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Best Twin XL Mattress Toppers

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A mattress topper is an affordable way to switch up the firmness of your current bed. This sleep accessory acts as an additional comfort layer, resting on top of your existing mattress to adjust the comfort level and improve features like motion isolation and temperature regulation. It can also help reduce normal wear and tear to your mattress.

Shoppers with a twin XL bed may notice that topper selections are limited in this size, as queen and king sizes beds are more popular. However, there are several standout options available.

We’ll break down our top picks to help you find the best twin XL mattress topper for your sleep position, comfort preferences, and budget. We’ll also highlight important considerations for shoppers, explain the different types of toppers available, and answer commonly asked questions.

The Best Twin XL Mattress Toppers

Product Details

Saatva Mattress Topper

Best Overall

Saatva Mattress Topper

Saatva Mattress Topper
Material: Graphite-infused memory foam, ventilated Talalay latex, or high-density polyfoam
Firmness: Medium Soft (4) or Medium (5)
Who it's best for:
  • Shoppers looking for a topper with multiple construction options
  • Hot sleepers
  • People who toss and turn or frequently change sleep positions
  • Three available models with distinct compositions and feels
  • All toppers encased in breathable organic cotton covers
  • Sturdy corner bands prevent slipping and shifting
Saatva Mattress Topper

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Each type of topper has unique strengths and weaknesses, so nailing down the right material can be a challenge for first-time buyers. With Saatva, you’ll have three toppers to choose from – each one constructed from a different material.

Budget-minded shoppers will likely choose the “Foam” topper. Measuring 1.5 inches thick and made from high-density polyfoam, this topper has a medium (5) feel, making it the firmest of the three as well as the most affordable. The foam contours evenly to the body without the signature “hug” of memory foam, allowing the topper to alleviate pressure for side and back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds.

The “Graphite” topper is mid-range in terms of pricing. The top layer consists of memory foam infused with graphite, which has natural cooling properties and can reduce the heat buildup that commonly occurs with this material. The second layer is a denser foam for added support. The profile is 3 inches, making this Saatva’s thickest topper, and its medium soft (4) feel should appeal to side and back sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or less.

The “Latex” topper carries the highest price-point. This model contains a single layer of Talalay latex measuring 1.5 inches thick. The latex is ventilated with small holes to promote air circulation, so this topper may be the best choice for people who usually sleep hot. Like the Graphite topper, this one has a medium soft (4) feel, but the gentle contouring of the latex may be more comfortable for back sleepers – especially if they weigh more than 230 pounds.

All three toppers include organic cotton covers that help regulate the surface temperature. Each one is also equipped with elastic corner bands that hold the topper in place and prevent shifting, so any of these models will be suitable for people who toss and turn or frequently adjust their sleep position. Saatva offers a 45-night sleep trial and 1-year warranty for each topper, and shipping is free throughout the contiguous U.S.

ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper

Best Value

ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper

ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper
Material: Gel-Infused memory foam
Firmness: Medium (5)
Who it's best for:
  • People who wake up with aches and pains in certain areas of the body
  • Side and back sleepers
  • Couples
  • Dense memory foam delivers precise contouring and even weight distribution
  • Thick profile ensures a significant comfort adjustment
  • Optional lavender or charcoal infusions
ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper

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A high-quality topper can be a solid investment if you aren’t ready to replace your mattress, but many of the best toppers carry steep price-tags. If you’re shopping with a limited budget, the ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper is a durable option that’s also fairly affordable compared to other models with similar designs.

The core contains 3 inches of dense memory foam that provides a medium (5) feel and close contouring from head to toe. The material shouldn’t hug too tightly or sink excessively – problems that often plague low-density foams. The thick profile will drastically change how your sleep surface feels, which also makes the topper suitable for anyone with a mattress that has become saggy or uneven with age, and the foam absorbs enough movement to prevent sleep disruptions for couples.

The foam is encased in a cover made of rayon derived from bamboo, a fabric popular among today’s sleepers for its silky-smooth feel and breathable composition. The bottom cover is perforated with holes that promote air circulation for added cooling, which may offset some of the foam’s heat-trapping tendencies. Each corner is equipped with a thick elastic strap to keep the topper in place. This helps reduce shifting or slipping for people who toss and turn, as well as combination sleepers who regularly change positions during the night.

