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Typically made with lightweight materials like cotton and viscose, the best cooling pajamas help hot sleepers feel more comfortable during the night. High-quality knits whisk away dampness and are less likely to pill, even after multiple washes. Like most pajamas, cooling pajamas come in several styles and colors to match each sleeper’s preferences.

For many sleepers, pajamas play an essential part of sleeping comfortably. Available in multiple styles and materials, pajamas are usually designed to keep you cozy throughout the night. But for people who sleep hot, some pajamas only add to night sweats and difficulty regulating temperature. 

Cooling pajamas are made from breathable, lightweight materials that absorb moisture and help keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. They usually have a relaxed or flowy fit, which prevents them from clinging to the skin and providing too much insulation. 

We’ll cover a range of our top pajama picks for men and women so you can find cooling pajamas that fit your style and your sleeping needs.

In-Depth Reviews

The Cozy Earth Women’s Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set is soft and airy. Our testing team found this set was excellent for sleepers who want to stay cool at night and don’t mind spending a little more on quality pajamas.

  • Pros

    1. Lightweight, breathable material whisks away moisture

    2. Side pockets offer convenience when lounging at home

    3. Pajamas include a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty

  • Cons

    1. Sticker price may be too expensive for budget-conscious shoppers

    2. Those who prefer crisp sleepwear may dislike the close drape



The Cozy Earth Women’s Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set is made mostly of bamboo-derived viscose, a lightweight fabric that draws moisture away from the sleeper. The matching top and bottom offer a relaxed fit, making them roomy enough for extra breathability at night. With pockets in the shorts, this set is functional as both loungewear and pajamas.

These pajamas are also blended with 5% spandex, giving them a slight stretch and satisfying drape for added comfort. The durable, high-quality knit resists pilling and holds its shape, preventing the pajamas from stretching out over time.

Sleepers can choose from nine color options, ranging from soft to bold, including navy, olive, and powder blue. Contrast piping along the hems, buttons, cuffs, and pockets adds a stylish touch to each set. You can also customize your set by choosing different colors for the top and bottom or swapping the short-sleeve top with a long-sleeve one or picking long pants instead of shorts.

Cozy Earth includes a 100-night trial to allow sleepers to see if the set is the right fit. A 10-year warranty protects your purchase from manufacturer’s defects, like pilling or tears.

Eberjey’s Gisele Short PJ Set comes in a wide range of two-piece styles, all consisting of tops and bottoms crafted from ultrasoft Tencel modal. This fabric is prized for its cooling and moisture-wicking capabilities, and the silky-smooth hand-feel is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

  • Pros

    1. Tencel modal fabric offers excellent cooling and moisture control

    2. Sateen weave gives the material a silky-smooth hand-feel

    3. Wide selection of colors and prints

  • Cons

    1. Some sets are more expensive than others

    2. Not ideal for sleepers who prefer crisp, lightweight PJs



Softness and cooling are two sleepwear qualities that don’t necessarily go hand in hand — the closer a fabric drapes to your body, the more likely it is to retain heat. Eberjey’s Gisele Short PJ Set breaks from this trend thanks to its exceptionally cool composition. Eucalyptus-derived Tencel modal fabric in a sateen weave delivers a luxuriously smooth hand-feel, but the fabric also feels cool to the touch and wicks moisture away from your body while you sleep.

You can choose from a variety of styles for this two-piece set. These include button-front shirts and camisoles for the top, and a wide selection of shorts for the bottoms. Long-sleeve and pants Gisele pairings are also available. Eberjey offers various solid colors and prints for the pajamas, as well. Both items in the set are fully machine-washable. Consult the size chart on each set’s product page to ensure a comfortable fit.

While some sets are more expensive than others, all are reasonably priced given the high quality and expected durability of the Tencel modal fabric. Standard return shipping is also free of charge for all U.S. orders. Returns and exchanges are allowed within 30 days of the original purchase.

Slumber Cloud’s aptly named Stay Cool Sleepwear continues the brand’s tradition of sleep products that offer exceptional thermoregulation. Signature NATTCOOL fabric captures and releases body heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night — even during excessively warm or humid times of the year.

