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Best Bed Frames of 2021

Bed frames act as the support system for your mattress, lifting it off the ground and making it easier to access. While bed frames may seem fairly utilitarian, the right bed frame can be just as important for a good night’s sleep as the mattress itself.

Today, most bed frames contain varying combinations of wood, metal, and/or upholstery. They come in a wide variety of style options to suit virtually any aesthetic preferences.

It may be tempting to select your bed frame based on its appearance alone, but other factors can be even more impactful. The right frame can reduce the likelihood of your bed developing lasting sagging as a result of inadequate support, and its height can affect how easy it is to get into or out of bed. Similarly, a well-built frame can remain silent when you move on the bed, while a lower-quality option may creak or feel less stable.

We’ll highlight some of the best bed frames on the market and explain what makes them unique. We’ll also share some of the most critical factors to consider as you shop for a new bed frame.

Top Picks Overview

Product Details

Nectar Mattress Foundation

Best Overall

Nectar Mattress Foundation

Nectar Mattress Foundation
Price (Queen): $400
Who it's best for:
  • Those who prefer an easy-to-assemble option
  • Individuals who may move
  • Sleepers who want a sturdy feel
  • Simple assembly
  • Solid pine and spruce provide natural durability
  • Sturdy, supportive design
Nectar Mattress Foundation

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The Nectar Mattress Foundation’s neutral style and easy assembly make it a versatile and popular bed frame.

This foundation gets its support from its wood frame. Pine and spruce make the frame naturally durable. Carefully positioned slats support the mattress without the need for a box spring. Upholstery gives the frame its distinct look. The fabric is a neutral charcoal gray hue, while the foundation’s legs are dark wood. Since the legs are optional, owners have more control over the look and height of the bed.

A clip and lock design makes the foundation quick and easy to assemble without tools. The frame can also be disassembled to make it easier to move to another room or a new home.

The Nectar Mattress Foundation comes with a 50-night in-home trial period and a 3-year warranty. It is available in the six standard sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Shipping and returns are free within the contiguous United States.

Layla Bed Frame

Best Value

Layla Bed Frame

Layla Bed Frame
Price (Queen): $195
Who it's best for:
  • People who want a frame that comes together quickly
  • Budget shoppers
  • Heavier individuals
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • High weight capacity of 2,500 lbs
  • Assembles in minutes, with no tools required
Layla Bed Frame

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Thanks to its sturdy build and simple lines, the Layla Bed Frame is very supportive without drawing attention to itself. Its low price tag also makes it an exceptional value.

The Layla Bed Frame has solid steel rails and tapered composite legs made of fiberglass infused resin. This sleek frame should blend in seamlessly with existing decor. It is engineered to hold up with 2,500 pounds without transferring motion or creaking, and it should hold on any flooring surface. Five sizes are available: twin, full, queen, king, and California king. A box spring is necessary for support.

With just five component pieces and a tab and slot design, the Layla Bed Frame snaps together quickly and easily without tools. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night money-back guarantee. Customers in the contiguous United States are eligible for free shipping and free returns.

Saatva Copenhagen Platform Bed

Best Luxury

Saatva Copenhagen Platform Bed

Saatva Copenhagen Platform Bed
Price (Queen): $1,295
Who it's best for:
  • Shoppers who want to invest in a durable bed frame
  • Eco-conscious consumers
  • Those who would rather not assemble a new frame themselves
  • Composed of pure hardwood and a soft velvet cover
  • 3 cover options
  • Free White Glove delivery includes full assembly
Saatva Copenhagen Platform Bed

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Saatva has earned a stellar reputation for luxury products at approachable price-points. This certainly applies to the Copenhagen, a platform bed constructed from sustainably sourced hardwood that is kiln-dried to increase its durability. The joints are screwed in and then glued in place, while the side rails are reinforced to ensure sturdy perimeter support. The slats are made of ultra-strength plywood for added longevity.

