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Some shoppers assume that a memory foam mattress will cost a pretty penny, but the eLuxury 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress proves that this doesn’t have to be the case.

eLuxury is an online bedding company that strives to offer customers quality products at prices that are frequently more accessible than the industry norm. The company’s product line is dynamic and evolving, but several beds are offered in addition to the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress:
The 12-inch Gel Memory Foam and Latex Hybrid mattress uses multiple materials in its comfort system that rests above an innerspring support core.

A 10-inch “eLux” Memory Foam model with a thinner, one-inch memory foam comfort layer is sold on Amazon.

For many shoppers, the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress serves their need for memory foam’s deep contouring without exceeding their budget. With a three-inch memory foam comfort system, this mattress generates the pressure relief and motion isolation that many sleepers are seeking in a new mattress.

Our review goes through the key details about this mattress including its construction, pricing, and performance so that you can decide whether it’s the right fit for your specific needs and comfort preferences.

Price Range

$222 – $540

Mattress Type





















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Ideal For:

  • Budget shoppers
  • Side sleepers under 230 pounds
  • People who like a mattress with deep contouring
  • Bed partners who need above-average motion isolation
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  • Heat retention: Even with a gel infusion, memory foam can collect warmth and may not be the best choice for hot sleepers.
  • Minimal responsiveness: People who want notable bounce in a mattress, including to facilitate sex, may find the eLuxury mattress to be lacking.
  • One firmness choice: Sleepers who want a feel that is different from Medium Firm are unlikely to get optimal comfort from this mattress.
  • Durability: With a lower-than-average foam density in its comfort layer, the eLuxury mattress may have less longevity than some other memory foam mattresses.


Motion Isolation:

Temperature Control:

Pressure Relief:

Edge Support:

Ease of Movement:


Off Gassing:

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation registers as well above-average and is a strength of the eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress. The thick memory foam comfort layer has a pronounced ability to compress only in the areas where weight is applied, and this keeps movement from travelling across the surface of the bed. For couples, especially those with individuals who are susceptible to sleep disruptions, this motion isolation can be a major benefit and can make it easier to sleep through the night.

Pressure Relief

With a comfort layer that can provide cushioning proportional to the weight applied to it, the eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress delivers solid pressure relief to the majority of sleepers. Memory foam is popular with people who have sharp pressure points precisely because of this ability to give a tailored feel that better accommodates the areas that need extra support. This can not only cut down on hard impact at areas like the shoulders and hips but also can help keep the spine properly aligned.

Temperature Control

Like many memory foam mattresses, this eLuxury mattress can have problems with temperature regulation. Because of the contouring of memory foam, it is harder for air to circulate around the body, causing the skin to heat up. At the same time, the foam itself can collect heat, and as it does so, it gets softer, hugging the body more and further decreasing airflow. The comfort layer in this mattress has been infused with gel to try to slow down the rate at which it collects warmth, but it is still more prone to heat retention than other materials. For many people, this below-average temperature control may not be a problem, but for hot sleepers, it can be a serious drawback.

Edge Support

Two characteristics of memory foam contribute to weakened edge support in these types of beds, including the eLuxury mattress. First, the deep contouring of the foam is most pronounced around the perimeter. Second, the slow rebound of memory foam makes it easier to feel as if the material is giving out underneath you. While the support core’s dense foam creates a sturdy base, the top three inches can definitely feel unstable when lying or sitting near the edges of the bed. As a result, the eLuxury mattress rates as below-average in this category, and this may be an issue for people who put a high priority on edge-to-edge stability.

Ease of Movement

Memory foam, with a combination of significant contouring and a lack of responsiveness, can cause some people to perceive that they are sinking into the mattress. In some cases, this is described as feeling like they are sleeping in rather than on the mattress, and this effect can pose problems when you want to move on the bed. For people who frequently change their sleeping position or who simply like to have the sense that they can move effortlessly on their bed, the eLuxury mattress is not likely to be an optimal fit.


With its minimal bounce and weakness around the edge, the eLuxury Memory Foam mattress is not the ideal mattress for sex. The issue of feeling stuck in the bed can slow down movement on the bed, and some people find that this can be a barrier to sexual activity. Although the softness of the memory foam prevents painful impact on joints during sex, the lack of responsiveness causes it to get a below-average rating for this category.


Most mattresses give off a light odor when they are first unboxed, but that odor tends to be somewhat worse with the eLuxury mattress. This is common with all-foam beds that have a significant memory foam layer. The smell derives from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are created during manufacturing and held inside the plastic packaging when the bed is compressed. While the smell of the VOCs may be a nuisance, it is not a health risk. It is also temporary and should go away within a few days or even faster if your bedroom is well-ventilated.

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Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Sleeper Type

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

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Side Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Backsleepers Icon

Back Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Stomach Sleepers Icon

Stomach Sleepers

Under 130 lbs

130-230 lbs

Above 230 lbs

Matching a person to a mattress can involve many considerations, and sleeping style and body weight are two of the most important to think about.

Side Sleepers:

When you are on your side, the body’s widest areas tend to press into the mattress, and for most people, that means there’s higher impact at the shoulders and hips. If those areas don’t get enough cushioning, it can mean painful friction, but if the bed is too soft, these joints will dip too far into the mattress and out of line with the rest of the body. To strike a comfortable balance, side sleepers usually look for mattresses that are Medium Soft (4) to Medium Firm (6) and that have mild to deep contouring. The firmness and conforming of the eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress meet these criteria, making the bed a good match for most side sleepers. The exceptions are a few side sleepers under 130 pounds who can find it too hard and some over 230 pounds who may find that there is excess sinking into the comfort layer.

