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Naturepedic EOS Mattress Review

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Lauren Fountain


Ideal for:

  • Couples with different firmness needs
  • Sleepers with specific firmness preferences
  • Those who tend to sleep hot
  • Sleepers who enjoy the pressure relief of a foam mattress, but who need the structure and support of a hybrid bed


  • The cushioning qualities of the softer versions of this mattress may not provide enough ease of motion for some individuals
  • The softer options may not be supportive enough for some individuals who weigh over 130 pounds
  • The firmer versions may not allow individuals who weigh under 130 pounds to sink in enough for pressure relief
Price (Queen):
Mattress Type:
Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)
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Originally founded in 2003 with the goal of creating organic and entirely chemical-free mattresses for babies, Naturepedic now specializes in crafting safer and healthier sleep options for the whole family.

Naturepedic offers three main lines of mattresses for adults: the Chorus & Serenade, the EOS, and the Halcyon. Each of these hybrid mattresses offers a completely organic and chemical-free construction, but the EOS and Halcyon allow sleepers to customize each side of their mattress for personalized comfort in a shared bed.

Of the two customizable mattresses, the Halcyon is Naturepedic’s luxury line. It is made of more premium materials and is only available for purchase in select stores. Meanwhile, the EOS Mattress is a more budget-friendly option that is available for online purchase while still offering handmade craftsmanship and quality materials.

We will take an in-depth look at the flagship model in the Naturepedic EOS line, the Classic, which is also known as the Naturepedic EOS Mattress. We’ll discuss its construction, performance, pricing, and company policies to help you decide if this bed is right for you. Additionally, we will examine how the different firmness options of the mattress vary in performance for different body types and sleep positions.

Naturepedic EOS Mattress Review Breakdown

The Naturepedic EOS Mattress features a split design that allows customers to choose the firmness of each half of their bed for personalized comfort even with a sleep partner. There are five firmness options to choose from: Plush (which scores a 4 on the 10-point firmness scale, where 10 is the firmest), Medium (5), Cushion-Firm (6), Firm (7), and Extra-Firm (8). The wide range of firmness options to choose from makes this model a great choice for a variety of body types and sleep positions.

Each EOS Mattress is wrapped in a quilted cover made from GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric, organic wool batting, and a PLA (a plant-based fiber) comfort layer that wicks away moisture while remaining soft to the touch. Beneath the quilted top is a 3-inch organic latex layer that hugs the body and provides temperature control for added comfort throughout the night.

The structure of the bed comes from 8 inches pocketed coils with full perimeter edge support. The coils are individually wrapped in organic cotton without the use of any glues or adhesives to provide balanced support without any harmful chemicals. The coils are designed to add a gentle bounce for comfort while still promoting heat dissipation and proper spinal alignment.

The fully assembled mattress has a 12-inch profile. Each mattress is handmade in the U.S. and comes with the option to select latex-free or vegan materials to suit your individual needs and lifestyle preferences.


Mattress Type

Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)



Each EOS Mattress is constructed of several layers, including organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex, and individually wrapped coils.

Cover Material:

Organic Cotton
Organic Wool

Comfort Layer:

3” Organic Latex

Support Core:

8” Coils, Pocketed

Mattress Prices and Sizing

The cost of the Naturepedic EOS Mattress is slightly higher than the average price of most hybrid mattresses, but this can be expected due to the handmade craftsmanship and organic, luxury materials.

Each Naturepedic EOS Mattress is 12 inches tall, and the mattress is available in all six standard mattress sizes. Shoppers can also choose between the five different firmness options at no extra charge. The queen, king, and California king sizes offer a split design that allows customers to select different firmness options for each half of the bed. Pillow-top and all-latex versions of the EOS are also available.

Discounts and Deals


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Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Plush: 3/5 Medium: 3/5, Cushion-Firm: 3/5, Firm: 2/5, Extra-Firm: 2/5

The Naturepedic EOS Mattress generally offers good motion isolation, though performance varies between firmness options.

With increased motion isolation, sleepers are less likely to be disturbed by their partner’s movements throughout the night, so this may be an important factor for couples to consider when purchasing a mattress to share.

Thanks to its latex comfort layer and coil core, the EOS Mattress is somewhat bouncy, which can contribute to motion transfer. However, each spring is individually pocketed to limit the spread of movement, and the quilted cover helps dampen vibrations.

The Plush and Medium firmness options offer the best motion isolation, as the soft feel helps absorb movements rather than allowing them to spread across the surface of the bed.

Meanwhile, firmer surfaces do not absorb motion as easily, meaning that sleepers who choose the Extra-Firm option are more likely to notice their partner’s movements throughout the night, which may be an issue for sleepers that are easily disturbed.

