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The term “adjustable bed” refers to any mattress base that can be adjusted for the upper and/or lower body. Adjustable beds offer numerous features to optimize comfort for sleepers. Many can be set for zero-gravity, a position that places the legs higher than the head and can be helpful for people with lower back pain. Other advanced features may include massage functions, timed adjustments, vibrating alarms, and USB ports.

Price-points vary by size and model, but most adjustable beds cost between $1,000 and $3,000. Our team used rigorous testing methods to determine which adjustable beds are worth purchasing and why. Our top pick selections offer comprehensive information on each model’s specifications as well as why we think they’re noteworthy.

Our Verdict – What’s the Best Adjustable Bed of the Year?
We often recommend adjustable beds that can be programmed for a wide range of head and foot positions, accommodating many sleep needs. The Puffy Adjustable Bed is our top pick thanks to its advanced features like dual-zone massage and zero-gravity capabilities.

Why You Should Consider an Adjustable Bed

People who experience back pain relief when sleeping upright can greatly benefit from an adjustable bed. Chronic snorers can also benefit from using an adjustable bed, as elevating the head can help open the airway, while people with low blood pressure can increase their circulation by lifting the foot of their bed. Most adjustable beds allow sleepers on both sides of the mattress to program their own settings, so you and your partner can sleep at different angles depending on your individual needs.

Our testers come from a variety of weight groups and sleeper types so that we can accurately gauge who will prefer each adjustable bed. Our choices are based on a combination of in-depth research and product testing. We also examine each model’s value, features, and warranty information. Below our top picks, you’ll find the buyer’s guide which highlights the pros and cons of adjustable beds and explains more about how they work, what they offer sleepers, and how to find the best one for you.

It’s important to note that not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds. Mattresses with firmer feels or dense coil systems may not offer enough flexibility for owners to truly take advantage of their adjustable bed’s customization. Additionally, most of these bases are not compatible with twin size mattresses. If you’re also shopping for the ideal mattress to accompany an adjustable bed, check out our list of the Best Memory Foam Mattresses.

Product Details

Product page image of the Puffy Adjustable Base

Best Overall

Puffy Adjustable Base

Brand Logo
Price: $1,399
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: 101 nights
Warranty: Lifetime, Limited
Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • People who share their bed with someone else
  • Those who wake up feeling sore or stiff
  • Sleepers who prefer using a headboard


  • Dual massage zone for couples and co-sleepers
  • Height can be adjusted between 6.5 and 11.5 inches
  • USB ports on each side and under-bed lighting to prevent stubbed toes

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Bottom Line

The Puffy Adjustable Base is a versatile base that offers everything you need for customizable comfort at night. Highlights include a split size, dual-zone massage, USB ports on each side, and even under-bed lighting if you need to navigate a darkened bedroom.

Adjustable beds are generally a good investment, but the Puffy Adjustable Base is a particular standout thanks to a few thoughtful features that should help maximize your comfort at night. If you and a sleep partner differ in terms of position preference, you can also purchase a split king size that allows you to customize your side of the bed without disturbing your partner.

How It Performed

One thing our testing crew immediately noticed was the remote’s user-friendly design. With the push of a button, you can activate zero-gravity and two memory presets, or set the bed to completely flat. Six different controls allow you to elevate or lower specific parts of the bed. We also enjoyed the massage function, and the ease with which we could customize intensity and duration.

The dual USB ports and under-bed lighting are nice modern touches that couples should appreciate. A whisper-soft motor also helps ensure you and your partner won’t disturb the other person’s sleep when adjusting the bed in the middle of the night.

What Does It Do?

Adjustable settings at the head and foot of the bed allow you to choose from various positions, including zero-gravity. The base also offers dual-zone massage for you and your partner to enjoy in increments of 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Position presets and massage intensity levels can be programmed using the wireless remote. The bed is designed to be compatible with the headboard of your choice.

Each side of the bed includes USB ports for charging devices at night, and LED under-bed lighting protects your feet when you get into bed. The legs can be adjusted to 6.5, 9.5, or 11.5 inches, depending on how much clearance you want. The Puffy Adjustable Base is available in twin XL, full, queen, and split king sizes, the latter of which features two retainer bars to hold each mattress in place.

Setting up the Puffy Adjustable Base takes very little time, provided you have someone to help you with assembly. Shipping is free for customers in all 50 states, and each bed comes with a 101-night sleep trial. Comparatively, many brands offering adjustable beds do not offer any trial period. You’ll also receive a lifetime warranty with your purchase.

Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed

Best Luxury

Saatva Adjustable Base Plus

Brand Logo
Price: $1,499
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: None
Warranty: 25 Year, limited 5 years for electrical parts
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

Who it’s best for:

  • People with lower back pain
  • Those looking for a bed with massage features
  • Anyone who does not want to set up the bed themselves


  • Zero-gravity setting elevates feet above head
  • Customizable massage feature
  • Free White Glove Delivery

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Bottom Line

A wide range of positions including zero-gravity, preset options, massage, and wall-hugging technology make the Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed Base one of the most well-rounded adjustable beds we’ve tested. Sleepers get all the features they want at a reasonable price-point. Free White Glove delivery is the icing on the cake.

The Saatva Adjustable Base Plus is a versatile base that includes an array of customizable features. You can customize the bed for a wide range of positions and save your favorite head-and-feet alignment settings for common activities such as sleeping, reading, or watching TV.

