Jackson leads editorial product recommendations at Sleep Foundation, transforming the data from our sleep product test lab into real world takeaways for consumers.

He has spent over half a decade developing protocol to evaluate and measure the impacts of products on sleep quality. As a cited sleep product expert, Jackson helps guide millions of shoppers to find personalized recommendations for everything from pillows to bedding to mattresses.

Off-hours, he’s often bouncing around the Cascade mountains, biking around Seattle, or playing floor hockey in his basement.

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Jackson received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Puget Sound, and is a certified sleep science coach.

A Word From Jackson

“For almost everybody I meet, shopping for a mattress is a bit of a black box. It’s often a blind purchase that might be based on a positive experience from a friend or a 5-star rating of questionable veracity. And that’s one the primary problems we’re trying to solve at Sleep Foundation – peeling back the layers so you can access the right information, and simultaneously providing a more custom-fit product solution to your needs.

Our meticulous sleep product evaluation is meant to uncover every possible data point that impacts your sleep. We take this stuff seriously so that your buying decision is straightforward and accurate.”

What’s your biggest sleeping pain point?

I struggle with waking up throughout the night for a variety of reasons. I rarely have completely uninterrupted sleep, not that it’s technically a huge issue to have periodic stirrings during the night. Whether it be sleeping too hot or waking up as my partner shifts in bed, my kryptonite is wakefulness.

What’s your favorite sleep product right now?

I’ve been using a sleep mask from Buffy that came as a freebie gift with a comforter and it’s had a significant impact on my ability to stay asleep. It really helps for those mornings when the sun wakes up before I’m ready and light poors into the bedroom. It also helps me shut down my mind when I put it on.

What is your nightly sleep regimen?

I can’t skip a shower before I climb into bed, so I usually start there, and depending on the time of year it might be a warm one or a cold one. After I’m all cleaned up, I settle into bed with a book. I usually read nonfiction, but I try to have dedicated light fiction for my pre-bed reading.

What’s your top sleep tip?

I think temperature control is huge. Whether you sleep hot or cold, not having your optimal temperature environment causes discomfort and restlessness, which really impacts sleep efficiency in a big way. It can be hard if you sleep with a partner who has wildly different temperature regulationn than you do, so look for bedding strategies or sleep products – like the Scandavian Sleep Method – that can give you a happy medium.

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