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Today, most bed frames contain varying combinations of wood, metal, and/or upholstery. They come in a wide variety of style options to suit virtually any aesthetic preferences.

It may be tempting to select your bed frame based on its appearance alone, but other factors can be even more impactful. The right frame can reduce the likelihood of your bed developing lasting sagging as a result of inadequate support, and its height can affect how easy it is to get into or out of bed. Similarly, a well-built frame can remain silent when you move on the bed, while a lower-quality option may creak or feel less stable.

We’ll highlight some of the best bed frames on the market and explain what makes them unique. We’ll also share some of the most critical factors to consider as you shop for a new bed frame.

In-Depth Reviews



Saatva has earned a stellar reputation for luxury products at approachable price-points. This certainly applies to the Santorini, a platform bed constructed from sustainably sourced hardwood that is kiln-dried to increase its durability. Robust metal hardware secures the attachment points, and the side rails are reinforced to ensure sturdy perimeter support. The slats are made of ultra-strength plywood for added longevity.

Saatva offers three covers for the frame. These include plush polyester-cotton velvet in taupe or graphite color palettes, as well as a pure linen option produced from natural flax. The frame offers roughly 6 inches of under-bed clearance, and the total height including the headboard is 42 inches. The headboard is fully upholstered, and the legs are composed of pure steel with a sleek black finish.

Queen, king, and California king sizes are available. A foundation or box spring is not needed, but the Santorini is compatible with Saatva’s Lineal Adjustable Base and other adjustable beds.

Saatva provides free White Glove delivery for all orders in the contiguous U.S. This includes scheduled delivery date and time, and full assembly in a room of your choice. The frame also comes with a 365-night sleep trial, and those who decide to keep it qualify for a lifetime warranty.



The Dreamcloud Bed Frame with Headboard is upholstered using a silky fabric and a classic button-tufted design. The metal frame uses wooden slats to create a sturdy surface that provides enough support for your mattress without the need for box springs or additional frames.

The upholstered headboard has a plush feel and a contemporary appearance. It is available in two different colors, Grey and Linen. The frame’s legs are only 8 inches off the ground, which allows sleepers to easily get in and out of bed. Shoppers can choose between the full, queen, or king sizes. The frame is also designed to be assembled or disassembled with ease, which may be useful for individuals who frequently move their furniture.

Dreamcloud offers free shipping to customers in the contiguous United States. All frames come with tools required for assembly. The Bed Frame with Headboard includes a 50-night trial, and Dreamcloud will provide a full refund and cover shipping for returned items.



The Bed by Thuma is a wooden frame that pairs Japanese joinery techniques with a minimalistic design to create a highly durable product that is easy to put together. With felt-lined slats, cork-padded legs, and hardware-free construction, this frame is also built to feel sturdy and reduce noise.

The base of The Bed is made using repurposed wood, which showcases natural grain and knots for a distinctive appearance. The frame also features a proprietary foam-padded headboard known as The Pillowboard, which wedges between the base and the wall. The Pillowboard is available in two different colors and features a removable, machine-washable polyester cover.

This frame is handcrafted using Japanese joinery techniques, which allow it to be put together without metal hardware. Not only do these techniques create a sleek appearance, but they also work to reduce noise and increase durability. As an added bonus, they make set fast and easy without the use of tools.

When The Bed arrives, it will be split into three smaller boxes. Assembly only includes two hand-tightened screws, and it typically takes customers around 10 to 15 minutes. Thuma offers free shipping throughout the contiguous United States, and The Bed is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty.



The platform bed is a popular frame choice due to its sturdy construction, wide availability, and straightforward assembly — but many platforms also carry expensive sticker prices. The Nectar Platform Bed offers all of the aforementioned qualities, but its cost falls well below average. Beveled legs add modern styling to the design, and you can choose from three stain colors.

The entire frame is constructed from solid pine, a hardwood variety known for strength and durability. Evenly spaced slats form a supportive foundation while also promoting air circulation to reduce heat buildup on your sleep surface. The frame measures 10 inches tall, creating plenty of under-bed space for storing your belongings. Nectar lists the total weight capacity as 700 pounds.