How It Performed

The versatile adjustment range and bonus features give the base a distinct edge over many competing adjustable beds – especially those within the same general price range. You can activate preset settings at any time with a touch of a button on the wireless remote, including a zero-gravity setting that elevates your feet higher than your head. This position is helpful if you experience lower back pain or enjoy elevating your feet. The massage function is very relaxing and includes options for the head, legs, or full body at three different speeds and levels.

What Does It Do?

One noteworthy feature of the Adjustable Base Plus is under-bed lighting, which helps guide you through the dark without having to turn on a bedside lamp. A wall-hugging design maintains a fixed distance between your bed and wall, no matter the position of the bed. This ensures your nightstand will always be accessible.

Saatva offers two options for the Adjustable Base Plus. The Standard option covers all the features mentioned above. The Upper-Flex option is more expensive and allows you to adjust the angle of the head separately on each side of the bed. The Upper-Flex option is designed to pair exclusively with Saatva’s Solaire, and it does not feature the wall-hugging design.

The Saatva Adjustable Base Plus comes with a 25-year warranty. However, it is not returnable and does not include a trial. All purchases in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free White Glove Delivery, which means Saatva will deliver the base straight to the room of your choice and set it up for you.

Product page photo of the DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame

Best Value

DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame

Brand Logo
Price: $1,498
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: 50 nights
Warranty: None
Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who want an adjustable bed with multiple massage options
  • People with small bedrooms that lack adequate storage space
  • Couples with different positioning preferences


  • Massage function can be set to three different intensity levels
  • Each side of the bed features two USB ports
  • High clearance provides ample space underneath the bed

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Bottom Line

DreamCloud’s Adjustable Bed Frame is both high-quality and user-friendly. Our team enjoyed the one-touch operation, wide range of motion, and comfortable massage function.

The DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame can be programmed for a wide range of positions to ensure you stay comfortable regardless of your personal preferences. Elevating the head can help prevent snoring and acid reflux, while lifting the feet can make sleeping more comfortable for people with lower back or hip pain. The frame can also be set for zero-gravity – a popular position for people with poor circulation.

How It Performed

Our team found the DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame exceptionally user-friendly. One-touch controls for memory presets, zero-gravity, and flat positioning make the bed easy to use and operate. We also noticed that the motor is relatively quiet, so we don’t anticipate any sleep disruptions for people who share the bed with a partner. Distinct massage settings are another noteworthy quality. Each speed has a unique feel and is ideal for certain pain levels. We also fully assembled the frame in a short amount of time.

What Does It Do?

The bed consists of a metal frame upholstered in soft, grey fabric. All adjustments for the frame are made using the wireless remote, which allows you to create presets for your favorite positions. The remote also enables zero-gravity with the touch of a button, while another button returns the bed to a perfectly flat position. The built-in massage offers three different speeds that include gentle and intense vibrations, as well as a mid-range setting that offers a more balanced massage.

The Adjustable Bed Frame is available in four sizes. These include standard twin XL, full, and queen options, as well as a split king for couples whose positioning preferences differ. The frame stands 15 inches tall in all positions, making it ideal for people with bedroom storage needs. Both sides of the bed are equipped with two USB ports for charging your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices during the night. The sophisticated modern look should complement any bedroom decor.

DreamCloud ships the bed free of charge to customers in the contiguous U.S. Each order includes a sleep trial that spans 50 nights in length – which is longer than average – and a 3-year warranty that covers structural and mechanical defects.

Product page photo of the Nectar Adjustable Bundle

Best Adjustable Bed and Mattress Bundle

Nectar Adjustable Bundle

Brand Logo
Price: $1,428
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: 50 nights
Warranty: 3 Year, limited
Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • People who want to invest in a full bedroom collection
  • Value seekers
  • Shoppers seeking sleep products with lengthy trial periods


  • Budget-friendly bundle includes base, mattress, and bedding set
  • All orders include a year-long sleep trial
  • Extended warranty covers stains and spills

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Bottom Line

If you’re shopping on a budget, it’s hard to beat the savings you’ll get with the Nectar Adjustable Bundle. The package includes an adjustable bed frame, mattress, and bedding essentials — all at an exceptionally low price.

Bundling your adjustable bed with other sleep products can save you some money, but typically you’ll still spend a decent amount on your purchase. The Nectar Adjustable Bundle includes not only an adjustable base but also a Nectar mattress of your choice and a bedding set.

How It Performed

The zero-gravity setting excels at relieving pressure in the lower back, since it lifts weight off the lumbar area by elevating your legs and upper body. The zoned massage makes this base a good option if you experience discomfort in your shoulders, lower back, hips, and other specific areas. The operation is smooth and fairly quiet.

Since your purchase comes with a Nectar mattress of your choice, your experience with the bundle will depend on which model you select. That said, we’ve found that Nectar’s all-foam and hybrid mattresses generally excel at pressure relief and motion isolation thanks to their thick foam layers. If you’re a hot sleeper, we recommend one of the brand’s hybrids — they tend to sleep cooler than their all-foam counterparts.

What Does It Do?

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame boasts several customizable features. You can choose from a wide range of positions for the head and feet, including zero-gravity, and couples can opt for a split king style. The base features a vibrating massage function that we found helpful for alleviating pressure in three different zones of the body. You can also adjust the height of your frame to 6, 9, or 12 inches, depending on your sleep preferences and under-bed storage needs.