Saatva offers three covers for the frame. These include plush polyester-cotton velvet in taupe or graphite color palettes, as well as a pure linen option produced from natural flax. The bed’s surface stands 14.25 inches above the ground, and the total height including the headboard is 39 inches tall. The headboard is fully upholstered, and the legs are composed of pure steel with a sleek black finish.

Queen, king, and California king sizes are available. A foundation or box spring is not needed, but the Copenhagen is compatible with Saatva’s Lineal Adjustable Base and other adjustable beds.

Saatva provides free White Glove delivery for all orders in the contiguous U.S. This includes scheduled delivery date and time, and full assembly in a room of your choice. The frame also comes with a 180-night sleep trial, and those who decide to keep it qualify for a lifetime warranty.

Leesa Bed Frame

Best Metal Frame

Leesa Bed Frame

Leesa Bed Frame
Price (Queen): $149
Who it's best for:
  • Those who prefer an easy-assembly option
  • Shoppers looking for a frame with a minimalist design
  • Value seekers
  • Simple assembly with no tools needed
  • Durable metal frame
  • Priced affordably
Leesa Bed Frame

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Many wood bed frames are reasonably sturdy, but few match the long-lasting stability of metal frames. The Leesa Bed Frame is composed of durable steel. The four outer rails connect with pins while the center bar slides into place, meaning you won’t need any tools to assemble the frame – not even an Allen wrench.

Although this frame was designed to support Leesa mattresses, it should be compatible with any model provided you select the same size and use a firm foundation to support your mattress. Six sizes ranging from twin to California king are available.

Even with the added cost of a foundation, the price of this frame is very reasonable – especially compared to its wooden counterparts. Leesa also offers free ground shipping to all 50 states. Each customer receives a 30-night sleep trial to test out the frame, along with a five-year warranty.

Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame

Best Wood Frame

Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame

Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame
Price (Queen): $549
Who it's best for:
  • Those who prefer easy-to-assemble frames
  • Sleepers seeking a very durable wooden frame
  • People who don’t own a mattress foundation
  • Minimalist design
  • Premium hardwood materials with natural wood finishes
  • Handmade in the USA with sustainably sourced materials
Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame

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The Helix Natural Wood Frame is crafted for exceptional longevity thanks to the various types of wood that make up its components. The rails are composed of Appalachian hardwood, the slats are southern yellow pine, and the legs are solid maple. While quite heavy, the frame should provide long-lasting support for any mattress and replaces the need for a box spring or foundation.

Easy assembly is another perk. The components utilize Japanese joinery that does not utilize any metal parts, so you won’t need any tools to put together the frame. The finish applied to the wood does not contain any volatile organic chemicals or formaldehyde, and all of the wood is sourced from locations certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The frame’s sticker price is on par with the average wooden frame, and Helix will provide free delivery anywhere in the contiguous U.S. The company also offers a 100-night sleep trial, which is longer than average for a bed frame, as well as a five-year warranty.

Casper Repose Bed Frame

Best Frame with Headboard

Casper Repose Bed Frame

Casper Repose Bed Frame
Price (Queen): $1,195
Who it's best for:
  • Sleepers who prefer a headboard
  • Those looking for a wooden frame
  • Shoppers who would rather not assemble the frame themselves
  • Stylish design with choice of wood or pillow headboard
  • In-home delivery and assembly available
  • Durable design with sustainably sourced wood
Casper Repose Bed Frame

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The Repose Bed Frame from Casper is a standout pick thanks in part to its design options.

You can opt for a bare-bones frame, or – depending on your decor tastes – opt for a wooden or quilted headboard for an added charge. The wooden headboard consists of plywood with an oak veneer, while the quilted option is padded with polyester upholstery. The frame itself is constructed from solid oak.

Durability is another strong point. The solid wood design should hold up well over time and the thick slats provide optimal support for any mattress. This is also a good option for people who prefer a low-profile frame, as the foundation stands about one foot off the ground. In addition to a natural oak aesthetic, Casper offers a dark oak color for those who prefer darker palettes.

The Repose Bed Frame is priced competitively whether or not you choose the headboard. Full-service delivery costs an additional $149, but this includes full assembly in a room of your choice. The delivery service is limited to the contiguous U.S. and certain areas of Canada. The frame is backed by a two-year warranty.

