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Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Mattress Review

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Lauren Fountain

brentwood home crystal cove

Ideal for:

  • People under 130 lbs
  • Side-sleepers of all weights
  • People with changing firmness needs
  • Couples


  • No ‘medium’ or ‘firm’ feel
  • Soft side less suitable for sleepers over 130 lbs
  • Performance in some categories differs depending on the side
  • Pricier than all-foam flippable mattresses
Price Range:
$895 - $1,695
Mattress Type:
Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6)
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Released in 2018, the Crystal Cove flippable hybrid mattress is manufactured by U.S. mattress and bedding brand Brentwood Home. The company specializes in eco-friendly products made from sustainable materials, and the Crystal Cove reflects this.

The Crystal Cove’s support core is an 8-inch layer of pocketed coils, but each side uses different materials to create a unique feel. The first has a soft (4 out of 10) feel and uses comfort layers made from polyfoam and charcoal-infused memory foam for a moderately conforming, pressure-relieving sleep surface. The second side has a bouncy, responsive feel, and a medium firmness level (6 out of 10) due to its 2-inch comfort layer of ventilated natural latex.

Each side has its benefits and drawbacks, but the variable firmness levels make the Crystal Cove appealing to a relatively wide range of sleepers.

In addition to the Crystal Cove, Brentwood Home also offers three other mattresses: the luxury hybrid Oceano, the budget-friendly memory foam Cypress, and the Hybrid Latex. While the Crystal Cove shares some features with each of these models, its standout feature is its two-sided design, which utilizes both memory foam and all-natural latex.

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Mattress Review Breakdown

The Crystal Cove is a 13-inch flippable hybrid mattress. Due to the different construction of each side, sleepers can choose between the moderately conforming soft side (4 out of 10) or the bouncier, more responsive medium firm (6 out of 10) side depending on their needs. While some of Brentwood Home’s other mattresses are only available in limited sizes, the Crystal Cove can be purchased as a twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, split king, or California king.

The Crystal Cove’s cover is a stylish dark grey with embossed patterning. Its polyester, cotton, and spandex blend provides a soft touch with minimal sagging, though the integrated cover means it cannot be removed for cleaning.

The mattress has different comfort layers on either side to provide different feels and firmness levels. The soft side features a 1-inch layer of medium-density polyfoam, followed by a 2-inch layer of charcoal-infused memory foam. These conform to the body for the feeling of being cradled by the mattress, though less so than a bed with deeper memory foam layers.

On the medium firm side, ventilated natural latex provides sleepers with a bouncier surface that conforms less while still offering pressure relief. For most sleepers, this side will create a floating feeling of sleeping ‘on’, rather than ‘in’, your bed.

Finally, the central support core is made from an 8-inch layer of pocketed coils. These are zoned both ergonomically (offering more support under areas which generally carry more weight) and for edge support, with thicker-gauge coils around the bed’s perimeter.

The Crystal Cove’s two firmness levels make it appealing to a relatively wide range of sleepers, but it’s not for everybody. In the review below, we’ll walk you through how the mattress performed in our testing process, as well as what we’ve learned about who it’s best for. By the end, you’ll know enough to make a confident choice about whether it’s the mattress for you.


Mattress Type

Soft Side – 4
Medium Firm Side – 6



Beneath its polyester-blend cover, the Crystal Cove features two separate sleep surfaces with different construction. One side uses polyfoam and memory foam, while the other consists of ventilated natural latex. Both sides are supported by a support core of ergonomically-zoned pocketed coils.

Cover Material:

77% polyester, 22% cotton, 1% Spandex

Comfort Layer:

Side 1: 1″ polyfoam, 2″ charcoal-infused memory foam

Side 2: 2″ ventilated natural latex

Support Core:

8″ zoned pocketed coils

Prices and Sizing

Flippable mattresses vary in price depending on their construction. The Crystal Cove is in the medium to low price range for a hybrid mattress, which is particularly impressive considering its zoned coils and the use of all-natural latex in one of its comfort layers.

However, while the Crystal Cove has impressive performance and material quality for its price, it is still pricier than some other flippable options. If your budget is your priority, you may be interested in an all-foam flippable mattress. These do not offer the same feel as a hybrid, but are an excellent choice for many sleepers and are sometimes significantly less expensive.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" 13" N/A. $895
Twin XL 39" x 80" 13" N/A. $949
Full 54" x 75" 13" N/A. $1,095
Queen 60" x 80" 13" N/A. $1,295
King 76" x 80" 13" N/A. $1,695
California King 72" x 84" 13" N/A. $1,695
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Discounts and Deals

Brentwood Home

SF Readers get the best price at Brentwood Home

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Soft Side: 3/5, Medium Firm Side: 2/5

Nobody wants to be disturbed by their partner rolling over or getting out of bed, and overall the Crystal Cove offers average amounts of motion isolation to satisfy the majority of sleepers. However, the softer side does transfer less motion than the firmer side, thanks to memory foam’s high point elasticity and ability to compress without disturbing the surrounding material. Latex, on the other hand, absorbs motion but not to the same extent as synthetic foams.

