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Historically, buying a new mattress required a visit to a physical store. In the past decade, we have seen a major shift in the mattress industry as many brands have made their beds available to online shoppers. Buying mattresses online is more convenient and – in many cases – less expensive compared to purchasing at a brick-and-mortar location. Most mattress websites feature live web chat with customer service representatives and detailed information about each model. Many brands incentivize customers with free ground shipping and an in-home sleep trial for testing out the mattress before making a final decision.

Our testing team has individually reviewed hundreds of models, assigning ratings for performance categories like durability, pressure relief, edge support, and temperature regulation. Our testers also took turns lying on these mattresses to evaluate how they felt for people with different body types, sleep positions, and personal preferences. After scoring all of these mattresses, we’re pleased to bring you our top online mattress picks listed below.

Our Verdict – What’s the Best Online Mattress?
When shopping for mattresses online, it’s important to find a bed that ensures healthy sleep posture. Our top pick is the versatile DreamCloud Mattress, which offers a perfect balance of cushioning and support to suit sleepers with many different body types and sleep positions.

Best Online Mattress Video

Watch our video below to learn more about our lab’s top picks for best online mattress.

The product profiles below contain in-depth information about each of our best online mattress selections, based on extensive hands-on testing in our sleep lab. Scroll down further to read our detailed buyer’s guide, which covers everything you need to know about buying a mattress online. This includes available mattress types and sizes, price estimates, an overview of shipping and return policies, and answers to the most common questions we receive from prospective online mattress owners.

Product Details

Best Overall

DreamCloud Mattress

Brand Logo
Price Range: $799 – $1,499
Mattress Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
Trial Length: 365 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty: Lifetime, limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Those with pressure-induced pain in their hips or shoulders
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples


  • Breathable and soft cashmere cover
  • Gel-infused memory foam comfort system alleviates pressure buildup
  • Pocketed coil support core helps isolate motion and enhance airflow

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Bottom Line

The DreamCloud Mattress is a foam hybrid that balances pressure relief and support. Our sleep testers who tend to run hot appreciated that the mattress trapped little heat while keeping a plush initial feel.

The DreamCloud Mattress’ hybrid design features pressure-relieving memory foam and pocketed coils that promote healthy spinal alignment. During testing, we found this design to be very comfortable for many types of sleepers, providing a plush feel without excessive sinkage and heat retention.

How It Performed

The side sleepers on our team, as well as those with sensitive pressure points, benefited the most from the DreamCloud’s balanced contouring and support. We found the plush surface cushioned our shoulders and hips, while the coils kept our lower backs supported.

Thanks to the individually wrapped coils, we think couples will appreciate the mattress’ ability to limit motion transfer. We noticed that the foam layers also absorbed a good amount of noise, so we didn’t hear each other’s movements when sharing the bed. We also recommend this mattress for people who enjoy foam surfaces but tend to overheat on them. The foam comfort layer has a nice plush feel, but the coil support core circulates more air than an all-foam construction.

What It’s Made of

The DreamCloud is encased in a cashmere blend fabric that our testers found breathable and soft to the touch. A layer of polyfoam quilted into the cover gave the surface a pillow-top feel when we lay on it. A comfort layer of memory foam conformed evenly to relieve pressure buildup, and the foam is infused with gel to absorb and dissipate excess body heat. The polyfoam transition layer offered a deeper, pressure-relieving contour. It also kept our bodies from excessively sinking into the bed, buffering us from the support core.

Individually wrapped pocketed coils make up the support core. These coils move independently, so any weight applied to one coil does not affect those surrounding it. The coils provide targeted support to the heavier areas of your body, and the coils allow air to circulate throughout the mattress for enhanced cooling. A high-density polyfoam base completes the design.

Along with the competitive price-point, DreamCloud ships free to the contiguous U.S. Mattress purchases are backed by a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

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Best Value

Nectar Mattress

Brand Logo
Price Range: $399 – $1,138
Mattress Type: Foam
Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
Trial Length: 365 nights
Warranty: Lifetime, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • Value-minded shoppers
  • Sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds
  • Medium firm (6) feel offers pressure-relieving contour without excessive sinkage


  • Lifetime warranty and 365-day trial
  • Thick comfort layers absorb movement transfer
  • Moderate firmness and a balanced, supportive feel

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Bottom Line

The Nectar offers just the right amount of hug for a foam mattress – enough to relieve pressure in areas where you experience pressure buildup, but not so much that you feel like you're sinking.

The Nectar Mattress is an all-foam model constructed of three layers. Based on our extensive lab tests, we believe the Nectar’s balanced performance and approachable price-point should appeal to a variety of sleepers.

How It Performed

Our test team rates the Nectar a 6 on our 10-point firmness scale, which translates into a medium firm feel. We’ve found this firmness rating is popular with most sleepers, so the Nectar should be able to accommodate sleepers from most weight groups in any sleep position. Because the firmness is relatively mid-range, however, the Nectar felt most comfortable for our testers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds.

Thanks to the foam comfort layers, we found the Nectar absorbed most motion. When more than one tester lay on the bed, they experienced almost no disturbances from each other’s movements. The mattress also conforms to pain points in the hips and shoulders, so our testers experienced significant pressure relief in these areas.

What It’s Made of

Our testers found the quilted memory foam cover was soft to the touch, while the breathable Tencel fabric allowed more cooling airflow. The foam layer beneath conformed closely to our testers’ bodies to relieve pressure points, while the infusion of cooling gel in the foam helped dissipate heat often associated with close-conforming memory foam. We found the polyfoam transition layer was very supportive, which helped prevent sinking against the firmer support core. A high-density polyfoam base layer reinforced the rest of the mattress.

Nectar’s sleep trial is 365 nights long, and the mattress has a lifetime limited warranty.