Programmable memory settings let you adjust the bed to your preferred positions with the click of a button. The bed comes with a wireless remote, and each side of the bed is equipped with a USB port charging your devices overnight.

Your bundle also includes two pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector. Shoppers in the contiguous U.S. also qualify for free ground shipping and a mattress trial period that spans an entire year. In addition to Nectar’s standard lifetime warranty against structural and material defects, the Adjustable Bundle is backed by an accident protection plan covering stains, spills, and other types of physical damage.

Product page photo of the Brooklyn Bedding Ascension Ultra Adjustable Power Base

Most Comfortable

Brooklyn Bedding Ascension Ultra Adjustable Power Base

Brand Logo
Price: $1,349
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: None
Warranty: 2 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • Couples whose angling preferences differ from one another's
  • People who own exceptionally heavy mattresses
  • Those who want a bed with adjustable height settings


  • Wireless remote with remote sync allows users to adjust each side of the bed independently
  • Ultra-sturdy design can support up to 850 pounds
  • Additional features include adjustable legs, under-bed LED lighting, and dual USB ports on both sides

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Bottom Line

The Ascension Ultra Adjustable Power Base is one of the strongest adjustable beds on the market. We enjoyed how quickly and smoothly the bed transitions between positions, as well as the pain-relieving massage function.

Adjustable beds are usually quite supportive, but some can bear more weight than others. The Ascension Ultra Adjustable Power Base from Brooklyn Bedding lives up to its name thanks to a robust metal frame that can support up to 850 pounds. The base’s strong construction makes it a good option for people who own latex hybrids, pillow-top innersprings, and other mattresses that tend to be on the heavier side.

How It Performed

The Ascension Ultra Adjustable Power Base proved exceptionally sturdy during our testing. We used multiple mattresses for these tests and the bed operated smoothly with each one. Our team was also impressed by the wide range of motion and versatile positioning options.

The base’s various functions all performed well. We noticed a distinct feel for each massage setting, had little trouble adjusting the legs, and found the one-touch controls seamless and user-friendly. Easy assembly is another highlight. We set up the mattress in less than 10 minutes, and did not need any outside tools.

What Does It Do?

A seven-panel design allows you to customize the base for a wide range of positions. The bed’s wireless remote features memory presets for your favorite settings and one-touch controls for zero-gravity, anti-snoring, television viewing, and flat. If you own a split king mattress, you can also utilize the “remote sync” option and adjust both sides of the bed simultaneously. Each bed is equipped for massage in different intensity levels.

The base’s legs are adjustable for different heights, so you can lie close to the floor or raise the bed for extra storage space. Both sides of the bed feature two USB ports, and a LED light under the bed can help prevent you from stubbing your toes when your bedroom is completely dark. All beds are constructed with “power down” battery boxes intended to conserve energy when in use.

You can purchase the base in twin XL, queen, or split king sizes. Brooklyn Bedding offers free ground shipping to all customers in the contiguous U.S. The company does not allow returns, so all sales are final, but each order is backed by a 2-year warranty covering structural and mechanical defects.

Best for Seniors

Sealy Ease Power Base

Brand Logo
Price: $1,014
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: None
Warranty: 25 Year
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Sleepers with back pain
  • People who want precise control over the angle of the bed's head and foot
  • Shoppers who aren't sure of their ideal bed height


  • Head and foot can be manually adjusted to your preferred angle
  • Four height options
  • Zero-gravity preset option reduces pressure on the back

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Bottom Line

The Sealy Ease Power Base is very user-friendly – you can adjust the angle of your head and feet with the simple touch of a button. Anyone who is sensitive to back pain will benefit from the customizability.

While some adjustable beds stand out for their range of preset positions, we give the Sealy Ease Power Base high marks for its customizable design. Not only can you adjust the head and foot to a wide range of angles, but you can also adjust the height of the bed. These are helpful features if you rely on customizability to maintain a comfortable bed position.

How It Performed

Our team was impressed with the range of adjustable angles, allowing you to fine-tune the head and foot until you achieve the position that suits you best. This is especially helpful for seniors and other sleepers who experience aches and pains at night. We also appreciated the different height options, so you can lower the bed if you tend to have trouble getting in and out of bed.

What Does It Do?

The head elevates up to a 57-degree angle and the foot raises up to 46 degrees. A zero-gravity setting places the head lower than the foot for a position meant to relieve pressure on your back, and you can control all settings from a wireless remote. The adjustable legs allow you to pick between four height options – 3, 6, 9, and 12 inches. The base is available in six standard sizes.

Sealy offers free White Glove delivery within the contiguous U.S., which means someone will set up the base in the room of your choice. The base does not come with a sleep trial, but it does include a 25-year warranty.

Best for Back Pain

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Smart Base

Brand Logo
Price: $2,549
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: None
Warranty: 25 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

Who it’s best for:

  • People who want to track their sleep metrics
  • Heavy snorers and individuals with sleep apnea
  • High-end shoppers


  • Zoned massage options for the head and feet
  • Monitors sleep patterns using built-in motion sensors
  • Automatically elevates when snoring is detected

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Bottom Line

The TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Smart Base has a thoughtful design that stands out from the competition. The zoned massage and anti-snore technology set it apart from other beds.

Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Smart Base is one of the most luxurious adjustable beds on the market today. In addition to a wide range of positioning options, the base offers a few cutting-edge features such as automatic snore response, sleep monitoring, and zoned massage.

