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We associate hotels with rest and relaxation, but there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t sleep well each and every night. Bedding manufacturers realize that people value high-quality sheets to complement their sleep setup, and many companies sell sheets that are specifically designed to mimic that holiday feel at home.

Aside from being supremely comfortable, hotel sheets must be durable and resistant to frequent washing. It’s no wonder many shoppers turn to hotels to steer them in the right direction when shopping for new bedsheets.

Many shoppers end up contacting the hotel directly to find out the name of the sheets after their stay. We’ve made it a little easier by listing some of the top hotel sheets according to our research, and providing advice on how to find the best hotel sheets according to thread count, material, weave, and other factors.

Best Hotel Sheets Video

Our product experts offer a close-up look at the fabric and construction of our top hotel sheet picks. Watch the video for a visual demonstration of how each set performs.

In-Depth Reviews

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Shoppers who want a product that is easy to clean

    2. Sleepers who enjoy bedding with a silky feel

    3. Shoppers who value environmentally responsible production

  • Highlights

    1. Pocket depth of 16 inches

    2. Sateen weave resists wrinkling

    3. Features hand-finished embroidery




100% GOTS-certified organic cotton (300TC)



The Saatva Embroidered Sateen Sheet Set has a soft and silky texture that makes for an ultra-comfortable night of rest. With meticulous hand-finished embroidery and a smooth sateen weave, this sheet set is designed to look immaculate while feeling snug and cozy.

The Embroidered Sateen Sheet Set is constructed using GOTS-certified organic cotton in a Fair Trade Certified facility. The natural cotton is cool and breathable, and it works with a sateen weave to create a soft and smooth fabric that drapes easily around the body. The weave also gives the fabric a lustrous, lavish appearance.

This sheet set is available in three different color options and comes in all six standard mattress sizes, as well as a split king. The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 16 inches to work with a wide variety of mattresses. For simple care, this sheet set can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Saatva offers free shipping to buyers in the contiguous U.S.. Saatva also provides a full refund for products returned within 45 days of the delivery date.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Hot sleepers

    2. People with sensitive skin

    3. Shoppers who want high-quality sheets at an accessible price

  • Highlights

    1. Each item composed of breathable, silky-soft viscose derived from bamboo

    2. Generous pocket depth to accommodate most mattresses

    3. Eight color options




100% Viscose from Bamboo



Hotel-style sheets can be fairly expensive, but some sets offer strong performance at an affordable price-point. One example is the Luxome Luxury Sheet Set, which features sheets and pillowcases made of pure viscose derived from bamboo. The collection offers the natural breathability and exceptional softness sleepers have come to expect from this material, but at a reasonable cost compared to similar competing sets.

Viscose derived from bamboo also has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry while you sleep. A 400 thread count and sateen weave enhance these qualities while also ensuring decent insulation for year-round use. These sheets are ideal for anyone who enjoys bedding that drapes closely to the body, as well as those with acne, rashes, and other skin sensitivities.

The set is available in seven sizes, including a split king with two fitted sheets to accommodate co-sleepers who use adjustable beds. Each set also includes a flat sheet and one to two pillowcases, depending on the selected size, and you can add two additional pillowcases to any order for an extra fee. The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 17 inches, making the set compatible with the majority of mattresses sold today.

Customers also choose from eight solid colors for their set. These include neutrals as well as fetching earth tones such as terracotta and sage. To preserve the structural integrity of the sheets, be sure to machine wash them separately from garments with zippers and hooks. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry with low heat. Remove all of the items promptly when the drying cycle is finished to minimize wrinkling.

For added savings, Luxome ships the Luxury Sheet Set free of charge to all customers in the contiguous U.S. Returns and exchanges are allowed within 30 days of the delivery date, provided each item in the set is clean and in pristine condition.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Those who dislike silky, drapey bedding

    2. Anyone with a mattress up to 15 inches thick

    3. Shoppers with limited budgets

  • Highlights

    1. Percale offers more crispness breathability than other cotton weaves

    2. Set available in seven color palettes

    3. Generous 100-night trial for all Canadian and U.S. customers




100% Cotton



Percale-woven cotton sheets aren’t as common as those with a sateen weave, but many sleepers appreciate the former’s crisp, lightweight feel and exceptional breathability. The Silk & Snow Percale Sheets showcase all of these qualities. As an added bonus for eco-friendly shoppers, each item in the set is composed of natural cotton and colored with organic dyes. Approachable pricing also makes these sheets a feasible option for those with tight budgets.

