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Jersey sheets are made of an ultra soft, comfortable fabric that feels just like a beloved old T-shirt. The material is also stretchy, wrinkle-free, and easy to wash. They come in a variety of colors and are usually very affordable.

Sleeping in a great set of jersey sheets feels like lying on a bed covered with your favorite soft T-shirt. Jersey sheets are a versatile option that are perfect for people who want soft and cozy sheets that are more breathable than fabrics like flannel. They’re also quite affordable and low-maintenance. 

We tested dozens of jersey sheet sets to bring you our favorites. Our top picks each address a different need, are all made from quality materials, and come from reputable brands. Our team of product testers ranked these sheets highly because they performed well during trials that examined their breathability, comfort, fit, and durability. 

We consistently review our choices to include new products that our team has reviewed and considers noteworthy. In addition to finding out which jersey sheet sets are our favorites, you’ll also learn everything you need to know about how to find the best sheets, from what they typically cost, to what types of fibers you should consider and which you should avoid.

In-Depth Reviews

These Company Cotton Jersey Knit Sheets from The Company Store are incredibly soft to the touch but won’t leave you too hot at night. The sheets are available in many colors and you can personalize them too.

  • Pros

    1. Fabric feels airy and breathable

    2. Huge range of color options

    3. Optional personalization add-on

  • Cons

    1. Not sold in a California king size

    2. Limited trial period with extra fee for returns




100% Cotton



The Company Store Company Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set is perfect for anyone who wants an all-season sheet set that prioritizes comfort and style. Shoppers who like these sheets can also purchase a duvet cover, comforter, and sham in the matching jersey fabric.

How It Performed

It can be a challenge to find a sheet set that feels cozy but doesn’t trap heat. Our testers found that this set managed to keep them at a comfortable temperature due to its soft, lived-in fabric that is quite breathable.

What It’s Made of

This set is crafted from 100% cotton material that’s designed to feel like a vintage T-shirt. It has elastic reaching the entire way around the fitted sheet and the corner pockets stretch to accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches tall.

Our durability tests indicated that this set should have an average lifespan, but you may be able to avoid pilling and excessive stretching by washing your sheets in cold water on the gentle cycle. Company Cotton offers this set in more than a dozen different colors and has optional monogramming available for a small additional charge.

You have a 90-day window to try these sheets before initiating a return. Shipping is available to all 50 U.S. states and is free within the contiguous U.S.

The Mainstays Extra Soft Jersey Sheet Set from Walmart delivers luxurious softness at an affordable price-point. You can choose from a number of vibrant colors and patterns to match your bedroom decor.

  • Pros

    1. All-cotton construction ensures exceptional softness

    2. Breathable fabric is ideal for hot sleepers

    3. Wide range of color and pattern options

  • Cons

    1. Not sold in twin or California king sizes

    2. Pocket depth limited to mattresses up to 15 inches thick


100% cotton



Mainstays is one of Walmart’s best-selling bedding labels, and the Extra Soft Jersey Sheet Set shows why they’re so popular among today’s consumers. An exceptionally soft hand-feel makes each item in this set feel comfy and lived-in, and the approachable sticker price should appeal to shoppers with limited budgets.

How It Performed

This set showcases the touchably soft feel of pure cotton in a jersey knit. We likened the feel of these sheets and pillowcases to that of a well-loved T-shirt. The all-cotton composition also helps ensure the utmost breathability — this set is ideal for hot sleepers and anyone who resides in areas prone to warm or humid conditions. Easy cleaning and plenty of style options add to the appeal of this wallet-friendly collection.

What It’s Made of

Each sheet and pillowcase in the set is crafted from 100% cotton in a jersey knit. The fabric is naturally soft and pliable for a bit of stretch. You can choose from solid colors, stripe patterns, and space-dye options. The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 15 inches, making the set compatible with many — but not all — mattresses sold today. You may wash and dry these items in your household machines for quick, easy care.

Customers have the option of picking up the Mainstays Extra Soft Jersey Sheet Set at their nearest Walmart location or having the bedding delivered to their residence. Returns are permitted within 90 days of the original purchase.

