Danielle is originally from Vancouver, BC, where she has spent many hours staring at her ceiling trying to fall asleep.

She channels her frustration into researching sleep solutions and sharing insights with fellow insomniacs. Danielle spends her downtime trying out new recipes and working off the calories on the soccer field.

Danielle studied the science of sleep with a degree in psychology at the University of British Columbia

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A Word From Danielle

What’s your biggest sleeping pain point?

I’ve always had trouble falling asleep, mostly due to stress. As a child I remember consistently taking 2 hours after lights-out to fall asleep. It’s gotten a little better, and I’ve learned to accept that sometimes I just can’t fall asleep when I would like to. Instead of worrying about it, I use the time to read a calming book until I drift off.

What’s your favorite sleep product right now?

My Emma mattress! It provides enough pressure relief for my partner, who likes the feel of memory foam. But it’s also responsive enough to allow me to change positions easily, which I really value.

What is your nightly sleep regimen?

My partner goes to sleep before me, so I usually get ready at the same time as he does and then read a book until I feel sleepy. I might have a light snack before bed as well, because I find it very difficult to sleep when I’m hungry.

What’s your top sleep tip?

If you share the bed, I think it’s really important to find a mattress that allows each person to move without waking the other. You can have the best sleep hygiene in the world, but if you wake up every time your partner changes positions, you’re not going to sleep well.