The set is available in six sizes corresponding with standard mattress dimensions. Twin and twin XL sets consist of a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and one pillowcase, while larger sizes include a second pillowcase to accommodate two sleepers. The fitted sheet’s pocket depth is 15 inches and compatible with many mattresses sold today, but we recommend measuring your bed to ensure a secure fit. 

You can also choose from seven colors. These options range from classic neutrals to more striking options like sage, rosewood, and tempest blue. All components are fully machine-washable and — thanks to the percale weave — should gradually soften over time with proper care and storage. Simply wash the sheets and pillowcases in cold water on a normal cycle, then tumble dry on low heat. Promptly remove the bedding from your dryer once the cycle is finished to prevent excessive wrinkling.

In addition to the four-piece sheet set, Silk & Snow offers a duvet cover and pillow shams made from the same cotton percale material. Standard ground shipping is free of charge for all customers in the contiguous U.S. and provincial Canada. Each order comes with a 100-night sleep trial, which is much longer than average, and those who keep their Percale Sheets also receive a year of warranty coverage against material defects.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Hot sleepers

    2. Eco-conscious shoppers

    3. People who enjoy sheets that drape close to the body

  • Highlights

    1. Cool, breathable fabric

    2. Fitted sheet is compatible with high-profile mattresses

    3. 100-night sleep trial




100% viscose from bamboo



The Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set is a good pick for shoppers who are looking for lightweight bedding with a cool, luxurious feel. The set is also ideal for people who enjoy sheets that drape close to the body.

All separates in the Cozy Earth sheet set are made of viscose derived from bamboo. Bamboo fabrics are naturally breathable, which makes this sheet set an especially good choice for people who tend to sleep hot or who live in warmer climates. Bamboo-derived sheets also tend to be more durable, making these sheets a solid investment.

The Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set comes in one color option, white, and includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The split king size is the exception, as it provides two twin XL sheets in lieu of one large sheet. The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 18 inches and can fit mattresses up to 20 inches thick. This may appeal to shoppers who own very thick mattresses.

Cozy Earth uses sustainable practices and sources bamboo from organic farms. For this reason, the sheet set caters to shoppers who prefer eco-friendly products.

Cozy Earth offers free shipping and returns in the contiguous United States. The sheets come with a 100-night sleep trial. In addition, the brand does not charge for products unless you decide to keep the product after 30 days.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Shoppers seeking a sheet set for year-round use

    2. Sleepers with sensitive skin

    3. People who own mattresses up to 17 inches thick

  • Highlights

    1. Organic cotton construction ensures a soft, breathable feel

    2. Sateen weave drapes closely to the body and has a silky feel

    3. 30-night sleep trial




100% Organic Long-Staple Cotton



The Signature Hemmed Sheets from Boll & Branch bring the luxurious softness of quintessential hotel bedding to your bedroom. Each item in the collection is made of pure organic cotton with a silky-smooth sateen weave. The fabric drapes closely to the body, and its gentle feel is ideal for people with sensitive skin. The sheets are light and breathable enough for summer use, while insulating warmth in winter months. We highly recommend this set to anyone seeking sheets for all-season use.

Shoppers can choose from more than a dozen solid colors and a handful of eye-catching prints. The set is also available in eight sizes, including a split king option for couples who share an adjustable bed. You may choose a king-size set with standard pillowcases if this corresponds to your bedding preferences.

A generous pocket depth of 17 inches makes the fitted sheet compatible with most mattresses made today, including many luxury pillow-tops and other high-profile models that typically need specialty sheets. A Global Organic Textile Standard ensures the cotton has been sustainably grown and harvested, while the Fair Trade certification indicates Boll & Branch factory workers are humanely treated and fairly compensated.

Boll & Branch provides free ground shipping for all orders. Customers also receive a 30-night trial period for the sheet set, during which you can return all items in the set for a full refund.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Hot sleepers

    2. People with sensitive skin

    3. Those who don’t use a flat sheet

  • Highlights

    1. Breathable Tencel lyocell composition helps regulate temperature

    2. Silky smooth sateen weave

    3. Six color options




100% Tencel lyocell



Sheets made from eucalyptus-derived fabrics are known for their exceptional softness, and the Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet Set is no exception. Made entirely from eucalyptus-derived Tencel lyocell, the sheets have a naturally silky feel.