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Most Comfortable

Helix Midnight

Brand Logo
Price Range: $799 – $1,549
Mattress Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
Trial Length: 100 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty: 10 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Those who tend to sleep hot
  • Sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds
  • People who prefer a bouncier sleep surface


  • Memory foam comfort layers provide close conforming while medium firm (6) feel limits sinkage
  • Breathable, cooling design
  • Reinforced coils for better edge support

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Bottom Line

The Helix Midnight offers a perfect balance of contouring and bounce. No one on our test team felt too hot while lying on the bed, thanks to the cooling design.

The Helix Midnight is a hybrid mattress with multiple layers of foam and a layer of pocketed coils. Our hands-on tests showed that this design offers excellent pressure relief and support for side sleepers. Our testers also found that this construction balanced bounce, contouring, edge support, and temperature neutrality.

How It Performed

Compared to other models we’ve tested, we give the Helix Midnight a 6 on our 10-point firmness scale – which we call a medium firm feel. This falls in the range most sleepers prefer. Sleepers on our team who weighed up to 230 pounds found the combination of cushioning and support very comfortable. While many of our testers enjoyed the bed, side sleepers in particular enjoyed the balanced feel. They also found the mattress’ thicker comfort layers were excellent at relieving pressure buildup.

Foam layers can often trap too much heat, but we found that the airflow through the coil core reduced this heat retention and kept testers fairly cool. Hot sleepers who often find memory foam too hot may appreciate the Midnight.

What It’s Made of

A proprietary Soft Touch Design cover is made from stretchy polyester, designed for enhanced breathability. The comfort layer uses memory foam to conform to a sleeper’s body, which is ideal for relieving pressure points. Our testers found the dense polyfoam transition layer to be very supportive and effective at keeping bodies from sinking in. The support core is made up of responsive pocketed coils. The pocketed design enables coils to respond individually to your weight, reducing the spread of motion and cradling your body more deeply. Reinforced coils around the perimeter support the edge of the bed to make it easier to use the full mattress surface.

The Helix Midnight comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night sleep trial. Shipping is free for customers in all 50 states.

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Proprietary photo of the Saatva Classic in the SleepFoundation testing lab

Best Luxury

Saatva Classic

Brand Logo
Price Range: $995 – $2,710
Mattress Type: Innerspring
Firmness: Soft (3), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)
Trial Length: 365 Nights ($99 Return Fee)
Warranty: Lifetime, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Couples
  • People who prefer a bouncy mattress
  • Customers who want help setting up their mattress


  • Three firmness levels and two height options
  • Free White Glove delivery, setup, and removal of old mattress
  • Plush comfort, reinforced by a robust two-layer coil support system

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Bottom Line

The Saatva is a well-balanced mattress that satisfied a number of testers on our team. The firmness and height options made this model even more versatile.

The Saatva Mattress features a hybrid design that combines multiple layers of foam with a dual-coil innerspring system to give the mattress support, bounce, and breathability. Our testers recommend this mattress to shoppers who are willing to spend more on a mattress made with high quality materials.

How It Performed

The Saatva is available in soft (3), medium firm (6), and firm (8), and it comes in 11.5-inch and 14.5-inch versions. With so many options available, most testers on our team found a combination that suited them. The soft version appealed to testers under 130 pounds, while the medium firm option worked well for testers between 130 and 230 pounds. Testers over 230 pounds preferred the extra support of the firm version.

The foam comfort layers in all three firmness options greatly relieved pressure, and airflow from the coil support core regulated body temperature. The medium firm and firm options ranked exceptionally well for edge support and sex, so we believe couples can confidently use the full area of the bed without slipping off.

What It’s Made of

A Euro-top cushions the surface of the mattress. This layer consists of an organic cotton cover and a layer of polyfoam. Underneath is a thin layer of memory foam to provide extra support and cushioning near the hips. The comfort system also includes a layer of pocketed coils. We found that these coils contoured to our bodies and enhanced airflow, while the pocketed design reduced the spread of motion between coils.

The support base consists of durable Bonnell coils made from recycled steel. A foam encasement wraps around the perimeter of the mattress to prevent sagging. Our testers were able to use the full mattress surface thanks to the strong edge support.

Saatva offers free White Glove delivery, a lifetime warranty, and a 365-night sleep trial.

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A picture of the WinkBed Mattress in Sleep Foundation's test lab.

Best for Back Pain


Brand Logo
Price Range: $1,149 – $2,049
Mattress Type: Innerspring
Firmness: Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)
Trial Length: 120 nights (30 night requirement)
Warranty: Lifetime, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Sleepers who need extra help getting out of bed
  • People looking for a balance of conforming and support
  • Individuals who experience pressure points


  • Euro-top is plush and durable
  • Robust support promotes spinal alignment
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

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Bottom Line

We really enjoyed the edge support in the WinkBed, which is not always a given in beds with foam comfort layers. The bed felt very supportive without sacrificing plushness on the surface.

Thanks to a foam hybrid design, our test lab found that the WinkBed balances pressure relief and spinal alignment for a highly comfortable sleep surface. The WinkBed is the company’s flagship hybrid mattress and is available in four firmness levels: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), firm (7), and firm (8).

How It Performed

Our testing found the WinkBed comfortable across sleeping positions and weight groups thanks to the different firmness options. On our team, side sleepers and testers weighing under 130 pounds appreciated the deeper contouring and pressure point relief from the softer model. We found the medium firm option was the most versatile, while the firm option appealed to back and side sleepers in our lab. For sleepers over 230 pounds, we recommend the WinkBed Plus, which is specifically made for people in this weight category.

In addition to being generally supportive, the mattress has strong edge support that stood out compared to other beds we’ve tested. This is largely due to higher-gauge coils positioned around the bed’s perimeter. The ventilation through the pocketed coils also helps the bed stay cool, which our hot sleepers appreciated. The coils are individually wrapped to stop excessive motion transfer. When combined with the thick foam layers, we found this feature helped absorb motion to prevent disturbances from transferring from one side of the bed to the other when more than one tester shared the surface. Couples seeking more motion isolation may prefer the softest model.