This motion isolation is in line with most hybrid models of similar firmness.

Pressure Relief

Plush: 4/5 Medium: 3/5, Cushion-Firm: 3/5, Firm: 2/5, Extra-Firm: 2/5

The Naturepedic EOS Mattress provides ample pressure relief for a variety of sleepers. The 3-inch latex comfort layer is designed to conform to the body and allow muscles to fully relax, which helps relieve pressure points.

The coils are also designed to provide balanced support and distribute your body weight evenly, which promotes proper spinal alignment and avoids focusing weight on common pressure points such as the hips or shoulders.

Sleepers that choose a Plush or Medium firmness level will experience more pressure relief, as a softer surface will enhance the cushioning and conforming properties of the mattress. However, body weight can also play a role. Individuals who weigh over 230 pounds may find the firmer options provide more balanced pressure relief and support.

While the EOS Mattress offers very good pressure relief for a hybrid mattress, it may not provide the same level of relief for sleepers who enjoy the intense conforming properties of a fully foam mattress.

Temperature Control

Plush: 3/5 Medium: 3/5, Cushion-Firm: 4/5, Firm: 4/5, Extra-Firm: 4/5

The Naturepedic EOS Mattress offers very good temperature control. The coil system is designed to remain breathable and aid in heat dissipation throughout the night, while the organic wool helps with temperature regulation and moisture control.

The naturally temperature-neutral properties of the organic latex comfort layer also help to circulate heat throughout the night and limit hot spots.

Like many hybrid models, the EOS Mattress is likely to be more comfortable for sleepers who struggle with temperature regulation than an all-foam model. However, because the Plush option conforms more to the body, it may trap a little more heat than the other firmness choices.

Edge Support

Plush: 3/5 Medium: 3/5, Cushion-Firm: 4/5, Firm: 4/5, Extra-Firm: 5/5

The Naturepedic EOS Mattress features full perimeter edge support, which allows individuals to feel secure and avoid sinkage when sleeping near the sides of the bed.

Edge support may be an important factor for sleepers who have difficulty getting in or out of bed, and those who sit or sleep along the perimeter of the mattress. Increased edge support may also make your bed seem more spacious, as the supportive perimeter will expand the usable sleeping area of your bed.

Due to the conforming nature of softer mattresses, sleepers who choose the Plush firmness option may not feel as supported along the edge of their bed. Additionally, sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds are more likely to experience edge sinkage than lighter individuals.

Ease of Movement

Plush: 4/5 Medium: 4/5, Cushion-Firm: 5/5, Firm: 5/5, Extra-Firm: 5/5
The Naturepedic EOS Mattress earns high marks for ease of movement, with the firmer options performing especially well.

Its 3-inch latex comfort layer and springy coil core are intended to mold to the body while regaining their original shape quickly to prevent the “trapped in the bed” feeling sometimes associated with close conforming and slow response to changes in pressure.

The Plush version allows a bit more sinkage, so it may be slightly more difficult to move on than firmer options. Therefore, sleepers who prioritize ease of movement or have mobility issues may prefer the Cushion-Firm or firmer options, as they conform less to the body and allow individuals to move around especially easily.


Plush: 3/5 Medium: 4/5, Cushion-Firm: 4/5, Firm: 4/5, Extra-Firm: 4/5
The springy and more responsive properties of the Naturepedic EOS Mattress make this bed a very good surface for sexual activity.

The coil layer gives the mattress an extra bounce that will enhance movement, and the full perimeter edge support allows couples to use the full surface of the mattress.

The softer the bed, however, the lower the ease of movement, which may make it uncomfortable or difficult to change positions. Therefore, those who choose the Cushion-Firm or Firm options may have a more enjoyable experience than those who choose the Plush option.

The individually wrapped coils also make this mattress a quieter option than some other hybrid mattresses on the market, though it may produce some slight noise over time.


The Naturepedic is not likely to produce the off-gassing scent that is common among hybrid mattresses.

Most off-gassing odors come from synthetic foams, which tend to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from manufacturing. While VOCs are not typically considered harmful, they can be bothersome to some individuals.

Because the Naturepedic is free from synthetic foams and harsh chemicals, it should not produce the VOCs associated with a “new mattress” smell. Any odor that the Naturepedic does produce should air out quickly thanks to the chemical-free and breathable construction.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers:
Side sleepers tend to benefit from mattresses that balance pressure relief and support. These sleepers need a surface that gently conforms to the body to avoid pain in pressure points like the hips and the shoulders while still providing enough support to promote proper spinal alignment.