The material’s natural softness is enhanced by a smooth sateen weave that drapes closely to the body. Our testers noticed no harsh rubbing or irritation on the sheets, making them a great option for sleepers with sensitive skin. Tencel lyocell is a naturally breathable material, so our hot sleepers felt comfortable throughout testing. Moisture-wicking properties also make the sheet set a good fit if you live in a humid climate or tend to sweat at night.

Six standard sizes are available, which all include a fitted sheet and one to two pillowcases. To save a bit of extra money, you can choose to forgo the flat sheet. The fitted sheet is compatible with mattresses up to 15 inches thick, accommodating most medium- to high-profile models in our testing lab. Every item is fully machine-washable.

You can choose between six color options, ranging from neutrals to light pink and dark green. Sijo ships free on all orders over $65, which includes every size for the sheet set. The AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet Set is backed by a 30-night trial.




100% Egyptian Cotton



The Pure Parima Triple Luxe Sateen Sheets are made entirely from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, a cotton variety known for its exceptional breathability, softness, and durability. Customers looking for a high-end sheet set with premium performance should enjoy this pick.

A sateen weave enhances the Egyptian cotton’s natural softness. This weave gives the sheets a close drape, lustrous sheen, and silky-soft feel. Our testers with sensitive skin were able to move across the sheets with no harsh rubbing or irritation. Sateen weaves help insulate some cozy warmth, but the cotton’s breathability should prevent overheating. This combination makes the sheets a great choice for year-round use.

The set comes in queen, king, and California king sizes. An 18-inch pocket depth made the mattress compatible with most mattresses in our testing lab, including those with thick pillow-tops. Every item is machine-washable. Just wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low heat.

Pure Parima ships free to customers living in all 50 states. The Triple Luxe Sateen Sheets are backed by a 100-night sleep trial, during which you can test the sheets and return them for a full refund.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Hot sleepers

    2. People who own mattresses up to 16 inches thick

    3. Shoppers looking for a long sleep trial

  • Highlights

    1. Items composed of durable long-staple cotton

    2. Wide color and pattern selection

    3. 365-night sleep trial




100% long-staple cotton



The Brooklinen Luxe Core Set features sheets and pillowcases made from pure long-staple cotton, a material renowned for its durability, softness, and temperature regulation. A silky sateen weave enhances the fabric’s natural smoothness, while a 270 thread count ensures a lightweight feel. All in all, this set should be comfortable for most hot sleepers, as well as people with sensitive skin. 

The collection is available in a total of five solid color and pattern options, including eight limited edition designs. You can also choose from six sizes that correspond to standard mattress dimensions. Each item in the set can be washed and dried in your household machines, and the fitted sheet has a pocket depth compatible with mattresses measuring up to 16 inches thick.

The Luxe Core is considered a standard sheet set with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and one to two pillowcases. Using the same fabric, Brooklinen offers the Luxe Starter Set, which includes the Luxe Core’s components apart from the flat sheet. For an upgrade, the Luxe Hardcore Bundle features the four standard items plus a duvet cover and two extra pillowcases.

The price-point for the Luxe Core Set is very reasonable, especially with the long-staple cotton’s expected lifespan, and shipping is free throughout the U.S. The set comes with a sleep trial that allows you to test out the sheets and pillowcases for up to one year.

What are Hotel Sheets?

As you might have noticed from the diverse options in our list, “hotel sheets” is a fairly broad descriptor. It encompasses any sheets likely to be found in a high-end hotel, which tend to be durable cotton sheets whether in silky-smooth sateen, or a crisp percale weave. One thing that all good hotel sheets have in common is a soft, welcoming feel that invites guests to relax and let themselves be pampered.

Luxury hotels strive to offer their guests the ultimate comfort, yet the high turnover rate also means that bedding must be easy to care for and resistant to repeated washes. These qualities are typically found in sheets with a higher thread count, made with better-quality materials. Long-staple cotton is a popular choice due to its soft, breathable feel and its ability to resist pilling and tearing.

How to Choose Hotel Sheets

In your quest for the best hotel-quality sheets, you’ll come across an overwhelming range of sheet sets in endless styles. We’ll walk you through the sheet-buying process step-by-step, first helping you narrow down which style you want, and then focusing on some of the traits of cotton sheets, as these are the most common hotel sheets. We’ll end with a discussion of thread count and answer some common buyer questions about hotel sheets.