Bear Platform Bed

Easiest to Assemble

Bear Platform Bed

Bear Platform Bed
Price (Queen): $795
Who it's best for:
  • Sleepers who don’t use a box spring or foundation
  • Co-sleepers who each weigh more than 230 pounds
  • Those who want a bed frame that’s easy to assemble
  • Made of pure pinewood with water-based adhesives
  • 900-lb. weight capacity
  • Full installation takes about 10 minutes
Bear Platform Bed

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The Bear Platform Bed is a sleekly crafted from pure pinewood for a design that’s both highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. The rails are equipped with metal mechanisms that click together for easy assembly, and the frame comes with steel brackets for added reinforcement and stability. The slats are spaced about 3 inches apart in order to meet warranty requirements for most mattresses sold today.

You can choose from queen, king, or California king sizes. Each size is also available in almond, grey, and walnut finishes for added options based on your bedroom decor. The frame stands about 13.5 inches off the ground. There is no headboard, and the wood is not upholstered in fabric.

The suggested weight capacity is approximately 900 pounds. This makes the frame particularly well suited for people who – along with their sleep partners – collectively weigh more than 460 pounds. Those who want to avoid a frame with chemical components should also consider the Bear Platform Bed. The glues are water-based, and the stains do not contain any formaldehyde.

Given the frame’s high-quality materials and durable design, its price-point is very approachable. Ground shipping is also free of charge for all customers in the contiguous U.S. Returns are not allowed for the platform bed, but Bear provides a 1-year warranty with all purchases.

Apt2B Reseda Platform Bed

Best Upholstered Bed Frame

Apt2B Reseda Platform Bed

Apt2B Reseda Platform Bed
Price (Queen): $898
Mattress Type: Platform Bed
Trial length: 100 nights
Trial length: 100 nights
Warranty: None
Warranty: None
Sizes: Queen, King
Who it's best for:
  • Those who struggle getting in and out of bed
  • Sleepers who prefer frames with headboards
  • Value seekers
  • Low-profile design makes getting on and off of the bed less difficult
  • Angled feet and upholstered fabric lend the frame a sleek vintage look
  • Affordable price-point
Apt2B Reseda Platform Bed

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The Reseda Platform Bed is crafted in a cool, retro-inspired design complete with a tall headboard and angled wooden feet. The low-profile design leaves only 5.5 inches of clearance, making the bed suitable for people with mobility issues and anyone else who has a hard time getting in and out of bed.

The entire frame is upholstered in soft velvet fabric with an attractive teal colorway. Channel tufting and welt piping enhance the look with mid-century detailing. The bed does not require a box spring or foundation, and it should be compatible with most mattresses sold today. Queen and king sizes are available.

An affordable price-point also makes the Reseda a great catch for shoppers with limited budgets. Shipping is also free to all 50 states. Your purchase includes a trial period that spans 100 nights in length.

What Makes a Good Bed Frame?

Several factors may contribute to making a good bed frame good, but the durability and the quality of the materials often matter most of all. Durability refers to how well the bed frame holds up over time. A durable bed frame can continue to provide support for years to come, which could help extend the usable lifespan of your mattress. Durable frames may also be less likely to creak or show other signs of wear as they age. Quality materials further affect a frame’s durability, appearance, and overall performance.

How to Choose a Bed Frame

A bed frame is a piece of furniture that lifts and supports the mattress. While the concept is simple, selecting the best bed frame for your home can be more complicated. Knowing what criteria matter most to you can make your search easier.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Bed Frame

The following things are some of the top criteria to look at before purchasing a bed frame. They can affect its longevity, convenience, and how well it fits into your room and your budget. While some companies may try to make it seem like one particular bed frame is a perfect match for any shopper, that’s rarely the case. Focusing on the following aspects instead of marketing hype can help you get the best frame to complete your bedroom setup.

Quality Materials
High-quality materials often directly contribute to a bed frame’s durability and lifespan. While frames made of quality materials often cost more, they frequently resist signs of wear and tear. This can make them supportive and visually appealing long into the future.

