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product image of the Polysleep Origin 2.0

Price Range

$676 – $1,036

Mattress Type


Firmness Options:

Medium Firm (6)



















Ideal For:

  1. Side and back sleepers
  2. Those with active sleeping partners
  3. Hot sleepers


  1. Below-average support for stomach sleepers over 130 pounds
  2. Sleep trial has a mandatory 45-day break-in period
  3. Shipping is not free to Alaska and Hawaii

Polysleep is based in Canada and specializes in foam mattresses, foundations, toppers, and pillows. The company uses sustainable shipping methods and donates one mattress for every 10 sold. All mattresses are made locally and shipped directly to customers, keeping prices more affordable. 

Polysleep offers four main mattresses: the Origin 2.0, the Polysleep, the Aura, and the Zephyr 2.0. Polysleep uses a proprietary memory foam, which is a foam that combines properties of memory foam and latex, though the foam does not contain any actual latex. This gives the mattresses a responsive feel more characteristic of hybrid models. 

We’ll focus on the Origin 2.0, an upgraded version of the Origin Mattress. With a 10-inch profile and medium firm (6) feel, the Origin 2.0 includes a memory foam comfort layer, polyfoam transition layer, and a high-density polyfoam base. The Polysleep Mattress is the same height but features a thicker comfort system and reinforced polyfoam perimeter.

Polysleep’s high-end models include the Aura and the Zephyr 2.0. The Aura has the same structure as the Polysleep but features targeted hip support and a thicker support core, measuring 11 inches in height. At 12 inches, the Zephyr 2.0 is the tallest and most advanced model. Its construction is similar to that of the Aura, but it includes several cooling technologies.

We’ll highlight the Origin 2.0’s construction, sizing, and performance to help you decide if it’s the right model for you. We’ll also cover the Origin 2.0’s shipping, sleep trial, and warranty details. 

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Ratings Summary

Motion Isolation:
Temperature Control:
Pressure Relief:
Edge Support:
Ease of Movement:
Off Gassing:

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Our testers noticed minimal motion transfer, thanks to the mattress’ all-foam construction. The comfort and transition layers trap movement before it ripples across the surface, and the thick polyfoam support core helps prevent any residual motion from traveling across the surface.

The mattress’ above-average motion isolation prevents partners from disturbing each other when they move or get in and out of bed. The same is true if you sleep with a pet or child. Motion isolation can also help prevent combination sleepers from waking up when changing positions.

Pressure Relief

Polysleep’s memory foam is formulated to cradle sleepers without permitting deep sinkage. We found that this combination alleviated tension while encouraging good sleep posture. Our testers experienced enough sink to cushion pressure points in the hips, shoulders, and back. At the same time, the mattress’ pushback reinforced even spine alignment.

Sleepers over 230 pounds sometimes find memory foam mattresses too soft, but the foam layers didn’t compress excessively for our testers. The responsive polyfoam transition layer and sturdy polyfoam support core also resist deep sinkage, which helps prevent pressure points from forming.

Stomach sleepers over 130 pounds noticed the mattress conformed too closely to the midsection, which made it difficult to maintain spinal alignment. Sleepers in this weight category might opt for a firmer model with minimal compression.

Temperature Control

We found the Origin 2.0 slept cooler than typical all-foam models. The memory foam provides moderate contouring, so it doesn’t trap as much body heat. Its open-cell structure is also more breathable than conventional memory foam. Additionally, the medium firm surface limits deep sinkage that can reduce airflow.

Couples and stomach sleepers over 130 pounds may experience more heat retention, but testing indicated that the mattress regulated temperature fairly well throughout the night.

Edge Support

Foam mattresses tend to have weaker edge support than hybrid or latex models as even high-density foam eventually softens and loses its support. We found the Origin 2.0 Mattress had average edge support for a foam model. However, the medium firm surface and dense polyfoam support core help minimize sagging along the sides.

Couples may notice some premature sagging around the perimeter, but this is more likely after a few years of sleeping on the mattress.

If you regularly sit on the edge of your bed or weigh more than 230 pounds, you may want to consider Polysleep’s Zephyr, Aura, or Polysleep models. These mattresses have a reinforced foam perimeter for better edge support.

Ease of Movement

Foam mattresses can restrict movement if they closely hug the body. Since the memory foam is quick to regain its shape, our testers didn’t feel stuck inside the mattress. This allowed them to adjust positions with relative ease. A responsive polyfoam transition layer also helps limit sinkage that can impede movement.

The Origin 2.0 is still not quite as responsive as a hybrid or latex mattress, so sleepers might experience some resistance when switching positions, especially those over 230 pounds.


Our testers gave solid ratings in performance areas that tend to matter most during sex. The responsive comfort system facilitates movement while still cushioning pressure points. Ventilated memory foam is designed to help couples stay cool, while the water-resistant cover wicks away sweat.

Additionally, the mattress shouldn’t compress as much under weight thanks to decent edge support.


We detected moderate off-gassing when the mattress was first unboxed, which is to be expected with a foam model. Foam manufacturing creates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are tiny particles that have a chemical-like smell. Polysleep uses CertiPUR-US certified foams, indicating that any off-gassing odors aren’t harmful.

Sleepers should unbox the mattress in a well-ventilated area. Odors typically dissipate within 24 to 48 hours of unrolling the mattress.

