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As useful as trucks already are, buying a high-quality truck mattress extends their utility even further. Truck mattresses are also a must-have for long-haul drivers. Whether you want to catch some sleep on a road trip, stay comfortable when working, or turn your truck into an ultra-convenient “tent” for camping, the right mattress can turn your truck into a bed on wheels.

Just as ordinary mattresses have undergone massive innovation in the past decade, so too have truck mattresses — some can now rival standard beds for comfort and support!

Of course, buying any kind of mattress can be headache-inducing, and truck mattresses add extra questions to the process. To help our readers find a truck mattress in their price range that offers everything they need for a good night’s sleep, we’ve put together a list of the best truck mattresses on the market. Below our list of favorites we’ve also provided a guide to the purchasing process, including details on materials, sizes, pricing, and other important factors to consider before making a decision.

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In-Depth Reviews

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Those who tend to sleep hot on the road

    2. Side and back sleepers

    3. Shoppers looking for non-traditional mattress sizes

  • Highlights

    1. Cooling panel helps regulate the surface temperature

    2. Above-average stability thanks to robust support system

    3. Wide size selection

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Medium Firm (6)

Price Range

$524 – $999

Trial Period

120 nights (30-night requirement)

The Dreamfoam Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding stands out from the competition with features you don’t normally find in an RV mattress. A cooling panel sewn into the surface is designed to absorb and dissipate body heat to maintain a comfortable temperature in any climate. The mattress also has a support core with pocketed coils that circulate air throughout the interior for extra breathability. If you usually sleep hot while in your truck, the Dreamfoam Hybrid could be a very worthwhile investment.

A 10-inch profile makes the mattress thicker and sturdier than many competing truck-friendly models. The coils offer strong reinforcement, especially along the perimeter, and a base layer of high-density polyfoam provides added support and stability. That said, the mattress has a medium firm (6) feel and a plush quilted top, so you won’t need to worry about the surface being too stiff.

The Dreamfoam Hybrid is available in the six standard mattress sizes, as well as other dimensions that are somewhat rare. These include a full XL and short queen for sleepers who want to bridge the gap between a full and a queen mattress, a split California king for couples who share adjustable beds, and three sizes specifically designed for RVs and trucks.

Compared to other hybrids, the Dreamfoam Hybrid is reasonably priced. Brooklyn Bedding also ships mattresses free of charge throughout the contiguous U.S. Each order comes with a 120-night sleep trial, and anyone who keeps the mattress is also entitled to a 10-year warranty against structural defects.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Truckers with low-clearance sleeping compartments

    2. People who weigh up to 230 pounds

    3. Value seekers

  • Highlights

    1. Slim profile and five specialty sizes to accommodate a wide range of sleep compartments

    2. All-foam design with medium firm feel offers a balance of cushioning and support

    3. Affordable pricing

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Medium Firm (6)

Price Range

$469 – $729

Trial Period

120 nights

Truck-friendly mattresses often match standard mattresses in terms of pricing, which is to say they can be somewhat expensive. Then there’s the SleepDog Mattress, a dual-layer all-foam mattress that’s affordably priced in every available size. The mattress is constructed with a memory foam comfort layer over a high-density polyfoam base. A 7-inch profile makes the SleepDog well-suited to sleep compartments with low-lying ceilings that can’t accommodate thicker models.

A breathable cover encases the foam layers while a medium firm (7) feel prevents deep sinkage, so the mattress should sleep reasonably cool and promote decent surface airflow. The thin profile is a good option for people who weigh up to 230 pounds. SleepDog offers six sizes. These include a standard queen, as well as three compact options for sleep areas with limited width and two RV-friendly queen and king sizes.

