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Best Tencel Sheets

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After our latest round of testing, we've updated this page to include the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAir Sheet Set as our best airflow pick. Sijo's Eucalyptus Sheet Set remains at the top of the list as best overall.

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If you’re on the hunt for a new set of sheets, chances are you’ve come across Tencel. Just what is this, and how does it compare to traditional materials like cotton or linen?

Tencel has been steadily gaining a foothold in the textile market over the last few years. Made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and processed using eco-friendly methods, it excels at wicking moisture to help maintain a neutral temperature as you sleep. Its soft, sleek feel lends itself well to bed sheets.

Tencel definitely qualifies as a luxury bedding product, but many shoppers feel it’s worth the price. Are Tencel sheets right for you? We’ll cover everything you need to know to help you make a decision, including a list of the best Tencel sheets according to our research and testing.

Product Details

Sijo Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Best Overall

Sijo Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Sijo Eucalyptus Sheet Set
Price: $165
Material: 100% Tencel lyocell
Weave: Sateen
Who it's best for:
  • People who don’t need a flat sheet with their bedding set
  • Those with mattresses up to 15 inches thick
  • Hot sleepers
  • Pure Tencel composition with a sateen weave gives the material a luxuriously silky hand-feel
  • Seven color options
  • All items are derived from sustainably grown sources
Sijo Eucalyptus Sheet Set

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Tencel is known for being exceptionally soft compared to other materials, but each component of the Sijo Eucalyptus Sheet Set is exceptionally smooth and silky even compared to other Tencel-derived bedding items. This can be attributed to the sateen weave, which not only softens the fabric but also creates an elegant luster. The set is ideal for anyone who prefers bedding that drapes closely to the body, but the natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties of Tencel also makes these sheets a good option for hot sleepers and those who live in humid climates.

All sets include a fitted sheet and one to two pillowcases, depending on the selected size. You can choose to include a flat sheet, or forgo this component if you don’t need one and lower the set’s overall cost. The fitted sheet’s pocket depth makes it compatible with any mattress up to 15 inches thick. All items in the set are fully machine-washable for quick, convenient care. The collection is available in seven solid colors.

Sijo uses sustainably grown eucalyptus and other wood sources to create the Tencel material, so the set should appeal to eco-conscious individuals. A reasonable sticker price also makes this collection accessible to shoppers on a budget, and shipping is free for all orders of $65 or more. Your purchase comes with a 30-night trial period that includes free returns, provided the sheets and pillowcases are in donatable condition.

Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets

Best Value

Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets

Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets
Price: $129
Material: 52% long-staple cotton, 48% Tencel lyocell
Weave: Sateen
Who it's best for:
  • Hot sleepers
  • People with mattresses measuring up to 17 inches thick
  • Those with sensitive skin
  • Each item composed of long-staple cotton blended with breathable Tencel fibers
  • Sateen weaves creates a luxuriously smooth feel
  • Four colors and two pocket depth options
Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets

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Tencel bedding is known for exceptional breathability, leaving some to wonder how well these sheets insulate during colder times of the year. The Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets are a good year-round option thanks to a mid-range 300 thread count and silky-soft sateen weave. Each component of this collection is made from a blend of Tencel and durable long-staple cotton, ensuring great breathability in hot or humid environs, but the sheets are drapey enough to keep you warm when temperatures dip.

Molecule offers two pocket depth options to accommodate people with different mattress profiles. The standard depth set includes a fitted sheet compatible with any mattress up to 15 inches thick, while the “extra deep” option is designed for mattresses between 14 and 17 inches thick. The set also consists of a flat sheet and one or two pillowcases, depending on the selected size.

Four neutral colorways are available. You can also choose from seven sizes, including a split king geared toward couples who sleep on adjustable bed bases. Every item is fully machine washable for easy care. Molecule recommends laundering your sheets and pillowcases every week or so.

The Sateen Performance Sheets are competitively priced and ground shipping is free for all orders within the contiguous U.S. Each set comes with a 30-night trial period.

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set

Most Comfortable

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set
Price: $150
Material: Lyocell from Eucalyptus
Weave: Sateen
Who it's best for:
  • People who own thick mattresses
  • Hot sleepers
  • Those who prioritize softness in sheets
  • Fitted sheets have 20-inch pocket depth
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Wide array of color options
Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set

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The Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets from Sheets & Giggles are designed with comfort in mind. The bedding is made with a fabric that not only feels soft against the skin but also helps your body stay cool.

