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Sleep On Latex Mattress Review

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Logan Foley


Ideal for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Budget-conscious shoppers who want a mattress made with high-quality, organic materials
  • Those who prefer a responsive sleep surface


  • Depending on the sleeper’s body weight and sleep position, the firm model could cause pressure to build at the hips and shoulders.
  • Some back and stomach sleepers may find that the medium model is not supportive enough.
  • Those who prefer the hug of memory foam may not enjoy the buoyancy of latex.
Mattress Type:
Medium (5), Firm (7)
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Founded in 2013, Sleep On Latex focuses on crafting sleep products with its signature natural latex. The product line includes a mattress topper, a pillow, and a mattress.

The Sleep On Latex Mattress, also known as the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress, consists of certified organic materials, including GOLS-certified organic latex and GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton. To accommodate different needs, it comes in medium (5) and firm (7).

We will explore the specifics of the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress, covering pricing, performance, shipping information, and other considerations. We’ll also highlight the differences between the two firmness options to help you decide which might be better for your sleep style.

Sleep On Latex Mattress Review Breakdown

The Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress is available in two firmness levels: medium (5) and firm (7). This affordable mattress is assembled in Illinois of certified organic materials, making it an excellent option for eco-conscious shoppers on a budget.

A breathable, slightly stretchy GOTS-certified organic cotton cover encases the mattress without restricting air circulation or contouring. Quilted into the cover, 1 inch of GOTS-certified organic wool wicks away moisture and helps regulate temperature while acting as a natural fire barrier. A 2-inch comfort layer of GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex combines contouring and responsiveness for pressure relief with minimal hug. The core consists of 6 inches of Dunlop latex for durable support that resists sagging and long-term impressions.

Firmness Options

Mattress Type

Medium (5), Firm (7)



The Sleep On Latex Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress contains a layer of wool and two layers of Dunlop latex encased in a cotton cover. All the materials hold organic certifications.

Cover Material:

GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

Comfort Layer:

1″ GOTS-Certified Organic Wool
2″ GOLS-Certified Organic Dunlop Latex

Support Core:

6″ GOLS-Certified Organic Dunlop Latex

Choose Medium if…

  • You want greater pressure relief.
  • You weigh less than 130 pounds.
  • You prefer a model that minimizes motion transfer.

Choose Firm if…

  • Edge support is an important factor in your buying decision.
  • You are a back or stomach sleeper who weighs more than 130 pounds.
  • You are a side sleeper who weighs more than 230 pounds.

Mattress Prices and Sizing

Considering its high-quality, organic materials, the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress is affordable. It also has a lower price tag than most similar organic latex models. This may make it a strong option for shoppers who value organic materials but have a limited budget.

The Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress comes in the six standard mattress sizes. The weight of the mattress depends on its firmness. The firm model is heavier than the medium option.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 38” x 75” 9” 80 lbs. or 90 lbs. See Price
Twin XL 38” x 80” 9” 85 lbs. or 95 lbs. See Price
Full 54” x 75” 9” 110 lbs. or 120 lbs. See Price
Queen 60” x 80” 9” 125 lbs. or 145 lbs. See Price
King 76” x 80” 9” 150 lbs. or

185 lbs.

See Price
California King 72” x 84” 9” 150 lbs. or

185 lbs.

See Price
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Discounts and Deals

Sleep On Latex

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Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

3/5 (Medium)
2/5 (Firm)

The medium firmness level of the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress offers greater motion isolation than the firm, so it may appeal to those who share their bed with a pet, partner, or child. Because latex is naturally buoyant, both firmness options transfer more motion than most all-foam models. However, the medium version performs better in this category than many latex models.

Pressure Relief

3/5 (Medium)
2/5 (Firm)

While the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress does not relieve pressure to the same extent as some models, the medium option offers more significant pressure relief than the firm. This is due to its softer feel and extra conforming, which help redistribute weight to relieve pressure.

Because the hips and shoulders tend to be wider and put more pressure on a mattress, pressure relief is usually a high priority for side sleepers. Side sleepers under 230 pounds should sink into the medium version’s 2-inch Dunlop latex comfort layer enough to cushion their hips and shoulders. However, side sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds may prefer the firm option for a better balance of cradling and support.

Temperature Control

Both firmness levels of the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress regulate temperature well, making this mattress a great choice for many hot sleepers. Its breathable materials, including natural latex, cotton, and wool, let air circulate so that heat can dissipate away from the body. Since wool is a natural temperature regulator, it helps keep the surface cool in summer and warm in winter.

