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Perforated memory foam (gel-infused)


Medium (5)

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At SleepFoundation.org, we strive to bring our readers the most up-to-date information about sleep health, science, and solutions. Hands-on product testing is a cornerstone of our organization’s mission. Our team of experts personally evaluates a wide range of sleep products in order to provide informed recommendations. In doing so, we’ve noticed certain trends related to product design, performance, and customer satisfaction.

We launched the Sleep Is the Foundation product line in 2023. By using our product knowledge and expertise to develop our own proprietary sleep solutions, we hope to meet the needs of as many people as possible. The initial product release includes two pillows and a mattress topper. 

The Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper consists of a perforated gel-infused memory foam core and a removable, machine-washable cotton and polyester cover. Our team has rated the topper as medium, or a 5 on our 10-point firmness scale. The profile measures 2 inches thick.

A mattress topper can be a good investment if your mattress shows signs of wear and tear, causing it to feel uneven on the surface, but you aren’t ready to invest in a new mattress and need a temporary fix. We’ll discuss the Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper’s design, features, and overall performance to help you decide whether this topper is right for you, or if you should look elsewhere.

Mattress Topper Performance Ratings

We know that it’s odd to review our own product, to say the least. That being said, product testing is at the core of what we do. We take pride in performing objective evaluations of sleep products and uncovering what makes them tick. We aim to provide our readers with the information they need to understand their needs, how a specific product performs, and whether a product is right for them. Even though we developed this particular product ourselves, we wanted to run it through the same gauntlet of tests that we use to evaluate any other product. 

We were very intentional about our testing setup for our mattress topper to remove any potential bias from our testing team. We want to be as transparent as possible with our readers, so we’ve provided a clear breakdown of the guardrails we put in place. We take the following measures during our hands-on tests of the topper to ensure our team gives us their honest, unbiased scores:

  • All product labels, logos, and other details signifying our organization’s connection to the topper are removed prior to testing. 
  • None of our team members are informed of the topper’s name during any stage of the tests. We kept the topper’s materials, manufacturer, and other information anonymous during the entire testing process.
  • We test our topper in a batch with a few other products. The names and manufacturers of other products tested during this particular session were concealed in a similar manner.
  • We only informed our team members of the topper’s identity after they had submitted their final ratings. Our team members were not allowed to alter these ratings in any way after submitting them.

With these safeguards in mind, let’s discuss our team’s findings for the Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Memory foam is not a particularly durable material and can develop indentations somewhat quickly. A softer feel can further shorten the foam’s lifespan. Based on similarly constructed toppers we’ve evaluated, we expect the Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper to perform for about one to two years before wear and tear sets in.


Close, even conforming is a prominent characteristic of the topper. The memory foam adapts to your body’s unique contours, resulting in a floating sensation. Many people with frequent back pain or pressure points along the spine enjoy this type of sleep surface.

Temperature Control

Memory foam has a tendency to absorb and trap body heat. A breathable cotton material on the top of the cover helps offset heat retention from the foam, along with perforations throughout the foam itself to promote airflow. However, temperature control for the topper is about average and exceptionally hot sleepers might not feel comfortable.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam isolates motion well, so the topper may be a good option if your mattress feels overly bouncy and causes sleep disruptions for you and your partner. However, you should opt for a 3-inch or 4-inch topper if motion isolation is one of your top priorities.


Although memory foam toppers can hinder movement during sex, profile is a key factor. The Sleep Is the Foundation topper’s 2-inch profile means it won’t sink as deeply during sex as a thicker model, so interference should be minimal, but you and your partner may still notice some uncomfortable heat retention.

Off-Gassing and Odor Potential

Off-gassing refers to initial odors that may occur after unboxing a new mattress topper. Foam toppers tend to produce the strongest smells because polyurethane-based materials emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While relatively harmless, VOCs carry a chemical odor many liken to plastic. Other topper materials like latex and wool also produce smells, but do so without emitting VOCs, so the odor tends to linger for a shorter period of time.

Our testers noticed some moderate off-gassing from the Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper. The smells gradually dissipated over time. By the following day, we barely detected any off-gassing odor. This is typical of memory foam toppers we’ve tested.

Cleaning and Care

Keeping your topper clean is important for your health and hygiene. Unlike most mattresses, toppers are usually encased in covers that can be removed and machine washed. We recommend washing your topper’s cover on a regular basis — a laundry cycle every one to two months should suffice. 

The Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper is encased in a removable outer cover. You can unzip the cover and launder it in any household machine. We recommend following instructions on the care tag to ensure the cover doesn’t shrink too much.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers

Among our testing team, the highest ratings for the Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper came from side sleepers. Those weighing up to 230 pounds were particularly impressed, though our heavier side sleepers also received adequate support. A medium feel and even contouring ensures ample cushioning for the shoulders and hips, while the thinner profile means the topper shouldn’t sink too much. 

