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Mattress Reviews

With a plethora of mattress brands on the market selling similar products and making similar claims, it’s essential to have a third party evaluator you can trust. At, we aim to be just that by offering a wide selection of comprehensive mattress reviews covering every major brand.

The pages linked below are unbiased, in-depth reviews of specific mattress models. In these reviews, we cover the brand, who the mattress is and is not recommended for, in-depth pricing info, performance ratings, trial and warranty information, and more. We’re confident that these pages will give you all the info you need to make an educated purchase.

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Our Process is run by a dedicated team of mattress experts with years of experience in the industry. Our ratings and recommendations are determined by a combination of in-house-testing, customer experiences, and insider knowledge — resulting in accurate and comprehensive reviews. By utilizing all of the resources and expertise at our disposal, we hope to help you find the perfect mattress for your specific needs.

Our Performance Ratings

We use the following performance categories to rate mattresses:

Motion Isolation
Motion isolation refers to how much of the sleep surface moves when a sleeper switches positions or moves while on the mattress. A mattress with good motion isolation will isolate movement to just the immediate area around the moving sleeper. With poor motion isolation, the entire sleep surface will move in response to one sleeper’s movements.

This is particularly relevant to co-sleepers, as soon lighter sleepers are easily disturbed by the movement of their sleeping partner.

Pressure Relief
One important factor is a mattress’s ability to minimize pressure among common pressure points such as the shoulders, lower back and hips. A bed with good pressure relief can ease the chronic pain of the user, while a bed with bad pressure relief can actually cause pain during waking hours.

Softer mattresses that conform closely to the body tend to better pressure relief. Nonetheless it’s important to get a mattress firm and supportive enough to keep your spine aligned.

Temperature Control
Many sleepers have a tendency to sleep hot at night, often waking up in the middle of the night sweating and uncomfortably warm. For these people, it’s important to sleep on a mattress that doesn’t trap too much body heat and provides sufficient airflow throughout the mattress.

Edge Support
Edge support refers to how sturdy the edges of a mattress are. If you’re sitting on the edge of the bed, sleeping with a partner, or trying to get on and off of the mattress with ease, edge support will play a huge factor.

Ease of Movement
Depending on the type of mattress you’re on, moving around or switching sleeping positions can range in difficulty and effort. Closely-conforming foam mattresses tend to produce a feeling of getting ‘stuck’, making you expend energy in order to move.

The biggest determining factor in whether a mattress is good for sex is the responsiveness, or ‘bounce’ of a mattress. This allows for ease of movement without the feeling of working against the surface of a mattress. Edge support is also a relevant factor, as it allows you to use the entire surface of the mattress.

Mattresses that are constructed of synthetic foams such as memory foam and polyfoam have a tendency to temporarily emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs produce an odor that some find unpleasant. These compounds are generally considered harmless. A good off-gassing rating refers to a lack of VOC odors.