Bare Home’s Organic Cotton Jersey Sheet Set checks all of the important boxes if you want breathable, soft bedding that’s comfortable and easy to clean. Certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard also indicates the cotton has been grown and cultivated using environmentally friendly practices.

  • Pros

    1. Pure cotton jersey has a touchably soft, lived-in feel

    2. Generous 16-inch pocket depth is compatible with most mattresses

    3. GOTS certification ensures eco-friendly and ethical sourcing

  • Cons

    1. Not sold in full or California king sizes

    2. Early pilling may occur due to the all-cotton composition


100% organic cotton



Jersey-knit sheets are soft by definition, but Bare Home further elevates this quality by using pure organic cotton. The sheets and pillowcases in this set have a comfy, lived-in feel many of our testers likened to that of their favorite t-shirt. The cotton is also highly breathable, so the set should keep you cool any night of the year.

How It Performed

We awarded high marks to the Organic Cotton Jersey Sheet Set during temperature control tests. The cotton resists heat retention and should sleep cool for most people — even those who tend to run hot in bed. An exceptionally soft hand-feel also makes the set ideal for people who prefer silky-smooth bedding. Other performance categories where these sheets earned favorable ratings include pocket depth and ease of care.

What It’s Made of

Each sheet and pillowcase in this collection is crafted from 100% cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, one of the world’s leading authorities for sustainably produced materials. The cotton is combed and ring-spun to ensure the utmost softness. Twin, twin XL, queen, king, and split king sizes are available. The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 16 inches, making the set compatible with most mattresses made today. You can wash and dry every component in your household machines.

The Organic Cotton Jersey Sheet Set is sold through a wide range of retailers. If you purchase the sheets through Amazon.com and hold an Amazon Prime membership, your order qualifies for free expedited shipping. Bare Home’s trial period runs for 30 nights beginning on the delivery date.

The Royale Linens Cotton Modal Jersey Sheet Set combines two fabrics prized for their softness and breathability, touching them up with a jersey knit for added comfort. These sheets and pillowcases regulate temperature exceptionally well and keep you cool in any climate.

  • Pros

    1. Cotton-modal blend in a jersey knit is exceptionally soft

    2. Fabric resists heat retention and sleeps quite cool

    3. Seven color options

  • Cons

    1. Twin XL and California king sizes not available

    2. Below-average durability may lead to early wear and tear


70% modal, 30% cotton



Pure cotton jersey is fairly breathable, but hot sleepers may need bedding that offers extra cooling and moisture control. This sheet set from Royale Linens blends cotton with modal, a synthetic fabric derived from botanical matter that feels cool to the touch. The result is a collection that helps you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year — even in relatively hot or humid conditions.

How It Performed

Temperature control proved to be one of the set’s defining strengths during our tests. None of our team members noticed any heat retention when lying on the sheets and pillowcases. The bedding was also popular among our testers with sensitive skin — modal gives this fabric blend a silky-smooth feel, so the sheets glide over your body without causing any irritation. Ease of care is another benefit, as each item can be laundered in your household machines. The fitted sheet’s pocket depth limits you to mattresses measuring up to 15 inches thick. This range covers most models sold today, but we recommend measuring your bed just in case it’s too tall.

What It’s Made of

The blend consists of 30% cotton and 70% modal, showcasing the latter’s superior cooling and moisture-wicking properties. A jersey knit gives each item a hint of stretch. You can choose from twin, full, queen, and king sizes. All purchases come with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and one to two pillowcases. The set is also available in seven different colors, including both classic neutrals and more vibrant shades.

If you purchase the Royale Linens Cotton Modal Jersey Sheet Set from Amazon.com and you have an active Amazon Prime membership, you’ll qualify for free expedited shipping. Returns are honored within 30 days of the delivery date.

