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There are few things better in life than climbing under a comfortable blanket at the end of the day, but choosing the right one can be surprisingly difficult. Beyond comfort, shoppers should consider whether or not the blanket is easy to clean, if it can be used year-round or only in one season, and what fabric and design options are available.

As with most sleep accessories, there is no single perfect blanket that is right for everyone. Instead, your choice should be based on your personal preferences and requirements.

To help our readers choose the right blanket, we’ve put together a list of our favorite blankets and a guide to finding the right one. Whether you love the feel of wool or cotton, or whether budget-friendly or luxurious is your ideal price-point, we’ll guide you to a blanket that will keep you cozy and relaxed.

In-Depth Reviews

The luxuriously soft feel of the Luxome Ultra Plush Throw is what stands out most to our product team. Breathable bamboo-derived viscose ensures the blanket stays breathable despite the cozy design.

  • Pros

    1. Polyester-viscose blend is both breathable and cozy

    2. Rib-knit texture adds to the exceptional softness

    3. Available in two sizes and nine colors

  • Cons

    1. Rib-knit design may not appeal to those who prefer smooth textures

    2. Customer is responsible for return shipping




78% polyester, 22% viscose derived from bamboo


50″ x 70″ 75″ x 100″

If you’re in the market for a new blanket, the Luxome Ultra Plush Throw should check a lot of boxes. The fabric is a blend of polyester and viscose derived from bamboo, creating a luxuriously soft feel enhanced by the rib-knit texture. While the blanket is fairly cozy, the viscose also adds breathability and moisture-wicking to prevent you from overheating on warm or humid nights. These qualities make the throw ideal for use throughout the year.

Don’t let the name dissuade you if you share a blanket with your partner at night. The standard size is intended for single sleepers, but you can also opt for a larger, couple-friendly size measuring 75 inches wide and 100 inches long. The latter ensures ample coverage even if you sleep on a king or California king mattress, and you won’t need to worry about feet slipping out at night.

You can also choose from nine colors, which run the gamut from light neutrals to more vivid shades like clay and midnight. The blanket can be laundered in your household machines for quick and easy care. Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with like colors, then lay flat to dry or tumble dry on a delicate cycle. Fabric softener is not recommended — if properly cared for, the blanket should become softer over time.

The Ultra Plush Throw is competitively priced and standard ground shipping is free of charge throughout the contiguous U.S. You can also pay extra for expedited delivery. Luxome permits returns and exchanges within 30 days of receipt.

The Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket is made with bamboo-derived fabric, which is known for its supreme softness. The cozy texture is ideal for keeping you warm on cool nights or while lounging on your sofa during the day.

  • Pros

    1. Made from 100% bamboo-derived viscose

    2. Four size options

    3. 10-year warranty

  • Cons

    1. Expensive price-point

    2. Returns incur a processing fee




100% viscose from bamboo


68″ x 86″ 96″ x 100″ 112″ x 100″ 40″ x 31″

Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Blanket has a woven design made from USDA-certified organic viscose derived from bamboo. Shoppers willing to spend more on a product made from sustainably sourced, high-quality materials may want to consider this blanket.

Bamboo-derived fabric is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, making the blanket an excellent choice for hot sleepers, people living in hot or humid climates, and those who tend to sweat at night. The soft texture should ensure insulation during the winter months as well. Four sizes are available: twin, queen/full, king, and baby blanket. The twin, queen/full, and king options are purposefully oversized to fit most mattresses. The blanket is fully machine washable and dryable for easy care. Wash in cold water and dry on a normal setting.

Cozy Earth offers free shipping to all 50 states, and orders come with a 100-night sleep trial. A generous 10-year warranty backs Bamboo Blanket purchases.

The Quince Organic Airy Gauze Blanket is stylish and functional — with an incredibly approachable price-point compared to other blankets we’ve tested. You also get a generous year-long sleep trial to make sure the blanket is a solid investment.

  • Pros

    1. Gauze layers enhance breathability

    2. Cotton fabric is soft and lightweight

    3. 365-night sleep trial

  • Cons

    1. May be too lightweight for sleepers seeking strong insulation

    2. Not available in a twin size




100% organic long-staple cotton


96″ x 96″ 92″ x 108″

The Quince Organic Airy Gauze Blanket has an attractive, lightweight design at a reasonable price-point. The breathable cotton is well suited for warmer months or for sleepers who easily overheat.

The blanket is composed of 100% cotton that feels soft to the touch. The cotton is a long-staple variety, which is known for its superior quality and durability compared to short-staple cotton. The blanket is designed with four gauze layers, resulting in exceptional breathability. You can use this blanket on its own, but it’s also a strong option for sleepers who’d like a blanket to layer on top of a comforter for a touch of additional insulation.

