Lauren is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with experience testing a wide variety of sleep products, from everyday staples like pillows, sheets, and mattresses to more obscure items such as night guards for bruxism and white noise machines.

When not testing sleep products, Lauren enjoys hiking, sewing, and watching movies while under a weighted blanket.

Lauren is from the Atlanta area with an educational background in linguistics.

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A Word From Lauren

What’s your biggest sleeping pain point?

I’d say sticking to consistent bed and wake times is a challenge for me, especially on weekends.

What’s your favorite sleep product right now?

I’ve got the silk version of the Manta Sleep Mask and it has been a total game-changer. It completely blocks out all light, is customizable, and stays put no matter how much I toss and turn. I also love using the freezable Cool Eye Cups when I’ve got allergies or feel a migraine coming on.

What is your nightly sleep regimen?

I start by preparing my sleep environment by pulling the blackout curtains closed and making the bed. I generally go to sleep before my partner, so I always make sure to turn on my white noise machine and put on my sleep mask to minimize the disruption when they join me later in the night. I try to limit screen time before bed and will often do a guided meditation with progressive muscle relaxation while trying to fall asleep.

What’s your top sleep tip?

Everyone has their own sleep challenges, so it’s best to start by evaluating what is working for you and what needs improvement. Once you’ve identified your problem areas, you can take steps to address them.

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