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Somnifix Mouth Strips

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SomniFix gained renown through Shark Tank in 2019 with its innovative sleep solution: adhesive mouth strips that reduce snoring by discouraging mouth breathing.

Mouth breathing during sleep contributes to snoring by allowing the jaw to relax, tightening the upper airway and causing friction as the air passes through. SomniFix Strips are similar to many anti-snoring devices in that they target the jaw to reduce snoring. However, compared to tongue-retaining or mandibular advancement devices, SomniFix Strips may feel less invasive and more comfortable.

We’ll examine how SomniFix Strips work, what types of sleepers they’re best for, and how they compare to other anti-snoring methods. We’ll also review pricing and company policies to help you decide if these could be right for you.

SomniFix Review Breakdown

Made of a recyclable adhesive that’s worn over the lips, SomniFix Strips are designed to prevent snoring by keeping your mouth closed during sleep. This helps prevent the tongue from falling back and blocking the airway. The adhesive has a breathing vent that allows for some airflow in case sleepers need to breathe through their mouth at any point.

SomniFix Strips are non-invasive and designed to be suitable for most types of sleepers, including people who use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices for sleep apnea.

Materials and Options

Each SomniFix Strip is intended to be used for a single night. The strips consist of a gentle adhesive strip with a mesh vent. They are latex- and gluten-free and can be fully recycled. Somnifix offers the strips in a single size that can be slightly stretched to fit over the user’s mouth.

SomniFix Mouth StripsAdhesiveUniversal

Pricing Information

SomniFix Strips are sold in packs that contain 28, 84, or 365 mouth strips. For someone who uses a strip every night, these packs would last 4 weeks, 12 weeks, and a year, respectively. Larger packs include a slight discount per strip.

The cost per strip is relatively inexpensive when compared to other anti-snoring products. However, due to the disposable nature of the strips, over a longer period of time the cost is likely to exceed other reusable options.

SomniFix Pricing

SomniFix 4-week pack (28 strips)$22
SomniFix 12-week pack
(84 strips)
SomniFix 12-month pack
(365 strips)

Features and Performance

SomniFix Strips effectively reduce snoring for many sleepers. The strips are available without a prescription. Although they are not a standalone treatment for sleep apnea, SomniFix Strips can be used in conjunction with a CPAP device in order to reduce mouth leaks.

As SomniFix Strips are for single use only, they require no cleaning and are relatively low maintenance. These small, lightweight strips are also easy to pack for travel.

Are SomniFix mouth strips adjustable?

SomniFix mouth strips are flexible, and they can be adjusted to fit most faces. However, their adhesive capabilities may diminish the more you reposition them, resulting in a weaker seal over your lips.

How long does each strip last?

Each strip is designed to last a single night or sleep period.

How do you clean SomniFix strips?

There is no need to clean SomniFix Strips, as they are intended for one-time use.

Does SomniFix require a prescription?

SomniFix is available for purchase without a prescription, both from the SomniFix website and in many drugstores.

Is SomniFix helpful for CPAP users?

SomniFix may be a useful complement to CPAP therapy. It's common for the jaw to relax and the mouth to fall open during sleep. This causes some of the air inhaled through the nose to leak out through the mouth before reaching the lungs, which in turn reduces the CPAP therapy's efficiency. SomniFix can help by sealing the mouth closed to reduce leaks.

How Do SomniFix Sleep Strips Work?

SomniFix targets mouth breathing, a common contributor to snoring. Breathing through your mouth as you sleep causes your tongue to fall back and narrow your airway. As a result of the narrowed airway, tissues may vibrate as air passes through the smaller space, creating the sound we know as snoring. SomniFix strips close the lips to encourage nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing during sleep.

A relatively recent invention, SomniFix Strips are inspired from an older method of using tape across the mouth to encourage sleepers to breathe through the nose. However, as tape completely restricts airflow, this method posed potential safety issues as well as discomfort upon removing the sticky tape.

Anti-snoring devices use a variety of techniques to open up the airway during sleep. SomniFix Strips are most similar to nasal strips and specialty pillows, which are designed to open up the nasal passage and reduce tissue vibrations without being too invasive. The difference is that these anti-snoring solutions do not prevent mouth breathing.

Tongue retainers and mandibular advancement devices can be very effective at keeping the mouth closed and encouraging nasal breathing. However, mouthpieces can cause jaw soreness and discomfort for some people. Additionally, these devices may require a prescription.Although it may take around a week to become accustomed to the feel of sleeping with SomniFix Strips, these mouth strips are tolerated by most sleepers, and they can be used in any sleeping position. As long as sleepers are able to breathe freely through their nose, the strips shouldn’t pose any challenges to breathing.

Is SomniFix Safe?

SomniFix Strips are generally considered safe for most people. However, because the strips restrict breathing through the mouth, they may pose a risk to people with certain conditions. Although SomniFix Strips do include a small vent that allows for emergency airflow through the mouth, the company recommends against using the mouth strips if you identify with any of the following:

  • Those who regularly experience difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Obese individuals with a BMI over 35
  • People with very low blood pressure
  • Those with severe heart or breathing problems
  • People who currently have a cold, a sinus infection, or an ear infection
  • Individuals with severely chapped lips or broken skin around the mouth
  • Those who have consumed alcohol or sedatives before bed
  • Children

As the material comes into direct contact with the skin and lips, SomniFix Strips may not be suitable for people with very sensitive skin.

Discounts and Deals

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


SomniFix ships to most countries. The mouth strips can be purchased through the SomniFix website, as well as through a variety of drugstores and third-party online retailers.


Shipping is free in the U.S. and certain international locations.


Somnifix offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, with free returns in the U.S.


As SomniFix Strips are intended for one-time use, SomniFix does not offer a warranty.

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