Setting up the Nectar Platform Bed is a quick and easy process that does not require any outside tools and can be completed in minutes. You can choose between full, queen, and king sizes. The frame is also available in white, black, and “golden oak” stains to complement your bedroom’s decor. 

In addition to an approachable price-point, the Nectar Platform Bed qualifies for free ground shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Your order includes a sleep trial that runs for 50 nights. Comparatively, many brands selling bed frames consider the sales final and do not provide a trial period of any kind. If you decide to keep the frame, it’s also backed by a 3-year warranty against structural defects.



The Brooklyn Bedding High Rise Platform is a metal frame with plenty of room for under-bed storage. This frame has a streamlined design featuring tubular steel that’s engineered to support up to 1,500 pounds. It shouldn’t sag with proper use and neither should your mattress, thanks to additional center reinforcement. 

The frame is 14.5 inches tall, with 13.75 inches of space under the bed for storage. You don’t need a box spring with this frame, and it’s designed to support any type of mattress. There are no tools required for assembly and it has a retractable construction that folds up easily. The frame doesn’t include a headboard, but you can purchase brackets that connect the frame to your existing headboard or footboard. 

The High Rise Platform is affordably priced and a worthy choice for shoppers on a budget. Customers should note that this frame is final sale and purchases don’t include a trial period. A 3-year warranty covers repairs or replacements needed due to manufacturer defects. Shipping is free for shoppers who live in the contiguous U.S.



Wooden bed frames typically give you a lot of bang for your buck, especially if durable hardwood is used. The Emma Rustic Wooden Bed is composed entirely of hardwood, and the result is a frame that’s both visually striking and exceptionally sturdy. You can opt for a natural frame, as well as almond or grey stains to highlight the wood’s natural grains.

As a platform bed, the frame features a slatted foundation to support your mattress and promote steady air circulation. The slats are spaced fewer than 3 inches apart, so the frame should meet foundation requirements for any mattress warranty. Beveled legs add a touch of modern styling. A height of 13.5 inches ensures plenty of under-bed clearance. This makes the frame ideal if your bedroom has limited storage space for your belongings. 

You can assemble the bed within minutes using tools included with your shipment. Six sizes are available for the frame, each of which corresponds to a standard mattress size. All sizing options are relatively affordable compared to the average hardwood frame. Emma offers free ground shipping to customers in the contiguous U.S. The company does not offer a sleep trial with the Rustic Wooden Bed, so all sales are final, but it’s backed by a 1-year warranty against structural defects.



The Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame epitomizes Avocado’s commitment to luxurious, eco-friendly sleep products. This impeccably crafted platform bed boasts a striking silhouette with clean lines, angled legs, and a slatted base. You can choose from two all-hardwood designs, stained walnut or unfinished maple. Both offer robust support for your mattress and exceptional longevity — the frame should last at least 10 years, and potentially much longer with proper care and use. 

You can choose to add a headboard to the frame, though this results in a significant upcharge if you’re shopping on a budget. Setting up the frame is a quick, easy process that only requires an Allen wrench. Our team was able to completely assemble the bed in less than 10 minutes. 

A certification from the Forest Stewardship Council indicates the trees used to produce the wood are sustainably grown and harvested. Avocado uses VOC-free stains and odorless adhesives to construct the frame. The company is also Climate Neutral certified, meaning all carbon emissions are offset through eco-conscious manufacturing and shipping policies.

Although the Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame is fairly expensive — even without the headboard — its long expected lifespan may be worth the up-front investment. Avocado also offers free ground shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. All furniture sales are final, so you won’t be able to return the frame for a refund at any point, but your purchase is covered under a 10-year warranty against structural defects.



If your bedroom is short on space for keeping your belongings, you should consider a storage bed with built-in compartments. The Silk & Snow Bed Frame with Storage is both well-crafted and practical. A roomy storage drawer at the foot of the bed offers more than 7,000 cubic inches of storage space. Caster wheels allow you to effortlessly open and close the drawer, and its front is upholstered in fabric to match the rest of the frame and create a seamless appearance.