Why You Should Trust Us

We’ve tested hundreds of different sheets over the years and know the most important qualities to look for when shopping for a set. Our product testers have years of experience researching and trying different brands and styles. The Sleep Foundation team consists of people with different sleep habits and needs so that we can give our readers comprehensive information on what types of sleepers will most enjoy each set.

To determine the best jersey sheet sets currently available, we tested dozens of different options. We put each set through the same series of tests to examine their performance. These trials help us determine if the sheets are comfortable, durable, breathable, and easy to clean. We also test fit and the overall quality of the material.

How to Choose Jersey Sheets

When choosing jersey sheets, there are a few important factors to consider such as your typical sleeping temperature, your mattress size and height, as well as how much you’re willing to spend on sheets. Through our product testing, we found a number of high performing sheets that were soft and breathable at a wide range of price-points. 

What to Consider When Buying Jersey Sheets 

Some of the top things to look for in jersey sheets are fit, fiber material, breathability, feel, durability, and price. Jersey sheets can come in a range of different fibers, but you’ll most often see options made from natural fibers, like cotton, or synthetics, like polyester. 

When shopping, make sure to look past marketing terms and buzzwords, as they can sometimes be misleading. Whether a sheet set is right for you largely comes down to personal preference. There’s no one perfect set that will work for everyone. 

Weave and Knit

Weave and knit refer to how a sheet’s fabric is made. Woven fabrics layer fiber threads over and under each other, while knit fabrics loop fabric threads together. Different weaves and knits have unique characteristics. Jersey knit sheets are stretchy and have a very similar feeling to a soft T-shirt. Woven sheets such as sateen sheets are smooth and silky, while percale woven sheets are crisp and airy. 


Staple is the average length of a certain type of fiber. For example, various types of cotton have different average fiber length. This results in unique textures, performance, and durability. Upland cotton has a shorter staple length than Egyptian cotton, and is typically not as soft or durable. Fabrics with extra-long staple lengths often cost more, but are generally longer-lasting and more soft. 


How a fabric feels is largely subjective depending on the sleeper, but different types of fabrics have inherently unique textures and characteristics. Jersey fabric is usually considered one of the softest types of sheets with a lived-in, cozy quality. The same exact cotton that’s used in a jersey sheet set will feel very different if it’s woven into smooth, inelastic fabric like a sateen sheet set.


You’ll want to make sure that you know how tall your mattress is before purchasing a sheet set, as brands offer fitted sheets with differing corner pocket depths. There can also be variations in flat sheet dimensions and pillowcase closure styles. Jersey sheets can stretch out over time, especially if they’re not made from high-quality materials.


Like all other sheet types, jersey sheet prices vary depending on brand, fiber material, size, and craftsmanship. However, they tend to be fairly affordable and some sets are very reasonably priced. You can find them for less than $30 all the way up to over $200. 

Thread Count

When measuring woven fabric density, manufacturers use thread count. A set of sheets with a high thread count like 800 means there are 800 threads within one square inch of fabric. Jersey sheets are knit and fabric density can’t be measured by thread count. Instead, jersey sheets are measured in grams per square meter (GSM). An average jersey GSM rating is about 150. 

Design, Color, and Pattern

You can find jersey sheets in a large number of colors and even some designs and patterns. When washing bright colors and designs, manufacturers may direct you to use cold water to help keep dye from bleeding. 


Jersey sheets are often slightly less breathable than certain styles of woven sheets, though you can find sheets that don’t retain significant heat. If you’re someone who tends to sleep hot and you’d prefer to sleep in soft jersey sheets, opt for a pair made from 100% cotton instead of synthetics, as natural fibers tend to be more breathable. 


Jersey sheets have a reputation for being less durable than woven fabrics because the fabric can start to pill and stretch out after use. You may notice tiny balls of fabric attached to your sheets, which happens following abrasion. Purchase jersey sheets made from high-quality fiber or with a higher GSM to avoid pilling. Washing with cold water on your machine’s gentle cycle can also help extend a sheet set’s lifespan.  