The sheets are constructed with 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric, which is designed to wick moisture away from the body while promoting breathability throughout the night. The fabric is soft and meant to grow softer each time the sheets are washed. Sleepers can machine wash the sheets in cold water on a delicate cycle, then machine dry on a low setting.

The sheets are available in seven sizes and shoppers may pick between 11 colors, including several striped options. Most sets include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases, though the twin and twin XL sets come with just one pillowcase. The fitted sheets have a generous pocket depth of 20 inches, which means they can accommodate very thick mattresses or mattresses with pillow-tops.

Sheets & Giggles offers free shipping to the contiguous U.S. for purchases over $50. Customers may return the sheets within 90 days of the purchase date.

SHEEX Arctic Aire Max Sheet Set

Best Cooling

SHEEX Arctic Aire Max Sheet Set

SHEEX Arctic Aire Max Sheet Set
Price: $199
Material: 100% Tencel Lyocell (300TC)
Weave: Sateen
Who it's best for:
  • Hot sleepers
  • Shoppers looking for a range of color options
  • People who own a thick mattress
  • Tencel lyocell fabric feels cool to the touch
  • Sateen weave with 300 thread count
  • Machine-washable
SHEEX Arctic Aire Max Sheet Set

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The Arctic Aire Max Sheet Set from SHEEX is made with 100% Tencel lyocell fabric that’s designed to feel cool to the touch and enhance airflow. Hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates will appreciate this set’s attention to temperature regulation, though it’s also a great fit for those who like supremely soft sheets.

The Tencel fabric has a 300 thread count and sateen weave that provides a subtle sheen and silky hand-feel. In addition to allowing easy air circulation, these sheets also wick moisture effectively, leaving you cool and dry throughout the night.

You can choose between seven different colors and five sizes. Each set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases with the exception of the twin option which has one pillowcase. Corner pocket depths vary between sizes, but each one is designed to fit at least a standard profile mattress. Sizes queen and larger have corner pockets that can fit mattresses up to 18 inches thick.

The Arctic Aire Max Sheet Set is machine-washable and should not be bleached. SHEEX offers free shipping within the contiguous U.S. on orders greater than $150. Returns and exchanges are accepted up to 60 days following delivery.

Casper Hyperlite Sheets


Casper Hyperlite Sheets

Casper Hyperlite Sheets
Price: $139
Material: 100% Tencel (200TC)
Weave: Dobby
Who it's best for:
  • Hot sleepers
  • People who own mattresses up to 17 inches thick
  • Value seekers
  • 100% Tencel composition and dobby weave ensure excellent breathability
  • Generous pocket depth
  • 5 color options
Casper Hyperlite Sheets

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Pure Tencel sheets generally sleep cool due to the above-average breathability of this fabric, but the Casper Hyperlite Sheets take temperature control a step further. The 200 thread count gives each item a lightweight feel while the grid-shaped dobby weave promotes airflow much like percale. This collection is well suited to anyone who runs hot in bed, as well as people who live in hot or humid locations.

You can choose a standard Hyperlite set that includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and one to two pillowcases depending on the selected size. Customers can also add a matching duvet cover or purchase individual items. The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 17 inches, making it compatible with most mattresses sold today including luxury pillow-tops and other high-profile models.

Each component of the set is fully machine-washable for quick and easy care. Five solid color schemes are available. Customers also select from six sizes that correspond to standard mattress dimensions.

The Hyperlite Sheets are reasonably priced compared to other Tencel sets. Casper also provides free ground shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. and provincial Canada. Your purchase comes with a 30-night sleep trial and a 1-year warranty.

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

Best Luxury

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets
Price: $199
Material: Eucalyptus Fiber
Weave: Percale
Who it's best for:
  • Hot sleepers and those who sweat in bed
  • Those who own mattresses up to 12 inches thick
  • People who prefer sheets that don’t contain essential oils or synthetic dyes
  • Breathable fabric and light thread count make the set suitable for hot or humid weather
  • Colored exclusively with natural dyes
  • Nine color and pattern options
Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

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Although Tencel is known for its exceptional cooling, the Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets offer excellent temperature regulation even compared to other bedding sets made from the same material. This can be attributed to the crisp percale weave, which usually offers better breathability than sateen, and a light thread count of 300. The fabric also has moisture-wicking qualities to keep you comfortable and sweat-free when humidity levels rise.