What It’s Made of

At 13.5 inches tall, the WinkBed has a fairly high profile compared to other beds we’ve tested. This is a result of its substantial foam comfort layers and coil support core. The mattress features a gel-infused polyfoam Euro-top that we found wicks excess moisture while relieving pressure point discomfort. The Euro-top also contains a polyfoam transitional layer that kept us comfortably situated “on” the mattress, rather than “in” it. The medium soft model features a second polyfoam layer that evenly distributed the weight of our testers across the surface and enhanced cushioning.

Under the comfort system is a pocketed coil support core, which lifts the midsection and shoulders to maintain healthy spinal alignment. These layers are all encased in a Tencel lyocell material, which is known for its breathability and durability. Our testers, even the sleepers who run hot, felt fairly cool while lying on the surface.

Standard deliveries are free for WinkBed customers in the contiguous U.S. The mattress qualifies for a 120-night sleep trial as well as a lifetime warranty.

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A picture of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress in Sleep Foundation's test lab.

Best Cooling

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe

Brand Logo
Price Range: $999 – $2,249
Mattress Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)
Trial Length: 120 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty: 10 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Custom Sizes

Who it’s best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • People with sharp pressure points
  • Sleepers who have trouble entering and exiting bed


  • Three firmness levels
  • Phase change material and a breathable coil support core help regulate temperature
  • Foam comfort system adapts to the body to relieve pressure

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Bottom Line

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe excelled in our temperature control tests, thanks to the breathable support core and use of phase change material. Hot sleepers who like the feeling of foam should enjoy this pick.

Many mattresses we’ve tested that are made with foam layers can retain more heat, but the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is a notable exception. Phase change material, proprietary cooling technology, and a breathable support core made this mattress a hit with the hot sleepers on our testing team.

How It Performed

We noticed three models have a pretty balanced feel across sleeping positions, but each offered benefits for different body types. The softest model performed best among our side and back sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds. Thanks to the balanced feel, the medium firm suited the widest range of sleepers. Side sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds, as well as back sleepers weighing under 130 pounds particularly enjoyed the mid-range firmness level. The firmest option’s even contouring was most comfortable for back and stomach sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds.

The Aurora Luxe’s cooling capabilities were a standout feature, but it also excelled in our edge support and pressure relief tests. The coil-reinforced perimeter makes it a great option if you have trouble entering or exiting the bed. We could sit on the edges of the bed without sinking or slipping off. We also recommend the Aurora Luxe if you have sharp pressure points in your shoulders, hips, or lower back, thanks to the adaptive foam layers.

What It’s Made of

All three models – mediums soft (4), medium firm (6), and firm (7) – start with a top layer made from CopperFlex foam. This proprietary polyfoam is infused with copper and phase change material meant to absorb and dissipate excess body heat. Next is a TitanFlex foam transitional layer, a type of polyfoam with a denser feel to keep you from sinking into the mattress. Depending on your desired firmness, the final comfort layer differs. The two softer models use a layer of gel-infused memory foam that relieves pressure and evenly distributes your weight. The firmest option has a second layer of TitanFlex foam for additional support. If you need more cushioning, an extra foam comfort layer known as the “Cloud” pillow-top is available for an additional fee.

Pocketed coils in a zoned configuration make up the support core. Thinner coils cushion the shoulders and legs, while thicker ones provide ample pushback to your midsection. Some thicker coils line the perimeter of the bed for enhanced edge support. The coils rest on a base layer made of polyfoam to prevent shifting. A fabric cover with phase change material encases the mattress, keeping the surface cool to the touch.

Brooklyn Bedding ships free to customers in the contiguous U.S., and it offers a 120-night sleep trial. You can test a mattress and return it after a 30-night break-in period for a full refund. If you decide to keep the Aurora Luxe, it is backed by a 10-year warranty.

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A picture of the Nolah Evolution 15 in Sleep Foundation's testing lab

Best for Side Sleepers

Nolah Evolution 15

Brand Logo
Price Range: $999 – $2,398
Mattress Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)
Trial Length: 120 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty: Lifetime, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Combination sleepers
  • Couples


  • Three firmness options
  • Euro-top with polyfoam gives the surface a plush initial feel
  • Zoned pocketed coils provide ample support

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Bottom Line

Our testing lab found the Nolah Evolution 15 to be a highly versatile option thanks to the variety in firmness levels. This mattress performed well across sleeping positions and weight groups.

The Nolah Evolution 15 is a high-profile foam hybrid with three firmness levels: medium (5), medium firm (6), and firm (8). Based on our battery of performance tests, we found that each model’s zoned coils create a highly comfortable surface that helps you maintain healthy spinal alignment.

How It Performed

Each firmness level caters to different sleep needs. Among all our testers, side sleepers up to 230 pounds and back sleepers under 130 pounds enjoyed the deeper contouring from the medium feel. Our testers found the medium firm model’s balanced feel made it the most versatile. This model was best suited for side sleepers over 230 pounds, back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds, and stomach sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds. Back sleepers who weighed at least 130 pounds and stomach sleepers over 230 pounds appreciated the firmest option’s even surface.

The Evolution’s performance varied across our testing criteria depending on the firmness chosen. Couples who value motion isolation may opt for the medium feel, whereas those who prioritize sex may appreciate the firmer models. During testing, the medium firm and firm options also earned higher marks in edge support and temperature regulation. Testers with persistent pressure points found more relief from the softest model.

What It’s Made of

A quilted cover made from proprietary ArcticTex fiber encases the mattress, which is meant to keep the surface cool to the touch. During testing, we found the Euro-top quilted with polyfoam had a nice plush feel that closely contours to the body to relieve pressure. A polyfoam comfort layer infused with graphite is designed to reduce heat buildup, and we found this layer helped evenly distribute weight across the mattress surface to promote spinal alignment.