How It Performed

The TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Smart Base offers more functionality than the average adjustable bed. The inclusion of sleep-tracking technology is a major perk if you want to monitor and improve your nightly sleep patterns. If you have sleep apnea, acid reflux, and other conditions that cause frequent snoring, you can also benefit from the bed’s snoring detection and automatic response.

The massage function is highly advanced. The three intensity levels are distinct from one another, and the zoning ensures adequate pressure for different areas of your body. Our testing team found the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker-AI app accessible and easy to use, even with its wide range of programs.

What Does It Do?

The base elevates the head and foot on each side of your bed. The wireless remote comes with three built-in presets, including zero-gravity and “TV in bed,” but these can be changed manually to match your favorite settings. You can also use the remote to activate under-bed lighting.

The base is engineered to monitor and track your sleep. You may access your data using the Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker-AI app, which is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. This app also includes sleep coaching programs to help you get the rest you need. If you begin to snore during the night, the bed will automatically lift the head about 12 degrees to open up your breathing passages. The base is compatible with Hey Google and Amazon Echo/Alexa smart hubs.

The base can be programmed for two- or four-zoned massages with three intensity levels. Other features include USB ports on both sides of the bed, proprietary PerfectSeat technology that adjusts the base to the shape of your mattress, and a PillowTilt function that tilts the neck when the head is elevated. The weight capacity is about 650 pounds.

The TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Smart Base’s expensive price-point reflects its high-end design, but Tempur-Pedic provides free White Glove delivery for all orders in the contiguous U.S. This service includes a scheduled delivery date and time, and full setup in a room of your choice. The base may not be returned, but you’ll receive a 25-year warranty that includes 3 years of full parts and labor coverage.

Casper Adjustable Base Max

Best High Tech Features

Casper Adjustable Base Max

Brand Logo
Price: $2,195
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: 30 nights
Warranty: 10 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, Split King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Sleepers who want to customize the angle of their head and feet fully
  • Those with lower back pain
  • People who snore


  • Adjust head, feet, and neck with a wireless remote
  • Zero-gravity feature reduces pressure on the lower back
  • Adjustable height offers 16.25”, 11.25”, and 9.25” options

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Bottom Line

As the name implies, the Casper Adjustable Base Max offers the maximum customization options you can expect from an adjustable bed. Our team was impressed with the number of ways you can configure this base.

The Casper Adjustable Base Max is a high-end base equipped with bells and whistles that outperform many competing adjustable beds. The Max is the most sophisticated model in Casper’s Adjustable Base lineup, offering a variety of settings and luxury features to optimize your comfort at night.

How It Performed

The long menu of features offered by the Adjustable Base Max helps you achieve a position that aligns perfectly with your needs, whether you’re trying to alleviate snoring or lower back pain. Our team found it’s also ideal for anyone seeking a more comfortable lounging position while reading or watching TV in bed. If you adjust the bed to the same position every night, you may program this position with a preset memory button. The frame can store up to two preset positions.

You can pick from three heights by adjusting the legs – 9.25, 11.25, and 16.25 inches. Adjusting the frame higher offers ample space if you’re seeking underbed storage. The base is compatible with all-foam and hybrid beds, but Casper recommends against using the base with traditional innerspring mattresses.

What Does It Do?

You may choose from a wide range of options to fully customize the position of your bed using a wireless remote. Head tilt, neck tilt, and foot tilt settings allow you to fine-tune the upper or lower body to your preferred angle, while a zero-gravity position is meant to enhance relaxation and ease pressure off the lower back. The anti-snore setting elevates your upper body to an angle optimized for snore reduction. An aligning feature ensures that the frame does not bump against the wall, regardless of how you adjust it, and a four-zone massage option helps you relax.

Shipping is free to addresses in the contiguous U.S. Casper backs the Adjustable Base Max with a 30-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Bear Adjustable Flex Bed

Best for Couples

Layla Adjustable Base Plus

Brand Logo
Price: $1,499
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: 30 nights
Warranty: 10 Year
Sizes: Twin Xl, Queen, King, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • Shoppers who prefer furniture that’s easy to assemble
  • Couples who want to customize each side with different settings
  • Sleepers who experience back pain at night


  • Automatic elevation feature helps reduce snoring
  • Sleepers can program up to three favorite settings and access with one-touch button
  • Base responds to voice commands using smart technology

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Bottom Line

The Layla Adjustable Base Plus is designed with convenience in mind. The smart technology and one-touch features allow sleepers to access their favorite bed position in a matter of seconds.

The Layla Adjustable Base Plus is a versatile base equipped with smart technology. The customizability of this base makes it a strong choice if you require specific settings to alleviate snoring or back pain issues at night. We found the easy assembly is also ideal for shoppers who prefer minimal hassle during setup. Note that this is an upgraded version of the Layla Adjustable Base, which offers fewer features.

How It Performed

The Layla Adjustable Base Plus is one of the most convenient bases we’ve come across in our lab. Preset configurations can be easily activated with the remote, so configuring the bed to your desired setting takes no time at all. The base is also compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and a Layla mobile app, all of which allow you to adjust the bed with voice commands rather than remote. If you share the bed with a partner, the Base Plus is available in a split king size that allows each sleeper to customize their own side of the bed.

What Does It Do?