The set is available in six solid color palettes and three stripe patterns, all of which are dyed using natural agents such as gardenia and pomegranate. Additionally, the fabric does not contain any essential oils and is considered safe for any sleeper – including pets – to use. Each component can be laundered in any household machine for easy cleaning. Simply wash in cold water, tumble-dry on a low setting, and avoid placing the items in direct sunlight to prevent the colors from fading.

The fitted sheet’s pocket depth is 12 inches, so the set will be compatible with low- and medium-profile mattresses but those who own a high-profile model may need to look elsewhere. Buffy provides free ground shipping to all 50 states. After placing your order, your credit card won’t be billed until you’ve had the chance to test out the sheets for up to 7 nights, and returns are accepted within 30 days of the original purchase.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAir Sheet Set

Best Airflow

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAir Sheet Set

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAir Sheet Set
Price: $189
Material 65% cotton, 35% Tencel lyocell
Who it's best for:
  • People who reside in exceptionally hot or humid places
  • Those who tend to toss and turn or frequently change sleep positions
  • Co-sleepers who use adjustable bed bases
  • Breathable blend of cotton and Tencel with a meshy weave to promote air circulation
  • Thick elastic band and corner straps ensure a secure fit
  • Available in eight sizes, including two split options
Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAir Sheet Set

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Tencel sheets are known for their cooling and moisture-wicking properties, but the TEMPUR-ProAir Sheet Set from Tempur-Pedic takes airflow to the next level. Each sheet and pillowcase in this collection is constructed with a meshy weave to create needle-size perforations that allow air to pass through. This makes the set especially well suited to people who reside in extreme climates. The fabrication is a cotton and Tencel blend that showcases the natural breathability of both materials.

The components of this collection depend on the selected size. Twin and twin XL sets include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and single pillowcase, whereas full, queen, king, and California king sizes feature all of these elements as well as an additional pillowcase. Couples who use adjustable bases can also opt for a split king or split California king sizes. These sets feature two fitted sheets, allowing both sleepers to angle the bed to their liking without affecting the other person’s side of the bed.

In addition to the eight different sizes, you can also choose from four color options. The fitted sheet for each size has a pocket depth of 15 inches. Thick elastic banding runs along the perimeter to secure the sheet to your mattress. For extra stability, corner straps may be tucked under the mattress. These features all but eliminate shifting and clumping that can occur when you toss and turn or change sleep positions.

Tempur-Pedic offers free ground shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. Returns are not permitted and all sales are final, but you’ll receive a warranty with your purchase that covers material defects for up to 1 year.

GhostBed GhostSheets

Best Temperature Regulation

GhostBed GhostSheets

GhostBed GhostSheets
Price: $185
Material: 60% U.S. Supima cotton, 40% Tencel lyocell
Weave: Sateen
Who it's best for:
  • Sleepers who prefer a crisper feel
  • Those who sleep hot
  • People who struggle with wrinkled fitted sheets
  • Made of a Tencel and cotton blend for crispness and temperature control
  • Innovative elastic grip holds the fitted sheet in place
  • Soft, smooth, and wrinkle resistant
GhostBed GhostSheets

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GhostBed GhostSheets are made from a blend of 60% Supima cotton and 40% Tencel. Both materials are highly breathable, making this an attractive choice for hot sleepers.

Supima cotton is a long-staple variety grown in the U.S. It’s considered the best type of cotton for fabrics due to its softness, strength, and breathability. The GhostSheets manage to capture the advantages of both materials, with the Tencel adding its characteristically silky feel to the classic crispness of the cotton.

The sheets are sold in a choice of gray or white. GhostBed has developed a proprietary GhostGrip elastic on the bottom of the fitted sheet that ensures sheets stay in one place without bunching.

GhostBed offers free shipping but does not accept returns. Larger sizes include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases (twin and twin XL sets come with just one pillowcase).

Eucalypso Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set

Best Deep Pocket

Eucalypso Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set

Eucalypso Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set
Price: $179
Who it's best for:
  • Hot sleepers
  • People who own high-profile mattresses
  • Eco-conscious consumers
  • Tencel fabric with a sateen weave is both breathable and silky-smooth
  • Generous pocket depth makes the set compatible with most mattresses
  • Produced using eco-friendly means and colored with organic dyes
Eucalypso Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set

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If your mattress measures 14 inches or thicker, then a fitted sheet with standard pockets might not be deep enough. This shouldn’t be an issue with the Eucalyptus Classic Sheet Set from Eucalypso, which features a fitted sheet with a pocket depth of up to 18 inches. This range covers the vast majority of mattresses made today, including luxury pillow-tops and other high-profile models that require specialty sheets.