The polyfoam transitional layer adds cushioning between the comfort system and the coils. This layer also prevented our testers from sinking too deeply into the mattress. Zoned pocketed coils make up the support core, and they offer ample pushback to the hips and shoulders to avoid uncomfortable sagging. Extra coils along the perimeter reinforced the edges noticeably.

Six standard sizes are available, as well as a split king size for adjustable beds. Nolah ships free to customers in the contiguous U.S. Purchases come with a 120-night sleep trial, where you can return the mattress anytime after the 30-night break-in period. Evolution 15 purchases come with a generous lifetime warranty against structural defects.

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A picture of the Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress in Sleep Foundation's test lab.

Best for Couples

Bear Elite Hybrid

Brand Logo
Price Range: $1,721 – $3,565
Mattress Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)
Trial Length: 120 nights (30-night break-in period)
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

Who it’s best for:

  • People with chronic shoulder, back, or hip pain
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples seeking a hybrid mattress with above-average motion isolation


  • Excellent temperature control thanks to steady air circulation and cooling cover
  • Available in three firmness options ranging from medium to firm
  • Zoned transitional foam reinforces heavier areas of the body

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Bottom Line

The Bear Elite Hybrid’s foam-on-coil construction delivers close, even contouring and sturdy reinforcement. A zoned transitional layer pushes back against extra weight in the midsection, and strong perimeter coils help ensure you and your partner can use the entire sleep surface.

If you share your mattress with a partner, there are some special considerations to take into account. These include edge support, motion isolation, and adequate responsiveness for sex. The Bear Elite Hybrid checks all of these boxes thanks to its design, which uses adaptive foam layers and robust pocketed coils. You can also choose from three firmness levels, and couples with king-size adjustable beds can opt for dual firmness if their preferences differ.

How It Performed

Our tests show the Elite Hybrid’s performance varies by firmness. Side and back sleepers on our team weighing less than 130 pounds received adequate cushioning and contouring from the medium (5) model, which is the softest design. Testers who prefer slightly more support and gentler conforming preferred the medium firm (6) feel. This model is the most balanced of the three and earned favorable ratings from most of our side and back sleepers across all weight groups. If you need extra reinforcement, we recommend the firm (8) model. Our testers over 230 pounds felt most comfortable on this mattress.

All three versions of the Elite Hybrid excelled during our temperature control tests. The mattress’ cooling Celliant-blend cover, gel-infused comfort layer, and coil system all play a role in maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Thick foam layers also help ensure good motion isolation for couples, while the reinforced perimeter allows you and your partner to use the entire surface for sleep or sex.

What It’s Made of

The Elite Hybrid’s comfort system consists of gel-infused memory foam over transitional polyfoam. The latter layer features five firmness zones with denser foam pushing back against the torso and hips, resulting in enhanced support for the entire body without excessive stiffness beneath the head and legs.

The support core contains pocketed coils and high-density base foam. Thicker coils line the perimeter to stabilize the edges and prevent sinkage when you get in and out of bed. A cover woven with cooling Celliant fibers encases the mattress. Measuring 14 inches thick, the Elite Hybrid is considered a high-profile model and may require deep-pocket sheets.

The Elite Hybrid is competitively priced, but shipping is free within the contiguous U.S., and all orders include two free pillows at no extra cost. Bear offers a 120-night sleep trial. Those who choose to keep the mattress receive a lifetime warranty covering structural and material defects, and they can purchase an additional plan that protects against stains and other types of physical damage for up to 10 years.

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Proprietary photo of the Birch Mattress in the SleepFoundation testing lab

Best for Combination Sleepers

Birch Mattress

Brand Logo
Price Range: $1,349 – $2,099
Mattress Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Medium Firm (6)
Trial Length: 100 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty: 25 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • People who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds
  • Shoppers who prefer to purchase eco-friendly products


  • Natural latex comfort layer has a responsive feel to help you move across the surface
  • Zoned coils firm up the edges and prevent excessive sinkage
  • Excellent breathability thanks to an assortment of cooling components

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Bottom Line

Our testers found the Birch's latex layer to be a great source of contouring, especially for anyone who doesn't like the feel of foam. The wool layer added a nice plush touch.

The key to pressure relief for most sleepers is a balance of contouring and support. Our team has found that closely conforming comfort layers can reduce sharp pressure points along the spine, but reinforcement is also needed to prevent you from sinking too much and developing new aches and pains in the upper and lower back. We think the Birch Mattress is an excellent example of a bed that achieves this balance.

How It Performed

The latex comfort layer is ventilated with small holes to push air near the surface of the mattress, while the coils generate additional airflow throughout the interior. We found these components allowed the Birch Mattress to sleep very cool. The slight contour from the latex comfort layers helped to relieve pressure in our testers’ hips and shoulders. Meanwhile, the coil support core lifted the body to maintain healthy spinal alignment.

The components of this mattress are sustainably sourced. The latex has earned a Rainforest Alliance certification, which indicates the rubber trees used to produce the material are sustainably grown and cultivated. A certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard also ensures the cotton is grown without pesticides and processed using eco-friendly means. The mattress has been recognized with a Wool Integrity NZ certification for ethical and humane treatment of sheep used to obtain the wool in its fire barrier.

What It’s Made of

Our performance tests showed that the bed’s medium firm (6) feel and strong coil system stabilized the mattress quite well, while the latex comfort layer provided ample cushioning to alleviate pressure in sensitive areas like the shoulders and hips. The mattress is encased in a breathable cotton cover, and the fire barrier located beneath the surface contains natural wool with moisture-wicking properties. Ventilated Talalay latex slightly conformed to the body to relieve pressure, trapping less heat than foam options. The support core consists of pocketed coils for an even sleep surface.

The Birch Mattress has an accessible price-point compared to the average latex hybrid, and shipping is free of charge for customers in all 50 states. Each purchase is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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A picture of the Plank Firm Mattress in Sleep Foundation's test lab.