Edge Support

3/5 (Medium)
4/5 (Firm)

Because of its sturdier feel, the firm version of the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress has a more supportive edge than the medium option. However, the perimeters of both firmness levels should be stable enough to allow most sleepers to sit or sleep near the edge without feeling like they may slide off. This is due largely to the relatively thin Dunlop latex comfort layer, which makes the supportive core more noticeable.

While many latex models have good edge support, the firm version of the Pure Green Organic Mattress performs exceptionally well.

Ease of Movement

Both firmness levels of the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress are easy for most sleepers to move around on. Dunlop latex layers give the bed bounce and responsiveness, which allow the sleeper to move without the sensation of being trapped in the mattress.

Since this model doesn’t hug closely to the body and responds quickly to changes in pressure, it may appeal to those who change positions frequently and individuals with mobility issues.


Unlike memory foam mattresses, which tend to impede movement by sinking under a couple’s weight, the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress is conducive to intimate activities. Its responsive latex enhances bounce and ease of movement. The breathable construction also helps dissipate heat, while the sturdy edge makes more of the mattress surface usable. Additionally, the layers of latex should remain virtually silent.


Off-gassing refers to a release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which often occurs when new products are unpacked for the first time. Many new mattresses give off a chemical smell for a few hours to a few days after they’re removed from their packaging.

Since natural materials do not typically emit VOCs, the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress is a great choice for consumers who are concerned about off-gassing. While the model may initially release a slight natural odor from the wool and latex, it shouldn’t have the chemical smell typically associated with synthetic materials.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers: Both firmness options of the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress are appropriate for some side sleepers, but the balance of contouring and support depends on the individual’s weight.

The firm option provides excellent support for those who weigh more than 230 pounds. While its firmer feel prevents them from sinking too far into the mattress and jeopardizing their spinal alignment, the comfort system’s 1-inch wool layer and 2-inch Dunlop latex layer still provide enough cradling and cushioning to relieve pressure from the hips and shoulders.

Side sleepers who weigh under 230 pounds are likely to prefer the medium option, which should allow them to sink in just the right amount to maintain good posture without significant pressure buildup around their hips or shoulders.

Back Sleepers: Between its two firmness levels, the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress excels at properly supporting back sleepers.

The firm option is excellent for back sleepers over 130 pounds, while the medium may be preferable for those under 130 pounds. With the right firmness selection, the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress’ wool batting and 2-inch Dunlop latex comfort layer should gently cradle a back sleeper’s hips without letting them dip too deeply into the bed, thereby minimizing lumbar pressure.

Stomach Sleepers: Many stomach sleepers enjoy excellent support from the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress. Its combination of latex and wool offers the cushioning and support necessary for comfort and spinal alignment. 

The medium option is particularly suitable for stomach sleepers under 130 pounds, who may enjoy the slightly softer feel but should not sink in deeply enough to negatively affect their posture. Stomach sleepers over 130 pounds will likely find that the firm option better meets their needs, since they require more support around their midsections to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Sleep On Latex Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress – Medium

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Good Good Fair
Back Sleepers Excellent Fair Fair
Stomach Sleepers Excellent Fair Fair
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Sleep On Latex Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress – Firm

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers




Back Sleepers




Stomach Sleepers




Sleep On Latex

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    The Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress by Sleep On Latex is available for purchase directly through the company website and Amazon. Sleep On Latex ships its products to addresses in the United States and Canada.

  • Shipping

    Sleep On Latex offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. Shipping is also available to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada for an additional charge. Other international orders may also be possible, though the buyer is responsible for shipping and any duties, taxes, and customs fees. Most mattresses ship within one business day.

    Many king size mattresses ship through freight, and most other products ship through FedEx.

    Sleep On Latex uses bed-in-a-box shipping, meaning your mattress will arrive compressed, rolled, wrapped in plastic, and encased in a box. Once you receive your mattress, you bring it into your bedroom, carefully unpackage it, and set it up.

  • Additional Services

    Sleep On Latex does not offer White Glove delivery or old mattress removal.

  • Sleep Trial

    A buyer can return or exchange their Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress within 100 days of its delivery. Sleep On Latex will arrange for the mattress to be picked up from the buyer’s residence for free. Returned mattresses that have been used are typically donated or recycled. The customer may also donate the unwanted mattress themselves.

    Each customer is allowed one return per specific product type in a 12-month period.

  • Warranty

    Sleep On Latex provides a 10-year limited warranty on the Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress. The warranty ensures that Sleep On Latex will repair or replace mattresses deemed defective under the terms set forth by the policy.

    Eligible defects include indentations at least 1 inch deep and cracking or splitting that significantly affects the performance of the mattress. The policy does not cover damage due to improper support, abuse, and misuse.

    The warranty is non-transferable and requires proof of purchase.