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Key Takeaways
  • Silk pillowcases are smooth, durable, and breathable. They can also help prevent hair breakage and fine lines. We highlight our top pillowcase picks in a variety of categories so you can find the best silk pillowcase for your needs.

Pillowcases made with silk are popular luxury bedding items thanks to their smooth feel and natural breathability. Silk is made from harvesting the cocoons of silkworms. The cocoons are then separated into individual threads and woven together. Several varieties of silk are used in pillowcases, but mulberry silk is the most popular due to its consistent appearance and luxuriously soft feel. 

Silk can help prevent hair breakage, frizzy hair, fine lines, and skin irritation. This is because the smooth material allows your hair and skin to easily glide across the pillowcase without any uncomfortable friction or tugging. We’ll highlight our top picks for the best silk pillowcases on the market today.

In-Depth Reviews

The Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase has a luxuriously smooth feel that is naturally breathable and insulating. Our testing team found the pillowcase’s multiple color options, longer-than-average return policy, and lower price-point made this pillowcase a good option for most sleeper types.

  • Pros

    1. Machine-washable for easy care

    2. Four essential colors as well as three limited edition options

    3. 365-night sleep trial

  • Cons

    1. Not ideal for those who prefer the crisp feel of percale-woven bedding

    2. Certain patterns drive up the sticker price




100% mulberry silk

The Mulberry Silk Pillowcase from Brooklinen offers premium materials at an affordable price-point. The silk pillowcase comes in a range of colors and has a lengthy year-long sleep trial.

The pillowcase is made from 100% mulberry silk, a high-quality material known for its exceptionally smooth feel. Our testers noted the pillowcase’s extreme softness as well as its balance of breathability and insulation. This makes it comfortable to sleep on the pillowcase year-round. An envelope closure also ensures the pillow stays inside the case throughout the night.

Brooklinen recommends machine-washing the pillowcase in cold water with gentle detergent and notes that hand-washing the silk pillowcase may increase its lifespan. Bleaching and machine-drying are not recommended. Sleepers can choose between standard and king sizes. Additionally, the pillowcase is available in four essential colors as well as three limited edition options.

In addition to the pillowcase’s competitive price-point, Brooklinen ships free to customers in all 50 states. You can return the pillowcase within 365 days of purchase for a full refund, even if you have used or washed it. Brooklinen products are backed by a lifetime warranty against structural defects.

The Quince 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase features high-quality materials at an approachable price-point. Our testing team found the exceptionally smooth mulberry silk helped prevent excessive heat buildup and kept the pillow inside the case while they slept.

  • Pros

    1. Seven color options

    2. Zipper closure prevents the pillow from shifting throughout the night

    3. 365-day return policy

  • Cons

    1. Zipper closure may cause discomfort

    2. Machine-drying is not recommended




100% mulberry silk

Bedding made from mulberry silk tends to carry a higher price-point due to its consistent and soft feel. The Quince 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is a notable exception. Value seekers should appreciate the pillowcase’s lower price and generous return period.

The pillowcase features a zipper enclosure that reduces the chances of the pillow shifting out of the cover at night. The fabric has a 22 momme weight that our testers found was lightweight and cool to the touch. The durable nature of mulberry silk also means the pillowcase should have a long lifespan. Sleepers can machine-wash the cover, but line drying is recommended over machine-drying. Line drying also helps prevent the pillowcase from wrinkling.

Queen/standard and king sizes are available. Customers can choose between seven color options that range from neutral to bold colors. Quince ships free to customers in the U.S. Shoppers can return the pillowcase anytime within 365 days for a full refund, including products that have been used or laundered multiple times.

Constructed from best-in-class 6A mulberry silk, LilySilk’s 19 Momme Terse Envelope Silk Pillowcase is exceptionally soft even compared to other bedding with the same source material. A zipper-free envelope closure, optional monogramming, and a wide array of color and pattern options further the luxe aesthetic.

  • Pros

    1. Envelope closure secures your pillow insert and maintains good shape retention

    2. Available in three sizes and more than a dozen designs

    3. Optional monogramming for a small extra fee

  • Cons

    1. Machine-washing can lead to early wear and tear

    2. Returns are not allowed for monogrammed pillowcases




100% Grade 6A mulberry silk

Most silk pillowcases are relatively soft, but material quality can play a role. The 19 Momme Terse Envelope Silk Pillowcase from LilySilk is composed of mulberry silk rated as 6A, the highest grade for raw long-strand silk. As a result, the case nicely retains the natural softness and smoothness of its source material.

An envelope closure secures the pillow by folding over the insert. This helps maintain a full shape without using a metal zipper, which can cause irritation if it comes into contact with your skin or hair. The case is also gentle enough to minimize wrinkles around your eyes and face, and frizzy hair in the morning shouldn’t be an issue for most sleepers. Standard, queen, and king sizes are available.

You can also choose from 10 solid and dual-tone color palettes, as well as fetching watercolor, marble, and floral patterns. Although dry cleaning is the recommended form of care, you can also hand wash or machine wash using a mesh bag. Lukewarm water, a short spin cycle, and hang drying can help preserve the lifespan if you go this route. You should also consider investing in silk-friendly detergent.