Best Firm/Extra Firm

Plank Firm Luxe

Brand Logo
Price Range: $924 – $1,732
Mattress Type: Hybrid
Firmness: Firm (7), Extra Firm (9)
Trial Length: 120 nights (30-night requirement)
Warranty: 10 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Short Queen, Olympic Queen, King, Short King, RV King, California King, Split California King

Who it’s best for:

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Couples
  • Hot sleepers


  • Flippable design with two firmness levels
  • Optional cooling panel made with phase change material
  • High-density polyfoam comfort layers retain little heat

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Bottom Line

The Plank Firm Luxe is one of the firmest models we've ever tested. This makes it a great choice for back and stomach sleepers.

The Plank Firm Luxe is an excellent choice for sleepers who prefer a particularly firm bed. The mattress features a flippable design, each side with a distinct feel. Our test team gives one side a firm (7) rating and the other side an extra firm (9) rating, but we found both sides provide great support to keep the spine aligned and avoid back pain.

How It Performed

The Plank Firm Luxe performed best among the back and side sleepers on our team, especially those weighing over 230 pounds. Thanks to the pocketed coil support core, couples should find the mattress has the bounce many prefer for sex. Sleep partners may also appreciate the mattress’ sturdy perimeter, as we found the strong perimeter allowed us to lie closer to the edge. Hot sleepers may want to opt for the cooling panel for exceptional temperature regulation, but the hot sleepers on our team reported that the standard cover on its own retains very little heat.

What It’s Made of

The standard cover is made from a breathable cotton-microfiber blend, and you can choose to add a sewn-in cooling panel made with phase change material for an additional fee. This material is designed to absorb and dissipate excess body heat. The quilted cover’s thickness varies depending on the side of the mattress, measuring 1.5 inches on the firm side and .75 inches on the extra firm side.

Both sides feature a 2-inch comfort layer of high-density polyfoam and 6 inches of pocketed coils. Our test team found this design excelled at evenly distributing weight and offering targeted support. The firm side adds an extra layer of TitanFlex foam to the comfort system to gently cradle the body. Pocketed coils make up the shared support core for stability.

Twelve size options are available, including short queen and RV sizes. Along with the competitive price-point, Brooklyn Bedding ships free to the contiguous U.S. Plank Luxe Hybrid purchases are backed by a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

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Oki Soft Mattress

Best Memory Foam

OkiOki OkiSoft

Brand Logo
Price Range: $340 – $750
Mattress Type: Foam
Firmness: Medium (5)
Trial Length: 365 nights
Warranty: 10 Year, Limited
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Who it’s best for:

  • People who prefer a soft feel and close conforming
  • Side sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds
  • Value seekers


  • Budget-friendly
  • Thick memory foam comfort layer offers deep body-contouring and pressure relief
  • Generous 365-day sleep trial

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Bottom Line

We found the OkiSoft to be the quintessential all-foam bed, from the plush feel to the outstanding contouring.

OkiOki is a mattress brand that offers a selection of memory foam and hybrid models that cater to different body types and sleep positions. As its name implies, the all-foam OkiSoft is the company’s plushest model. Our test team gives it a 5 on our 10-point firmness scale.

How It Performed

The balanced feel of this mattress was ideal for testers who weigh up to 230 pounds, particularly side sleepers. The foam delivered precise contouring and even weight distribution in order to alleviate discomfort and pressure points along the spine. Throughout our performance testing, the OkiSoft also excelled at isolating motion and reducing transfer, so couples can rest undisturbed when their partner moves in bed or gets on and off the mattress. The Ice Yarn fabric cover is designed to draw heat away from your body, allowing the mattress to sleep cooler than many competing memory foam models we’ve tested.

What It’s Made of

This all-foam mattress is encased in a cover featuring phase change material, engineered to disperse excess heat. We found the 3-inch memory foam comfort layer closely conformed to the body, and testers who preferred the deep “body hug” of memory foam appreciated the plush feel. This layer significantly relieves pressure in the hips and shoulders. The support core consists of 7 inches of high-density polyfoam that is divided into two parts. The top section is made from softer polyfoam to evenly distribute weight. Underneath this layer is firmer polyfoam. This section prevents excessive sinkage to promote spinal alignment.

Considering the average memory foam mattress costs at least $900 in a queen size, the OkiSoft is very reasonably priced. OkiOki also provides free shipping for all contiguous U.S. orders. The mattress comes with a year-long sleep trial, giving you ample time to decide whether to keep, return, or exchange it. A 10-year warranty is also included with each order.

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How-to Video: Buying Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar

Watch our video below to explore the pros and cons of buying mattresses online versus in a brick-and-mortar store.

Why You Can Trust Us

Buying a mattress online may feel overwhelming, since you're unable to feel or lie on the mattress yourself. You can rely on our Sleep Foundation team to evaluate mattresses for you and report our findings based on rigorous hands-on testing. We've tested hundreds of mattresses and each member has years of experience in the sleep product industry. Our team includes side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers with various body types, so our findings are based on feedback from a wide range of sleepers.

To conduct mattress tests, we take turns lying on each mattress to evaluate qualities such as firmness, support, bounce, and ease of movement. We also use special testing tools to measure a bed's temperature neutrality and pressure relief performance. We've synthesized our findings into the top picks list above.

Other Mattress Guides

If you’d like to narrow down your search for a bed beyond an online mattress, consider our other recommendations below broken down by mattress type.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Mattress Online?

Online mattress sales have skyrocketed largely due to the many benefits associated with shopping online. While the perceived benefits may vary between shoppers, our research has singled out a few common reasons why people enjoy buying mattresses online.


Because direct-to-consumer mattress companies have less overhead than most brick-and-mortar stores, it is often more affordable to buy a mattress online than in-store. This is particularly true of mattresses that ship compressed. Many manufacturers only build a mattress after an order is placed, cutting back on the cost of storage.