Using the wireless remote, you can independently adjust the head and foot of the base to your desired angles. If you enjoy specific bed positions for different activities such as reading, watching TV, or sleeping, you can program up to three preset configurations. You can also revert to a flat, neutral position with the touch of a button. A zero-gravity setting elevates the head and feet to create a feeling of weightlessness, which can help relieve pressure on your back. Another helpful feature is the anti-snore setting, which raises the head to open your airways to help relieve snoring.

The Adjustable Base Plus comes with a massage feature for the head and feet with three intensity options. Wall-hugging technology ensures that your mattress stays the same distance from the wall, even if you elevate the head. You’ll find two USB ports on each side of the bed, and under-bed lighting emits a soft glow for middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.

Assembling the Base Plus is quick and easy. You just need to unfold the base and screw in the legs. The price is noticeably higher than the basic Layla Adjustable Base, but the smart technology and numerous added features justify the cost difference. Layla offers free shipping to addresses in the contiguous U.S. The base comes with a 30-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Best Massage Feature

Helix Adjustable Base

Brand Logo
Price: $899
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: None
Warranty: 20 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • People with chronic shoulder, back, or hip pain
  • Those who struggle getting in and out of bed due to limited mobility
  • Anyone whose adjustment preferences differ from their partner's


  • Built-in massage function with three intensity levels
  • Stackable 4-in-1 legs offer adjustable height
  • Available in split king and split California king sizes

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Bottom Line

The Helix Adjustable Base operates smoothly and quietly. We enjoyed the different massage options and the wide range of motion.

Our bodies become more susceptible to aches, pains, and pressure points as we age. While not all bases are well suited for older individuals, the Helix Adjustable Base is a good option for senior sleepers thanks to several features aimed at people with chronic pain and those with mobility issues who struggle getting in and out of bed.

How It Performed

During our tests, we found the base easy to use and adjust. We appreciated the wide range of motion for both the head and foot positions, and each of the massage function’s intensity levels was distinct from the other two. Our testers didn’t encounter any issues using the remote, and the base was fairly quiet when moving into different positions.

Stackable 4-in-1 legs allow you to adjust the height in increments of 3 inches. If you have limited mobility, you may prefer a lower profile, whereas more height may be more suitable if you need extra storage space. We expect the adjustable height to be a big draw for seniors. The ability to get in and out of bed without struggling is a major benefit for people who struggle getting in and out of bed. The base has a total weight capacity of 750 pounds. Assembling the base took little time – though two people will probably be needed.

What Does It Do?

The base offers a wide range of motion for adjusting your head and feet. You can save your favorite positions as memory presets, and the remote features a zero-gravity preset if you experience chronic lower back pain or circulatory issues. A retainer bar at the foot of the bed holds the mattress in place. We found the built-in massage function to be a very helpful feature, since it can be programmed for three different intensity levels.

You can choose from five sizes, including a split king or split California king if you and your partner have differing positioning preferences. The Adjustable Base carries an accessible price-point compared to similarly constructed beds from other brands, and Helix offers free shipping to customers in all 50 states. Returns are not permitted, but each order comes with a warranty that covers structural defects for up to 20 years and electrical components for up to 5 years.

Product page photo of the Nolah Adjustable Base with Headboard

Best Design

Nolah Adjustable Base with Headboard

Brand Logo
Price: $1,699
Mattress Type: Adjustable Bed
Firmness: N/A
Trial Length: 120 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty: Lifetime, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • People who prefer sleeping with a headboard
  • Those with limited storage options in their bedroom
  • Couples with a combined weight of up to 600 pounds


  • Remote includes three memory presets and automatic zero-gravity
  • Matching upholstered headboard provides extra stability for the frame
  • Ample under-bed space with helpful lighting

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Bottom Line

Nolah’s Adjustable Base with Headboard toes the line between a timelessly chic design and everyday practicality. Our team was particularly impressed with the amount of under-bed space, as well as the ease of adjustment with the wireless remote.

The Adjustable Base with Headboard from Nolah offers a sleek, sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology. A fully upholstered headboard sets the base apart from many competing models. This feature not only creates a striking profile, but also provides extra stability for the bed. 

How It Performed

The Nolah Adjustable Base with Headboard facilitated an exceptionally soothing experience for our testers, thanks to a fairly quiet motor and smooth transitions between positions. We also felt stable throughout the tests, which our team attributed to the sturdy legs and reinforced steel support system. The headboard is a nice touch — we haven’t encountered many other adjustable beds with this feature.

What Does It Do?

A wide range of motion allows you to position the head and foot of the bed at your ideal angles. These include zero-gravity, which also has an automatic adjustment button on the wireless remote along with three memory presets. The base is exceptionally stable thanks to a robust undercarriage, and a retainer bar at the foot of the bed should hold your mattress in place. The maximum weight capacity — including the mattress — is 750 pounds.

When fully assembled, the base offers 14.5 inches of under-bed storage. This is substantially more space than you’ll get from the average adjustable bed, and soft lighting helps prevent you from stubbing your toes when the bedroom lights are off. The headboard measures 42 inches tall.

Assembling the bed does not require any tools and should be fairly straightforward. Nolah offers free shipping within the contiguous U.S. Although you cannot return the Adjustable Base with Headboard for a refund after the initial purchase, your order includes a 10-year warranty for the bed and a 1-year warranty for the headboard.

