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Sutera Pillow Review

Sutera Pillow

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Solid gel memory foam


Medium Firm

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Sutera is an online pillow company based in the U.S. While the company started out producing the flagship Sutera orthopedic pillow, its product line has since expanded to include the Lavender Zen Pillow and the Hydroluna Pillowcase.

The flagship Sutera Pillow provides ergonomic support through its contoured butterfly-shaped design. This unique build is intended to accommodate all sleep positions. The pillow is composed of solid memory foam to gently cradle the head and neck and help support the spine. It has a 5-inch loft and a medium firm feel.

The Sutera Lavender Zen Pillow is constructed with aerated memory foam and infused with lavender essential oil. Shoppers can purchase Lavender Zen Mist spray to refresh the smell.

We’ll focus on the flagship Sutera Pillow. We’ll assess its performance, explain its construction, break down its pricing, and summarize company policies to help you decide whether the Sutera Pillow is the best option for you.

Sutera Pillow Review Breakdown

The Sutera Pillow is an orthopedic model with a distinct butterfly shape engineered to accommodate side, back, and stomach sleeping. Cutouts along the sides give stomach and side sleepers extra space to rest their arms, while the wings contour around a back sleeper’s neck for additional support.

This pillow is made of solid memory foam to cradle the head and neck while promoting proper spinal alignment. A removable polyester cover encases the pillow to protect it. The cover is machine-washable for easy cleaning.

There is only one loft and firmness option available for the Sutera Pillow. However, the 5-inch loft and the medium firm feel should accommodate a wide range of sleep positions and preferences.

We’ll focus on the flagship Sutera Pillow, but we’ll also give some information on Sutera’s other model, the Lavender Zen Pillow, to help you decide which option might be right for you.

While the Sutera might not be optimal for sleepers looking for a more traditional feel, its orthopedic design offers ergonomic support.

Materials and Options

The Sutera Pillow and the Lavender Zen Pillow each come in one size, and they measure slightly smaller than standard pillow dimensions. While both pillows are made of memory foam, they differ in shape, loft, and construction.

Sutera Pillows

ProductSize OptionsLoft
Interior Materials
Cover Materials
Sutera PillowStandard: 25″ x 13″5″Solid Gel Memory FoamPolyester
Lavender Zen PillowStandard: 25” x 16”6”Lavender-Infused Solid Memory FoamCotton, Polyester

Pricing Information

Orthopedic pillows are usually more expensive than other varieties, typically costing between $40 and $200. The Sutera Pillow falls toward the lower end of this average price range.

Price variations between models can be attributed to differences in size, materials, and quality. Rather than focusing solely on a pillow’s price, customers should keep in mind that the best value will balance price, quality, and performance. A more expensive pillow may be worth the extra money if it will last longer and feel more comfortable.

Sutera Pillow Pricing

Sutera Pillow$55
Lavender Zen Pillow$60

Pillow Performance Ratings

Several key factors typically matter most when it comes to pillow performance. Durability, shape retention, conforming, and temperature control can all impact the comfort and usability of a model.

The Sutera Pillow performs well overall. Our testers found its strengths to be shape retention and conforming. Since the Sutera gets its support from a solid piece of memory foam, it responds to the weight and heat of a sleeper’s head and neck to conform to their unique shape. Once the sleeper moves, the memory foam should return to its original form.

For most shoppers, the Sutera Pillow’s greatest weakness will likely be the lack of firmness options. While the Sutera is carefully designed to accommodate all sleep positions, its medium firm feel may not be ideal for those who prefer a plush pillow or an exceptionally firm model.

We’ll break down the flagship Sutera Pillow’s performance across all of our main performance categories.

Sutera Pillow


The Sutera’s memory foam construction should hold up well over time. This material tends to be quite durable. However, some impressions could form, particularly if you consistently sleep in the same position.


With just one firmness, the Sutera does not offer much variety. While its medium firm feel should accommodate most individuals regardless of their body type and sleep position, those who prefer a plusher or firmer feel may want to look elsewhere.

Shape Retention

Unlike down and down alternative pillows, there is no need to fluff a memory foam pillow like the Sutera to refresh its shape. The memory foam will compress under the sleeper’s head and neck and then return to its original shape when the weight is removed. While lasting indentations could form over time, these shouldn’t be severe.


While a sleeper can’t bunch or manipulate the Sutera as they would a down or down alternative pillow, the Sutera’s memory foam should naturally mold to the shape of their head and neck. This helps relieve pressure, but it doesn’t allow sleepers to control the shape of the pillow based on personal preferences.


The Sutera’s memory foam conforms closely to the head and neck, cradling them to help relieve pressure and support the spine. This conforming is similar to that of other memory foam models.

Temperature Control

Memory foam has a reputation for trapping heat, but the Sutera should maintain a more neutral temperature than other foam pillows.. The memory foam in the Sutera is engineered to encourage airflow, while the medium firm feel limits sinkage. Air should circulate more freely around the sleeper to help dissipate heat.

Odor Potential

Synthetic foams often have smells that remain from the manufacturing process. Because of this, the Sutera may have a slight initial odor. Those who are sensitive to odors may want to leave the pillow in a well-ventilated room until it has aired out, which should take a few hours to a few days at most.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers

Most side sleepers look for a pillow with a medium to high loft and medium firmness to fill the gap between the bed and their head and neck, without forcing their head too far upward. This should feel comfortable while promoting proper spinal alignment.

For most side sleepers, the Sutera Pillow fits the bill. At 5 inches thick, it is a medium loft model with a medium firm feel that should provide contouring while limiting sinkage. Additionally, its unique butterfly-shaped design gives side sleepers a spot to rest their arms.

The Sutera is particularly suitable for side sleepers who weigh under 230 pounds. These individuals are likely to get a strong balance of contouring and support. Side sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds may prefer a firmer pillow for additional support, though individuals in this category may still find the Sutera Pillow to be comfortable.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers usually need a medium loft pillow to lift the head enough to align the spine without forcing it toward the chest.

The Sutera’s medium loft and medium firm feel should be appropriate for most back sleepers. Those who weigh under 130 pounds will likely get exceptional support. Back sleepers who weigh over 130 pounds could sink into the pillow more deeply, but they should still get enough support to prevent notable strain or pressure.

Back sleepers may also benefit from the Sutera’s ergonomic design. The butterfly shape gives extra support to the neck while limiting the potential for the head to fall to either side.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers usually need thinner, softer pillows than those who favor other positions. While on the surface, the Sutera’s medium firm feel and medium loft may not seem ideal for this sleep position, its ergonomic butterfly-shaped design can be conducive to stomach sleeping.

Individuals who weigh under 130 pounds are most likely to find the Sutera comfortable for stomach sleeping. They shouldn’t sink in too deeply, but the pillow will gently lift their head off the mattress while giving them a place for their arms. Those who weigh over 130 pounds may sink into the memory foam more deeply, which could make the orthopedic design feel somewhat more restrictive. However, they may appreciate the extra space for their arms.

Sutera Pillow

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side SleepersExcellentExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentGoodGood
Stomach SleepersExcellentGoodGood

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Sutera Pillow is sold through the Sutera website and Amazon.

Sutera ships within the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.


Shipping is free within the contiguous United States for orders over $50.

Orders are typically processed within two business days. Delivery may take between 7 and 14 business days.

Sutera usually ships via USPS, and customers will receive a tracking number once the order has shipped.


Unused items are returnable within 30 days of delivery. A restocking fee may apply, and the customer is responsible for shipping costs.


Sutera’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee applies in the event of a manufacturing defect. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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