Standard ground delivery is free for all orders within the contiguous U.S. SleepDog backs each mattress order with a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty that covers structural defects.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Any long-haul driver regardless of their sleep compartment's dimensions

    2. People who prefer a balance of contouring and responsiveness

    3. Hot sleepers

  • Highlights

    1. Cushioned with adaptive, soy-based foam

    2. Soft cover with luxurious suede border

    3. Choose from 60 different sizes

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Medium Firm (6)



Trial Period

120 nights

Truck mattresses aren’t particularly known for their pain-relieving capabilities, but the Park Meadow Pocketed Coil Mattress is an exception. Two layers of plush, soy-based foam cushion the surface and contour to the body, resulting in fewer aches, pains, and pressure points along the spine for side and back sleepers. A quilted cover adds to the luxuriously plush feel of this mattress, but the coils prevent you from sinking excessively and experiencing discomfort from lack of support.

Hot sleepers should also feel comfortable on the mattress. The foam retains a minimal amount of body heat compared to memory foam, while the coils promote consistent airflow throughout the interior. A suede border wraps the surface to give the mattress a soft feel along the sides, as well as an elegant appearance.

Size selection is a major strength of the Park Meadow. You can choose from 60 different dimensions, including nine bunk sizes that are ideal for solo sleepers in trucks, two short queen options, and a three quarter size that bridges the gap between a twin and full mattress. Mattress Insider suggests contacting the company if you need a different size than those listed.

Prices vary by size, but all options are relatively affordable compared to the average hybrid model. Mattress Insider also provides free ground shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. The company’s sleep trial spans 120 nights in length, and the mattress is further backed by a 20-year warranty.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Couples

    2. Sleepers who share their bed with a pet

    3. Those seeking a machine-washable cover

  • Highlights

    1. Dual foam layers conform closely and promote pressure relief

    2. Available in three sizes

    3. Folds up easily for storage

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Firm (7)

Price Range

$499 – $599

Trial Period

100 nights

The Hest Dually is a foam mattress designed to comfortably accommodate two sleepers. Available in three different size options, this versatile model is compatible with sleep spaces in a variety of dimensions.

The Dually is 8 inches thick and contains two foam layers that conform closely to your body. A memory foam layer on top deeply cradles your body, while a higher density polyfoam layer below generates support. The overall strong contouring helps relieve pressure buildup in sensitive areas like your shoulders, hips, and spine. The nylon twill cover is designed to resist water and dirt, with a bottom coating of polyurethane for durability. You may remove and machine wash the cover as needed.

You can choose from three size options. The Short model measures 50 inches wide by 64 inches long, while the Long option is 50 inches wide and 78 inches long. The Wide model adds nearly an extra foot to the width, measuring 60 inches wide by 72 inches long. One of our favorite parts of this mattress is the user-friendly folding design. The bed folds in half for easy storage, with sturdy handles for portability. It also includes thoughtful features such as a stash pocket to hold your phone, keys, and other small items at night.

Hest offers free shipping to addresses in the contiguous U.S. The mattress may be returned within 100 days. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. All sleepers, regardless of weight or position preference

    2. Customers who don't need a wide variety of size options

    3. Anyone who has found other truck mattresses uncomfortable

  • Highlights

    1. Flippable design with a medium soft and a firm side

    2. Close-contouring gel memory foam eases pressure

    3. 120-night trial period

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)



Trial Period

120 Nights

Truck mattresses generally have a thin profile for ease of use, but the SleepDog BigDawg’s 9 inches of premium foam make this flippable mattress exceptionally comfortable regardless of your weight or sleep position preference. One of the BigDawg’s sides has a medium soft feel, and the other has a firm feel. While appealing to all types of sleepers, this is particularly good news for stomach sleepers and people who weigh more than 230 pounds, two groups of people who often find other truck mattresses uncomfortable.

The BigDawg is built from a 5-inch core of polyfoam, and each of its sides offers a layer of gel-infused memory foam for soothing pressure relief after a long day of driving. The soft side adds further comfort in the form of a 2-inch quilted foam layer, offering a plush sleep surface with a lightly contoured, cradling feel. The mattress’s overall thickness also plays its own role in how it feels, as it prevents sleepers from sinking uncomfortably far into the mattress and feeling it compress against the hard cab or truck bed.