The frame is constructed from a combination of natural poplar wood and powder-coated iron. Poplar is a highly sturdy and durable hardwood variety. The frame’s weight capacity is roughly 1,100 pounds, ensuring you, your partner, and your mattress are all properly supported. A tall headboard adds to the frame’s timeless profile and provides extra support for sleeping. The foundation consists of wooden slats spaced 3 inches apart.

Silk & Snow offers the Bed Frame with Storage in full, queen, and king sizes. You can also choose from three upholstery fabric colors: pebble, oatmeal, and granite. All sizes carry approachable price-points, and customers in the contiguous U.S. and provincial Canada receive free ground shipping with their purchase. Your order includes a 30-night trial period and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.



Ease of setup is a priority for many bed frame shoppers. If you fall into this camp, we recommend the Nolah Platform Base — two of our team members were able to completely assemble the bed in a matter of minutes, and the process did not require any outside tools. Your order includes a manual to guide you through each step with clear, detailed instructions.

The base is constructed with upholstered steel rails, wooden slats, and wood-veneer legs. This creates an exceptionally sturdy frame with a suggested weight capacity of 750 pounds. The slatted foundation is compatible with virtually any mattress, including heavier all-latex and latex hybrid models.

Black upholstery covers the rails, while the legs have a wooden veneer. The base offers roughly 6 inches of under-bed clearance, so you may want to consider another frame if you want extra storage space in your bedroom. You can choose from six sizes corresponding with standard mattress dimensions. 

The Platform Base is reasonably priced, and Nolah throws in two free pillows with each order. All customers in the contiguous U.S. receive complimentary shipping. Nolah does not accept returns after the initial point of purchase, but all purchases are backed by warranties covering manufacturing defects for up to 10 years.



An adjustable bed can be a solid investment for people with back pain, chronic snorers, those with circulation issues, and anyone else who benefits from sleeping with their head or legs elevated. The Saatva Adjustable Base Plus is a state-of-the-art bed loaded with features to optimize your comfort throughout the night. A wireless remote lets you save your favorite positions as memory presets. You can also adjust the angle and activate zero gravity with the touch of a button.

One of our favorite features of the Adjustable Base Plus is the massage mode, which produces gentle vibrations beneath your head and torso, legs, or your entire body. You can choose from three intensity levels. Another notable function is the wall-hugging design, which keeps your bed aligned with your nightstand regardless of how your upper and lower body are positioned. This is useful because it keeps your glasses, water, and other items on your nightstand within reach at all times.

Under-bed lighting and a flashlight built into the remote both help prevent injuries as you navigate your bedroom in the dark. The anti-snore preset elevates your head 7 degrees to open up your airway. For more storage space beneath your bed, the legs can be adjusted to a height up to 14 inches. 

In addition to the six standard mattress sizes, the Adjustable Base plus is available in split king and split California king designs. These sizes allow you and your partner to adjust your respective sides of the bed without disturbing the other person. “Upper-Flex” queen and king sizes are exclusively compatible with the Saatva Solaire if you currently own this mattress.

Although the Adjustable Base Plus is more expensive than standard bed frames, Saatva sweetens the deal with free White Glove delivery. This service includes full setup in a room of your choice. You may not return the base after the point of purchase, but your order is covered under a 25-year warranty with full parts coverage for the first five years.

In Depth Bed Frame Guides

What Makes a Good Bed Frame?

Several factors may contribute to making a good bed frame good, but the durability and the quality of the materials often matter most of all. Durability refers to how well the bed frame holds up over time. A durable bed frame can continue to provide support for years to come, which could help extend the usable lifespan of your mattress. Durable frames may also be less likely to creak or show other signs of wear as they age. Quality materials further affect a frame’s durability, appearance, and overall performance.

How to Choose a Bed Frame

A bed frame is a piece of furniture that lifts and supports the mattress. While the concept is simple, selecting the best bed frame for your home can be more complicated. Knowing what criteria matter most to you can make your search easier.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Bed Frame

The following things are some of the top criteria to look at before purchasing a bed frame. They can affect its longevity, convenience, and how well it fits into your room and your budget. While some companies may try to make it seem like one particular bed frame is a perfect match for any shopper, that’s rarely the case. Focusing on the following aspects instead of marketing hype can help you get the best frame to complete your bedroom setup.