  • Pros

    1. Proprietary NATTCOOL fabric is engineered to sleep cool and wick away moisture

    2. Tops and shorts available in men’s and women’s styles

    3. Fully machine-washable and resistant to pilling

  • Cons

    1. Limited color selection

    2. Not available in long-sleeve or pants designs



Slumber Cloud is best known for sleep products engineered for strong, consistent cooling. The company continues this streak with Stay Cool Sleepwear, a collection of short-sleeve tops and shorts for both men and women. Each Stay Cool item is composed of NATTCOOL, a proprietary material that combines the breathability of natural cotton with the moisture control of eucalyptus-derived lyocell. A sateen weave gives the fabric a silky hand-feel and close drape, but you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable heat retention.

The men’s shirt has a raglan sleeve design with flatlock stitching and a snug yet comfortable fit. Accompanying shorts feature side pockets and an elastic waist. Women’s tops are more billowy and detailed with a V-neck and petal sleeves. The matching shorts also offer a relaxed fit. A size chart on each product page helps you narrow down your options. Both components are fully machine-washable for easy, convenient care. NATTCOOL fabric resists pilling and other types of wear and tear.

Although the top and shorts are sold separately, Stay Cool Sleepwear is still reasonably priced compared to comparable sets on the market. Slumber Cloud also offers free ground shipping for all U.S. orders. The company’s standard sleep trial runs 60 nights in length, but the return and exchange period is extended during the winter holiday season.

The Cozy Earth Men’s Bamboo Pajama Short in Stretch-Knit is made from material that’s lightweight and cool to the touch, making these shorts a great fit for hot sleepers. We recommend these pajamas for men who want breathable, long-lasting sleep shorts that double as loungewear.

  • Pros

    1. Relaxed style provides a comfortable fit for sleeping

    2. Stretch-knit material ensures shorts are flowy and breathable

    3. Durable knit won’t stretch, warp, or pill in the washing machine

  • Cons

    1. Pricing is somewhat expensive for standalone shorts

    2. May not comfortably fit men with a waistline that exceeds 44 inches



Cozy Earth crafts its Men’s Bamboo Pajama Short in Stretch-Knit from bamboo-derived viscose, which is soft, airy, and cool. Paired with a relaxed fit that doesn’t cling to the waist, hips, or legs, the sleep shorts allow for plenty of room for air circulation. Viscose is also naturally absorbent, helping to prevent night sweats. 

These pajama shorts include a little stretch from spandex that’s woven into the viscose fabric. This unique knit creates a comfortable material that flows away from your body when you’re sleeping. The shorts are available in five colors — black, navy, heather grey, charcoal, and pomegranate — that match other Cozy Earth pajama tops to create a set. Sizes range from small to XXXL. 

The Men’s Bamboo Pajama Short in Stretch-Knit can be washed in cold water and machine-dried for an easy care routine. Cozy Earth includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty covering manufacturer defects. Shipping and returns are free.

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With dozens of years of experience in the sleep industry, our team of sleep experts, product testers, and researchers understands what fosters good sleep. To find the best cooling pajamas for night sweats, our team relied on our in-depth knowledge of different fabrics and materials and how they tend to perform for different sleeper types. Our testing team consists of a diverse array of body types and sleep preferences, adding depth to our analysis.

How to Choose Cooling Pajamas

To simplify your search for the best cooling pajamas for your needs and budget, it can help to narrow down your focus to certain key features.


The material is one of the primary differentiators between different cooling pajama sets. It is the main determinant of how the pajamas feel against the skin, such as the soft, gentle feel of silk or the more crisp texture of linen. The material also helps determine if the pajamas will be breathable and moisture-wicking.


Cooling pajamas should be breathable to help heat dissipate away from the body as you sleep. Cotton, Tencel, silk, and linen are all breathable fabrics. Polyester, a common material in pajamas, is not as breathable. Breathability also differs depending on the weave and weight of the cloth, so it is best to seek out lightweight fabrics rather than something heavy like flannel, even if it is made from cotton.


The quality of the materials used to make a pajama set is a major determinant of durability. Quality is frequently associated with the length of the fibers. For instance, Supima cotton has longer fibers and will generally last longer than ordinary cotton. 


Comfort is partially a factor of each consumer’s unique tastes, such as a preference for a soft or crisp feel. Those prone to sweating at night might find that the more moisture-wicking fabrics, such as silk, linen, or Tencel, are the most comfortable because they help keep you dry.


Some materials, such as linen and silk, tend to cost more than other fabrics. Higher-quality materials within a material category, such as Supima and Egyptian cotton, also tend to have higher price-points. However, such higher-quality pajamas will also typically last longer.