Sleep Trials

Some people are nervous about purchasing a mattress online because they cannot feel the mattress before placing their order. Online mattress companies are aware of this concern and usually offer sleep trials to put customers’ minds at ease and give them an option if they don’t like the mattress they purchased. Since these sleep trials often last around 100 nights, they can give sleepers a much more realistic idea of how the mattress performs for them than shoppers would get by trying a mattress in a store.


Many customers find purchasing a mattress online more convenient than buying one in a store. Since online buyers are not limited by store hours, they can shop whenever it’s convenient for them. Additionally, many mattresses that ship compressed do not require a signature for delivery, so the customer may not need to be home to receive the shipment. They can then unpack the mattress themselves without having a delivery team in their house.

Why Do People Buy New Mattresses?

The average mattress needs to be replaced every 7 years. When the time comes, you’ll want to buy a new mattress — a used mattress could have unforeseen structural issues, and you won’t be covered by the original owner’s warranty if repairs are needed. Buying a mattress online is convenient and often more affordable than making your purchase in a brick-and-mortar store. You can place an order from the comfort of your own home, and many online mattress companies deliver directly to your doorstep.


How to Buy a Mattress Online

With so many online mattress companies, it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend you begin by assessing your own needs and preferences, as this can help you narrow your focus. Reading mattress reviews can also help you understand what factors play a role in a mattress’s performance, giving you the tools you need to better assess your options.

The brands that we’ve featured above are some popular online options. Nectar, Tuft & Needle, Casper, Saatva, Leesa, Brooklyn Bedding, Purple, and Helix are some of the most well-known names on the market. Many of these brands produce several mattress models, so even if the options we noted above don’t meet your needs, another model by these brands might.

Buying a mattress online is a simple process. The product site usually has a menu with different mattress sizes. Select the size you are interested in. Depending on the mattress, you may also have additional options to choose from, including firmness, height, and optional add-on products. Choose what you like and add your selection to the cart. During the checkout process, you’ll be asked to give contact and payment information. Payment usually requires a credit card.

To get the best deal on your mattress, watch for special offers from the mattress companies. We’ve found that many companies have frequent promotions, which may include discounts or free products. While shoppers can find deals like this all year, they’re particularly common on holiday weekends, like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.


Most online retailers will give customers instructions on how to unbox their mattresses. We’ve unboxed countless mattresses and found that following the manufacturer’s instructions can help ensure the process goes smoothly, without inadvertently damaging the mattress. While we encourage you to follow the unboxing instructions provided by the manufacturer, we’ll give you an overview of what the process may entail for compressed mattresses.

Before unpacking the mattress, we recommend moving it to the room in which you intend to use it. We’ve found that larger sizes like the king mattress or the California king can be heavy to move and may require two people. Since the mattress is compressed in the package, it is much less bulky, making it easier to navigate through hallways and around corners. Additionally, the packaging often has handles for easier carrying.

Once the mattress is in your room of choice, most manufacturer instructions call for using a knife or scissors to carefully open the box, keeping the sharp object away from the mattress to avoid damaging it. Next, slide the compressed mattress out of the box and carefully unwrap the plastic encasing the mattress. Some companies will include a special tool to do this.

After a mattress is unpacked, it may require some time to expand and air out. This varies between manufacturers. We have found some mattresses are usable right away, while others require a few days to decompress. Do not be concerned if your mattress does not immediately look or feel like you expected. It may not be done expanding, which could influence the look and feel. Following the manufacturer’s instructions can help ensure you don’t damage your mattress by sleeping on it prematurely.

Moving and unboxing a compressed mattress usually doesn’t require a lot of strength, but we advise someone help you since a mattress may be too heavy for some individuals to unpack on their own.


Off-gassing is a term used to refer to the smell emitted by many new mattresses. While any new mattress may have a smell, compressed mattresses are especially likely to retain some manufacturing odors since they do not have the opportunity to air out in a storage facility. Off-gassing smells vary between mattresses, but generally, they are akin to a “new” smell, like you may notice in a new car or with new paint.

All-foam mattresses are particularly prone to off-gassing odors. Foams often emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gaseous chemicals that may have a noticeable smell. While some people may find these odors displeasing, they are not usually harmful to most individuals. However, some individuals may experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, or symptoms of allergies. Individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies should take particular care to avoid issues.

Sleepers who are sensitive to smells may wish to look for a model with less off-gassing potential. Mattresses that contain polyfoam and/or memory foam are usually the most prone to off-gassing odors. Innerspring and natural latex models may have a slight initial odor but are less likely to produce noticeable off-gassing.

Off-gassing odors usually dissipate on their own. However, you may wish to leave your new mattress in a well-ventilated space for a few days to allow it to air out before introducing it to your bedroom. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions on the best practices for airing out the mattress.

Foundations and Platforms

Mattress-in-a-box models do not come with a solid platform or foundation for the mattress to rest on. However, our research shows that these beds require even support to prevent sagging and extend the life of the mattress. Many mattress companies specify what sort of base to use, so we recommend reviewing any guidance from the manufacturer to make sure you select a base that complies with company guidelines. Note that without a proper base, you may risk voiding the mattress’s warranty.

Most mattress bases fall into two categories: platform beds or bed frames with box springs. A platform bed lifts the mattress off the ground and supports the mattress. With a bed frame and box spring, these two components work together to provide the lift and support. The bed frame raises the sleeping surface, while the box spring supports the mattress.

How Do You Know an Online Mattress Company is Reputable?

Online mattress companies are increasingly common, and many brands look quite similar on the surface. If you are unsure whether or not a company is reputable, researching it further can help save a lot of headaches in the long run.

First, we recommend reading the company’s website carefully. Many companies are eager to tout their mattresses’ features and detail the company’s background. This can give you a clearer picture of the product and brand.

Next, reading mattress reviews can help inform your decision. You can find reviews for virtually every model from reputable brands. While new models may have fewer reviews, you should still be able to find some information about them online.