Light sleepers who prefer a soft sleep surface are unlikely to be bothered by their partner’s movements while sleeping on the Crystal Cove. However, those who are easily woken and plan to sleep on the firm side of their mattress may find that they notice their partner changing positions or getting out of (or into) bed.

Pressure Relief

Soft Side: 4/5, Medium Firm Side: 3/5

Pressure relief is a crucial factor in purchasing a new mattress, as those that perform poorly here may cause pressure points or next-day pain and stiffness.

Closely-conforming polyfoam and memory foam comfort layers provide the softer side with above-average pressure relief. While conforming isn’t necessary for pressure relief, the firmer and less conforming latex side does offer slightly worse performance in this category. Again, although the majority of sleepers are likely to be satisfied with the Crystal Cove’s comfort regardless of the side they choose, those with joint pain or the need for intense pressure relief may not find its performance adequate for their needs.

Temperature Control

Soft Side: 3/5, Medium Firm Side: 4/5

As is a trend with the Crystal Cove (and like many flippable mattresses), each of its sides has a slightly different amount of temperature control. However, both sides provide average or above-average neutrality, making the Crystal Cove appealing to all but the very warmest sleepers.

Both polyfoam and memory foam conform closely to the body and tend to retain heat, though the memory foam’s charcoal infusion helps combat this quality. Latex, on the other hand, is naturally temperature neutral, and Brentwood Home accentuates this by ventilating this layer for better airflow. The difference is noticeable but unlikely to be a deciding factor unless temperature control is one of the critical qualities you’re hunting for.

Edge Support

Soft Side: 3/5, Medium Firm Side: 4/5

Brentwood Home has done its best to ensure the Crystal Cove has adequate edge support, with a pocketed coil support core and thicker-gauge coils at the bed’s perimeter. However, having softer comfort layers beneath the support core does sacrifice some of the bed’s strength, preventing it from achieving better performance here. The majority of sleepers should still be well-served by the Crystal Cove’s edge support, but it might not be the right choice for everyone.

Edge support is perhaps most important for couples, as poor edge support can limit them to sleeping closer to the center (and therefore closer to each other). Sleepers with mobility concerns may also struggle, particularly while getting into or out of bed.

Ease of Movement

Soft Side: 3/5, Medium Firm Side: 5/5

Since closely-conforming sleep surfaces make it harder to move and change positions in bed, the Crystal Cove’s softer side has a lower score here than the bouncier and more responsive latex on the medium firm side.

This difference is noticeable but unlikely to bother most sleepers regardless of which side they choose. There is an exception: sleepers with mobility concerns may find the softer side too conforming, and may prefer a bed with softer latex comfort layers or less-conforming foam.


Soft Side: 3/5, Medium Firm Side: 4/5

A mattress’s suitability for sex can be determined based on several factors, including ease of movement, edge support, and responsiveness. A bouncier surface — such as all-natural latex — tends to perform better here than those that are more conforming, like the Crystal Cove’s softer side. However, while its medium firm side does perform better in this category, both sides do share several features that make this bed a good choice for many couples.

For instance, though its perimeter zoning isn’t enough for the Crystal Cove to rise above an average score in edge support, it’s perfectly acceptable here. Similarly, while the softer side may make it more difficult to change positions, it does make up for that in part by allowing for greater traction.


Upon opening, the Crystal Cove has a noticeable odor due to post-manufacture off-gassing. This fades significantly within the first 12 to 24 hours, particularly when the bed is placed in a room with good airflow. For most people, letting the Crystal Cove air out upon arrival should be all that they need to do before sleeping on it the first time. If you’re more sensitive to smells, you may have to wait 48 hours for the scent to dissipate entirely.

Off-gassing is primarily due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are created during the manufacturing process. Though sometimes unpleasant, these VOCs are mostly harmless and degrade quickly. As with a “new car smell”, the Crystal Cove’s “new mattress smell” will not last long.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers:

Overall, our review of the Crystal Cove mattress and its performance in our testing found that both sides were most suitable for side-sleepers. On the soft side, its suitability was directly correlated with a sleeper’s weight: those under 130 lbs found it to be a soothing balance between pressure relief and overall support, those between 130 and 230 lbs reported that it was good though not ideal. Sleepers above 230 lbs found it less than adequate for their needs.

On the firm side, there was a similar pattern between both weight categories and position preferences. Side sleepers below 230 pounds consistently ranked this side as “good” — though it still only provided adequate support for sleepers over 230 pounds.