Why You Can Trust Us

The experience and expertise our team brings to the table isn't limited to mattresses alone. Each member is well-versed in a wide range of sleep products, including adjustable beds. For this list, we've personally evaluated dozens of adjustable beds sold today. From budget-friendly options to high-end models loaded with advanced technology, all of our top picks stand out from the competition.

How We Evaluated These Adjustable Beds

Testing adjustable beds is a rigorous, hands-on process. We evaluated each bed for range of motion, durability, noise potential, and usefulness of various features. Practical considerations like cost and ease of assembly also came into play. Our testers include people with different body types and primary sleep positions, which helps ensure our ratings will reflect the experiences of most sleepers.

In-Depth Adjustable Bed Guides

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How to Choose an Adjustable Bed

Choosing an adjustable bed may require some research on your part. Determining your budget and desired size are important first steps, as adjustable bases can cost anywhere from less than $1,000 to more than $3,000. We also recommend comparing multiple models to see which ones are best suited for your needs.

Some people find lying on a completely flat surface uncomfortable and prefer a more angled position for their upper and/or lower body. If this applies to you, then you’re the ideal candidate for an adjustable bed base.

What to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Bed Frame

A wide range of these beds are available, ranging from bare-bones designs to high-tech models loaded with extra features. Before purchasing an adjustable bed, you should consider a handful of factors. These include range of adjustability, weight limit, price-point, warranty coverage, and whether or not your current mattress is compatible with this type of base.

  • Mattress Compatibility
    Today's adjustable mattress bases are designed to be compatible with most mattress models, such as foam, latex, and hybrid beds, but there are some exceptions. Innersprings – especially firmer models – may be too inflexible to deliver a full range of motion on an adjustable bed. Weight may be another issue, since many adjustable beds have weight limits of 750 pounds or less. Additionally, adjustable beds are almost never sold in twin sizes and full sizes are also somewhat rare.
  • Available Sizes
    Adjustable beds are typically sold in twin XL, queen, king, and California king sizes. These models are best suited to single sleepers or couples who have the same positioning preferences. A large number of brands also sell adjustable bases in split king and split California king sizes. These are intended for couples who like different adjustment settings on their side of the bed.
  • Split vs. Single Base
    Standard adjustable beds are designed to lift or lower the entire mattress. This may not be suitable for co-sleepers with different elevation preferences. A split base is divided lengthwise down the middle, allowing you and your partner to adjust your side of the bed with affecting the other person. In order to function properly, a split adjustable bed must be paired with a split queen, split king, or split California king mattress. To learn more, check out our guides to best split queen and split king adjustable beds.
  • Features
    The selection of extra features on an adjustable bed is often tied to its price-point. For bases priced at less than $1,000, expect a more minimalist design. Extra add-ons such as massaging, wall-hugging technology, or built-in speakers will most likely drive up the price. Certain models are also equipped with smart technology, which enables you to control the base with a device or even track your sleep habits at night. In the next section, you'll find a more in-depth look at different adjustable bed features.
  • Remote
    Older adjustable beds often came with wired remotes connected to the adjustment system. While some newer models may retain this feature, most come with wireless remotes. These remotes are often backlit for easier viewing, and some come with built-in flashlights. In some cases, the bed will include a remote cradle.
  • Noise
    Most adjustable beds produce some noise when inclining or declining, but newer models are rarely loud enough to be considered disruptive. That said, light sleepers may wake up more easily if their partner makes adjustments during the night.
  • Price
    Expect to pay at least $1,000 for a queen size adjustable bed. For a model with extra features, the price will probably be closer to $2,000 for a queen size. Some brands incentivize customers with discounted product bundles that include the bed as well as a new mattress, pillows, sheets, and other accessories.
  • Assembly
    Some beds are easier and less time-consuming to assemble. However, most bases shipped through standard ground delivery are fairly straightforward to put together. A few brands offer White Glove delivery if you'd rather have a professional assemble the bed.
  • Weight
    In a queen, king, or California king size, most adjustable beds weigh between 140 and 200 pounds. Split king and split California king sizes tend to be the heaviest, usually in the range of 240 to 280 pounds. Keep this in mind when deciding which room to set up the bed, since you'll also need to account for your own weight as well as the mattress.
  • Weight Limit
    This is an important spec to check because you'll need to take your weight, your partner's weight, and the mattress weight into consideration. Most adjustable beds made today offer a weight capacity of 650 to 900 pounds.
  • Warranty
    Adjustable bed warranties are typically a bit different than mattress warranties. For one, they're usually longer – a 20-year or lifetime warranty is fairly common. However, the motor and electrical components will probably be covered for 2 to 5 years. The remaining warranty coverage will only apply to the bed's mechanical frame.

Features of Adjustable Beds

At minimum, most adjustable bases can be adjusted for the upper and/or lower body. They should also include a retaining bar, micro-hooks, or some other mechanism for keeping the mattress in place without shifting around too much. Remotes are also standard. More advanced models may be equipped with extra features and presets, as well as a wider range of adjustment options.