While ideal for most sleepers, the BigDawg may not be right for your truck. In comparison to the other mattresses on this list, it is available in only seven sizes: four non-standard sizes, queen, RV queen, and RV king. However, anyone who is happy with its price tag and sizing is unlikely to find a more comfortable truck mattress on the market.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Those looking for a mattress with precise customization parameters

    2. Hot sleepers

    3. Truck owners seeking a made-to-order mattress with a trial period

  • Highlights

    1. Choose from 11 different models ranging from affordable to luxurious

    2. Dozens of width and length options to ensure an ideal fit

    3. All models reinforced with sturdy pocketed coils

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Soft (3), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)

Trial Period

100 nights

Most truck beds fall into short, standard, or long categories — but as many long-haulers can attest, dimensions can vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle. If your bed’s width and length fall outside the norm, you may need to invest in a custom-made mattress to prevent feeling cramped or sliding around during the night. Custom Mattress Makers offer a total of 11 hybrid mattress models that cover a wide range of designs, firmness levels, and price-points.

Each mattress can be customized for a width of 20 to 78 inches, and a length of 50 to 84 inches. The final price depends on the specific dimensions you select. You can order angled, notched, or rounded corners to account for any bed features that won’t accommodate a mattress with a traditional rectangular shape.

The “Basics” collection is most affordable, consisting of two low-profile hybrids with fairly firm surfaces. Models in the “Performance” collection cost slightly more, but you can choose from three firmness levels and profiles ranging from 8.5 to 10 inches. The more expensive “Premium” and “Ultimate” collections feature thicker mattresses made from luxurious materials such as gel-infused memory foam and latex. All hybrids are reinforced with robust pocketed coils that generate steady airflow to help you stay cool.

Custom Mattress Makers provides free ground shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. Each mattress comes with a sleep trial spanning 100 nights in length. Comparatively, many brands that sell made-to-order models offer shorter trials, if any at all. Basics, Performance, and Premium collection mattresses are backed by 10-year warranties with 5 years of non-prorated coverage, whereas Ultimate mattresses are backed by fully non-prorated 10-year warranties.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. People with persistent shoulder, lower back, or hip pain

    2. Hot sleepers

    3. Shoppers looking for a truck mattress with a lengthy sleep trial

  • Highlights

    1. All-foam design excels at pressure relief and motion isolation

    2. Available in two profiles and 20 different sizes

    3. Each order includes a year-long trial period

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Medium (5), Medium Firm (6)

Trial Period

365 nights

If you’re shopping for a truck mattress, finding a model that’s compatible with your vehicle’s bed frame is key. The Gel Foam Truck Mattress from Mattress Insider is available in 20 different sizes. In addition to standard mattress dimensions, you can select from specialty sizes. These options range in width from 28 to 76 inches, and in length from 74 to 84 inches. Several options are equally suitable for trucks or RVs. Additionally, you can choose a profile of 8 or 11.5 inches depending on your mattress height needs and preferences.

All versions of the mattress feature comfort layers of adaptive memory foam that respond slowly to your body and contour closely for optimal spinal alignment and less pressure along the spine. The 11.5-inch profile provides a medium (5) feel, while the 8-inch profile has a medium firm (6) feel. We recommend the latter to side and back sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds. If you use one or both of these positions and weigh less than 130 pounds, then the softer feel will likely be more suitable. The foam layers alleviate pressure well, so either option should feel comfortable for people with shoulder, lower back, or hip pain.

The memory foam is infused with cooling gel intended to dissipate body heat on contact. Another cooling component is the cover, which is composed of breathable organic cotton. Our testing team found that this mattress regulates temperature very well compared to the average all-foam model. Motion isolation was another highlight of our hands-on tests. Due to minimal response from the comfort layer, testers noticed little to no motion transfer when lying side by side with someone else.

