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Pluto Pillow

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$85 – $105


Ventilated solid foam, hypoallergenic fibers



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The Pluto Pillow is a customizable foam pillow built from scratch for each customer. You are asked to complete a survey with questions about your body type, sleep position, and comfort preferences, as well as whether you’re satisfied with the firmness and loft of your current pillow. Pluto uses your answers to craft a pillow specifically for you. 

The Pluto Pillow’s thickness depends on your survey results, but it will measure at least 1 inch thick. Each version of the pillow is constructed with a solid foam core and down alternative batting. The cover is composed of eucalyptus-derived Tencel fabric. Standard and king sizes are available. 

Pluto Pillow first launched in 2017 with the pillow as its only product. The California-based brand has since expanded to offer additional items such as a non-customizable body pillow, travel-friendly neck pillow, and pillowcases. 

We’ll discuss the Pluto Pillow in detail to help you decide if it’s suited to your needs and preferences. This review also covers prices, available sizes, shipping options, and information about returns and product warranties.

Pluto Pillow Review Breakdown

Many of the best pillows sold today are designed for adjustable loft and firmness, but the Pluto Pillow takes customization to the next level. Each pillow the company produces is specifically created for customers based on their survey responses. The survey inquires about several different factors, including:

  • Your age, height, and weight
  • The construction, loft, and firmness of your current pillow
  • Whether or not you’re satisfied with the thickness and feel of your current pillow
  • The firmness of your mattress
  • If you’re a hot sleeper
  • Whether you prefer a smooth or quilted pillow surface
  • The sleep positions you normally use when falling asleep and waking up

As the survey concludes, you can provide additional information to ensure the pillow’s design meets your needs. Regardless of how you complete the survey, your pillow is composed of a solid foam core and Tencel cover. The pillow may also contain a layer of down alternative batting between the foam and cover to provide extra cushioning.

Although you won’t have an opportunity to view the pillow’s specific construction before you place your order, Pluto allows you to try out the pillow for up to 125 nights. You may initiate a return after testing the pillow for two weeks. 

Materials and Options

The Pluto Pillow is composed of solid foam and down alternative fiber fill encased in a Tencel cover. Specific designs for the pillow vary by customer, but all follow the same general construction. Sizes, loft ranges, and materials are outlined in the table below.

ProductSize OptionsLoftInterior MaterialsCover Materials
Pluto PillowStandard: 24” x 16”
King: 34” x 16”
1” to 12”Solid polyfoam and down alternative fibersTencel

Pricing Information

The Pluto Pillow is designed to accommodate your specific needs and preferences, but the standard and king sizes are sold at a flat-rate cost. Both price-points are on par with other foam pillows sold today, and below average for a customized pillow.

Whether the Pluto Pillow represents good value for your money depends on your specific design. A thin pillow with minimal interior components may not be worth the cost, but a thick pillow with multiple cushioning layers gives you more for your buck. You can also contact Pluto during the trial period to tweak your original design if you’re mostly happy with your pillow but want to make some slight adjustments.

Pluto Pillow Pricing

Pluto PillowStandard: $125
King: $155

Pillow Performance Ratings

The Pluto Pillow is somewhat unique because each model is specifically designed for you based on several factors, sleep position and body type being two of them. Taking this into consideration, four of our team members with differing needs and preferences completed the Pluto Pillow survey. Our entire team then tested each version. 

Firmness selection is a key strength of the Pluto Pillow. The onsite survey gives you the opportunity to choose a pillow based on not only firmness, but also additional factors like sleep position, body type, and the feel of your mattress. Each pillow we evaluated had a distinct feel, ranging from extra soft to firm. Pluto also works with you to adjust the design if you aren’t completely satisfied with the initial results. This level of customization and personal tailoring is rare in the online sleep product industry.

As for other testing categories, the pillow may perform well, poorly, or somewhere in between depending on how it’s designed. For example, a pillow with multiple foam layers may conform closely and alleviate pressure, but is also likely to sleep hot and produce off-gassing odor. If the pillow is firmer, thinner, and constructed with a ventilated foam layer, you can expect cooler sleep and less odor, but pressure relief will probably be minimal.


The pillow’s potential lifespan is somewhat dependent on firmness and thickness, which varies from model to model. That said, the foam is medium density and should perform for 1 to 2 years.

Firmness Options

The Pluto Pillow’s fully customizable design ensures a wide range of firmness options, including some exceptionally soft and exceptionally firm options that are hard to come by in today’s market.

Shape Retention

Shape retention largely depends on your pillow’s internal components and how much space they take up within the cover. If your pillow contains thin layers and there’s a fair amount of empty space inside the cover, you may need to fluff it more frequently than a fuller pillow.


Down alternative clusters pad the space between the foam and cover. This element makes the Pluto Pillow more moldable and squishy than most competing models with solid foam cores.


We found that the Pluto Pillow contours evenly, though how closely depends on the specific design. The firmer pillows we tested felt fairly supportive while conforming to the head and neck, and the softer models sank more.

Temperature Control

Your pillow may contain ventilated and gel-infused foam layers if your survey results indicate you’re a hot sleeper. These foam layers may still trap some heat, but the Tencel cover has moisture-wicking properties and none of our testers experienced uncomfortable heat retention. 

Odor Potential

Most Pluto Pillow’s contain enough foam to produce noticeable off-gassing odor. These smells may take at least a day to dissipate, depending on how much foam is used in the design.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Side Sleepers

Among the four Pluto Pillows we tested, side sleepers on our team preferred the two thickest models. Side sleeping can result in improper alignment if you don’t have sufficient cushioning between your head and downward-facing shoulder. A thicker profile helps pad this space and keep your head and neck aligned with the rest of your spine.

Back Sleepers

The most favorable ratings from our back sleepers went to the Pluto Pillow with a medium feel and mid-level loft. Back sleepers don’t need as much loft as side sleepers, but some elevation is needed to keep the head upright and reduce the potential for pain, pressure points, and snoring. Some of our back sleepers also enjoyed the second-thickest pillow, which had a loft of roughly 7 inches.

Stomach Sleepers

Our stomach sleepers agreed the lowest-profile Pluto Pillow felt most comfortable. This model, which had a loft of about 3 inches, provides decent cushioning without straining the neck. The other three pillows were too thick for our stomach sleepers.

Pluto Pillow

Under 130 lbs.130-230 lbs. Over 230 lbs. 
Side SleepersExcellentExcellentExcellent
Back SleepersExcellentExcellentExcellent
Stomach SleepersExcellentExcellentExcellent

Discounts and Deals

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


The Pluto Pillow is sold exclusively through the brand’s website, and not sold elsewhere online or in any brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll also complete your customer survey on the site.


At this time, Pluto Pillow ships within the contiguous U.S. but not to Alaska or Hawaii. Standard ground delivery for customers in the U.S. is free. You can also order the pillow from a military post office for a fee of up to $30.


The Pluto Pillow comes with a 125-night trial, which begins on the delivery date. You must test the pillow for two weeks before initiating a return. Pluto covers shipping costs and issues a full refund if you return the pillow during the trial period.


The Pluto Pillow is backed by a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects in the core and cover. This warranty is not transferable.

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