The blanket is available in six attractive colors — terracotta, white, fog grey, dune, light blue, and olive. You can choose between a full/queen or king/California king size. You may machine wash the blanket in cool water with a mild detergent, then tumble dry on a low heat setting or hang it out to try.

Quince offers a generous 365-night sleep trial, plus free shipping within the contiguous U.S.

The Saatva Organic Velvet Diamond Quilt has a velvety feel and ornate diamond stitching that you won’t find in your standard blanket. GOTS certification also ensures the blanket meets high standards for organic sourcing.

  • Pros

    1. Shell and batting composed of sustainably sourced, GOTS-certified organic cotton

    2. Impeccable diamond stitching

    3. Each order backed by a 45-night sleep trial

  • Cons

    1. Carries a higher sticker price

    2. Not available in a twin size




100% GOTS-certified organic cotton


96″ x 96″ 112″ x 96″

Saatva’s Organic Velvet Diamond Quilt is a luxury blanket that features elegant diamond stitching to create a timeless look for your sleep environment. The quilt is both weighty and plush, ensuring plenty of warmth during cold times of the year, but organic cotton composition also makes it quite breathable and well-suited to warm weather. Saatva recommends pairing the quilt with a duvet on exceptionally chilly nights.

The cotton has earned certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard, one of the world’s leading authorities on sustainably sourced fabrics. The quilt’s underside has cotton percale backing for a smooth feel and added durability. Customers can choose from two colors, taupe or graphite, as well as full/queen and king/California king sizes. Spot cleaning or dry cleaning is recommended whenever the quilt needs to be cleaned.

Saatva provides free ground shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Your order comes with a 45-night sleep trial, giving you plenty of time to test out the quilt and decide whether it’s right for you. Should you decide to keep it, you’ll also be entitled to a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re in the market for a weighted blanket, the Silk & Snow model is worth checking out. The blanket offers the compression and heft you expect from a weighted blanket, while the open-knit design prevents overheating — which is a common problem for these types of blankets.

  • Pros

    1. Composed entirely of soft cotton yarns

    2. Open-knit design promotes airflow without sacrificing heft

    3. Available in four sizes and nine colors

  • Cons

    1. Open-knit design may not appeal to all shoppers

    2. Might not offer enough insulation on cold nights






30″ x 48″ 38″ x 60″ 42″ x 72″ 48″ x 72″ 51″ x 72″

Most weighted blankets sold today consist of inner blankets with weighted beads or pellets encased in an outer cover. These designs have a tendency to trap heat, even if the fabrics are composed of breathable materials. The Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket takes a different approach with soft cotton yarns in an open-knit design, ensuring plenty of airflow while delivering the deep compression people have come to expect from this type of covering.

The weight is achieved with densely tied yarns, so there won’t be any shifting fill or disruptive rustling that often occurs with beads or pellets. Four weights are available. The 8-pound blanket is designed for children, and this weight is also available as a travel-friendly design. Adults can choose between weights of 15, 20, and 25 pounds. Using the “10% rule,” this makes the blanket ideal for people who weigh 150 to 250 pounds with a bit of wiggle room in either direction. Silk & Snow also offers nine solid colors for the blanket.

The entire blanket can be laundered in your household appliances. Wash in cool water on a delicate or permanent press cycle, then dry flat or tumble dry using at least two or three cycles. The blanket should not be hung to dry. Additionally, Silk & Snow recommends checking your washer’s weight capacity to ensure damage won’t occur during the laundry cycle.

Ground delivery is free of charge for customers in the contiguous U.S. and provincial Canada. Each order is backed by a 100-night trial period. Those who return their Knit Weighted Blanket during this time will qualify for a full product refund.

The Boll & Branch Waffle Bed Blanket is made with exceptionally soft cotton that carries GOTS organic certification. It’s warm and cozy but not too heavy, and the waffle pattern makes it an attractive bedroom accent.

  • Pros

    1. Made of breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton

    2. Lightweight and cozy for year-round use

    3. Seven color options

  • Cons

    1. Lightweight construction may not provide enough warmth on cooler nights

    2. Waffle knit design might not appeal to all sleepers




100% GOTS organic cotton


74″ x 91″ 96″ x 96″ 112″ x 96″

The Boll & Branch Waffle Bed Blanket should appeal to anyone who values sustainability and ethical sourcing. The blanket is constructed from organic cotton that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, and both the fabric and the company’s manufacturing facilities have earned Fair Trade certification. The cotton is cozy and insulating without making the blanket feel too heavy, making it comfortable to use throughout the calendar year.