What to Consider When Buying Hotel Sheets

Bedding manufacturers know that many customers want a sheet set that mimics the feel of a luxury hotel, and there’s no shortage of sheet sets that are simply marketed as “hotel sheets,” with a correspondingly high price-tag. Since “hotel sheets” is such a vague category, it helps to know what type of sheets you’re looking for.

The following factors are some of the most important things to look out for when buying sheets. Focusing on these areas can help you avoid buying inferior-quality sheets due to misleading marketing.

The weave plays a major role in determining how a set of sheets feels, with different types of weaves conferring different levels of smoothness, fuzziness, crispness, and breathability. The most common weaves found in hotel sheets are cool, crisp percale and sleek, luxurious sateen.

By understanding how the weave, material, and quality of sheets affects their feel, you can get a pretty good idea of what type of sheets you’ll like. This makes it much easier to shop for sheets online.

Most sheet sets are standardized to fit the most common mattress types, in particular twin, queen, full, and king sizes. However, it always pays to double-check measurements before ordering to avoid buying sheets that are slightly too long or too short. Mattresses with a taller-than-average profile may also need deep-pocket fitted sheets, or fitted sheets that are fully elasticized for a snugger fit.

Bed sheet prices vary widely depending on material, quality, and design, with high-end cotton, linen, and Tencel sheets costing more than polyester and cheaper cotton. It’s possible to find hotel-quality sheets at lower price-points, but the vast majority will command a premium as they’re engineered to provide exceptional comfort and stand the test of time.

Thread Count
Thread count measures the total number of threads in one square inch of material, calculated by adding the vertical and horizontal threads. In certain types of sheets, such as cotton sheets, a higher thread count can indicate a better-quality product. When judging a sheet set by the thread count, keep in mind that thread count can be manipulated and is not always an accurate gauge of quality.

Design, Color, and Pattern
Since your sheets are a central part of your bedroom, you’ll want to choose a practical design and color that go well with the room’s aesthetic. Hotels tend to opt for white sheets, as they match everything and they’re easy to care for. If you have a specific color scheme in mind, the design, color, and pattern options may be the deciding factor in your purchase.

Sheets with looser weaves or natural materials tend to allow for more airflow and allow heat to escape instead of building up around the body. Most sleepers prefer breathable sheets, as they do a better job of regulating temperature and preventing sweat build-up. Moisture-wicking fabrics such as Tencel are also a popular choice with hot sleepers.

Depending on the material and the weave, certain types of material may shrink, fade, pill, tear, or lose their color over time. Long-staple cotton or other materials made from long fibers are less prone to pilling and tearing. In turn, sturdy weaves such as percale are less likely to snag compared with delicate weaves like sateen. Durability is especially important for hotel sheets that see a lot of traffic and undergo frequent washing. For this reason, you can usually assume that sheets targeted at hotels should have above-average durability.

Ease of Care
Bed sheets should generally be washed every week or two, so it’s best to choose sheets that can be easily washed, dried, and ironed if needed. Certain types of materials shrink or get damaged with high heat, and other types can’t handle fabric softener or bleach. Meanwhile, others can be treated with wanton abandon and still be fine. There are commonalities across materials, but it’s always a good idea to carefully read the care label before throwing new sheets in a washing machine.

What Types of Hotel Sheets Are Available?

Hotel sheets is a broad category, and you may come across many different types of sheets between hotels. While Tencel, linen, and polyester sheets have all been successfully used in hotels, hotel sheets are most commonly made of cotton or cotton blends.

In addition to being soft and breathable, good-quality cotton sheets are very durable, an advantage that makes them ideal for use in hotels. Cotton quality is mostly determined by the length of its fibers, referred to as the staple. While they are more expensive to cultivate, longer-staple cotton plants are able to produce stronger, finer threads that become stronger, softer, more breathable sheets. Three types of cotton in particular are known for their exceptional qualities:

Pima: Pima is a long-staple cotton variety that was developed in America from the same cotton species that originally produced Egyptian cotton. It’s generally lauded as one of the best types of cotton, though in recent years it’s been supplanted by Supima.

Egyptian: Traditional Egyptian cotton sheets are made of long-staple cotton and usually boast a thread count of 400 or more. Most people automatically assume that Egyptian cotton sheets are high quality, as Egyptian cotton has earned a reputation for being the best in the world. Today, while Egypt still does make good-quality cotton sheets, plenty of manufacturers also produce low-quality sheets in Egypt and call them Egyptian cotton. Check the label to be sure they’re made of long-staple cotton before paying a premium for Egyptian cotton sheets.