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Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Polysleep Origin 2.0 Mattress

Sleeper Type

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Back Sleepers

Back Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Side Sleepers

Many side sleepers favor memory foam mattresses because of their contouring and pressure-relieving abilities. The Origin 2.0 proved this to be true for our side sleeping testers. The top memory foam layer allowed the hips and shoulders to comfortably sink while still keeping the spine in alignment. Transitional polyfoam provides extra support to the hips and shoulders. The mattress provided even contouring for all of our side sleepers, but it performed especially well for testers between 130 and 230 pounds. 

Back Sleepers

Our back sleepers across all weight categories gave the mattress high marks. Memory foam cushions the shoulders and legs without allowing the lower back to sink too deeply. The polyfoam support core and medium firm (6) feel minimize sagging below the torso, promoting proper spine alignment for testers in all weight groups. Even back sleepers over 230 pounds, who are prone to deep sinkage, felt moderately supported on the mattress. 

Stomach Sleepers

Foam mattresses aren’t always firm enough for stomach sleepers, but our testers under 130 pounds felt supported on the Origin 2.0. The comfort layer regained shape quicker than other memory foams, so it didn’t allow too much sinkage in the midsection. At the same time, it provided moderate pressure relief in areas like the hips and shoulders. Transitional polyfoam and a dense polyfoam support core also prevent the stomach from sinking excessively. 

Stomach sleepers over 130 pounds found the mattress lacked support. The medium firm surface compressed too much, straining the neck and lower back. These sleepers usually need a firmer mattress to support the midsection and prevent sinkage.

Polysleep Origin 2.0 Mattress Review Breakdown

Polysleep’s Origin 2.0 is a three-layer memory foam mattress with a medium firm (6) feel. Its removable and machine-washable cover is a stretchy blend of polyester, polyviscose, and spandex. It has a liquid-repellent treatment to protect the mattress from accidents and stains. 

The comfort system begins with a 1-inch layer of Polysleep’s proprietary memory foam, which cradles sleepers and regains its shape quicker than traditional memory foam. Its open-cell structure is designed to minimize uncomfortable heat buildup. A 2-inch layer of transitional polyfoam redistributes body weight for proper spine alignment.

The 7-inch high-density polyfoam support core reinforces the comfort layers and holds up well to weight and pressure. 

All three layers total 10 inches, which is an average mattress height. Polysleep uses ISO medical-grade foam that’s engineered to resist microbes, dust, and other allergens. A CertiPUR-US certification indicates that the foam is free of known harmful substances. It’s also tested to meet indoor standards for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions. All foam layers are latex-free. 


Medium Firm – 6

Mattress Type



The Polysleep Origin 2.0 is a three-layer memory foam mattress that’s 10 inches thick. It’s composed of an open-cell memory foam comfort layer, a polyfoam transition layer, and a high-density polyfoam support core.

Cover Material:

58% Polyester, 41% Polyviscose, 1% Spandex

Comfort Layer:

1” Open-Cell Memory Foam , 2” Transitional Polyfoam

Support Core:

7” Polyfoam

Mattress Prices and Sizing

Memory foam is a prized bedding material and it tends to cost more than standard polyfoam. The Polysleep Origin 2.0 is more affordable than the typical memory foam mattress, which usually costs between $800 and $2,500. The mattress is a great value option considering its high-quality materials and ease of care. Our testing also indicates above-average durability, so we expect the mattress to perform optimally for at least six to seven years. 

The Origin 2.0 comes in all six standard sizes and an RV short queen option. Its 10-inch height is average, so deep pocketed sheets won’t be necessary. The mattress also weighs considerably less than the typical hybrid.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 39″ x 75″ 10″ 33 lbs. $676
Twin XL 39″ x 80″ 10″ 35 lbs. $716
Full 54″ x 75″ 10″ 44 lbs. $736
Queen 60″ x 80″ 10″ 50 lbs. $796
King 76″ x 80″ 10″ 64 lbs. $1,036
California King 72″ x 84″ 10″ 64 lbs. $1,036

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Polysleep Origin 2.0 can be purchased from the company’s website and Amazon. Polysleep ships to all 50 states and throughout Canada from its facility in Montreal, Canada.


Polysleep ships the Origin 2.0 for free to the contiguous U.S. and to all Canadian provinces. Shipping rates apply for orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canadian Territories. 

The mattress is compressed in plastic and shipped in a recycled box to your doorstep. A signature isn’t required upon delivery but can be requested when completing your purchase online. Most orders are processed within two business days and delivered within a week. 

All mattress sizes ship in a box that is 41 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 17 inches deep. It weighs between 46 and 86 pounds, depending on the mattress size. 

Professional assembly isn’t needed since the mattress expands on its own. After removing the plastic wrapping, unroll the mattress on your foundation or floor. The mattress assumes its full shape in about 10 minutes and can be used immediately. Mattresses should be unboxed and decompressed within three months of its delivery.

Additional Services

Polysleep does not offer White Glove delivery or old mattress removal.

Sleep Trial

Customers can test the mattress for 100 nights. Returns can only be initiated after the 45-day break-in period. Polysleep organizes mattress pickups for eligible returns. The courier removes the mattress for you, so it doesn’t need to be reboxed. Returned mattresses are refunded in full, minus a restocking fee.


The mattress’ 10-year limited warranty covers defects in its materials and craftsmanship. This includes indentations greater than 1 inch, split or cracked foam, and flaws to the zipper or cover. It’s at Polysleep’s sole discretion to either repair or replace defective mattresses. The customer is responsible for return shipping fees.

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