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If you are planning to vacation this summer, chances are you’ll be staying at a hotel. Although it’s fun to see new places or visit with friends and family, staying in a hotel means you are not sleeping in your own. That can be difficult for some people and can interfere with their sleep.

Here are a few tips to help you get a better night’s sleep away from home:

  1. Make sure your hotel provides you with a quiet sleep environment with a supportive bed and a selection of pillows.
  2. Request a room away from elevators to avoid disturbances.
  3. If there is too much noise or other disturbances, ask if you can move to another hotel room.
  4. The bed in your hotel room should only be used for sleeping, just like your bed at home. Reading, working, or eating in bed can make it difficult to sleep because your body associates the bed with those activities.
  5. Travelers should avoid large meals before going to bed.
  6. Hotels should provide black-out curtains and white noise machines in the rooms. If they are not in your room, ask for them.
  7. Consider bringing your own pillows especially if you suffer from neck and back pain. This way you know you will be comfortable.

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