Supima: Supima, or “Superior Pima,” is a type of extra-long staple cotton produced in California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It’s a trademarked, American-grown Pima cotton that meets strict standards.

Cotton sheets can be woven in any number of ways, but the most common weaves are percale and sateen:

Percale: Percale sheets have a one-up, one-over weave, with an equal number of horizontal and vertical threads. This sturdy material is cool and breathable, with a feel that tends more towards crisp as opposed to soft. The equal distribution of warp and weft threads provide exceptional durability.

Sateen: Sateen is a one-up, four-over weave with a higher number of threads running in one direction. Many people like sateen for its luxurious feel and appearance, which retains a slight sheen. Sateen is more delicate and retains more heat, making it a favorite with people in colder climates.

Who is Best Suited to Hotel Sheets?

Hotels tend to choose sheets that appeal to the vast majority of their guests, so it’s safe to say that most people should enjoy the feel of hotel sheets. The sheets may differ in style, breathability, or feel, but the sheets you find in luxury hotels should always be soft and comfortable. With few exceptions, they also tend to be very breathable, which is ideal for most sleepers and especially those who sleep hot.

The biggest drawback to hotel sheets may be the price tag. Luxury hotels can afford to buy the best sheets, but the price-points are sometimes out of the range of the average customer. If you hunt around, you might find hotel-style sheets priced under $100 that offer good value for money. However, the prices likely won’t be in the lowest budget range.

Another consideration is the color scheme. Hotels usually opt for generic white sheets that are easy to care for and match with any room. Accordingly, hotel sheet manufacturers tend to focus on elegant, understated color schemes. If you prefer more vibrant colors or patterns, you may want to expand your search to sheets that aren’t marketed as hotel sheets.

What Is the Ideal Thread Count for Hotel Sheets?

Thread count is the total measure of vertical and horizontal threads in a square inch. A higher thread count usually indicates that the material has been made with longer, finer fibers.

Hotels favor sheets with a high thread count because they are softer, more breathable, and more resistant to pilling. Cotton percale sheets used in hotels typically have a thread count between 250 and 600, while cotton sateen sheets often have a thread count between 300 and 600.

It’s not uncommon to see sheets that boast a higher thread count, sometimes even reaching higher than 1,000. Since it’s virtually impossible to squeeze this many threads into a square inch, these higher thread counts are usually achieved using double-ply and triple-ply threads. This does raise the total number of threads per square inch, but it produces material of inferior quality that feels scratchy and pills easily.

While thread count is one way to ascertain the quality of your hotel sheets, you should always check the fiber length as well to ensure you’re getting a true good-quality product.

More Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Sheets

Can I get the same sheets as the ones used at my favorite hotel?

Many hotels are happy to share the name of their bedding provider, and some even sell the sheets directly on their website. Check the tag and don’t be afraid to reach out to the hotel if you’re having trouble tracking down the name. In cases where hotels are reluctant to provide this information, you may be able to find information with a quick Google search. Bedding manufacturers that provide sheets to luxury hotels sometimes list these hotels on their websites.

What is the typical price range for hotel sheets?

Hotel sheets will usually set you back around $200, depending on the quality and style. However, there are many exceptions to this rule, with some hotel sheets costing less than $100 and others costing more than $400. If you liked the feel of your hotel sheets but can’t afford that specific brand, you may consider searching for cheaper sheets made of a similar material and weave. Some manufacturers offer short sleep trials so you can try out the sheets and see how you like them before committing to your purchase.

How long do hotel sheets last?

In general, hotel sheets are built to be durable and to last longer than the average sheet set. If they can be used for an endless string of guests at the hotel, then they should be able to withstand years of home use. To ensure you’re buying sheets with a long lifespan, check details like the thread count, weave, and staple length. It’s not necessarily a given that manufacturers will offer warranties on sheets, so be sure to do your research ahead of time.

How do I wash and care for hotel sheets?

Most hotel sheets can be machine-washed and dried. Depending on the material, you may need to steer clear of high temperatures, vigorous wash cycles, and chemicals like bleach and fabric softener. To prevent wrinkling, most manufacturers recommend taking the sheets out of the dryer as soon as they are dry and placing them directly on the bed. Always check the care label before washing your sheets for the first time to avoid shrinking or otherwise damaging them.

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