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Purple Duvet

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Polyester Down Alternative Fibers

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Purple has been around since 2016. It is primarily known for its mattresses, which include hyper-elastic polymer formed into a grid designed to optimize pressure relief. In addition to its mattress line, Purple also produces other products from its signature material, including pillows, seat cushions, and a pet bed. Other bedding items by the company include bed frames, sheets, a weighted blanket, a mattress protector, and a duvet.

While the Purple Duvet is the only duvet by the company, it comes in three sizes and two weight options. This duvet is constructed with polyester down alternative fill and a cotton shell. The combination of these high-quality materials gives the duvet breathability and softness.

We’ll break down the Purple Duvet’s construction and comfort levels, as well as the company policies. Additionally, we’ll share cleaning instructions to help you anticipate how to maintain your duvet.

Purple Duvet Review Breakdown

With three sizes and two weight options, the Purple Duvet provides enough variety to satisfy a wide array of sleepers. Sizes include twin/twin XL, full/queen, and king/California king, so an option is available for each of the six standard mattress sizes. The All Season option is intended for cozy year-round use, while the Lightweight is designed specifically for warmer weather.

Polyester down alternative fill gives the duvet its soft, cozy feel. For added warmth and plushness, the All Season contains more fill than the Lightweight. The shell is made of cotton, which further enhances the softness and breathability. Corner loops on the shell allow for the easy attachment of a duvet cover.

Materials and Construction

The Purple Duvet comes in two weight options and three sizes. While the Lightweight may be ideal for warmer climates, the All Season is heavier and warmer. The Purple Duvet contains polyester fill and a cotton exterior.

ProductSize OptionsFill MaterialShell Material
Lightweight Purple DuvetTwin/Twin XL: 66” x 90”

Full/Queen: 90” x 90”

King/California King: 104” x 90”

Polyester Down Alternative FibersCotton
All Season Purple DuvetTwin/Twin XL: 66” x 90”

Full/Queen: 90” x 90”

King/California King: 104” x 90”

Polyester Down Alternative FibersCotton

Pricing Information

The Purple Duvet falls within the average price range for similarly constructed products. That said, the price varies between size and weight options, with heavier and larger duvets costing more due to the increased material usage.

Couples will likely find larger sizes worth the extra expense to simplify sharing. Individuals who live in a cool climate or who tend to get chilly during the night may also be happy to spend more for the warmer All Season option.

Purple Duvet Pricing

Lightweight Purple DuvetTwin/Twin XL: $109

Full/Queen: $119

King/Cal King: $129

All Season Purple DuvetTwin/Twin XL: $119

Full/Queen: $129

King/Cal King: $139

Duvet Performance Ratings

The Purple Duvet rates very well in the categories that typically matter most to customers. One of the biggest reasons for this is its polyester down alternative fill. This hypoallergenic material mimics the plushness and coziness of down without the risk of feathers poking out or clumping. Allergy sufferers and those who prefer to avoid animal products may particularly appreciate the Purple Duvet’s fill.

The duvet’s cotton shell adds another layer of softness. Cotton is also highly breathable, helping sleepers stay warm without overheating.

Since the Purple Duvet comes in two weight options, the temperature regulation varies. The Lightweight contains less of the insulating down alternative fill than the All Season, making it cooler and more breathable.

Thanks to its quality materials, the Purple Duvet should be fairly durable. One of the primary differences between duvets and comforters is that duvets are specifically designed to be paired with a cover. To increase the Purple Duvet’s life expectancy, customers should consider using a cover, which should be easy to attach to the duvet’s corner loops.

Quality of Fill

The polyester fill is soft and fluffy. Stitched pockets help distribute it evenly. While the fill is designed to imitate down, it does not contain any sharp feathers that could poke out, and it is hypoallergenic.

Quality of Shell

The Purple Duvet’s cotton cover is soft to the touch and breathable enough to decrease the risk of overheating.


Because of the polyester fill’s lofty plushness and the cotton shell’s smooth texture, the Purple Duvet is exceptionally soft. Both versions of the duvet rate well in this area, but the All Season is cozier due to its extra fill.

Temperature Control

Both weight options of the Purple Duvet provide very good temperature control thanks, in part, to the breathable cotton shell. That said, the Lightweight contains less fill, so it traps less heat.


The Purple Duvet’s polyester fill and cotton shell are high-quality materials, so the duvet should hold up well with proper care.

Care and Cleaning

The Purple Duvet is not machine-washable, but it can be dry cleaned. While this may make the cleaning process more complicated and expensive, owners can attach a cover to the duvet to reduce the need for regular cleanings of the duvet itself.

It’s imperative to follow the care instructions given by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the duvet could become damaged or wear out more quickly. Additionally, failure to follow care instructions could void the Purple Duvet’s 1-year warranty.

Discounts and Deals

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Purple products are sold through the company's official website and can be shipped within the United States and Canada. Shoppers can also visit Purple's brick-and-mortar retail partner locations to see products in person.


Shipping is currently available within the United States and Canada. Within the contiguous United States, Purple ships free via FedEx. Charges may apply for deliveries to other locations.

Most orders leave the warehouse within 1 to 3 business days after the order is placed.


The Purple Duvet comes with a 30-day return policy. The duvet must be clean and undamaged to be eligible for return, and the customer is responsible for shipping costs.


A 1-year limited warranty covers the Purple Duvet. This warranty protects the consumer from defects in the manufacturing and materials.

The warranty only applies to the original customer, and it doesn’t cover normal wear or damage caused by the consumer. Should Purple determine a qualifying defect exists, it will choose to either repair or replace the duvet. The customer is responsible for associated transportation and handling charges.

Additional terms and conditions apply.

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