The size of the bed frame influences the size of the mattress it can support. If you have an existing mattress or are considering purchasing a new mattress, you may want to compare the dimensions of the mattress to those of the frame to ensure they’re a good fit.

A bed frame’s weight can affect how easy it is to set up and how well anchored it feels. Lighter bed frames may be easier to move into your room of choice and set up, but heavier bed frames may feel sturdier and more secure.

The design of the bed frame impacts the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. While many bed frames have a neutral appearance to fit into virtually any space, others have more distinctive looks to suit different aesthetic preferences. Options range from minimalist metal bed frames to more elaborate canopy frames.

Simple platform bed frames start at under $200. More elaborate options, like canopy and four-poster bed frames, can easily top $1,000.

The level of assembly a bed frame requires varies between models. Many options require in-home assembly and come with detailed instructions on how to do so. Bed frames are often crafted for easy setup, so they frequently do not require any special tools to put together. The process usually doesn’t take much time, with some bed frames coming together in just minutes.

Can I Buy a Bed Frame Online?

Yes, you can buy a bed frame online. Bed frames are widely available through manufacturer websites, mattress stores, furniture stores, and select department stores. You can typically order online and have them delivered to your door.

What Types of Bed Frames are Available?

Bed frames are available in varying materials and styles. Quality typically matters above all else, but some types of bed frames have a stronger reputation for luxury than others.

Wood, metal, and upholstery frequently appear in all styles of bed frames. Wood frames typically cost more than metal frames, and upholstered frames tend to carry a higher price tag than unupholstered frames. While the price-point varies, any of these options may be durable and high quality. The most notable difference between bed frames constructed of different materials is usually their appearance.

There is more variety between styles of bed frames than bed frame materials. Some of the most common bed frame styles include the following:

  • Platform: A platform bed has slats or lattice so that it can support a mattress without the need for a box spring.
  • Storage Platform: Like platform beds, storage platforms are designed with enough support to eliminate the need for a box spring. The main difference is that this type of bed frame has drawers or other types of storage tucked under the bed.
  • Sleigh: Sleigh beds traditionally have a curved headboard and footboard, giving them their distinctive sleigh-like look.
  • Panel: Panel beds require a box spring for support. They often have a flat headboard and/or footboard.
  • Canopy: Canopy beds have four posts that connect at the top, forming a canopy. This canopy can simply be decorative, or it can be used to hold drapes or curtains.
  • Four-Poster: Four-poster beds get their name from the four posts on the corners of the frame. These posts may be relatively short or quite tall.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable beds typically give sleepers the option of raising the head end of the bed, the foot of the bed, or both.

Shoppers can find luxury options for most styles of bed frames, but canopy and four-poster frames are often seen as the most luxurious.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Frames

How much do bed frames cost?
Bed frames range in price from under $100 to over $10,000, but most fall between $200 to $1,000.

Where can I buy a bed frame?
You can buy a bed frame online through the manufacturer, a furniture store, a mattress store, a home goods store, or a department store. They’re also available at many brick-and-mortar retailers, including furniture stores, mattress stores, and select department stores.

How long do bed frames last?
The longevity of a bed frame depends on its materials, quality, and how well you care for it. A lower-quality bed frame could develop damage, like breaking wood, bending metal, or creaking noises, within a few years. High-quality bed frames sometimes last for decades, being passed down from generation to generation.

Which size bed frame is right for me?
The size of the bed frame should directly correspond to your mattress size. Overall, several factors may influence what size of bed is right for you. If you sleep with a partner, you may prefer a larger option to give both of you more room to move around. However, smaller options typically cost less and fit better in small spaces.

Do I have to assemble a bed frame myself if I buy it online?
If you purchase a bed frame online, you may or may not have to assemble it yourself. Some companies offer White Glove delivery for an additional fee, and this service typically includes setup. Many companies do not offer White Glove delivery, but they have designed their bed frames for easy assembly so that new owners don’t have to struggle through a long or complicated process. Setup frequently takes just a few minutes.