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NSF is dedicated to protecting your personal privacy when you visit our Web site. In responding to requests for information, purchases of educational materials and processing of charitable contributions, you may provide us with your email address and postal address.

  1. What do we do with information you provide
    • Email address: If you subscribe to NSF Alert, the Foundation's weekly email newsletter, NSF uses this address to deliver your Alert. If you are a donor, member or customer, NSF may periodically send you announcements of upcoming programs as well as membership renewal notifications. If you do not wish to receive such communications, please send an email to asking to receive no announcements (subscribers will still receive NSF Alert).
    • Postal address: NSF members, donors and purchasers of NSF education products receive periodic communications from NSF including membership appeals, program announcements, and introductions of new or updated publications. If you wish to receive no communications from NSF, please send an email to asking to receive no more mail.
    • Purchase and credit card information: NSF processes online payments using secure server technology. The Foundation maintains records of purchases and contributions, but it retains no record of credit card information once charges have been submitted to the bank.
  2. Disclosure of information NSF collects: NSF does not share names, addresses or emails of individual donors, members or individuals seeking information from NSF with other organizations or companies. Based on the permission of members in the category Community Sleep Awareness Partners, NSF does post the addresses of these sleep labs and sleep centers on our Web site to enable visitors to find resources in their areas. NSF also makes these names and addresses available to select companies and organizations that provide products and services to the sleep field.
  3. Email Guidelines: NSF does not send unsolicited commercial email to individuals with whom it does not have an existing relationship based upon subscription, membership, purchase of NSF products or request for information. If you receive NSF email that you do not want, please contact to have your address removed from NSF's list.
  4. Children's privacy issues
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