Jeremy is a sleep product tester with a passion for methodology and data collection.

He’s spent the last three years at Sleep Foundation testing nearly every mattress, pillow, and sheet on the market, and has gained a holistic understanding of how to get the most accurate and universal results possible.

When he’s not working, Jeremy likes to play guitar, climb rocks, and watch old movies.

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A Word From Jeremy

What’s your biggest sleeping pain point?

Every now and then, I struggle to fall asleep for up to several hours. This is usually the result of my mind racing with thoughts as I struggle to feel relaxed. It doesn’t happen too frequently, and once I do fall asleep I usually stay asleep, but it can be particualrly disruptive if I have a lot to do the next day.

What’s your favorite sleep product right now?

I’m a huge fan of the WinkBed Mattress. I’ve never been partial to all-foam beds and the ‘sinking’ sensation they provide. The WinkBed has a more hardy and supportive feeling that I like, but still feels luxurious and pressure-free.

What is your nightly sleep regimen?

It’s important to me that I relax my body and clear my mind before stepping into bed. Around an hour before bedtime, I’ll choose a relaxing, screen-free activity such as reading, meditating, or cleaning + podcast. Bonus points when I brew myself a cup of Valerian tea while I do these activities.

What’s your top sleep tip?

One of the best things you can do to improve your sleep is to maintain consistent bed and wake times. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve messed up my sleep schedule over the weekend by staying up late and sleeping in, struggling to sleep sunday night and being tired all of Monday. It’s not easy for everyone to do, but if you can stay consistnet throughout the week, your brain will know exactly when to get tired and wake up.