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GhostBed Flex Mattress Review

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GhostBed is a brand by Nature’s Sleep. Nature’s Sleep was founded in 2001, while the GhostBed brand came years later. Today, GhostBed produces an array of sleep products, including bed frames, pillows, bedding, and mattresses.

The mattress line includes four models: the GhostBed Mattress, the GhostBed Luxe, the GhostBed 3D Matrix, and the GhostBed Flex. The GhostBed Mattress is a mixed-foam model, the GhostBed Luxe is foam with extra cooling technology, the GhostBed 3D Matrix is a hybrid with advanced technology, and the GhostBed Flex is a hybrid model.

This review will cover the GhostBed Flex. The GhostBed Flex is an affordably-priced hybrid model constructed of six layers, including a quilted cover, two layers of memory foam, two layers of polyfoam, and a layer of pocketed coils. It totals 13 inches thick, and it has a firmness rating of 6 (medium firm) on the 10-point firmness scale.

Price Range

$1,795 - $3,900
Mattress Type


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Soft Medium
Medium Medium
Firm Very


Extremely Soft
Very Soft
Medium Soft
Medium Firm
Very Firm
Extremely Firm

Ideal for:

  • Sleepers prone to overheating
  • Sleep partners from different weight groups
  • Couples that value both bounce and motion isolation
  • Shoppers looking for a budget-friendly hybrid


  • When sleeping on their stomachs, individuals who weigh over 230 pounds may sink in too deeply for proper spinal support
  • Sleepers who prefer sleeping “on” the bed rather than “in” the bed may not like the hug of the GhostBed Flex’s memory foam layers
Motion Isolation
Ease of Movement
Temperature Control
Pressure Relief
Edge Support

Ghostbed Flex Mattress Review

Watch the video below to see how the Nectar Mattress performed when put to the test in the Sleep Foundation Lab.

GhostBed Flex Mattress Review Breakdown

The GhostBed Flex uses a hybrid construction with six distinct layers. A quilted cover tops the mattress. This fabric is crafted to feel cool to the touch, while a 1-inch layer of cooling fiber quilted into the cover further cools the surface of the bed. Next, there are two 1-inch layers of memory foam that hug to the body to relieve pressure buildup while supporting the sleeper’s natural spinal alignment. This memory foam is infused with gel to transfer heat away from the sleeper’s body.

A 1-inch polyfoam transition layer combines the responsiveness of latex and the conforming of memory foam. This layer serves as a barrier to prevent the sleeper from sinking in against the coil core.

The support core uses 8.5 inches of pocketed coils. Since each coil is individually encased, minimal motion transfers between coils. Substantial airflow through the coil system helps keep the mattress cool. This layer also uses two rows of reinforced coils around the perimeter of the bed to give the edge a sturdier feel. A 1-inch layer of polyfoam acts as a base for the coil system.

With its rating of 6 on the 10-point firmness scale, the GhostBed Flex has a medium firm feel, which is one of the most popular firmness settings. Regardless of their weight or sleep position, most individuals are likely to find a medium firm feel acceptable.

The GhostBed Flex is 13 inches thick, making it a high-profile model. It may require deeper-pocketed sheets to accommodate this thickness.


Mattress Type

Medium Firm – 6



The GhostBed Flex contains six main layers. A quilted cover with cooling fiber fill is the top layer. Next, there are two layers of gel-infused memory foam. A polyfoam transition layer separates the memory foam layers from a pocketed coil core. Finally, a layer of polyfoam acts as the base of the bed.

Cover Material:

Quilted Cover

Comfort Layer:

1″ Cooling Fiber (Quilted Into Cover)

1″ Memory Foam (Gel-Infused)

1″ Memory Foam (Gel-Infused)

Transition Layer:

1″ Transition Polyfoam

Support Core:

8.5″ Pocketed Coils

1″ Polyfoam

Mattress Prices and Sizing

The GhostBed Flex comes in at a lower price point than the GhostBed Luxe and the GhostBed 3D Matrix, but it has a higher price tag than the GhostBed Mattress. Compared to many hybrid models from other brands, the GhostBed Flex is a budget-friendly option. GhostBed also frequently runs promotions for additional savings.