The 19 Momme Terse Envelope Silk Pillowcase is reasonably priced, given the high quality and above-average durability. You can add monogramming to the design for a small surcharge. Those who purchase two cases receive a silk eye mask at no extra cost. All orders include a 45-night return and exchange period.

Breathable mulberry silk and cooling technology help the SlumberCloud Silk Pillowcase regulate temperature, which helped our hot-sleeping testers stay cool throughout the night. The Tencel lyocell-based lining also helps wick away moisture, making it a good option for those who live in warmer climates.

  • Pros

    1. Lining helps regulate temperature throughout the night

    2. Breathable 22 momme mulberry silk construction

    3. 60-night sleep trial

  • Cons

    1. Zipper may catch or cause discomfort

    2. Color limited to one option




100% mulberry silk

The SlumberCloud Silk Pillowcase enhances mulberry silk’s natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties with a proprietary Outlast fabric lining. SlumberCloud’s Outlast fabric is engineered to draw heat away from the body, helping to prevent sleepers from overheating at night. Hot sleepers and those who live in warmer climates should find the Silk Pillowcase keeps them at a comfortable temperature while they sleep.

A 22-momme weight makes the pillowcase feel light without sacrificing durability. Tencel lyocell-based fabric enhances the silk’s natural softness, making it a good option for sleepers with sensitive skin. People who toss and turn at night should also enjoy the zippered enclosure, which prevents the pillow from shifting out of place at night. To care for the pillowcase, SlumberCloud recommends hand-washing it in cold water with gentle detergent and hanging it to dry.

The pillowcase comes in standard and king sizes. SlumberCloud ships free to all 50 states, and products come with a 60-night sleep trial. The Silk Pillowcase is also backed by a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty.

The Blissy Pillowcase offers all the benefits of pure silk without a steep sticker price. You can choose from an extensive selection of designs, and the pillowcase is remarkably easy and convenient to keep clean.

  • Pros

    1. Pure silk is breathable, long-lasting, and luxuriously soft

    2. Available in dozens of solid colors and patterns

    3. Fully machine-washable for quick, easy care

  • Cons

    1. People who prefer crisp bedding may find the pillowcase uncomfortable

    2. Owners must pay return shipping charges unless there’s a product defect




100% mulberry silk

Like other silk pillowcases our team has tested, the Blissy is exceptionally soft and should help you sleep comfortably if you’re prone to irritated skin or frizzy or tangled hair. What sets this pillowcase apart from competitors is an approachable sticker price. You’ll pay significantly less for the Blissy than you would through most other sellers, yet the case doesn’t skimp on quality or durability despite the below-average cost.

You can choose from standard, queen, or king sizes. Blissy also offers dozens of solid colors and patterns for the pillowcase to complement your bedroom aesthetic. The case is completely machine-washable — simply wash in cool water on a gentle cycle, then either tumble dry on low heat or air dry.

If you purchase three pillowcases, the fourth is free. You can also opt for a Blissy Dream Set, which contains one pillowcase, a sleep mask, and two scrunchies. Standard ground shipping is free of charge. Returns are accepted within 60 days of delivery, and refunds are issued as long as the pillowcase is returned in its original packaging.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our testing team has decades of combined experience in the sleep product industry. Our testing team consists of people with varying sleep needs and preferences, including hot sleepers, people with sensitive skin, and those prone to hair breakage. We test each product first-hand to ensure our recommendations are as accurate and objective as possible.

What Is Silk?

Silk is a natural protein fiber made from the cocoons of silkworms that was first developed in ancient China. It has gained a reputation as a luxurious material for bedding, including pillowcases and sheets.

Silk is known for the strength and durability of its naturally long fibers. It has a smoother texture than many other materials, and it drapes closer to the body. Because it is gentle in contact with hair and skin, silk is a popular choice for luxury pillowcases and can help you get a great night’s sleep when paired with a high-quality pillow

Silk vs. Satin

Silk is a type of natural fiber that is used to make fabrics for clothing or silk bed sheets. Although silk is sometimes conflated with satin, silk is a fiber, while satin is a type of weave that can be made from many kinds of fibers, not just silk. 

Each weave technique produces textiles with different appearances and textures. One form of satin uses a four-threads-over, one-under technique, which is sometimes used with a non-silk thread such as rayon to give the material a silky sheen.

Does Thread Count Matter for Silk Pillowcases?

Thread count represents the number of threads used per square inch of material. Some think of thread count as a measure of quality. However, with silk fabrics, thread count is actually less significant than the momme, which is a measurement derived from the weight in pounds of a piece of silk measuring 100 yards long by 45 inches wide.

Very lightweight silk, such as organza, might have a momme of just 6. High-quality silk bedding has a typical momme range of 19 to 25.

Benefits of Using a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases will likely appeal to those who appreciate the luxurious and soft feel of silk fabric and who can afford the higher price-point. Additionally, consumers with concerns about how bedding affects their skin or hair may prefer silk products, which are considered to be gentler than many other fabrics.