Back Sleepers:

For back sleepers, the area that requires the most attention is the lower back. To get proper support, a mattress has to have just enough softness and hug to suit the curve in the lumbar spine, but it also needs to be firm enough to keep the midsection from dipping too deeply into the bed. With these needs, back sleepers are normally drawn to Medium (5) to Firm (7) mattresses. The eLuxury mattress can meet the needs of some back sleepers, especially those under 230 pounds; however, many back sleepers find its deep contouring to be excessive, especially if they weigh over 230 pounds.

Stomach Sleepers:

Positioned face-down on a mattress, stomach sleepers want to avoid the feeling of being swallowed up by their bed. In addition, they need enough firmness to ensure that their stomach doesn’t sag and contort the lower back into a strained U-shape. In practice, this means that stomach sleepers typically need a Medium Firm (6) to Firm (8) mattress with light contouring, and for that reason, the eLuxury mattress is generally not their ideal match. That said, stomach sleepers under 130 pounds don’t sink as far into the comfort system and may find the Medium Firm feel of the eLuxury mattress to be a solid option.

eLuxury Mattress Review Breakdown

Design and construction have a huge impact on the way a mattress will perform and feel, and for that reason, a central part of reviewing any mattress is an in-depth look at how it’s built.

The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress has a basic design with two interior layers and few embellishments. The top layer, also known as the comfort layer, is three inches of gel-infused memory foam. This foam layer provides considerable contouring, generating a feel that hugs the body and reduces impact at pressure points. The gel infusion is intended to minimize heat buildup that can affect traditional memory foam. The density of this layer is 3 pounds per cubic foot (PCF), placing it at just below average for a memory foam comfort layer.

The second layer of the mattress is its support core. It is composed of seven inches of base polyfoam. This material provides underlying stability and helps prevent exaggerated sagging into the mattress. Its density is 1.8 PCF, which is normal for a support polyfoam of this type.

The cover of the eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress is 80% polyester and 20% spandex. This blend provides a stretchy and smooth feel. The cover is removable for easier washing.

The mattress has a Medium Firm (6) comfort feel that is within the range of firmness that works for the majority of sleepers.


Medium Firm – 6

Mattress Type

All Foam


The eLuxury Mattress is constructed of two layers,a gel memory foam comfort layer and a high-density polyfoam support core.

Cover Material:

80% polyester / 20% spandex – zippered/removable

Support Core:

7 inches of polyfoam

Comfort Layer:

3 inches of gel-infused memory foam

Mattress Prices and Sizing

As a bedding brand, eLuxury is focused on creating solid products that have an accessible, entry-level price point. The Gel Memory Foam Mattress reflects that commitment and has a lower price than the majority of other memory foam mattresses on the market.The ability to purchase a bed with a three-inch, gel-infused memory foam layer without breaking the bank carries a great deal of value to many customers. While the density of this foam is below average and may affect the long-term durability of the mattress, that doesn’t mean it can’t offer years of comfortable sleep and a good return on investment.This 10-inch mattress is produced in all of the six standard sizes, but it is common for one or more of these sizes to be sold out of the eLuxury website itself. Because the size availability is often greater on Amazon, the pricing listed below is taken from Amazon’s product page.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 39″ x 75″ 10″ N/A $222
Twin XL 39″ x 80″ 10″ N/A $412
Full 54″ x 75″ 10″ N/A $465
Queen 60″ x 80″ 10″ N/A $540
King 76″ x 80″ 10″ N/A $540

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam mattress is sold online. It can be purchased directly from the eLuxury website. On the eLuxury site, some mattress sizes may be unavailable at any given time. The mattress is available to customers in the contiguous United States, although it may be sold to other select locations with an additional charge for shipping.

The mattress is also available to buy online through Amazon. Size availability and shipping locations can vary when purchasing from this retailer.


The eLuxury mattress comes with free standard shipping for customers in the 48 contiguous U.S. states. The mattress is prepared for delivery by compressing it in plastic, sealing it in a box, and then using ground shipping to bring it to your door. There is no assembly required; you only need to bring the box inside and remove the mattress from the packaging so that it can retake its full size. Most customers find that it takes two people to safely move the box and install the mattress.

Customers who want to buy directly from eLuxury but live outside of the contiguous U.S. should contact the company for a price quote.

Mattress are also shipped in boxes for purchases on Amazon, but pricing may vary based on location and membership with Amazon Prime.

Additional Services

eLuxury does not offer any White-Glove delivery services for installation or haul-away of an old mattress.

Sleep Trial

If the mattress is purchased directly from eLuxury, the sleep trial lasts for 120 nights. This is a risk-free trial with no return shipping or restocking fees, and eLuxury works with customers to help arrange for pickup of the mattress if you decide to return it.

Buying from Amazon generally means different terms for the sleep trial. Amazon’s return policy grants 30 days to make a return, and that return must be coordinated with Amazon rather than with eLuxury.


The mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty that covers defects, but the fine print and specific terms of the warranty are not readily available on the eLuxury website.

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