Tencel fabrication with a sateen weave ensures each item in this collection is supremely soft. The sheets and pillowcases are also exceptionally breathable and the Tencel has moisture-wicking properties, so you should be able to sleep comfortably even on hot or humid nights, but a 600 thread count also provides adequate insulation when the temperatures dip.

Seven colors are available, all of which complement the sateen weave’s elegant luster. Organic dyes are used for each palette. You can also choose from six sizes, including a split king if you share an adjustable bed with your sleep partner. All components of the set are fully machine-washable. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, then line dry if possible – but in a pinch you can also tumble dry the items on low heat.

Eucalypso utilizes a closed-loop production process that incorporates recycled water and solvents, which helps the company lower their footprint. Ground delivery is free for customers in the contiguous U.S., and shipping rates are relatively low for those who reside in Alaska or Hawaii. Returns are permitted within 30 days of the purchase date. Unwashed sheets and pillowcases qualify for a full product refund, but you’ll need to pay a processing fee for laundered bedding that amounts to 50% of the set’s original sticker price.

Olive + Crate Natural Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Best All-Season

Olive + Crate Natural Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Olive + Crate Natural Eucalyptus Sheet Set
Price: $150
Material: 100% Tencel lyocell
Weave: Sateen
Who it's best for:
  • Hot sleepers and people who live in warm places
  • Those who own mattresses up to 17.5 inches deep
  • People who prefer soft, smooth bedding
  • Tencel composition and a sateen weave ensures a luxurious, silky-soft feel
  • Exceptional cooling and moisture-wicking
  • 5 color options
Olive + Crate Natural Eucalyptus Sheet Set

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The Olive + Crate Natural Eucalyptus Sheet Set is a prime example of a high-quality bedding collection available at a reasonable price. Each sheet and pillowcase is composed of pure Tencel lyocell in a sateen weave, making this a great set for people with sensitive skin and anyone else who enjoys the feel of soft, smooth bedding.

Thanks to a pocket depth of 17.5 inches, the fitted sheet will be compatible with the vast majority of mattresses sold today. Olive + Crate offers the set in queen, king, and California king sizes. You can also choose from five solid color options.

Each item can be cleaned in your household machines. Simply wash them separately in cold water, then either tumble dry on low or air dry. The sateen weave should help the fabric resist wrinkling. Due to the all-Tencel composition, you may compost your sheets and pillowcases when they reach the end of their lifespan.

The Natural Eucalyptus Sheet Set is competitively priced. Olive + Crate also offers free standard shipping throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as reasonable flat rates for expedited and overnight delivery. Your purchase includes a 60-night trial period, during which you may exchange or return the set if you are not fully satisfied.

What is Tencel?

Tencel is a trademarked brand name that belongs to the Austrian company Lenzing. It refers to several fabrics that are made from wood pulp, most commonly eucalyptus. The wood pulp is dissolved in solvent and regenerated into a semi-synthetic cellulosic fiber. Currently, Tencel comes in two types, lyocell or modal. While these may also be made by other manufacturers, Lenzing is by far the main producer.

The wood pulp used to make Tencel fabric is harvested from sustainably managed plantations and natural forests. Lenzing goes to great lengths to ensure environmentally friendly production every step of the way. This includes minimizing irrigation and pesticides, reusing the solvents from the manufacturing process, and adding recycled cotton scraps to fabrics made with its Refibra technology. Tencel fabrics are biodegradable under the right conditions.

Suitable for people with sensitive skin, Tencel fabrics have a smooth and slinky feel that many people compare to silk. The fibers are strong and durable, and get progressively softer over time. Tencel is also highly absorbent and quick to dry. Its natural moisture-wicking ability helps prevent bacteria growth and maintain a neutral temperature. Tencel has controllable fibrillation that can be modified to give it specific characteristics. This makes for a versatile material with many uses that range from sportswear to bed sheets.

How to Choose Tencel Sheets

As with most bed sheet materials, Tencel can take on different properties depending on how it’s manufactured. We’ll go over how Tencel is produced, the advantages and disadvantages, the different types of Tencel, and other considerations to help you narrow down your search.

What to Consider When Buying Tencel Sheets

Many customers agree that it’s worth spending a little more for sheets that promise extra comfort and durability. However, companies sometimes take advantage of this and sell their bed sheets at luxury prices even if they’re not made with the corresponding quality.