Ease of Care

Washing jersey sheets is much easier than tricky fabrics like silk, but you may need to use cold water and tumble dry on low heat to prevent the fabric from shrinking. Some companies offer pre-washed sheets that are more likely to retain their original shape. Jersey sheets are typically wrinkle-free and look very smooth when stretched over a mattress.

What Are Jersey Sheets?

Jersey sheets are made from soft, fiber threads that are knit together into a fabric by looping threads through one another, resulting in a stretchy material. Jersey fabric can be made with many different types of fibers including cotton, wool, and synthetics. Clothing is often made from jersey fabric, as it’s soft, elastic, and easy to wash. Sheets made from jersey fabric feel similar to an old vintage T-shirt.  

What Are the Pros and Cons of Jersey Sheets?

Many of jersey sheets’ pros and cons boil down to the material’s knit fabric. It’s very soft feeling and widely produced by manufacturers, which makes it easy for consumers to get comfortable sheets at an affordable price-point. Jersey fabric also takes dye very well and companies make sets in nearly every print, design, and color imaginable. When made with cotton or other breathable fabrics, jersey sheets can offer sleepers above-average temperature control. 

However, jersey fabric has a few drawbacks that you should keep in mind. It’s not one of the best options if you want a sheet set that’s likely to have a long lifespan. When used and washed repeatedly, the fabric can start to pill and develop a rough texture. It’s also more likely to shrink and stretch than woven materials. Washing a jersey sheet set requires paying attention to care instructions to prevent shrinking. 

Pros & Cons of Jersey Sheets

  • They’re priced affordably so most shoppers should be able to find a set within their budget.
  • Jersey sheets are easy to wash and usually wrinkle-free right out of the dryer.
  • They come in tons of different color and design options.
  • Jersey sheets aren’t as durable as other sheet types and they can be prone to pilling.
  • You need to be careful to wash jersey sheets in cold water to prevent the material from shrinking.
  • Jersey sheets are more likely to stretch out over time than woven sheets are.

Who Is a Good Match for Jersey Sheets? 

Jersey sheets are an excellent choice for anyone looking for soft sheets that are reasonably priced. They have a broken-in quality that feels like sleeping in a well-loved T-shirt. Many types of sleepers find jersey sheets extremely comfortable, and they can also be a good match for hot sleepers depending on what type of fiber they’re made from. Due to their popularity, jersey sheets are an excellent option for shoppers seeking sheets in a specific design, color, or size. 

You may want to avoid jersey sheets if you’re looking for a set that will last you several years. While many jersey sheets are made well and feature high-quality materials, they don’t handle abrasion and frequent washing well compared to high thread count woven sheets. They may also stretch with use, so if you’re concerned about sheets retaining their shape, you should opt for less elastic sheets such as flannel, linen, percale, or sateen. 

More Frequently Asked Questions About Jersey Sheets

What is the typical price range for jersey sheets?

Jersey sheets can range from between $30 to $200 or more depending on what type of fiber they’re made from. Synthetics such as polyester and cotton synthetic blends tend to cost less, while sets that feature organic or Egyptian cotton will cost considerably more. Factors like fabric density, sheet size, and brand also affect price.

How do I wash and care for jersey sheets?

While you should always follow the instructions on care labels, a good rule of thumb is to wash jersey sheets in cold water on your machine’s gentle cycle and tumble dry them on low heat. This can help prevent the material from shrinking and safeguard your set against pilling as well.

How do I prevent jersey sheets from pilling?

Wash your jersey sheets using your machine’s gentle cycle and use cold water to help prevent them from pilling. These small fabric balls form when fabric rubs against itself and becomes agitated. Heat can also weaken the fabric, so washing with cold water is best. Using the gentle or delicate cycle decreases the likelihood that your sheets will pill.

How do jersey sheet compare to other types of cotton sheets?

Jersey sheets are stretchier and cozier than other types of cotton sheets like percale or sateen weave sheets. The fabric is knit and feels incredibly soft against the skin, but doesn’t have the smooth or crisp feel that many woven fabrics have. Jersey sheets may be less breathable than airy percale sheets, but they don’t retain as much heat as flannel or microfiber sheets.

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