In addition to a standard topper, customers can select one of two specialty models. One is infused with lavender, which is thought to promote relaxation and sleepiness, while the other is treated with active charcoal intended to provide extra cooling and antimicrobial protection. There is no price difference between the three topper models.

ViscoSoft offers free ground shipping for all orders. The topper comes with a sleep trial that allows you to test it out for up to 60 nights, and those who keep it also receive a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Sleepyhead Gel Memory Foam Topper

Best Dorm Mattress Topper

Sleepyhead Gel Memory Foam Topper

Sleepyhead Gel Memory Foam Topper
Material: 2-3" gel memory foam
Firmness: Medium (5)
Who it's best for:
  • Dorm dwellers
  • Those who want to significantly change how their mattress feels
  • People who feel sharp pressure points along the spine
  • Solid memory foam contours closely to improve spinal alignment and reduce pressure
  • Two profile options for twin XL toppers
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable
Sleepyhead Gel Memory Foam Topper

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College students who reside in dorms are great candidates for mattress toppers. Dorm mattresses are often used, sometimes to the point of feeling uneven or lumpy on the surface, so a topper can improve the sleeper’s overall comfort. The Sleepyhead Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper can greatly assist students with mattress issues. Those shopping for a twin XL topper can choose between 2- and 3-inch profiles. The latter is more suitable for heavily used mattresses, while the shorter model provides a noticeable comfort adjustment for mattresses with some wear and tear.

Both versions of the topper are constructed using solid memory foam infused with cooling gel, which is intended to draw heat away from your body and help you stay cool while you sleep. The foam is encased in a breathable polyester cover for added temperature control. The topper can be removed and laundered in any washer and dryer, so any student should be able to easily clean it regardless of the specific machines in their dorm. Thanks to its medium (5) feel, the topper will also be comfortable for anyone who wakes up with pain or soreness in the shoulders, lower back, or hips. The foam contours evenly without feeling too soft, creating a balance of cushioning and support. Our testing found the topper is best suited to side and back sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds.

Approachable price-points and free shipping across the contiguous U.S. make the Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper an affordable option for students on a budget. All orders include a 30-night sleep trial. Those who keep the topper also receive a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against certain structural defects.

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

Best Cooling

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper
Material: 3" zoned gel memory foam
Firmness: Varies (5-zone)
Who it's best for:
  • People who experience sharp pressure points in the shoulders, lower back, and/or hips
  • Those who usually sleep hot on memory foam toppers
  • Children who are prone to bedwetting
  • Memory foam offers enhanced support with five separate firmness zones
  • Cooling channels cool down the surface by circulating air and dissipating body heat
  • Cover is machine-washable and waterproof
GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

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Most memory foam toppers provide some level of pain pressure relief, but the GhostBed Memory Foam Topper takes sleeper support to the next level. The surface is divided into five distinct firmness zones. Softer foam contours closely to the head and legs – areas of the body where most people carry less weight – while firmer foam reinforces the midsection to minimize uncomfortable sinkage. Thanks to the zoned design, sleepers should experience less pain regardless of which position they prefer.

The foam is also quite breathable thanks to intricate channels along the surface that promote steady airflow and draw heat away from the body. The foam is infused with cooling gel for added breathability, and the cover made of proprietary Ghost Ice fabric feels cold to the touch.

The cover also has an elasticated border similar to that of a fitted sheet. Rather than encasing the topper, the cover is designed to fit over the topper and the sides of your mattress. An 18-inch pocket depth ensures the topper is compatible with the vast majority of today’s mattresses. Additionally, the fabric is completely waterproof for protection against spills and liquid damage of any kind.

GhostBed provides free ground delivery throughout the contiguous U.S. Although the company does not accept returns on the topper and all sales are final, your purchase includes a manufacturer’s warranty that covers structural defects for up to 5 years.

Boll & Branch Mattress Topper

Best Luxury

Boll & Branch Mattress Topper

Boll & Branch Mattress Topper
Material:  Wool and Polyfiber Blend
Firmness: Medium Soft (4)
Who it's best for:
  • Hot sleepers
  • Those who prefer to sleep on very soft surfaces
  • Shoppers with fairly large budgets
  • Wool and fiber blend creates a luxuriously plush feel
  • Sustainably sourced organic cotton cover
  • Excellent breathability and temperature control
Boll & Branch Mattress Topper

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The Boll & Branch Mattress Topper is a good fit for anyone who wants to make their mattress feel significantly softer. Measuring 2 inches thick with a medium soft (4) feel, the topper contains a proprietary blend of natural New Zealand wool and polyester down alternative fibers. The result is a plush, lofty surface that will benefit anyone whose mattress has become firmer or stiffer over time.