Instead of assuming in good faith that a high price-tag always signals a better product, it’s worthwhile taking some time to understand the basics. In the case of Tencel sheets, arming yourself with information about weave, thread count, and other important factors can guide you to make a smarter choice when buying.

Among sheets made of the same fabric, different weaves confer a different feel. The most common weave for Tencel sheets is sateen, which produces delicate sheets with a slight sheen. You may also see twill Tencel sheets, known for their elegant drape, or percale Tencel sheets, with the standard one-up, one-over weave that’s known for being crisp and breathable.

Sheet material, weave, and other characteristics give each sheet set a distinct feel. Tencel sheets are generally silky-smooth and cooling, but when blended with other materials, they can take on extra characteristics such as added crispness or softness.

Not every sheet set comes in all sizes, so it’s important to double-check this before falling in love with a specific brand. Additionally, if you have an extra-thick mattress, it’s a good idea to check the pocket depth on the fitted sheet. Since the material can be a little slippery, some Tencel bed sheet manufacturers add an extra-thick elastic band to the bottom of the fitted sheet to keep it from sliding off the mattress.

Bed sheets come in a large range of prices, from cheap and cheerful sets to high-end luxury designs. Because they are made from natural materials and require a somewhat complex manufacturing process, Tencel sheets tend to be among the more expensive types. Most people buy at least two sets of bed sheets for laundry days, which is something to take into account when setting a budget.

Thread Count
Thread count is one way to get an initial idea of the feel and durability of your bed sheets. As the story goes, the higher the thread count, the better the quality. However, this isn’t always strictly true, as many companies use double-ply and triple-ply weaves to artificially increase the thread count without improving the quality of the sheets. Good-quality Tencel sheets usually have a thread count of about 300.

Design, Color, and Pattern
Many people would argue there’s no point splashing out for expensive bed sheets if they don’t match your room. The options for Tencel sheets are generally limited to solid natural colors, but luckily these tend to pair well with most bedroom color schemes.

Breathable sheets are especially important for people living in warm climates or sleepers who easily overheat at night. Tencel is breathable and moisture-wicking to boot, making it a strong choice for hot sleepers. To maximize these benefits, choose sheets with a percale weave, which does a better job at temperature regulation.

The durability of a sheet set depends largely on its material, fiber length, and weave. Compared with other cellulose fibers, Tencel is generally quite strong and resistant to tearing. It doesn’t pill like cotton, and it is less likely to shrink, especially after the first wash. For maximum durability, choose a weave like percale that’s less vulnerable to snagging.

Ease of Care
Buying bed sheets that need to be hand-washed or dry cleaned is a major nuisance considering most people wash their sheets every week or two. Tencel sheets do require a bit of delicacy when cleaning. However, if properly treated, they are easy to care for. Pure Tencel sheets can usually be machine-washed and -dried, avoiding hot temperatures and harsh agents like bleach or fabric softener.

What Types of Tencel Sheets are Available?

There are two types of Tencel fabric, lyocell and modal. Each has particular features that sets it apart.

Tencel Lyocell: Tencel lyocell is the latest-generation Tencel fabric. It’s primarily made of eucalyptus, a fast-growing plant that requires less pesticides and irrigation than cotton. In addition to replacing the corrosive solvent with a non-toxic organic compound, lyocell is also processed using a closed-loop system that recycles the water and recovers 99 percent of the solvent to be used again. It’s the latest generation of rayon, and the most commonly used in bed sheets due to its superior moisture-wicking.

Tencel Modal: Modal was created as an answer to rayon. It has a much higher wet tensile strength, which makes it possible to develop finer fabrics without them tearing as compared with other man-made fabrics. Primarily made from beech wood, Tencel modal is used in many applications that require a sleeker, more lightweight feel, such as lingerie.

Tencel Blends: Tencel is often added to fabric blends to increase softness and durability. In bed sheets, Tencel is most commonly blended with cotton, to give the sheets a slightly crisp feel that retains the breathability of the Tencel.

What are the Pros and Cons of Tencel Sheets?

Tencel is popular with environmentally conscious shoppers who value its soft, slinky feel and excellent temperature control. Do the benefits justify the extra cost? Here’s a quick summary of pros and cons.