Twin, full/queen, and king/California king sizes are available, so both single sleepers and couples will receive adequate coverage. You can also choose from seven solid color schemes to complement your bedroom decor.

The blanket can be laundered in your home machines, and washing will help the waffle weave recover its shape for a fuller, bouncier feel. The perimeter is finished with border fabric to preserve the construction and prevent wear and tear that can occur with cleaning.

Boll & Branch provides free ground shipping for all domestic U.S. orders. The blanket comes with a 30-day trial period that includes free shipping for all returns.

The Luxome Lightweight Blanket is made with bamboo-derived viscose, which is one of the best bedding materials when it comes to natural cooling. The sateen weave also feels cool to the touch and gives the surface a smooth feel.

  • Pros

    1. Bamboo-derived viscose construction helps regulate temperature

    2. Five color options

    3. Sateen weave gives a shiny look and silky feel

  • Cons

    1. Not available in a twin size

    2. Customer is responsible for return shipping




100% viscose derived from bamboo


90″ x 96″ 106″ x 98″

Luxome’s Lightweight Blanket is made entirely from viscose derived from bamboo, a material known for its exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Due to their cooling properties, blankets made with bamboo-derived materials are often great choices for hot sleepers, people who live in humid climates, and those who tend to sweat at night. Meanwhile, a sateen weave gives the blanket a silky soft feel that glides across sensitive skin without irritation.

The blanket is available in two sizes – full/queen and king/California king – both of which are oversized. This design makes it easier to share the blanket with a partner or tuck it into a high-profile mattress. Customers can choose between five color options, ranging from neutrals to bright blue. For easy care, the blanket is fully machine-washable, and it should soften up with each wash. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, and tumble dry on the lowest heat setting. Promptly remove the blanket from the dryer after the cycle to avoid wrinkles.

Luxome offers free shipping to customers living in the contiguous U.S. Lightweight Blanket purchases come with a 30-night sleep trial, during which can return new and unwashed blankets for a full refund.

The Slumber Cloud Textured Blanket caters to sleepers who enjoy the warmth and compression of weighted blankets but minus all the weight. Designed with a touch of heft, the blanket keeps you comfortable through all seasons.

  • Pros

    1. Proprietary fiber fill engineered to dissipate heat and promote cooling

    2. Semi-weighted design exerts roughly 6 pounds of compression

    3. Available in multiple sizes and colors

  • Cons

    1. Weighted feel is not suitable for all sleepers

    2. Sleepers may prefer a heavier blanket during winter months




Polyester microfiber


76″ x 86″ 90″ x 98″ 108″ x 98″

Slumber Cloud has earned a reputation for well-crafted bedding products that sleep exceptionally cool. The Textured Blanket is one of the company’s newest offerings. Proprietary Outlast fiber fill creates a plush, lofty feel enhanced by the 6 pounds of compression to help lull you into sleep without exerting a lot of weight. Outlast fibers are also engineered to dissipate body heat on contact for a cool, comfortable night’s rest any time of the year. 

The shell is composed of polyester microfiber with a gentle texture to soothe people with sensitive skin. Quilted construction with sewn-through baffles helps to ensure even fill distribution and reduces the need for frequent fluffing. You can wash and dry the blanket in household machines for quick, convenient care — though you should use wrinkle release spray to smooth the shell fabric, as the fiber fill is sensitive to heat and ironing can cause permanent damage.

You can choose from three attractive neutral colors for the shell. The blanket is also available in twin/twin XL, full/queen, and king/California king sizes. All have oversized dimensions to provide plenty of coverage, and we recommend the two largest sizes if you normally share your blanket with a sleep partner.

The Textured Blanket is competitively priced, and Slumber Cloud offers free shipping for U.S. orders. Each purchase is backed by a 60-night trial period, during which you can return or exchange the blanket at no extra charge.

The Buffy Puffer Blanket is a great option for shoppers seeking a blanket that’s not only warm but also stylish. The blanket comes in dazzling color options that will elevate the decor of any room.

  • Pros

    1. Tencel lyocell fabric feels smooth and cool

    2. Shell is stain-resistant

    3. Five vibrant color options

  • Cons

    1. Only available in one size

    2. Color options may be too vibrant for those who prefer muted colors




Recycled polyester and eucalyptus


70″ x 50″

The Buffy Puffer Blanket is a functional yet stylish throw blanket that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Available in a vibrant array of colors, the blanket stands out from other blankets with its attractive and thoughtful quilted design.