For sleepers under 130 pounds, the Plush and Medium firmness options offer an excellent balance between pressure relief and support. Side sleepers in this weight category may also enjoy the Cushion-Firm option if they prefer a slightly firmer surface.

Those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds may find their sweet spot in the Cushion-Firm option, which promotes spinal alignment while still offering the pressure relief that side sleepers need to remain comfortable and pain-free.

Side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds will likely find the most comfort and support in the Firm option, which limits sinkage while still promoting comfort and pressure relief. Side sleepers in this weight category may also enjoy the Cushion-Firm or the Extra-Firm depending on their personal preferences.

Back Sleepers:
Those who sleep on their back tend to require increased support, as sinkage around the midsection and lower back can disrupt proper spinal alignment and lead to pain or discomfort over time. However, they also usually prefer some contouring so that the hips can sink in a bit without sagging.

Back sleepers under 130 pounds will likely find ample support and comfort in any of the firmness options, though the Extra-Firm option may be too rigid or uncomfortable for some in this weight category.

Those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds tend to prefer the firmness options Cushion-Firm to Extra-Firm, with the sweet spot for most being in the Firm mattress option. Meanwhile, sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds generally find the most comfort and support in the Firm or Extra-Firm option, as the added support should help promote proper spinal alignment throughout the night.

Stomach Sleepers:
Those who sleep on their stomachs typically need a firmer mattress that offers adequate support. Mattresses that are too plush will allow stomach sleepers to sink around the midsection, which may interfere with proper spinal alignment.
Stomach sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds typically find that the Cushion-Firm option provides excellent support while remaining soft enough to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds are more likely to prefer the Firm or Extra-Firm options, which will provide additional support to help ensure proper spinal alignment. Those who weigh above 230 pounds will also likely favor the Extra-Firm option since the added structure should help them avoid midsection sinkage throughout the night.

Naturepedic EOS – Plush

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Excellent Good Fair
Back Sleepers Excellent Fair Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Fair Fair
Scroll L - R for more details

Naturepedic EOS – Medium

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Excellent Excellent Fair
Back Sleepers Excellent Fair Fair
Stomach Sleepers Excellent Fair Fair
Scroll L - R for more details

Naturepedic EOS – Cushion-Firm

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Good Excellent Good
Back Sleepers Good Good Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Fair Fair
Scroll L - R for more details

Naturepedic EOS – Firm

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Fair Good Excellent
Back Sleepers Good Excellent Excellent
Stomach Sleepers Good Excellent Good
Scroll L - R for more details

Naturepedic EOS – Extra-Firm

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Poor Fair Good
Back Sleepers Fair Good Excellent
Stomach Sleepers Good Good Excellent
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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    The Naturepedic EOS Mattress is sold through the Naturepedic website and third-party mattress stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Naturepedic also operates showrooms in major metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada.

  • Shipping

    The Naturepedic EOS Mattress ships free within the Continental U.S. and most of Canada, usually via FedEx or UPS. Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, the Candian territories, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island are subject to a delivery fee. Naturepedic does not currently ship to AFO/FPO addresses.

    Orders are shipped within 3 business days and are typically delivered within an additional 3-7 business days. The mattress is compressed, vacuum-sealed, and rolled into a box for easy maneuvering and environmentally-friendly shipping. With standard delivery, the buyer is responsible for moving the mattress into their home and assembling it.

  • Additional Services

    Naturepedic offers White Glove delivery for a $375 fee for customers within the continental United States. This service includes delivery, moving the mattress into a room of your choice, and assembly. They will also remove and dispose of an old mattress for an additional $50 fee.

  • Sleep Trial

    EOS Mattresses purchased through the Naturepedic website or authorized sellers come with a 90-night sleep trial. Customers must keep their mattress for a minimum of 30 nights to qualify for a refund, which will allow sleepers time to adjust to their new mattress. However, if a customer still decides to return their mattress during the trial period, they can receive a full refund and free return shipping.

    Within the 90-night sleep trial, sleepers also have the option to swap out layers for a different firmness free of charge.

  • Warranty

    The Naturepedic mattress comes with a non-transferable 20-year limited warranty when purchased through an authorized dealer.

    Within the first 10 years of that warranty period, Naturepedic will repair or replace defective components free of charge. Beginning in year 11 year of your warranty, Naturepedic will offer a repair or replacement credit equivalent to 50% of the component price, which will diminish by 5% for the following 9 years.

    This warranty applies to residential customers. Mattresses used in a commercial setting are subject to a 5-year non-prorated warranty policy.

    The Naturepedic warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, sagging or body impressions caused by an inadequate bed frame, or damage caused by improper use or abuse. The customer may be responsible for shipping charges associated with returning the damaged product and receiving a replacement. Additional terms and conditions apply.