Those who prefer to buy sustainably made products should also be drawn to this topper. The wool is ethically sourced, while the cover is composed of organic cotton grown without pesticides. Boll & Branch takes additional measures to conserve water during the manufacturing process and ensure all workers are fairly treated and compensated.

The topper sleeps quite cool due to its breathable components and the wool has moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable on humid nights. Each corner features a 1-inch elastic strap for keeping the topper in place, so you shouldn’t need to worry about uncomfortable shifting while you sleep. The topper comes in six different sizes that correspond to standard mattress dimensions.

The topper’s steep sticker price reflects its thoughtful design and high-quality materials, but Boll & Branch will ship it free of charge for all domestic U.S. orders. Your purchase also includes a 100-night sleep trial with free returns.

Layla Memory Foam Topper

Best Pressure Relief

Layla Memory Foam Topper

Layla Memory Foam Topper
Material:  2" Copper Gel-Infused Memory Foam
Firmness: Soft (3)
Who it's best for:
  • Shoppers looking for a softer sleep surface
  • Sleepers who enjoy deep contouring
  • Hot sleepers
  • Constructed of memory foam for exceptional pressure relief
  • Copper infusion designed to cool the surface and kill bacteria
  • Encased in fabric cover engineered for cooling
Layla Memory Foam Topper

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The Layla Memory Foam Topper offers sleepers deep contouring and pressure relief. Copper gel beads evenly dispersed throughout the memory foam are engineered to prevent the topper from retaining heat.

This topper rates around 3 on the 10-point firmness scale. It will add noticeable softness and pressure relief to most mattresses, but it may be too soft for sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds. However, its cooling properties make this topper suitable for those who enjoy the close contouring comfort of memory foam but tend to sleep hot.

The Layla topper is encased in the same polyester-blend cover as the Layla Mattress, featuring the company’s signature hexagonal design. The topper comes in the six standard mattress sizes, including twin XL. If you choose to buy other Layla bedding items, the company offers bundling discounts.

The Layla Memory Foam Topper is made in the United States and is CertiPUR-US certified. It’s protected by Layla’s 120-night sleep trial and 5-year limited warranty.

How to Choose a Twin XL Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a thick layer, typically measuring 1 to 4 inches, that you can place on top of your mattress to supplement its comfort. Toppers help provide additional softness, firmness, or cooling properties to your bed, and can also help extend the life of your current mattress. Due to their additional length, twin XL toppers are useful for modifying a single bed for an adult or one side of a California king bed for couples with different comfort preferences.

Not all brands that carry mattress toppers offer the twin XL size, so shoppers may find their choices are limited. When comparing available models, shoppers should consider factors that may affect performance, like firmness, thickness, and quality of construction. We’ll break down these and other factors to help shoppers find the right fit.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Twin XL Mattress Topper

Shopping for new bedding isn’t always straightforward. Mattress companies often market their products to appeal to as many shoppers as possible, but each person has unique needs and preferences. Focusing on your distinct priorities, in addition to performance factors, will help you find a twin XL mattress topper that best suits your needs.

The average twin XL topper costs between $75 and $250. A higher price often means better materials, but the topper with the highest price-point isn’t always the best choice. Many high-quality, comfortable mattress toppers can be found in the middle and lower end of the average price range. Customer reviews can be a useful resource for deciding whether a certain topper represents a good value for the price, though shoppers should keep in mind that these reviews are subjective.

Sleeping Position
Your preferred sleep position will impact the level of firmness you need from your mattress topper. Side sleeping often causes pressure points to develop, but a softer topper may help cushion the hips and shoulders while supporting proper spinal alignment. Back and stomach sleepers usually need a firmer topper to prevent the midsection from sinking in too deeply. Most mattress toppers are designed to create a softer sleep surface, but this will depend on the firmness of the topper and your existing mattress.

Quality Materials
A topper’s materials will affect how it performs in terms of pressure relief, durability, and temperature regulation. A memory foam topper is often ideal for pressure relief, but some can sleep hot and develop impressions over time. However, many companies engineer their foam mattresses and accessories to improve upon these weaknesses. Open-cell and gel-infused foams are designed to help a mattress topper sleep cool, while higher density foams may offer better durability. Latex mattress toppers are often highly durable and breathable.