Patterns & Dyes

Pajamas are sold in a wide array of patterns and colors. Tencel and silk are often available in very rich, deep colors due to the dye absorbency of the fabric. Silk pajamas and other nightwear like silk robes are often woven into beautiful, bold, and intricate patterns, but they are also frequently sold as solids.

Inclusive Sizing

Some brands excel at offering consumers a wide array of inclusive pajama sizes for those with smaller or larger body types. The availability of inclusive sizes is often best through online brands or the websites of major department stores. 

What Is the Best Material for Cooling Pajamas?

While there is no single material that is the best for cooling pajamas, some great options include cotton, silk, Tencel, and linen. Each of these materials has its own unique characteristics, but all feature cooling properties. A key trait is the ability to wick away moisture such as sweat, which helps keep the body cool. Moisture-wicking fabrics have natural capillaries in the fibers that draw moisture to the fabric’s surface which enables it to evaporate quickly. 

The breathability of a fabric also helps keep you cool by maintaining air circulation around the body. Materials such as cotton tend to be quite breathable, while flannel and fleece are heavy and highly insulating, making them less ideal for cooling clothing. 


Cotton is an all-natural plant fiber appreciated for its breathability. Cotton comes in various quality levels, with the long-staple Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton varieties having higher price-points because of their durability and luxurious feel. 

Some pajamas are made with a blend of cotton and another material, such as polyester, in order to create a better balance between the fabric’s breathability and its ability to wick moisture. Those who prefer an all-natural alternative might try linen or silk.


Silk is a protein fiber made from silkworm cocoons. It is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, so many hot sleepers prefer it. The fibers are durable and tend to have a high sheen. Many consumers also appreciate that silk is gentle on the skin and hair. Like many silk sheet sets, silk pajamas tend to have a higher price-point than other materials. Because silk takes dyes well, silk pajamas are available in an array of bold colors and patterns.


Tencel is the brand name for a particular type of lyocell that is created using plant fibers, often from bamboo or eucalyptus plants. Tencel is semi-synthetic but uses less harmful chemicals than most other forms of lyocell. Its soft, smooth feel is similar to silk, but it is often available at a much lower price-point, making it a popular silk substitute. 

Tencel is breathable and wicks moisture well, which makes it a common choice for hot sleepers. Tencel also absorbs dye quite readily, so it is often available in very rich and deep colors.


Linen is a material derived from flax fibers. It has long been valued in hot and humid climates as a very breathable natural fiber that wicks away moisture better than cotton. Linen has an initially crisp texture, but it will slowly soften after multiple washes. Because it is somewhat complicated to harvest and manufacture, it is typically more expensive than cotton. 

Some fabrics are generically referred to as linens, which is a type of one-over, one-under plain weave rather than a specific kind of material. True linen pajamas will note the specific percentage of linen used on the manufacturer’s label. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Those who are considering cooling pajamas tend to have questions about factors like material choice, how to address sweat, and what options are best for summer.

What is the best material for pajamas to keep you cool?

There is no single best material for cooling pajamas because different materials balance different characteristics, such as breathability, moisture wicking, material feel, and price. In general, lightweight cotton, silk, linen, and Tencel are preferable to materials such as polyester, fleece, and flannel, which are less breathable and more insulating.

What are the best pajamas for sweating?

The best pajamas for night sweats include those made from material that draws moisture toward the surface and allows it to quickly evaporate. Cotton is only modest at moisture wicking, but silk and Tencel are better. Linen and polyester are excellent at moisture wicking, but polyester is not a breathable fabric, so it is rarely preferred for cooling pajamas.

What should I wear to stop sweating at night?

Sweating is a natural process the body uses to regulate temperature, so you may not be able to stop it entirely. However, you can reduce sweating by sleeping in looser-fitting, lightweight sleepwear. Moisture-wicking pajama material also helps keep the body dry. Moreover, reducing the temperature of your bedroom, using a dehumidifier, or using lighter-weight cooling sheets can also help reduce sweating. You may also consider forgoing clothing altogether. 

What is the best fabric for summer sleepwear?

Due to its combination of breathability and moisture-wicking properties, linen is often considered among the best pajama materials for summer, especially if it is humid in your area. It is widely used year-round in tropical climates. Lightweight cotton is another good choice, particularly if your area stays dry in summer.

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