Quality Materials
High-quality materials often directly contribute to a bed frame’s durability and lifespan. While frames made of quality materials often cost more, they frequently resist signs of wear and tear. This can make them supportive and visually appealing long into the future.

The size of the bed frame influences the size of the mattress it can support. If you have an existing mattress or are considering purchasing a new mattress, you may want to compare the dimensions of the mattress to those of the frame to ensure they’re a good fit.

A bed frame’s weight can affect how easy it is to set up and how well anchored it feels. Lighter bed frames may be easier to move into your room of choice and set up, but heavier bed frames may feel sturdier and more secure.

The design of the bed frame impacts the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. While many bed frames have a neutral appearance to fit into virtually any space, others have more distinctive looks to suit different aesthetic preferences. Options range from minimalist metal bed frames to more elaborate canopy frames.

Simple platform bed frames start at under $200. More elaborate options, like canopy and four-poster bed frames, can easily top $1,000.

The level of assembly a bed frame requires varies between models. Many options require in-home assembly and come with detailed instructions on how to do so. Bed frames are often crafted for easy setup, so they frequently do not require any special tools to put together. The process usually doesn’t take much time, with some bed frames coming together in just minutes.

Can I Buy a Bed Frame Online?

Yes, you can buy a bed frame online. Bed frames are widely available through manufacturer websites, mattress stores, furniture stores, and select department stores. You can typically order online and have them delivered to your door.

What Types of Bed Frames are Available?

Bed frames are available in varying materials and styles. Quality typically matters above all else, but some types of bed frames have a stronger reputation for luxury than others.

Wood, metal, and upholstery frequently appear in all styles of bed frames. Wood frames typically cost more than metal frames, and upholstered frames tend to carry a higher price tag than unupholstered frames. While the price-point varies, any of these options may be durable and high quality. The most notable difference between bed frames constructed of different materials is usually their appearance.

There is more variety between styles of bed frames than bed frame materials. Some of the most common bed frame styles include the following:

  • Platform: A platform bed has slats or lattice so that it can support a mattress without the need for a box spring.
  • Storage Platform: Like platform beds, storage platforms are designed with enough support to eliminate the need for a box spring. The main difference is that this type of bed frame has drawers or other types of storage tucked under the bed.
  • Sleigh: Sleigh beds traditionally have a curved headboard and footboard, giving them their distinctive sleigh-like look.
  • Panel: Panel beds require a box spring for support. They often have a flat headboard and/or footboard.
  • Canopy: Canopy beds have four posts that connect at the top, forming a canopy. This canopy can simply be decorative, or it can be used to hold drapes or curtains.
  • Four-Poster: Four-poster beds get their name from the four posts on the corners of the frame. These posts may be relatively short or quite tall.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable beds typically give sleepers the option of raising the head end of the bed, the foot of the bed, or both.

Shoppers can find luxury options for most styles of bed frames, but canopy and four-poster frames are often seen as the most luxurious.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Frames

How much do bed frames cost?

Bed frames range in price from under $100 to over $10,000, but most fall between $200 to $1,000.

Where can I buy a bed frame?

You can buy a bed frame online through the manufacturer, a furniture store, a mattress store, a home goods store, or a department store. They’re also available at many brick-and-mortar retailers, including furniture stores, mattress stores, and select department stores.

How long do bed frames last?

The longevity of a bed frame depends on its materials, quality, and how well you care for it. A lower-quality bed frame could develop damage, like breaking wood, bending metal, or creaking noises, within a few years. High-quality bed frames sometimes last for decades, being passed down from generation to generation.

Which size bed frame is right for me?

The size of the bed frame should directly correspond to your mattress size. Overall, several factors may influence what size of bed is right for you. If you sleep with a partner, you may prefer a larger option to give both of you more room to move around. However, smaller options typically cost less and fit better in small spaces.

Do I have to assemble a bed frame myself if I buy it online?

If you purchase a bed frame online, you may or may not have to assemble it yourself. Some companies offer White Glove delivery for an additional fee, and this service typically includes setup. Many companies do not offer White Glove delivery, but they have designed their bed frames for easy assembly so that new owners don’t have to struggle through a long or complicated process. Setup frequently takes just a few minutes.

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