Side sleepers tend to find many types of mattress comfortable, but require adequate pressure relief (to avoid pressure points at the hip and shoulder) and support for proper spinal alignment. The Crystal Cove, with two firmness options, fulfills these requirements for most side sleepers.

Back Sleepers:

People who prefer to sleep on their back need a mattress that will support their lumbar region to prevent lower back and hip pain. The Crystal Cove — particularly its medium firm latex side — delivers on this for back sleepers of all weights. That being said, some back sleepers over 230 pounds may find even the medium firm side too soft for their needs.

This performance is partially thanks to its pocketed coil support core, which is ergonomically zoned with thicker coils in areas that tend to carry more weight. However, the comfort layers also have a role to play. The latex comfort layer compresses less than the polyfoam and memory foam layers, providing more stable alignment between the hips and shoulders.

Though back sleepers under 130 lbs may still enjoy the mattress’s soft foam side, it is less effective for back sleepers above this weight range. Due to this side’s firmness level and moderate conforming qualities, people who weigh more than 130 lbs may find their hips sink too far into the mattress.

Stomach Sleepers:

As with back sleepers, the Crystal Cove’s construction is suitable for stomach sleepers. On the soft side, only people under 130 lbs are likely to enjoy sleeping on their stomach. The medium firm side, however, provides adequate support and comfort for stomach sleepers regardless of their weight.

Sleeping on your stomach requires a complex balance. Not only do you need significant lumbar support to keep your spine aligned correctly, but a mattress that is too firm can cause pain and tension in the shoulders and upper arms. Due to these requirements, this sleep position can be one of the most difficult to find a suitable bed for.

The Crystal Cove achieves many requirements in this category, though not all. The soft side, while able to properly support sleepers under 130 lbs, does not have the resilience needed to support the hips and lower back of most stomach sleepers. The medium firm side, with bouncy but pressure-relieving latex, offers excellent support for the hips but may result in next-day shoulder stiffness in some people, particularly those over 230 pounds.

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove – Luxury Plush Side

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Excellent Good Fair
Back Sleepers Good Fair Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Fair Poor
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Brentwood Home Crystal Cove – Gentle Firm Side

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Good Good Fair
Back Sleepers Good Excellent Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Good Fair
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Brentwood Home

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Brentwood Home’s Trial, Warranty and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    As Brentwood Home does not operate any physical locations or sell through secondary distributors like Amazon, the BrentwoodHome.com website is the only place to purchase the Crystal Cove mattress. Shipping is only available within the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

  • Shipping

    As mentioned, Brentwood Home ships only within the lower 48 U.S. states. Shipping is free through FedEx, though white glove delivery (see below) is available for a non-refundable $199 fee.

    Mattresses usually ship from Brentwood Home’s California factory within three to five days of purchase. FedEx deliveries then take an average of 7 to 14 business days, depending on your distance from California, with white glove deliveries taking longer at 14 to 21 business days.

    The mattress itself is shipped compressed and sealed. It can be unrolled and decompressed quite easily with a helper, but people who live on their own or who have mobility concerns may wish to select the white glove delivery option.

  • Additional Services

    Brentwood Home offers white glove delivery and set up for a nonrefundable $199 fee. Old mattress removal can be added to this option for a further $76, bringing the total to $275. Customers should be aware that white glove delivery extends their expected delivery time, at 14 to 21 business days versus the 7 to 14 business days of standard delivery.

  • Sleep Trial

    The Crystal Cove mattress has a generous 365-night sleep trial. It begins on the delivery date with a 30-day break-in period, as it takes approximately this long for the mattress to fully regain its shape and for sleepers to become accustomed to their new bed. After this period is over, the Crystal Cove can be returned at any point over the next 335 nights for a full refund, not including any shipping fees.

    Households may take part in two sleep trials. After the trial is over, the mattress can no longer be returned.

  • Warranty

    Brentwood Home offers a 25-year, partially prorated warranty with the Crystal Cove mattress. For the first ten years, the company will repair or replace mattresses (at its discretion) for free, though owners are responsible for shipping costs. During the second decade, Brentwood Home will replace mattresses but require owners to pay a prorated fee. This begins at 50% of the original cost, increasing by 5% each year. In the final 5 years of the warranty, owners must pay 95% of the original price for a replacement mattress.

    The warranty covers material and cosmetic defects not related to ordinary wear and tear, as well as lingering indentations of two inches or deeper. Customers void the warranty by not removing the mattress from its packaging within 14 days of delivery, and the warranty is non-transferable in the case of selling or giving away the mattress.

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About Our Editorial Team

Lauren Fountain

Certified Sleep Coach

Lauren is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with extensive experience researching and testing a wide variety of sleep products.

About Our Editorial Team

Lauren Fountain

Certified Sleep Coach

Lauren is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with extensive experience researching and testing a wide variety of sleep products.

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