Feature Description
Upper and Lower Body Adjustment Some adjustable beds can be elevated at the upper or lower body only, but these models are fairly rare. Most sold today can be raised at both the upper and lower body. A small number of models feature an additional head-tilt option that does not affect the rest of the upper body.
Range of Motion Range of motion for an adjustable mattress base will depend on the model. In most cases, the upper body can be elevated up to 60 to 80 degrees and the lower body can be elevated up to 30 to 40 degrees.
Dual Adjustment Adjustable beds in split sizes offer dual adjustment, which allows the person on each side of the bed to program different settings. If you and your partner disagree on the best angle for the upper and lower body, then a split size will be ideal – though keep in mind these models tend to be expensive.
“Zero-Gravity” Preset With the zero-gravity setting, your legs will be elevated higher than your head to produce a “weightless” feeling. Many people find this position comfortable, including those with lower back pain and low blood pressure.
Anti-Snoring Preset The anti-snoring preset elevates the head slightly higher than the rest of the body. This position can reduce snoring for people with medical conditions like sleep apnea, as well as those who naturally snore at night.
Customizable Height Some adjustable beds feature legs that can be raised or lowered to different profiles. These best serve people who have a hard time getting out of bed. A typical profile range for adjustable legs is 6 to 10 inches.
Timed/Automatic Adjustment With timed adjustment, you can program the bed to automatically adjust to different angles at different times throughout the night. This feature is somewhat rare and usually limited to higher-end models.
Memory Presets Memory presets are a common feature for today’s adjustable bases. By pressing a button on the remote, your bed will adjust to the position of your choice. Most adjustable beds offer at least one or two memory presets, but some offer five or more.
Wall-Hugging Adjustable beds with wall-hugging technology will scale back slightly as the surface elevates. This allows you to easily reach your nightstand even in an inclined position. This is another feature that is normally found on more expensive beds.
Retention System To keep the mattress from sliding around, many adjustable bases feature a retainer bar at the foot of the bed. Others hold the mattress in place with a micro-hook retention system. In some cases, the bed will have both the bar and the micro-hooks.
Massage A growing number of adjustable bed manufacturers are including this component on their models. The “massage” consists of a rippling sensation that can be felt at the upper and/or lower body. The number of massage modes, or intensity levels, will vary.
Alarm Some adjustable beds offer a silent alarm. Like massage functions, the alarm is composed of gentle ripples along the surface meant to wake you up without blaring sounds.
Base Lighting LED lighting underneath the bed is a standard feature of today’s adjustable base models. These lights help you avoid stubbing your toe on obstacles and also allow you to see beneath the bed more clearly.
USB Ports USB ports are commonly found on modern adjustable bases. Typically, the bed will feature one or two ports on each side, allowing you to charge devices while you sleep.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Adjustable Beds?

Adjustable beds offer a handful of advantages for different types of sleepers, but there are also some drawbacks to consider before purchasing this type of base.

Pros Cons
  • Range of motion varies by model, but most adjustable beds can be adjusted to a wide array of positions for the upper and lower body.
  • Most adjustable bed models are available in split sizes for couples seeking dual adjustment.
  • People with lower back pain often benefit from using an adjustable base, especially models with zero-gravity presets.
  • Adjustable beds can also be inclined around the head to reduce snoring and alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea.
  • Wireless remotes and USB ports are considered standard features of today’s adjustable beds.
  • Adjustable beds vary in price, but the minimum price for most queen size models is $1,000. This represents a significant investment for most households.
  • Adjustable bases are usually not compatible with innerspring mattresses, twin sizes, or excessively heavy models.
  • Adjustable beds have relatively short expected lifespans. Despite long warranty coverage periods for the frames, their electrical components often malfunction or stop working after a few years.
  • Most adjustable bases are quite heavy and may not be suitable for some dwellings.
  • In many cases, you’ll need to assemble the bed yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best adjustable bed?

Every adjustable bed has pros and cons. When shopping for one of these beds, consider your personal needs and preferences to find the best model for you and your partner.

A low-cost adjustable bed may be the most feasible option for shoppers on a budget. These beds usually don’t have the bells and whistles you’ll find on a luxury model, but they will at least elevate the head and be compatible with most mattresses of corresponding size. Don’t let the price fool you – an affordable bed can be a valuable investment for people who live with back pain or frequently snore. It may even outperform some of its costlier competitors in certain areas.

A high-end adjustable bed equipped with extra features will probably cost more money. The same is usually true with models that offer enhanced range of motion for elevating the head and feet. A pricier model may be worth the investment if you enjoy massages while you sleep, dislike the noise of a traditional alarm clock, or want to keep your nightstand within reach no matter how high your head and feet are raised. Just keep in mind these luxury beds can easily cost $2,000 or more.

Can you use any mattress with an adjustable bed?

You can’t use every mattress with an adjustable bed, as some innersprings are not very compatible. However, most other mattress types are compatible with adjustable beds. If you already own a mattress that’s compatible, you can use the existing mattress without needing to purchase a new one. The best mattresses for adjustable beds include all-foam, all-latex, and hybrid models with softer feels, lower weights, and shorter profiles that give them added flexibility. These mattresses allow you to feel the full effects of upper and lower body adjustments. Additionally, mattresses need to be twin XL or larger in order to be compatible with most of today’s adjustable beds.

Are adjustable beds worth it?

Adjustable beds can be pricey, but many sleepers consider them worth the investment. Anyone who feels uncomfortable lying prostrate and prefers sleeping with their head/feet elevated should consider an adjustable bed. A noteworthy benefit of this elevated position is reduced pressure along the spine. Raising the head can also help people with conditions like sleep apnea or acid reflux, as well as those who heavily snore. Some adjustable beds have a smart “snore response” feature and will automatically elevate the head whenever you start to snore.