Cooling Properties
Many mattress toppers are designed with cooling properties. If your current mattress retains heat, a cooling mattress topper can help keep you cooler at night without the need to buy a new mattress. Gel-infused foam, open-cell foam, and breathable, natural materials are intended to help fight heat buildup, wick away sweat, and keep sleepers more comfortable throughout the night.

Firmness Level
The ideal firmness level will depend on your current mattress. The majority of mattress toppers come in a soft, medium soft, or medium firmness level. These toppers are often designed to provide additional pressure relief by softening a firm mattress. If your current mattress is too soft, a firm topper may be a suitable option to provide additional support.

Mattress toppers typically measure between 1 to 4 inches thick. Keep in mind that thicker toppers will have a larger impact on comfort, as they can substantially alter the firmness of the sleep surface. Thinner toppers can be used to slightly adjust the existing mattress without affecting the amount of support it provides.

Pressure Relief
How well your sleep surface hugs the contours of your body will determine how much pressure relief it provides for the hips and shoulders. If your current mattress is too firm, a conforming mattress topper may help provide much-needed pressure relief.

Your sleep position and body weight can impact how much pressure relief you need. A soft topper may provide excellent contouring for a sleeper who weighs under 130 pounds, while someone over 230 pounds will likely require firmer support.

Which Type of Mattress Topper Should I Choose?

The right mattress topper for you will largely depend on your comfort preferences, personal needs, and budget. Mattress toppers are available in a variety of different materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most widely available types of mattress toppers, polyfoam toppers are affordable and versatile. As with all types of foam, polyfoam has the ability to cradle your body while still providing ample support. However, long term durability can be an issue with some foam-based toppers.

Memory Foam
Memory foam toppers offer closer contouring than polyfoam models. Although this results in excellent pressure relief, it also means that memory foam has a tendency to trap body heat. Memory foam toppers may include special features, such as gel infusions or breathable covers, that are designed to help prevent heat retention.

Latex mattress toppers tend to sleep cool while still offering excellent pressure relief. Latex is buoyant and responsive, making it easier to move around on your sleep surface. However, latex toppers are often more expensive than other models.

Feather and Down
Feather and down toppers are luxury options that add softness to the sleep surface. Down toppers can give your mattress a plush, pillow-top feel, but they do not offer much in the way of pressure relief or additional support. High-quality down can also be expensive. Feather toppers are often more affordable than down toppers, and they tend to have more structure.

Wool mattress toppers provide a soft, cushioning comfort layer that helps regulate temperature and wick away moisture. Wool is an excellent insulator and incredibly durable. Similar to other natural materials, wool tends to be more expensive than foam-based toppers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twin XL Mattress Toppers

Can you use a twin topper on a twin XL mattress?

While it’s possible to use a twin topper on a twin XL mattress, it’s not recommended. A standard twin mattress is only 75 inches long, but a twin XL is 80 inches long. When placed on a twin XL mattress, a twin mattress topper is going to come up 5 inches short. This may not be an issue if you’re on the shorter side, or if the pad will be used in a child’s bed, but for most adults, the twin topper will be too short.

Can you use two twin XL toppers on a king mattress?

You can place two twin XL toppers side by side on a king mattress. This allows you to choose two different firmness levels for each side of the mattress if you and your partner have different comfort preferences. However, two toppers on a single mattress are likely to shift as you change positions throughout the night, creating a gap in the middle of the bed.

What is the difference between twin and twin XL?

Mattress sizes are fairly standardized across all manufacturers, but there is often confusion when it comes to the difference between a twin and a twin XL. A twin mattress measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. A twin XL is a bit longer, measuring 38 inches wide by 80 inches long. While a twin mattress may be slightly less expensive than a twin XL, it can feel cramped for those who like to stretch out on their mattress or anyone over 6 feet tall.

How much do twin XL toppers cost?

Twin XL toppers typically range from $75 to $250, depending on the model. Generally, they tend to be slightly more expensive than the same model in a twin size. The price will depend largely on the materials used to make the topper.

About Our Editorial Team

Lauren Fountain

Certified Sleep Coach

Lauren is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with extensive experience researching and testing a wide variety of sleep products.

About Our Editorial Team

Lauren Fountain

Certified Sleep Coach

Lauren is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with extensive experience researching and testing a wide variety of sleep products.