  • Supports sensitive skin: Silk is less abrasive than other fabrics, which can make it more comfortable for those with sensitive skin. The smooth drape of silk can also help prevent crease marks from forming on the skin during sleep. There is some debate about if and how silk impacts acne, but some research suggests that silk is less likely than cotton or linen to accumulate oils that might irritate sensitive skin. Silk clothing has also been shown to be effective in decreasing the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.
  • Keeps hair healthy: Because silk fiber is naturally long, the fabric made from it is smoother and less likely to snag on head or facial hair. This can help keep your hair from getting damaged by your pillowcase.
  • Regulates temperature: Silk is a naturally breathable material that is well regarded for its ability to regulate temperature. Many hot sleepers appreciate the use of silk in cooling sheets. In cooler months, silk also functions as a good insulator that weighs less than cotton, flannel, or wool. 
  • Feels luxurious: For many individuals, the bottom line is that silk feels very luxurious and looks elegant on the bed. Of course, this feeling of luxury tends to come at a higher price-point than other materials.

How to Choose a Silk Pillowcase

Silk is a unique fabric that warrants additional considerations beyond those for other kinds of bedding materials. Factors like weave, price, and ease of care can all affect your purchasing decision.

Thread Count vs. Momme

Many bedding companies market thread count as an indicator of product quality. However, with silk, thread count is actually less informative than the momme of the silk, or how much it weighs per unit of area. We find that the ideal momme range is 19 to 25.


The momme of the silk fabric is only one measure of quality. The other is the grade given to the individual silk threads before they are woven. Silk is graded from A to F, with A being the best. Grade A silk is subdivided into grades 2A to 6A, with 6A indicating the highest quality. Most silk used in luxury bedding products is at least grade A.


Most silk bedding is made using a charmeuse weave that features one high-sheen side and one dull or matte side. Charmeuse is generally more lightweight than an ordinary satin weave, which can also be used for silk bedding. 


Silk tends to be more expensive than other bedding materials due to the costs associated with raising silkworms, among other factors. Sold individually, many silk pillowcases can be found in the $40 to $120 price range. They are also included as part of complete silk sheet sets that can range from $500 to $1,000. Some rayon sheets are manufactured in a satin weave to imitate the feel of silk but at much lower price-points.


Silk bedding is sold in the full range of sizes. Individual pillowcases are typically sold in standard (20 by 26 inches), queen (20 by 30 inches), and king (20 by 36 inches) sizes, though you can also find them in less common dimensions.


Silk pillowcases are sold in a variety of styles, including solid colors and intricate patterns. Due to the weave of satin and charmeuse, patterned silk typically has one high-sheen side and one matte side that is less visually striking. Silk readily absorbs dye, so it is often made in very bold colors.

Ease of Care

Silk bedding requires a bit of extra care compared with other common bedding materials. It is always best to follow the instructions on the label, particularly if they indicate that the pillowcase needs to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed. 

If the pillowcase is machine-washable, use the gentle cycle on cold. Turn the pillowcase inside out and use a detergent made for delicates. Stains can be pretreated by rubbing in a drop of detergent with your finger. Machine drying is not recommended, as it can damage the silk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those who are considering silk pillowcases tend to have questions about things like cost, durability, and care. Getting these questions answered can help you decide if a silk pillowcase is right for you.

Who should use a silk pillowcase?

Anyone who favors the soft texture of the fabric might enjoy a silk pillowcase. Sleepers who are concerned about the effect of bedding on their skin or hair often choose silk products because of their gentle feel. Hot sleepers also tend to appreciate silk pillowcases for their good temperature regulation.

How much does a silk pillowcase cost?

Many silk pillowcases can be found in the $40 to $120 price range when sold individually. However, it’s important to note that silk bedding is typically a more significant investment than other alternatives. If you like the feel of silk but prefer a lower price-point, there are satin-weave products made of rayon or lyocell that attempt to mimic the feel of silk.

How long does a silk pillowcase last?

Silk is a naturally long-protein fiber that is quite durable. You can expect silk bedding products, including pillowcases, to last for many years if they are well cared for according to the instructions on the label.

What is the best thread count for a silk pillowcase?

Unlike many other bedding materials, thread count is not the major selling point of silk. Rather, silk is marketed by its momme, or weight, with higher momme indicating more weight per square inch. We advise looking for a momme between 19 and 25. The momme number should not be confused with the grade of the silk. Luxury silk bedding products typically use grade A silk at a minimum, with the highest-quality silk garnering a 6A rating.

How do I wash a silk pillowcase?

Follow the instructions on the label. Some silk is labeled dry-clean only, while some is hand-wash only. For machine-washable silk, use the gentle cycle and cold water. Turn the pillowcase inside out before putting it in the washing machine, and only use a detergent made for delicates. It is a good idea to air dry silk products to prevent potential heat damage from machine-drying. You may also want to look into more detailed step-by-step cleaning instructions on how to care for silk.

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