)
Pod 2 Cover$1,895
Pod 3 Cover (10”-11”)$2,195
Pod 3 Cover with PerfectFit

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

Lastly, I’ll cover the nuts and bolts of ordering and — if necessary — returning the Eight Sleep Pod Cover.


Eight Sleep offers free ground delivery for all Pod Cover orders. 

In addition to the U.S. and Canada, the company ships the cover to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Australia. 

Availability is limited to the U.S. and Canada for orders that include both the mattress and cover.


Your Pod Cover comes with a 30-night sleep trial that begins on the date of delivery. Those who initiate a return within 30 nights receive a full refund, and Eight Sleep does not charge any restocking fees.

You do not need to send the Pod Cover back to Eight Sleep. Instead, the company works with customers to donate, recycle, or dispose of the cover.


The standard Pod Cover warranty spans two years in length. Manufacturing defects that prevent the cover from working properly result in a full replacement.

If you opt for the Plus subscription, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty against the same defects. This warranty applies as long as you retain original ownership, but your subscription must remain active.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend the Eight Sleep Pod Cover to anyone who wants active temperature control for their sleep surface — provided it’s within their budget. An extensive heating and cooling range, unique settings for each side of the bed, intuitive controls, and automatic temperature adjustments make the cover one of the most advanced sleep accessories I’ve personally tested. The sleep-tracking function is a nice touch, though if this is your primary interest, you can find more comprehensive trackers at a much lower cost.

Difficult setup, limited mattress compatibility for the standard cover, and a design that’s highly susceptible to permanent damage are all points to consider before buying the Pod Cover. However, these feel like minor quibbles compared to the cover’s technological capabilities. If you’re unsure about whether this product is worth the investment, I’d recommend testing it out during the 30-night trial. A few nights of sleep at the ideal temperature might just be enough to convince you the Eight Sleep Pod Cover is worth the price.

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