Side sleepers tend to prefer softer surfaces than back and stomach sleepers. Lying on your side exerts pressure on the downward-facing shoulder and hip, so extra padding is needed to alleviate this pressure and keep these areas aligned with your spine. Our tests have shown memory foam toppers are particularly comfortable for side sleepers because of the material’s even head-to-toe contour.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers on our team were divided in their assessments of the topper. The most positive ratings came from back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds, while those weighing more than 230 pounds didn’t receive sufficient support and sank a bit too much. For our back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds, the topper felt slightly too soft for some of them but also didn’t sink too much.

Back sleeping doesn’t compromise spinal alignment like side sleeping, nor does it place heavy pressure on a sleep surface like stomach sleeping. A mid-range feel that balances cushioning and support is typically ideal for back sleepers. Those who weigh less than 130 pounds tend to prefer a medium soft (4) to medium (5) feel, and optimal firmness level increases with weight. If you’re a back sleeper over 230 pounds, a firm (7) to extra firm (9) feel may be preferable.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers didn’t feel as comfortable on the topper as the back and side sleepers on our team. Those weighing less than 130 pounds didn’t mind the foam’s softer feel and close contouring, but our heavier stomach sleepers sank excessively and found the “hugging” sensation a bit too overwhelming.

Evaluating products for stomach sleepers can be challenging because this position is associated with more aches and pains than side or back sleeping. This is because sleeping face down places all the weight of your chest and stomach onto the mattress. Deep sinkage can occur as a result, putting strain on your neck and lower back. Our tests have shown most stomach sleepers need a firmer surface that keeps their body upright, and this rules out many memory foam toppers sold today.

Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side SleepersExcellentExcellentVery Good
Back SleepersExcellentGoodFair
Stomach SleepersGoodFairFair

Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review Breakdown

Overall, the Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper performed at the same level as many other memory foam models our team has tested. The medium (5) feel means you’ll feel close contouring from the foam. That said, the 2-inch profile is on the thinner side. If your mattress has light to moderate wear and tear, then the topper may improve the surface’s comfort level, but it may not be as effective for a surface with deep impressions or indentations.

Our hands-on tests showed the topper is best suited to side sleepers across all weight groups — but particularly those weighing up to 230 pounds. Back sleepers felt comfortable enough on the topper during tests, particularly for our testers weighing less than 130 pounds. The foam absorbs motion well and contours closely enough to alleviate pressure, but the foam may trap heat and hinder movement during sex.

Materials and Construction

The Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper features a perforated memory foam core. Memory foam is engineered to soften when exposed to body heat, allowing the material to contour closely around your body’s unique curves. This can promote even alignment for side sleepers and reduce pressure along the spine. When heat and pressure is removed, the foam rebounds and returns to its original form.

The topper’s cover consists of a 100% cotton top side and a 100% polyester underside with anti-slip beads. The latter is a tougher, more durable material intended to promote friction and prevent the topper from sliding along your sleep surface. The topper also features adjustable straps on each corner to keep it securely on top of your mattress. Cotton is naturally breathable, so the top portion of the cover may offset some of the foam’s heat retention.

ProductSize OptionsCover MaterialTopper Material
Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress TopperTwin: 39” x 75” x 2”
Full: 54” x 75” x 2”
Queen: 60” x 80” x 2”
King: 76” x 80” x 2”
100% Cotton (Top)
100% Polyester (Bottom)
Perforated Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Pricing Information

The Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper is more affordable than the average memory foam topper, which falls between $150 and $200 in the same size. Toppers with 2-inch profiles tend to cost less than thicker models.

The topper is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Sleep Is the Foundation Memory Foam Mattress Topper is exclusively sold through Amazon.com. You cannot purchase the topper elsewhere online, nor is it sold in any brick-and-mortar locations. Amazon.com ships to most locations worldwide, but check the topper’s product page to ensure you can place an order from your current residence.


The topper is compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a box directly to your doorstep. You’ll need to unbox and unwrap the topper to restore its full shape. No further assembly is required.

Amazon.com offers multiple shipping options for most orders. Those with Amazon Prime memberships qualify for free expedited shipping. Standard shipping is also free, but the wait time is longer.


Amazon.com’s standard trial period for all products is 30 days. The trial begins on your delivery date. If you aren’t satisfied with the topper within 30 days, you can initiate a return at no extra cost. Amazon.com will send you a prepaid shipping label for returning the topper.


The Sleep Is the Foundation Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper comes with a one-year limited warranty that can be activated after purchase, available through the SleepFoundation.org site

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