Of the many household tasks that we engage in on a regular basis, folding sheets is far from a favorite. Particularly when it comes to folding fitted sheets, the process can seem daunting and often futile. However, with a little know-how, you can up your sheet-folding game. Keep reading to learn how to ditch the wrinkled mess and fold your fitted sheets easily and neatly.

Folding a Fitted Sheet: Step by Step

Follow these simple instructions to learn how to fold a fitted sheet, and rest easy with a well-organized linen closet.

1. Prep

  • On the bed, or a clean floor, lay the sheet down
  • Identify the shorter and longer edges by spreading the sheet out
  • Hold two adjacent corners, on one of the shorter sides of the sheet
  • Stand up, holding the sheet corners up to your chest
  • Position the sheet so that the side facing out (away from you) is inside out
  • Place each hand in one of the corners of the sheet, on the side facing you

2. Fold

  • Draw your right hand over to join your left hand, folding the right hand corner into the left hand
  • Keeping your left hand in the same corner, use your free hand to grab the new fold in the right-hand corner
  • Shake the sheet gently to straighten it out
  • Reach downwards to pick up the lowest-hanging corner, drawing it up to fold it over the fabric in your left hand. At this point, the outward-facing corner should be inside out
  • Draw the last corner up to fold it over the other corners, just as you did with the previous sheet corners. You should now have all four corners held in your left hand

3. Finishing Touches

  • Lay the sheet down on a flat surface, with the elastic side facing up (the elastic will form an L-shape)
  • Fold the flattened sheet in thirds, hiding the elastic and resulting in a rectangular folded sheet. Continue folding into thirds, if desired.

Essentially, you begin with the shorter sides of the sheet, gripping two corners with the elastic facing out. Then, draw your right hand into your left hand, folding the corner in. Grab the newly-created corner, and repeat the fold, straightening things out when necessary. You should have a somewhat rounded rectangular fold now, which you can place on a flat surface with the elastic facing up. Then, simply fold the sheet into thirds, until it reaches the desired size.

Other Tips and Tricks

We now know the basic process for how to fold a fitted sheet. Here are some other useful tips:

  • Fold Promptly: Ideally, you should try to fold your sheets quickly after they come out of the drier. If they are allowed to cool down fully, you’re more likely to end up with wrinkles. They don’t have to be burning hot still, but if you can fold your sheets within 30 minutes or so of pulling them out of the dryer, they will be less wrinkly.
  • Fold in the Bedroom: The easiest place to fold sheets is in your bedroom, as you can utilize the clean, flat surface of the bed itself.
  • Organize: A helpful tip to help keep your linen closet organized is to bundle sheet sets together. To do this, simply leave one pillowcase unfolded, and put the folded fitted sheet, flat sheet, and other pillowcase inside of it.
Thanks for the feedback - we're glad you found our work instructive!

Thanks for the feedback - we're glad you found our work instructive!

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