Pros Cons
    • Temperature regulation: Tencel is a breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin to keep a cool, dry sleeping environment.
    • Soft: Tencel fibers are smooth by nature and cause minimal irritation to people with sensitive skin.
    • Strong: Tencel is stronger than most man-made fabrics, and many Tencel sheets are even stronger than cotton. Tencel sheets tend to hold their color well and resist shrinking.
    • Easy care: Tencel can’t tolerate high temperatures, but it is otherwise easy to care for. It can be machine-washed and won’t wrinkle if properly treated.
    • Eco-friendly: Tencel is produced using sustainable methods that minimize the impact on the environment. The finished product is low in chemicals and some Tencel fabrics can be biodegradable, depending on the dyes that are used.
    • Drapability: Tencel is lightweight and has an elegant drape that’s well suited to bed sheets.
    • Versatile: Beyond its standard sleek feel, Tencel can be mercerized for added strength and shine, or fibrillated to create a soft peach-skin effect.
  • Expensive: While perhaps not as expensive as luxury or Egyptian cotton sheets, Tencel sheets typically come with a higher price-tag than regular cotton or polyester sheets.
  • Harsh dyes: Many Tencel products are made with harsh dyes that stay colorfast over time, but impede their ability to biodegrade.
  • Unique feel: Tencel is great for people who want cool and silky sheets, but those who prefer crisp percale or warm flannel should look elsewhere.
  • Easy to ruin: Tencel is touted as easy to care for and that’s true, but high temperatures are virtually guaranteed to ruin these sheets so they do require careful attention when laundering.

Who is Best Suited to Tencel Sheets?

Tencel’s eco-friendly credentials are one of the main draws for many shoppers. Due to its breathable, lightweight feel and above-average moisture-wicking capabilities, Tencel is also preferred by hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates. Tencel sheets have a flowy drape and a lustrous appearance that make it an elegant choice. Sleepers with sensitive skin appreciate the fabric’s natural softness and low abrasivity.

The main downside to Tencel is the higher price-point, which may deter shoppers who have a limited budget. While it can be altered to give it different characteristics, Tencel doesn’t usually achieve the sharp, crisp feel of cotton percale, the cozy warmth of flannel, or the comfortable rumpled feel of linen. If you’re not a fan of silky smooth bedsheets, Tencel may not be for you.

What is the Ideal Thread Count for Tencel Sheets?

The thread count of a given fabric equals the sum of threads per square inch, both vertical and horizontal. It’s a typical marker of cotton sheets, where a high thread count can indicate longer, thinner fibers that yield a softer, breathable, and more durable cloth. Manufacturers place high importance on thread count in their advertising, but it’s important to know that thread count can be manipulated. It should always be analyzed in the context of material type, fiber length, and other markers.

Tencel sheets can also be measured by thread count, but it’s not such an accurate gauge of quality for this material. The fibers used to make Tencel are naturally much smoother than cotton, so it’s possible to produce a soft and breathable fabric even with a lower thread count. Most Tencel sheets have a thread count ranging between 270 and 300, although it’s not uncommon for a manufacturer to omit this information as it’s not as relevant.

More Frequently Asked Questions About Tencel Sheets

What is the typical price range for Tencel sheets?
Tencel sheets cost between $100 and $200 on average. The price can vary depending on multiple factors including what kind of Tencel is used and whether it’s blended with other materials, such as cotton. Tencel’s price-point is higher than most polyester sheets and closer to that of good-quality cotton or linen sheets.

How long do Tencel sheets last?
Tencel is generally more durable than other synthetic fabrics, and a good set of Tencel sheets can last for years if properly cared for. As it’s a relatively new material compared to cotton, it remains to be seen if Tencel sheets boast the same long lifespan of high-quality cotton.

How do I wash and care for Tencel sheets?
Most Tencel sheets can be machine-washed in cold water on the gentle cycle. Line-drying is best, although some can be tumble-dried on low heat. Removing the sheets from the dryer as soon as they’re dry and placing them immediately on the bed can help reduce wrinkles. Avoid fabric softeners, bleach, and strong detergent, which can harm the fibers. Most Tencel sheets can be ironed on low heat if absolutely necessary, but as a general rule, keep Tencel away from high temperatures as they can ruin the fibers. Always check care instructions before washing for the first time, especially for Tencel blends.

How do Tencel sheets compare to cotton sheets?
Tencel has a sleeker feel than cotton. Cotton sheets differ significantly in feel according to the weave. For example, cotton flannel has a warm and cozy feel, while cotton percale has a characteristically crisp, cool feel. Both materials are breathable, but as Tencel does a better job of wicking moisture, it’s usually preferred by hot sleepers.

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