7-Night Sleep Habit Builder

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Seven nights of tips, reminders, and challenges to help you improve your sleep

Healthy routines and habits can make a huge difference in getting better sleep. Here at Sleep Foundation, we want to give you all the information and tools necessary to help you get your best night’s sleep and improve your overall well-being. 

We’re happy to introduce the 7-Night Sleep Habit Builder, our program to help you build systems within your life that can help improve your sleep. Upon signing up you’ll receive an email every day for seven days covering a different topic related to healthy sleep habits. If you opt in to SMS reminders, you’ll also receive daily texts reminding you when to perform certain actions such as getting ready for bed or stopping caffeine intake. 

Read on to get more information about the program and sign up! 

What We’ll Do for You

Sign Up for the 7-Night Sleep Habit Builder

Enter your email address and preferred wake and bedtimes below to register for the program. You can also add your phone number to receive two weeks worth of reminder texts to help you stick with your new healthy habits. You can opt-out of the texts at any time. 

Upon registering, you will receive an introductory email with a link to download the 7-Night Sleep Habit Builder Guidebook. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, try checking your spam folder. 

How to Choose Your Bedtime and Wake Time

Choosing your ideal bedtime and wake time is pretty simple. First, start with the time you need to wake up to fulfill certain responsibilities, like getting your kids to school or going to work. Then work backwards to find your bedtime. 

If you’re unsure how many hours of sleep you should allot yourself, compare your sleep duration during the week to the weekend. For example, if you sleep 6 hours a night during the week and find yourself sleeping in on weekends or vacations, you may need 7 to 8 hours instead.

Ideal sleep duration also depends on factors such as your age, use our sleep calculator tool below to help figure out when to sleep and wake based on your individual needs

Sleep Calculator

Select your age range

It typically takes 15 minutes to fall asleep.

If you’re 26-64 years old and want to at ,
you should at one of the following times:

24 06 12 18 Hours in Bed ( Sleep Cycles)

Suggested Bedtime

Wake Time




24 06 12 18 Hours in Bed ( Sleep Cycles)

Suggested Bedtime

Wake Time




How We’re Different

We built the 7-Night Sleep Habit Builder to ease people into new healthy habits. Our goal is to encourage you to maintain your new routines while recognizing that lifestyle changes have an adjustment period. We understand that it still may take some people longer to maintain their healthy sleep habits than others, which is perfectly fine. You don’t need to follow all of our suggestions perfectly every day. As long as you are consistent, you should see significant improvements in your sleep. 

The 7-Night Sleep Habit Builder is split into different topics on individual days so you can implement the habits gradually. We won’t send all of our text reminders at once. Instead, we’ll add more reminders based on that day’s topic as you progress through the program. This way, you can focus on one habit at a time and see how changing your routines makes you feel. The texts will continue for seven days after the program ends to help keep you on track, but you can choose to stop them anytime. 

How You Can Get Better Sleep

Creating and maintaining habits that optimize your sleep can take time, like any other lifestyle change. We encourage you to slowly tweak your habits one at a time and see how you feel. 

We are always available if you have questions before, during, or after the program. We’ll also ask for your feedback after you’ve finished the program to improve it for future users, so any input is greatly appreciated. 

If you want supplementary materials to complement your Guidebook, we recommend looking at some of the resources on SleepFoundation.org. Here’s a list of pages we think could be useful: 

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