The shell is composed of Tencel lyocell, a smooth Eucalyptus-derived fabric with a naturally cool feel. Resistant to stains, the fabric is suitable for outings such as picnics and beach trips. The blanket is filled with 100% PET recycled from plastic bottles, making this appealing to shoppers who prioritize eco-friendly products. Quilted stitching gives the blanket an attractive pattern while also keeping the fill in place.

The blanket comes in one size, with dimensions of 70 inches by 50 inches. You can choose from five bold hues — earth, papaya, plantain, shadow, and iguana. You may machine-wash the blanket in cold water and tumble dry on a low heat setting.

Buffy offers a 50-night sleep trial with this blanket. The company will not charge your credit card for the first seven days, allowing you time to try out the blanket without being billed. Shipping is free within the contiguous U.S.

Best Blankets of 2023 Video

Watch the video below to learn more about our lab’s top blankets of 2023.

In-Depth Blanket Guides

How to Choose a Blanket

Choosing a blanket may seem simple, but there’s a wide range of blanket styles and materials to consider. Not only do these choices affect the blanket’s feel, but they can also determine whether your new blanket is easy to clean, what seasons it’s appropriate for, and other important factors. By learning about these differences in advance, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve chosen a blanket you’ll be using for years to come.

Types of Blankets

If you don’t know the difference between a quilt and a throw, or a duvet and comforter, you’re not alone. Blankets are one of the oldest forms of bedding, so it’s no surprise that history has given us such a wide range of options.

All the same, understanding the differences between blanket types makes the process of picking one over another much easier. While many offer similar features, each has its own benefits, drawbacks, and overall feel.

Comforter: Comforters are one of the most common blanket types, featuring attractive and comfortable fabric filled with a material like wool, down, polyfill, or cotton. As the cover and filling are integrated and thus harder to wash, comforters should be used with a top sheet to prevent them from becoming dirty.

Duvet: While similar to comforters, duvets are distinguished by their plain and often white outer fabric. They are meant to be used with removable duvet covers, which makes them easy to change the look of or clean regularly.

Coverlet: Instead of keeping you warm, coverlets are intended to add a decorative element to your bed. Many people remove the thin coverlet before sleeping, but some coverlets can be used to add comforting weight and extra warmth.

Throw: While blankets and throws are very similar, throws are usually smaller and are intended to be used outside of the bed. With this in mind, it’s still possible to use throws on your bed for both comfort and style.

Weighted: A relatively new addition to the blanket marketplace, weighted blankets are intended to help reduce stress and encourage deep sleep by relaxing the autonomic nervous system. Most have a design similar to a duvet or comforter, with glass or metal weights sewn in alongside a more traditional filling.

Heated: Modern technology has made heated blankets a safe and appealing option for anyone who finds that they get chilly in winter. A wide variety of heated blankets are available, each with different heat settings, voltage, fabrics, and warranties.

Afghan: While sometimes considered another word for a throw blanket, most afghans are slightly larger than throws and they are crocheted or knit from wool.Linen, cotton, and synthetic textile options are also available.

Waffle: Usually made from cotton, the texture of waffle weave blankets is designed to trap air. Because of this, waffle blankets are warmer than their lightweight feel would suggest, making them popular year-round, either alone or layered beneath other blankets.

Summer: Summer blankets are cooler than other types, making them a great choice for warm weather. While they are available in a wide range of styles and fabrics, the majority are made of cotton due to its moisture-wicking properties and good airflow.

Quilt: Quilts are similar to comforters, as they are made using sheets of fabric with batting between them for extra warmth. They differ in that quilts are usually far thinner, with distinctive decorative stitching to hold the batting tightly in place.

Blanket Materials

Although the style of a blanket makes a large difference in how it feels and performs, the materials used are just as important to consider. While some blankets are made using a single fabric type, many use a blend of materials to create the perfect feel at the right price.

As with other sleep accessories, some blankets use organic natural materials such as wool and cotton, for those interested in making their bedroom more eco-friendly.

One of the most traditional materials for blankets, wool’s deep warmth and moisture-wicking properties make it popular among a wide range of people, from survivalist campers to sleepy children. Pure wool blankets do have some downsides, however, with a high price-point and a long dry time if they get wet. Some people also find pure wool to be slightly scratchy; if this is true for you, you might want to consider a softer blanket with wool filling for the best of both worlds.

Gathered from the plumage of ducks and geese, down is one of the most enduring fillings for blankets like comforters and duvets.  Down blankets are soft, lightweight, and exceptionally warm, but can trigger allergies in some people. Vegan down alternatives, made with synthetic materials, are also available.

