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A comprehensive list of mattress information covering everything from buying mattresses, fixing frames, and mattress care

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Choosing a mattress can be a daunting proposition, especially with so many options available on today’s marketplace. Since you spend about eight hours on your mattress every night and the average mattress lasts 6-8 years, it’s only natural that you’d want to do your homework before deciding on a particular model to sleep on for years to come.

As you do your research, our team of mattress experts is here to answer your most common questions. Our guides will cover the best places to shop for a bed, what prices to expect, the differences between different mattress sizes, and how to choose the best mattress to suit your needs based on your sleeper type, budget, material preference, and more. We’ll dive into the details of the most common materials used to construct mattresses and the benefits and drawbacks of each mattress type.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect mattress, you’ll then need to consider your ideal setup, from what type of bed frame would work best for your room, to whether or not you need a boxspring, or if you could instead opt for a popular alternative, such as a platform bed. We’ll also cover how to tackle common tricky situations that arise, such as how to safely ship a mattress, how to remove stains, and how to responsibly dispose of it when it’s reached the end of its lifespan.

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Over the coming weeks, we will publish in-depth guides covering all of the above topics and more. Check back soon for more answers to your mattress-related questions. In the meantime, check out our best mattress guide for unbiased, data-driven recommendations for the best bed to fit every type of sleeper. You can search by mattress type, sleeper type, budget, and more.

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