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NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION — Sleep health is an emerging field of research focused on how we sleep and the benefits it provides to our minds, bodies, and lives. Download our App to monitor your sleep health.

Join us in creating a sleep health movement that aims to empower us all to fully benefit from every hour of sleep. Connect the app to your wearable device or enter hours slept for you or your loved ones manually to accurately and efficiently track the amount of time spent sleeping. Actively monitor your sleep health by sharing the sleep data you collect with friends and family as well as with those who help maintain your wellbeing, including your doctor, therapist, nutritionist, and trainer.

How much sleep do I need?

Monitor your sleep health in accordance with the national Sleep Foundation’s recommendations and learn the latest sleep dos and don’t from the sleeplife App Tips.

How much sleep are you really getting?

Sometimes you need to see it to believe it! The sleeplife App allows you to visualize your sleep patterns as you create and record your personalized sleep data.

How much sleep is everyone else getting?

Easily and effectively compare your sleep data to the sleep habits of men and women of all ages across America.