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Angel Sleeper Pillow

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Ideavillage was founded in 1999 and helped popularize the TV-to-retail model. This company’s brands produce some of the most popular “As Seen on TV” products on the market today. The Copper Fit brand focuses on producing items infused with copper. This material is thought to protect against bacteria and odors, but some also believe it may have other health benefits, like reducing aches and pains. Most of the Copper Fit product line consists of wearables, including compression sleeves, socks, and gloves.

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is currently Copper Fit’s only sleep accessory. This memory foam pillow shapes to the sleeper’s head and neck for comfortable support, while a copper-infused fabric case is designed to help limit bacterial growth. The pillow’s distinctive cutout design makes it easier for side sleepers to rest their arms in a more natural position.

We’ll detail the Angel Sleeper Pillow’s construction, pricing, and performance. We’ll also walk you through some of the most important company policies for shoppers to consider before placing an order.

Angel Sleeper Pillow Review Breakdown

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is middle-of-the-road when it comes to both firmness and thickness. It has a medium feel, which is in the range most side and back sleepers prefer. Similarly, it has a medium loft, measuring 5 inches thick. This should accommodate most side and back sleepers with small- to average-sized heads, but some individuals with larger heads may prefer a thicker model.

As a memory foam pillow, the Angel Sleeper contours closely to the head and neck to limit pressure while supporting neck and spinal alignment. It won’t have the plush feel of many down or down alternative pillows, but it may be a good option for those concerned with support.

The two traits that make the Angel Sleeper Pillow stand out most are its cutout sides and copper-infused cover. Side sleepers who struggle to find a place to rest their arms may appreciate these cutouts since they leave extra room near the head.

Acne sufferers and people concerned with cleanliness and odors may like the copper cover since it is intended to inhibit bacterial growth. Copper also has strong thermal conductivity, which may help pull heat away from the sleeper. However, since the memory foam pillow could trap heat, the cover alone may not be able to regulate temperatures enough for hot sleepers.

Overall, the Angel Sleeper Pillow is conforming, supportive, and innovative, and it’s likely to satisfy many sleepers.

Materials and Options

The table below details the specifics of the Angel Sleeper Pillow’s sizes, thickness, and materials. While the pillow comes in just one loft and firmness, shoppers can select between the two most common pillow sizes.

ProductSize OptionsLoftInterior MaterialsCover Materials
Copper Fit Angel Sleeper PillowStandard, King5”Solid Memory FoamCopper-Infused Polyester

Pricing Information

Pillows can range in price from under $10 to over $200 depending on their quality and materials. Memory foam models typically fall towards the middle of this price range, averaging around $50 or $60 each.

The Angel Sleeper’s price is in line with most similarly constructed models. Since it uses an innovative design and includes a copper-infused cover, it may be a better value than some equivalently priced memory foam models.

While price is an important factor in any purchasing decision, shoppers should try to look at more than this criterion alone. Quality is often more critical since it can affect comfort and durability. Buying inexpensive pillows that need replacing every few months because they become flat or lumpy may ultimately cost more than purchasing a high-quality pillow that can last for a year or more.

Angel Sleeper Pillow Pricing


Pillow Performance Ratings

Shoppers are unlikely to find a pillow that excels in all performance categories. When assessing a model, it is most important to consider what factors you prioritize so that you can see how the pillow stacks up against your personal preferences.

The Angel Sleeper performs well overall, but like any pillow, it has strengths and weaknesses that may make it more appropriate for some sleepers than others.

Its most valuable trait may be its conforming. Not only can this help promote optimal spinal alignment, but it can also distribute the weight of the head more evenly to limit pressure points. The Angel Sleeper also earns strong marks in durability, shape retention, moldability, and odor potential. Its weakest areas are firmness options and temperature control, so it may not be ideal for people who prefer a softer or firmer model and those that sleep hot.

Angel Sleeper Pillow


The Angel Sleeper Pillow should hold up well over time. Like other memory foam models, however, it could develop lasting impressions, especially if you tend to sleep in the same position every night.

Firmness Options

Just one firmness option is available: medium. While this is likely to accommodate the vast majority of sleepers, those who prefer a plusher or firmer feel may need to look elsewhere.

Shape Retention

Memory foam models typically retain their shape well, and the same holds true of the Angel Sleeper. It should return to its original shape when pressure is removed, but indentations could form where you sleep on it most often.


While the Angel Sleeper molds well to the shape of the head and neck, individuals accustomed to down or fiber pillows should be aware that the moldability of memory foam is very different. It automatically adjusts based on heat and weight rather than manual manipulation, so you don’t have to fluff it or bunch it like more conventional pillows. However, this can also mean that you have less control over the precise shape.


Conforming is one of the Angel Sleeper’s biggest strengths. Its memory foam gently cradles the head and neck to support the spine while limiting pressure buildup. Most similarly constructed models should also excel in this category.

Temperature Control

Like most memory foam pillows, the Angel Sleeper may feel too warm to some people. Memory foam’s unique composition and close hug often retain heat, which is then trapped against the head and neck. For many individuals, this may not be a problem, but hot sleepers could find it uncomfortable. The copper-infused pillowcase may regulate temperatures to an extent, but this is unlikely to be significant enough to keep the pillow cool.

Odor Potential

The Angel Sleeper may have a slight initial odor, which is common for products that contain synthetic foam. However, this smell should air out within a few days. If you are sensitive to odors, you may prefer to leave the pillow in a separate well-ventilated room until it finishes off-gassing.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers

The Angel Sleeper’s medium loft and feel are well suited for side sleeping. This pillow should be thick and supportive enough to fill the distance between the head and neck and the mattress to keep the spine aligned. The Angel Sleeper also has the added benefit of a cut-out to give side sleepers a place to rest their arms.

Side sleepers who weigh under 230 pounds are likely to get the best support. Those who weigh more than 230 pounds may be more likely to have broader shoulders or larger heads, so the Angel Sleeper may not be thick or supportive enough for some individuals in this weight group, so it may be difficult for them to keep their necks and spines aligned.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a supportive pillow that prevents their head from slumping back, which could strain the neck and aggravate snoring. However, a pillow that is too thick and/or too firm could push the chin towards the chest and cause discomfort.

Most back sleepers prefer medium to firm pillows with a medium loft. While the Angel Sleeper is an appropriate thickness for most back sleepers, its firmness falls towards the lower end of the ideal range. This may make it most comfortable for back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. Those who weigh over 130 pounds may have heavier heads, which could sink more deeply into the Angel Sleeper’s memory foam. Individuals in this weight group may still find the Angel Sleeper comfortable, it may not be the ideal firmness for them.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers usually need a softer, thinner pillow than those who favor other positions. A pillow that is too firm or too thick could push their head backward, putting pressure on their necks.

The Angel Sleeper’s medium loft and medium firmness may be too much for stomach sleepers from all weight groups. However, some may enjoy its conforming and cushioning and appreciate the cutout space to rest their arms.

Angel Sleeper Pillow

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs.Over 230 lbs.
Side SleepersExcellentExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentGoodGood
Stomach SleepersFairFairFair

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Angel Sleeper Pillow is sold through its official website. It is also sold through Amazon and select third-party vendors, including Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Orders through The Angel Sleeper website ship within the United States.


Orders on two or more pillows ship free within the contiguous United States. Otherwise, a shipping and handling fee applies.

Items typically ship within 30 days of purchase via FedEx or USPS.


Copper Fit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. During this time, customers can return their pillow for a refund of the purchase price minus shipping and handling charges. Sales tax may apply, and customers in Alaska and Hawaii will incur a $10 surcharge.


No warranty policy is available at this time.

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