A type of wool gathered from specially bred goats, cashmere is known as one of the most luxurious fabrics for a reason. Strong, soft, and very warm, cashmere blankets are one of the most comfortable blankets to sleep with. However, that kind of luxury can come at a high price, and caring for a cashmere blanket can be more difficult than those made from a less fickle fabric.

Blankets made from cotton are considered some of the best on the market, as only cotton can offer strength, breathability, moisture-wicking, eco-friendliness, and comfort at an affordable price point. While cotton alone is not as warm as other fabrics, those with an insulating fill can combine comfort and warmth for the ideal blanket.

Synthetic materials are not always the right choice for a blanket, but polyester blankets, particularly those featuring a cotton and polyester blend, can offer comfort and warmth for years at an affordable price. There are downsides, such as increased amounts of static electricity, but for many people these are outweighed by upsides like stain-resistance and affordability.

Man-made fleece is one of the cuddliest materials available for blankets. With their thick pile, velvety touch, and soothing warmth, fleece blankets are exceptionally popular in cold weather. As with all synthetic fabrics, fleece can have poor airflow, and some people find that fleece can irritate their skin.

While less popular than they once were, acrylic blankets — many with a satin trim — are still used every day by countless people. Though these types of blankets are prone to pilling, higher-quality acrylic blankets are less susceptible to this. Additional benefits include stain resistance, easy care, and substantial warmth.

Other Factors to Consider

While a blanket’s style and material are two of the most important considerations, as both have a significant impact on the way a blanket will feel, there are other factors to consider when buying a new blanket. Some of these factors have an impact on how a blanket functions, some affect how easy it is to clean or take care of, and others have a purely visual impact.

Depending on your preferences, some of these factors are likely to be more important to you than others.

Size: Blankets are available in a wide range of sizes, from tiny baby blankets to huge blankets meant to drape over a king size bed. Throw blanket sizes are ideal for both cozying up on the sofa and for one person in bed, while larger sizes can be awkward outside of the bed but are the best choice for couples in search of warmth.

Loft: Loft measures the height of pillowy blankets such as comforters and duvets. While loft height is primarily a personal preference, blankets with a higher loft tend to be warmer and more durable than ones with a lower loft.

Weight: While weighted blankets are popular for their glass or metal-enhanced weight, all blankets — from the fluffiest duvet to the densest wool — have their own weight, which may or may not indicate how warm they are. Some people find heavier blankets comfortable, while others prefer a blanket with a lighter feel.

Warmth: Most blankets tend to be fairly warm, but they range from breathable summer styles to heavy versions meant for the coldest winter nights. Depending on your needs, you may want to purchase a heavy and a lightweight blanket for use during different seasons, or layer your lighter summer option during the winter for extra warmth.

Weave: A blanket’s weave affects its texture, appearance, and warmth. Most people choose a weave based on the first two options, but it’s important to also consider the third. For example, waffle-weave blankets are warmer than they appear thanks to the air trapped by their pocketed design.

Organic Materials: Eco-conscious shoppers may want to consider a blanket made from organic and natural materials. This rules out synthetic fabrics such as polyester or man-made fleece, but many shoppers appreciate a cozy, comfortable blanket made from organic wool, cotton, or down.

Care & Cleaning: For anyone concerned about staining or cleanliness, a duvet offers the easiest choice. Instead of having to clean the entire blanket, you can just remove the duvet cover on laundry day. Blankets without a cover, on the other hand, range from the easily laundered, such as the many blankets made from synthetic materials, to those requiring careful dry cleaning.

Color & Pattern: Blankets are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Synthetic and cotton blankets tend to have the widest array of choices due to the ease of dyeing those fabrics, while wool blankets usually have woven patterns. If you’re interested in easily changing the look of your bed, you may want to consider purchasing a duvet insert and multiple covers.

Price: A blanket’s price is most closely connected to its design and the materials used. While there are benefits and drawbacks to all materials used, from pricey cashmere and down to more affordable synthetic options, there are excellent choices available at all price points.

Return Policy: Most retailers offer returns on blankets, but few will accept a blanket that has been used or is out of its original packaging. If you’re uncertain of your purchase, make sure to read the return policy closely before purchasing or opening your new blanket.

Warranty: The majority of blankets do not come with a warranty. Those that do tend to be styles like weighted blankets or electric blankets, as their use is most likely to be impacted by manufacturing defects. If your blanket does have a warranty, be sure to read the provided information closely to ensure you are using it in a way that does not void said warranty.

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