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Bear Pillow

Bear Pillow

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$125 – $145


Aerated LOFT-X polyfoam



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Bear is an online sleep company founded by a family with more than 25 years of experience in the mattress industry. This company specializes in mattress-in-a-box mattresses, but also carries bed bases and sleep accessories such as mattress protectors, weighted blankets, and pillows.

Bear offers two unique pillow models: the Bear Pillow and the Bear Cloud Pillow. The company’s flagship model, the Bear Pillow, is a solid foam pillow that’s thoughtfully designed to stay cool while offering the supportive, contouring comfort of foam. This pillow comes in both queen and king sizes and has a medium firmness.

The Bear Cloud Pillow is a down alternative pillow. Made with a lofty polyester fiber, this pillow has the cloudlike feel of down. The Bear Cloud Pillow comes in a value two-pack of either standard or king sizes and has a medium soft feel.

Here, we’ll focus on the company’s flagship model, the Bear Pillow, but we’ll also provide you with useful specs on the Bear Cloud Pillow. We’ll cover materials and pricing, in addition to key performance metrics for the Bear Pillow as rated by our team of expert testers.

Bear Pillow Review Breakdown

The Bear Pillow is a well-designed, solid core polyfoam pillow with a polyester blend cover. Its unique Loft-X polyfoam material and breathable cover design make this pillow cool to the touch, highly contouring, and able to hold its shape.

Although the Bear Pillow lacks moldability and more than one firmness option, its design works well for many sleepers. Back and side sleepers in particular will enjoy the balance between contouring comfort and firm support. However, stomach sleepers will likely need a pillow that’s more soft and malleable, like the Bear Cloud Pillow.

Both of Bear’s pillow models come with free shipping and the protection of a 30-night sleep trial and a 2-year limited warranty.

Materials and Options

The Bear Pillow is a cooling pillow made with a solid foam core. The pillow has a medium firmness and is available in both queen and king sizes.

The company uses a proprietary polyfoam material, Loft-X, that boasts the conforming comfort of memory foam with the bounce and aeration of latex. The pillow’s cover features a quilted polyester blend fabric as well as mesh corner panels. This design is intended to promote ventilation and help keep sleepers cool.

The Bear Cloud Pillow is a down alternative pillow that comes in standard and king sizes. This pillow is also only available in one firmness option: medium soft.

The Bear Cloud is made with a 100% polyester construction. The pillow’s interior features a lightweight, fluffy polyester fiber fill. The cover is also made from polyester and includes a 2-inch gusseted design that helps the pillow keep its shape.

Product Size Options LoftInterior Materials Cover Materials
Bear PillowQueen: 15.75” x 25”
King: 15.75” x 35.4”
Queen: 5.5”
King: 5”
Single, Aerated Piece of ‘Loft-X’ PolyfoamPolyester Blend with Mesh Corner Panels
Bear Cloud PillowStandard: 18” x 26”
King: 18” x 34”
N/ADown Alternative Polyester Fibers100% Polyester

Pricing Information

When comparing pillow prices, it’s important to take into account the materials, construction, special features, and options.

At first glance, Bear pillows appear to have higher price-points. However, the pricing for the Bear Cloud includes two pillows, placing this model well within the average range.

The company’s flagship Bear Pillow comes at a much higher price-point, about twice as much as the Bear Cloud. Solid core pillows are more expensive to manufacture. Additionally, the Bear Pillow comes with a higher quality cover featuring a quilted designed and cooling mesh corner panels.

Paying a premium doesn’t always make sense depending on your comfort preferences and budget. However, better materials often result in better durability, which may save you money in the long run.

Bear Pillow Pricing

Bear PillowQueen: $125
King: $145
Bear Cloud PillowStandard: $100 (Two-Pack)
King: $125 (Two-Pack)

Pillow Performance Ratings

If you’re on the hunt for a new pillow, performance should be a priority. Some people only consider how a pillow looks without thinking about its potential impact on their sleep quality. Sleep quality plays a crucial role in your overall physical health. That’s why it’s essential to find a pillow that works well for your body and your unique sleep style.

We’ll focus on the performance ratings of the original Bear Pillow, with crucial feedback from our sleep testers. Overall, the Bear Pillow offers shoppers a moderately durable option with excellent shape retention, close contouring, and a cool feel.

Sleepers who like a supportive pillow that doesn’t require frequent fluffing will enjoy the feel of the Bear Pillow. However, this pillow lacks firmness options and is not suitable for sleepers who enjoy cuddling with a more moldable pillow.

Bear Pillow


The Bear Pillow is a reasonably durable pillow. Made with a solid polyfoam core, this pillow is quite sturdy. However, foam is known to soften and sag over time. As a result, the Bear Pillow is likely to have an average lifespan of about two to three years.