For additional reassurance, you might also look at the company’s rating from the Better Business Bureau. The most well-known companies usually have Better Business Bureau ratings, which might put your mind at ease.

Finally, a company’s return and warranty policies may be indicative of its trustworthiness. Online mattress companies frequently offer sleep trials and warranties, so reading the fine print on these policies may help you judge whether you trust the company.

Shipping, Returns, and Warranties

As noted in the section above, a company’s warranty and sleep trial may point to its trustworthiness. When a company stands behind their products with generous return and warranty policies, it may show that they aim to produce a quality product and want their customers to be satisfied.

But beyond that, understanding a company’s policies on shipping, return, and warranties can give you a clearer idea of what to expect when purchasing your mattress.


How long does it take to ship?
Shipping times vary between manufacturers. Since many companies only construct a mattress after an order is placed, you can generally expect construction to take at least a few business days and shipping to take around a week.

Where does it ship from?
Many companies ship directly from the manufacturing facility. The locations of these facilities vary between companies, which can affect the shipping time. Company websites frequently note the location of the factory, which might give you a better idea of when you can expect your mattress to arrive.

How is it shipped?
Shipping methods vary between companies, and some companies have multiple shipping options. Online retailers frequently ship mattresses compressed in a box. When using this method, you may not need to be home to receive the shipment.

Some companies also have White Glove delivery. While a few companies provide White Glove delivery free of charge, others offer it for an extra fee. White Glove delivery frequently includes mattress setup and packing removal. In certain cases, it may also include old mattress removal, but some companies charge an extra fee for this service.


Are returns free?
Free returns are quite common for online mattresses. Policies vary between companies, though many offer a 100-night return period. Some mattress companies also have a required break-in period, where a sleeper must try the mattress for a set amount of time before it is eligible for return.

While many companies accept returns and give a full refund, others may deduct shipping or recycling fees.

How are they handled?
Generally, the customer contacts the customer service team within the designated return window to arrange the return of the mattress.

How does one return a mattress? Do you have to drop it off somewhere? What happens to a returned mattress?

The return process varies between companies. Some ask you to donate the unwanted mattress to an approved charity and provide photos and donation receipts as proof. Others send a team to remove the unwanted mattress for you. A few may ask you to package your mattress for a team to pick it up from your curb. You may wish to read the company’s return policy for additional information on the specific process.


What is a warranty? Why do companies offer them?
Warranties protect a purchase against qualifying defects. Companies offer warranties to ensure customers that they will stand behind the mattress and work to correct qualifying issues that arise.

What does a warranty typically cover?
Mattress warranties generally cover specific defects in materials or craftsmanship. Virtually all mattress warranties will cover indentations that measure a certain depth (typically 1 inch or 1.5 inches). Some mattress warranties will also cover defects in the mattress cover, splitting in the foam, and other similar issues.

What should customers look for when comparing warranties?
While reading a warranty policy may seem intimidating, we recommend looking it over ahead of time to get a clearer idea of what is covered and what you must do to qualify for warranty coverage. Here’s our quick rundown on understanding your mattress warranty.

First, we suggest that you look over what the policy requires of customers. They often require that the law tag must remain attached, the customer must have proof of purchase (a receipt), and the customer must be the original purchaser and have bought the mattress from an authorized seller. Warranty policies also frequently dictate how a customer must care for his or her mattress, and violating these terms could void the warranty.

Most companies also list what is and isn’t covered by their warranty policies. Some companies cover more potential defects than others, so looking at these lists may help you determine how comprehensive the policy is.

Finally, check the warranty length and whether the warranty is prorated. The length of the warranty indicates how long you’ll continue to have warranty coverage. If the warranty is prorated, it means you may be responsible for part of the cost of repair or replacement. Note that some warranty policies also dictate that the customer is responsible for shipping and handling charges.

Types of Mattresses Sold Online

There are several different types of mattresses on the market today, and you can buy all the major types of mattresses online. Based on our testing of hundreds of mattresses, we know firsthand that a mattress’s quality, construction, and materials can lead to notable differences between models within the same category. However, certain types of mattresses tend to share some similar features.


Definition: Hybrid mattresses get their name because they act like a cross between a foam or latex model and a traditional innerspring. They generally pair a substantial comfort layer of foam and/or latex with a coil support core.
Highlight: Benefits of Two Mattress Types with Fewer Drawbacks. Hybrids often have some of the benefits of both foam and innerspring mattresses without as many drawbacks. The foam and/or latex in the comfort layer usually contours to the body, isolates motion, and muffles noise, while the coil support layer tends to give the mattress extra bounce, and edge support.


Definition: The main defining feature of an innerspring mattress is the layer of metal coils. The bulk of the mattress is made up of this substantial coil layer, though it may also have a thin top layer of a material like cotton or foam for a bit more softness.
Highlight: Budget Friendly. For shoppers looking for a cheap mattress option, we’ve found that innerspring mattresses are often more affordable than other types of mattresses. For shoppers who are nervous to purchase a mattress online for the first time, this price-point may seem less intimidating.


Definition: Latex mattresses may be constructed of natural latex, synthetic latex, or a blend. Natural latex can be fabricated using either the Talalay process or Dunlop process, which influences the overall feel of the resulting latex foam. Talalay latex tends to be bouncier, while Dunlop latex is usually more durable.
Highlight: Durable. Natural latex mattresses tend to last longer than most other types of mattresses, so you might not need to replace them as often.


Definition: An airbed’s support comes from two or more air chambers, which can be emptied or filled using either a manual control, a remote, or an app. Some airbeds may also use a comfort layer of foam or latex for added comfort.
Highlight: Adjustable. The sleeper can adjust the feel of the airbed by filling or emptying air chambers. Fuller air chambers create a firmer feel, while emptier air chambers make the bed softer. Since online shoppers frequently haven’t experienced the mattress and worry it may not be comfortable for them, the adjustable firmness of an airbed gives them the chance to modify the feel to match their needs and preferences.