All the standard mattress sizes are available. The GhostBed Flex also comes in split king size, which is two twin XL mattresses.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 38" x 75" 13" 76 lbs. $1,795
Twin XL 38" x 80" 13" 81 lbs. $1,950
Full 54" x 75" 13" 100 lbs. $2,075
Queen 60" x 80" 13" 122 lbs. $2,280
King 76" x 80" 13" 138 lbs. $2,595
California King 72" x 84" 13" 141 lbs. $2,615
Split King 38" x 80" (2pcs.) 13" 81 lbs. ea. $3,900
Scroll L - R for more details

Discounts and Deals


30% off all GhostBed mattresses & 2 free pillows. Free weighted blanket ($479 Value) with a minimum $1.5k order.

Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The GhostBed Flex’s comfort system absorbs a moderate amount of motion. A quilted cover and two comfort layers of memory foam help reduce the transfer of vibrations across the surface of the bed.

Since the coil core gives the GhostBed Flex bounce, it could also lead to some motion transfer. However, this is mitigated somewhat by the pocketing of the coils. Most hybrid models have similar motion isolation to the GhostBed Flex.

Motion isolation tends to be particularly important for sleepers who awaken when their partner moves during the night.

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief

A soft quilted cover, two layers of memory foam, and a polyfoam transition layer give the GhostBed Flex significant pressure relief compared to the average hybrid model. The quilted cover provides cushioning, while the two memory foam comfort layers adjust to the shape of the sleeper to cradle them and relieve their pressure points. The polyfoam transition layer contours more deeply while limiting sinkage.

Since weight influences how deeply a sleeper sinks into a mattress, it also plays a role in how much pressure relief they experience. Sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds may experience the best balance of pressure relief and support. Individuals who weigh under 130 pounds won’t sink in as deeply, so they may have more pronounced pressure points.

Pressure Relief
Temperature Control

Hybrid mattresses tend to have stronger temperature regulation thanks to their breathable cores, and the GhostBed Flex is no exception.

The GhostBed Flex’s temperature-regulating features start in the cover, which is quilted with cooling fiber to be cool-to-the-touch while allowing ample airflow. Both layers of memory foam used in the comfort system are infused with gel, which helps pull heat away from the sleeper’s body. Airflow through the coil core further allows heat to dissipate.

People who feel hot during the night may appreciate the GhostBed Flex’s degree of temperature control.

Temperature Control
Edge Support

A sturdy edge can allow sleepers to use more of the surface of a mattress. When an edge compresses too much, sleepers tend to gravitate towards the center of the bed to avoid the feeling of instability near the perimeter. Those who sit on the edge of the bed may also find it challenging on a mattress without adequate edge support.

Like many hybrid models, the GhostBed Flex has a reinforced edge that makes it easier to sit or sleep close to the perimeter of the bed. Two rows of reinforced coils around the perimeter of the GhostBed Flex limit edge sinkage and give it a more secure feel.

Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Hybrid models tend to be relatively easy to move on due to their coil cores, and the same is true of the GhostBed Flex. This is beneficial for sleepers who tend to change positions during the night.

Memory foam often makes a mattress more challenging to move on due to its slower response to changes in pressure and its close conforming. However, the GhostBed Flex uses two relatively thin layers of memory foam, so sleepers shouldn’t feel “trapped in the bed.” The polyfoam transition layer is engineered to provide the responsive feel of latex, adding to the mattress’s ease of movement.


The GhostBed Flex combines bounce and contouring, both of which can be beneficial for sex.

Its responsive polyfoam transition layer and coil core give the GhostBed Flex the springiness that many couples prefer for sex. Two layers of memory foam in the comfort system also contour enough to give some traction.


Because foam often has lingering odors left over from the manufacturing process, most mattresses that contain synthetic foam and ship compressed are likely to off-gas at first. These smells are not usually considered harmful, but individuals who find them off-putting can leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room until it airs out. You can generally expect this to take between a few hours and a few days. Since the GhostBed Flex is breathable, we would expect it to air out more quickly than some models.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers:
Side sleepers from all weight groups may find the GhostBed Flex comfortable due to its mixture of contouring and support. The quilted cover gives surface-level cushioning, and two layers of memory foam shape to the side sleeper’s curves. A polyfoam transition layer gives deeper contouring while providing support.

Because of its medium firm feel, the GhostBed Flex may be best for side sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds. People in this weight group are likely to get the best balance of cradling and support, which can help relieve a side sleeper’s pressure points while supporting their spinal alignment.

Side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds may find the GhostBed Flex firmer than ideal, which could contribute to more pressure buildup around their hips and shoulders. Those who weigh over 230 pounds may have a harder time keeping their spines aligned since they’ll sink in more than lighter individuals.

Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers generally need a surface that doesn’t sag to support their natural spinal alignment. The GhostBed Flex’s responsive polyfoam transition layer and supportive coil core provide an even plane suitable for back sleeping. Its quilted cover and two layers of memory foam also provide enough cushioning and cradling for added comfort.

Across all weight groups, most back sleepers are likely to receive sufficient support from the GhostBed Flex, though some sleepers over 230 pounds may find the bed’s feel too soft. Those who weigh less than 130 pounds and prefer a plusher sleep surface may find the GhostBed Flex’s medium firm feel slightly firmer than ideal. Back sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds might experience mild sinkage near their hips, which could impact their spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleepers:

A stomach sleeper’s midsection usually puts the most force on a mattress since it tends to be the heaviest part of the body. This can pull the sleeper’s hips too deeply into the mattress and put a strain on their spine. Because of this, most stomach sleepers need a supportive mattress.

The GhostBed Flex’s supportive transition and coil layers work to prevent sinkage, so most stomach sleepers should get enough support. Many individuals who sleep on their stomachs may also appreciate the cushioning of the quilted cover and two memory foam comfort layers.

With its medium firm feel, the GhostBed Flex may be most suitable for stomach sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. Those who weigh more than 230 pounds are likely to experience more midsection sinkage, which may contribute to lumbar strain.

Sleeper Type Under 130 lbs 130-230 lbs Above 230 lbs
Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Under 130 lbs
130-230 lbs
Above 230 lbs

Back Sleepers

Under 130 lbs
130-230 lbs
Above 230 lbs

Stomach Sleepers

Under 130 lbs
130-230 lbs
Above 230 lbs

Awards for the GhostBed Flex Mattress


30% off all GhostBed mattresses & 2 free pillows. Free weighted blanket ($479 Value) with a minimum $1.5k order.

Trial, Shipping, and Warranty Policies

  • Availability

    The GhostBed Flex Mattress ships within the United States. It is available through the GhostBed website and Amazon. If you want to see the mattress in person before you buy, GhostBed also operates a showroom in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Shipping

    Free shipping is available within the contiguous United States. The GhostBed Flex also ships to Alaska and Hawaii, but a $600 freight charge applies.

    Orders usually ship within 24 hours and arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Customers will receive tracking information when their mattress ships. GhostBed mattresses ship via FedEx, and customers can use the FedEx Delivery Manager to give delivery instructions, put a vacation hold on their mattress, and more.

    Each mattress arrives compressed in a box that measures 39 inches by 23 inches by 20 inches. The customer is responsible for moving the mattress to the desired room and setting it up. Customers can leave their GhostBed Flex in its box for up to six months, but GhostBed suggests decompressing it earlier for proper expansion.

  • Additional Services

    GhostBed offers White Glove delivery within the 48 contiguous states for an extra fee. Orders with 1-2 items have a $199 charge for the service, while shipments of 3 or more items carry a $299 fee. White Glove delivery fees are not refundable.

    Those who purchase White Glove delivery will be contacted by the delivery team to arrange a time for them to bring the mattress. The team will move the mattress to your room, unpack it, and remove your old mattress.

  • Sleep Trial

    Customers who buy their mattress directly through GhostBed receive a 101-night trial period. After the customer has tried the mattress for at least 30 nights, they can initiate a return if the mattress isn’t right for them. GhostBed offers to make it right or refund the purchase price. GhostBed will help arrange to donate the unwanted mattress.

    If you haven’t opened your mattress and choose to return it, you can do so during the trial period, but a 15% restocking fee applies.

    Each household is eligible for one mattress return.

  • Warranty

    The GhostBed Flex has a 25-year partially-prorated limited warranty. This warranty applies to the original owner of the mattress who purchased the mattress from an authorized seller, registered the product within 30 days of purchase, and can furnish proof of purchase.

    For the first 10 years of the warranty, GhostBed offers to repair or replace defective mattresses while the owner covers handling and/or transportation costs.

    During years 11 through 25, GhostBed will choose to either repair eligible mattresses or replace them at a prorated charge. The prorated cost starts at 50% of the original purchase price and increases by 5% per year during years 12-15, 4% per year during years 16-20, and 1% per year from years 21-25. The owner is responsible for handling and transportation costs.

    This warranty covers lasting indentations that are over 1-inch deep and flaws that cause splitting or cracking. To be eligible, damage must not be a result of an improper foundation or mishandling.

    Additional terms and conditions apply.

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