Firmness Options

With only one option, which corresponds to a medium firmness, the Bear Pillow lacks versatility. Pillows that are available in a wider range of firmnesses can meet the needs of a more diverse array of sleepers, but the Bear Pillow unfortunately is limited.

Shape Retention

Pillows with poor shape retention require fluffing to maintain their loft, which can detract from a good night’s sleep. Thanks to the Bear Pillow’s solid foam core, this pillow holds its shape impeccably well throughout the night.


If you’re looking for a malleable pillow for cuddling or leg support, the Bear Pillow is not the best choice. While this pillow’s solid foam core offers great head and neck support, it lacks moldability for those who like to manipulate the shape of their pillow.


One standout feature of polyfoam is its ability to gently cradle and conform to the shape of your body. The Bear Pillow is no exception. Its Loft-X foam provides close contouring support for your head, neck, and shoulders.

Temperature Control

Foam-based pillows and mattresses are frequently associated with overheating. However, the Bear Pillow’s design includes proprietary, aerated Loft-X polyfoam and a quilted cover with mesh ventilation panels. These features give the Bear Pillow a surprisingly cool feel.

Odor Potential

Off-gassing is common for brand new sleep products, especially pillows and mattresses. While not harmful, off-gassing can produce unpleasant odors, and some materials and manufacturing processes create stronger odors than others. We experienced moderate off-gassing with the Bear Pillow, but the smell dissipated fairly quickly.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

In many ways, pillow performance is subjective. That’s because sleepers with different body weights and sleep styles all have unique needs. We’ll focus on the original Bear Pillow and how body weight and sleeping position impact this pillow’s performance.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is one of the most common sleep positions, in addition to being one of the healthiest. Side sleepers tend to enjoy proper spinal alignment throughout the night and are less likely to snore. However, side sleepers still need to ensure that their head and neck receive enough support to maintain alignment with the rest of their back to avoid strain.

Our side sleeping testers found the Bear Pillow’s solid foam core provided excellent support for their head, neck, and shoulders. However the pillow was slightly less comfortable for our testers who weigh over 230 pounds. These sleepers tend to prefer a medium loft pillow, measuring 3 to 5 inches thick. The Bear Pillow is on the higher end of this range.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers of all weights should be pleased with the support provided by the Bear Pillow. Similar to sleeping on your side, back sleeping is conducive to proper spinal alignment but still requires a supportive pillow to keep the head and neck sufficiently elevated. Back sleepers are also prone to snoring, but the right pillow can help keep the airways free from obstruction. The Bear Pillow offers ample support for back sleepers, and its close contouring feel is an added bonus that helps improve comfort.

Stomach Sleepers

While some sleepers find this position to be comfortable, stomach sleeping can place a great amount of strain on the neck and throw the spine out of alignment. This means stomach sleepers should take extra care when choosing a pillow. Unfortunately, most pillows on the market are designed with side and back sleepers in mind. Stomach sleepers tend to need less loft to keep their head and neck in alignment with their shoulders and back. Additionally, sleeping face down requires a softer, more moldable pillow surface.

Our stomach sleeping testers gave the Bear Pillow only average scores for comfort. Our sleep testers weighing over 230 pounds in particular found the pillow loft to be too high, which can lead to neck strain.

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Over 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers ExcellentExcellentGood
Back SleepersExcellentExcellentGood
Stomach SleepersGoodGoodFair

Discounts and Deals

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Bear pillows and other sleep products are available through the company’s website. Bear also operates a showroom in Hoboken, New Jersey, and has retail partner locations in the New York Metro Area; the Washington, D.C. Metro Area; Bernardsville, New Jersey; and Austin, Texas.

Bear ships to the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. The company doesn’t currently offer international shipping


Bear ships to all 50 states. Shipping in the contiguous U.S. is free, but those living in Alaska or Hawaii will need to pay a shipping fee.

The company uses FedEx Ground shipping services. Orders take between one and five business days to arrive once shipped.


The Bear Pillow comes with a 30-night sleep trial so that you can try out your new pillow in the comfort of your home. Your sleep trial begins the day your pillow is delivered.

If you’re not satisfied with your Bear Pillow within the first 30 nights, you can return it for a full refund.

Bear has an online portal to help customers navigate returns. Simply visit the company’s return portal, enter your order number and zip code, select the items you wish to return, and the site will walk you through the steps of their return process.

Customers are responsible for return shipping. Bear doesn’t accept returns after 30 nights.


Bear pillows are protected by a 2-year limited warranty. The company’s warranty only covers defects in manufacturing.

If you discover defects in the workmanship of your pillow within two years of your purchase, you can send it to Bear. If Bear accepts your warranty claim, they will repair or replace your faulty pillow. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs, but the warranty is completely non-prorated.

Only the original owner is covered under Bear’s pillow warranty. Additionally, only pillows purchased directly from Bear or an authorized seller are eligible for the company’s warranty.

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