Adjustable beds sold today are available with a wide array of features, from bare-bones minimalist designs to high-tech models equipped with cutting-edge technology. Some of the flashier features include built-in massage functions for people who want relief from aches and pains while they sleep, vibrating alarms that make waking up more pleasant compared to blaring alarm clocks, and under-bed lighting to help owners avoid stubbing their toes in the dark. A newer feature known as “wall-hugging technology” allows you to elevate your side of the bed and keep your nightstand in reach – a major perk to people who read in bed or want access to their TV remote.

Some high-end adjustable beds are also engineered to track sleep data using tiny sensors. This allows you to monitor how much time you spend asleep and awake at night, as well as position changes and other nighttime movements. Some of the more sophisticated trackers also report heart rate, breathing rate, and other health metrics. You can access the data with a smartphone app to compare the results from night to night.

If any of these features and functions sound appealing, then you may be a great candidate for an adjustable bed. Keep in mind that the more features a bed comes with, the higher its sticker price will probably be.

How much do adjustable beds cost?

The cost of an adjustable bed depends on the brand, model, and size. You may be able to find some twin XL models priced at less than $1,000, but this is a base price for the majority of beds in a queen size or higher. At the more expensive end of the spectrum, advanced adjustable beds equipped with a wide range of features can easily exceed the $3,000 mark. Additionally, models sold in stores frequently cost more than those purchased from online brands.

Who makes a split queen adjustable bed?

Split queen adjustable beds are widely available from online and brick-and-mortar brands. The same is true for split king and split California king. As their name implies, these sizes are divided lengthwise down the center of the mattress. The split allows sleepers to elevate or lower their own side of the bed without affecting their partner’s settings.

Split queens can be useful for couples with different angle preferences, or if one person has aches and pains that necessitate elevating the head and feet while the other prefers lying on a flat surface. However, it’s important to note that split queen adjustable beds often cost more than standard queens. In some cases, the difference in price can amount to hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars.

Split king and split king California king sizes are also available through certain manufacturers.

How do I assemble an adjustable bed?

Ease of assembly also varies by bed, but most models have straightforward designs that shouldn't require too much time or frustration. Follow directions carefully. If you get stuck, reach out to the brand's customer service department via phone, email, or live webchat. Some companies feature how-to-assemble videos on their websites, as well.

How can I get in a zero gravity position on an adjustable bed?

When you're in the “zero gravity” position, your legs and feet are elevated at a higher angle than your head. This creates a feeling of weightlessness that can alleviate lower back pain. The zero gravity position can also benefit people with low blood pressure and other circulatory issues.Zero gravity is a standard feature on today's adjustable beds, many of which allow you to elevate the head and feet at a wide range of different angles. However, some do not include this option. If zero gravity is important to you, make sure the adjustable bed you'd like to buy allows this type of positioning.

Do adjustable beds help with snoring?

Adjustable beds can often improve snoring by elevating the head higher than the rest of the body. Changing the angle of your airway may reduce or eliminate the obstruction that is causing the snoring. Snoring is the result of partial blockage in your airway. When you breathe with an obstructed airway, air passes over relaxed tissues in the airway and produces noisy vibrations as a result. There are many causes for snoring as well as various solutions.

What’s the best way to keep sheets on an adjustable bed?

If you don’t properly anchor your bedding before elevating your adjustable bed, then your flat sheet – and possibly even your fitted sheet – may fall out of place. You may be able to anchor the flat sheet by simply tucking its edges beneath the mattress. If this doesn’t work, consider a flat sheet with corner straps that grip the fitted sheet and provide extra stability. You can also invest in a “sheet suspender,” which is essentially a large rubber band that runs around the side of your mattress and keeps the flat sheet in place. Each fitted sheet has a “pocket depth,” which refers to the tallest possible mattress the sheet can be used with. If the profile of your mattress exceeds the sheet’s pocket depth, then the elasticated corners can easily slip off. Make sure the sheet is deep enough to accommodate your mattress.

Can I return my adjustable bed if I don’t like it?

Unfortunately, most adjustable beds sold today do not include a sleep trial. After you receive the base in the mail, you won't be able to return it for a refund. Brands that offer sleep trials generally limit them to 30 nights or less; there are some exceptions to this rule, but check for expensive return fees in these cases.

How is an adjustable bed warranty structured?

An adjustable bed’s warranty will almost always cover the product for at least 10 years, and 20-year and lifetime warranties are fairly common. However, different components of the bed are subject to different coverage periods. Here’s what a typical adjustable bed warranty looks like in terms of structure:
Year 1: The brand will repair or replace any part of the bed at no extra cost to you, including the motor and other electrical components. However, you may need to pay some nominal roundtrip transportation and inspection fees.
Year 2-3: The warranty still covers all components, but you’ll need to pay additional fees for repairing or replacing electrical components.
Remainder of warranty: After 2 to 3 years, the electrical components are not covered under warranty. Coverage is limited to the frame and other mechanical components.

Can you use a box spring with an adjustable base?

You cannot use a box spring with an adjustable base. Each is a different type of bed foundation and they are not meant to be used together. Adjustable bases are designed to be placed directly underneath a mattress so that the mattress can incline when you elevate the head or foot of the base. Due to the design of adjustable bases, it would be physically impossible to place a box spring on top of or below the base and achieve a good fit. Moreover, placing a box spring on top of an adjustable base would prevent the base from inclining.

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