Definition: Most all-foam mattresses are constructed either entirely of polyfoam or a combination of memory foam and polyfoam. Some may also incorporate one or more layers of latex. The foams used in all-foam models can be fabricated with different feels. Softer foams are traditionally used in the comfort layer and firmer foams are used in the support layer.
Highlight: Close Conforming. Foam mattresses, especially those with memory foam, tend to conform exceptionally closely to a sleeper’s body. This can provide pressure relief and create the characteristic hugging sensation often associated with foam mattresses.

Important Considerations When Buying a Mattress Online

Looking at mattress websites can be confusing. With so many special terms and eye-catching graphics, it’s easy to miss the most important details. Yet one of the benefits of online shopping is that you don’t have to deal with pressure tactics from sales people, so we highly recommend taking your time before making a purchase. Below, we’ve put together a list of some key factors to take into account as you shop for a mattress online.

    • Sleeping Position: Your preferred sleeping position influences how you experience a mattress. If you sleep on your side, you often need more contouring to relieve pressure points and align your spine. If you sleep on your back or stomach, you may favor a firmer feel that doesn't lead to excessive sinkage around the midsection.
    • Mattress Type: As we mentioned above, each type of mattress has distinct benefits that appeal to different sleepers. Paying attention to the type of mattress you're looking at can help you predict its potential pros and cons.
    • Contouring: Contouring is how deeply a mattress adjusts to a sleeper's body shape. This can relieve pressure points and help promote proper spinal alignment.
    • Quality Materials: Quality materials frequently last longer and can lend to a more comfortable sleep experience. While high-quality materials often come along with a higher price-point, we find that the expense may be worth it depending on your specific needs and preferences.
    • Firmness Level: Mattresses come in a wide range of firmness options. If you weigh under 130 pounds, you may prefer softer mattresses that allow you to sink in. If you weigh over 230 pounds, you might gravitate towards a firmer mattress for extra support.
    • Pressure Relief: Sleepers may experience pressure points. This is particularly true of side sleepers, whose wider hips and shoulders put more pressure on a mattress. A mattress that cradles the sleeper can distribute their body weight more evenly to relieve these pressure points.
    • Edge Support: If you like to sit or sleep near the perimeter of the bed, you may prefer a mattress with a strong edge. When a mattress doesn't have reinforced edges, you might experience sinkage that makes the perimeter of the bed feel unstable. Good edge support can help expand the usable mattress surface by making the edge feel secure.
    • Temperature Regulation: Depending on its build and materials, a mattress may promote airflow or trap heat. People who tend to sleep hot may favor models engineered for cooling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an online mattress right for me?

Thanks to a boom in the online “mattress in a box” industry, today’s shoppers can choose from virtually hundreds of different models. Whether you prefer the deep body-hug of memory foam, the gentle contouring of latex, the bounciness of a coil mattress, or the customizable firmness of an airbed, we guarantee there’s a mattress on the market that suits your needs and preferences.

There are a few drawbacks to ordering a mattress online, such as not being able to speak directly with mattress sales staff or test out the bed before you buy. However, for most shoppers, the pros of online mattresses – such as convenient purchasing, free delivery, and lower prices – outweigh the cons.

What type of online mattress should I buy?

The best online mattress for you will depend entirely on your needs and preferences as a sleeper, as well as your shopping budget. After testing hundreds of beds, we’ve found that people who enjoy a mattress that provides body contouring and alleviates pressure typically find all-foam beds most comfortable. The same goes for couples, as these mattresses often excel at motion isolation and don’t make noise.

If you want the benefits of memory foam but need more support – and have some extra spending money – our testing shows that a foam hybrid will probably be your best bet. Some people want less contouring and more support from their mattress, as well as consistent temperature control. For those who are shopping with limited funds, we recommend an innerspring.

An all-latex or latex hybrid will most likely cost more while delivering the same perks that an innerspring offers. If you’re looking for a mattress with adjustable firmness, smart bed capabilities, and other bells and whistles, then an airbed should suit your needs the best – but be warned: these mattresses tend to be quite expensive.

Is it better to buy a mattress online or in a store?

Buying a mattress at a brick-and-mortar store carries certain advantages over shopping online. You’ll get the opportunity to speak with knowledgeable sales staff in-person, test out the feel of a mattress you’re interested in buying, and – in many cases – receive free in-home setup with your order.

However, there are downsides to consider. For one, you’re beholden to hours when the store is open for business – and weekend shopping with crowds can be frustrating. Mattresses also tend to be more expensive at these locations due to higher overhead costs. If you’re looking for a quick, convenient mattress shopping experience, then an online brand will probably serve you best.

Online mattresses also tend to cost less, and while these orders may not qualify for in-home setup, most customers in the contiguous U.S. will receive free doorstep delivery. While you won’t be able to test out the mattress firsthand before buying, most online brands offer sleep trials of at least 90 nights that include full refunds and free shipping on all returns.

What is the best online site to buy a mattress?

Shoppers can purchase mattresses from a wide range of online retailers and marketplaces. However, in order to get the most for your money, we recommend going straight to the source and buying your mattress from the company that manufactures it.

The price of a new mattress is usually comparable among all retailers – if not identical – regardless of which seller you choose. That said, you may receive certain perks when you buy directly from mattress brands. These often include free shipping within the contiguous U.S. and exclusive discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars. Sleep trials are another big incentive. Most online mattress brands allow you to test out a new bed for at least 90 nights, and in some cases up to a year, before deciding whether to keep it or return it for a refund.

We highly discourage buying a used mattress from classified ad websites like Craigslist. Even if a mattress is in new condition, secondhand buyers won’t qualify for warranty coverage because mattress warranties are only available to the original purchaser. Should you notice a defect in the mattress, there is no recourse for having the problem corrected.

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Thanks for the feedback - we're glad you found our work instructive!

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