Prices vary by size and thickness, but overall the Gel Foam Truck Mattress is competitively priced. Shoppers in the contiguous U.S. also receive free ground delivery with their order. Mattress Insider offers a generous sleep trial with this mattress, allowing you to test it out for up to 365 nights before deciding whether to return it or keep it. If you opt for the latter, the mattress is further backed by a 15-year warranty.

What is a Truck Mattress?

Truck mattresses are designed to turn a truck bed or a semi-truck cab into a comfortable and cozy place to settle down for the night. Drivers use them for a wide range of reasons — resting on a road trip, camping, sleeping on a long-haul drive, or just relaxing — and there’s an equally wide range of options to choose from.

Inflatable mattresses used to be the most common variety and are still available for purchase, but innerspring and all-foam models have gained in popularity thanks to their improved durability, comfort, and support. Many are flippable to offer two different firmness options for changing preferences or different sleepers, and other features — such as gripping covers and lightweight designs — are designed to appeal to different needs. Most truck mattresses are also available in many different sizes for a near-custom fit regardless of whether you’re driving a pickup or a semi.

Dive Deeper – In-Depth Mattress Guides

If you’d like to broaden your search for a bed beyond truck mattresses, take a look at our other guides broken down by mattress type.

How to Choose a Truck Mattress

Buying any mattress can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated, and truck mattresses are no different. With so many models to choose from, it can be difficult to know what will work best for your needs. To help our readers choose a truck mattress that will offer them many nights of comfortable sleep, we’ve put together a guide to the most important factors to keep in mind when making a purchase.

What to Look For in a Mattress

The most important things to look for in a truck mattress aren’t that different from the most important factors when buying a mattress for your ordinary bed. When reviewing mattresses, we judge them in a range of categories — some of these may be more important to you, or less, but each is crucial to consider before making a purchase.

Mattress companies have their own vocabulary which can sometimes be misleading, such as touting their non-descript “comfort” or claiming to be supportive for every sleeper. Instead of relying on these marketing claims, focus instead on your specific sleep needs to make the right choice.

Shoppers seeking a cheap mattress will be delighted to find that truck mattresses tend to be less expensive than their ordinary counterparts. This is because they are usually both smaller and thinner than at-home beds. Price ranges can vary dramatically between different models, and different types of mattresses (such as inflatable, innerspring, and foam) also have their own average prices. For a high-quality, non-inflatable truck mattress, customers should expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to just under $1000.

Sleeping Position
Mattress suitability is very personal and based on many different factors, but one of the most critical of these is your preferred sleeping position. For example, side sleepers tend to require significant pressure relief to eliminate pressure points at the hip and shoulder, while back sleepers usually prefer beds with light contouring and solid full-body support. Stomach sleepers tend to land in-between, requiring significant pelvic support paired with excellent pressure relief for the arms and shoulders.

Quality Materials
Although all beds should be made well with high-quality materials, truck mattresses should be particularly durable. No matter how you’re planning to use your truck mattress, pay close attention to the materials used in its construction to ensure they’ll stand up to regular use.

Instead of the standard sizes used by the mattress industry, truck mattresses are usually described by their dimensions in inches. Most brands are available in many sizes to fit standard truck bed or semi-truck cab sizes, but customers should double-check their vehicle before purchase to ensure they’ve made the right choice.

Firmness Level
People who weigh more usually prefer firmer mattresses than people who weigh less than 130 pounds, but firmness preferences are very personal and can even change over time. Many truck mattresses are flippable to offer dual firmness options, while others are available in a single firmness meant to appeal to a wider range of sleepers.

Pressure Relief
Memory foam has soared in popularity thanks to the way its deep contouring cradles the body and eliminates aches and pains from the pressure of your body. However, well-designed innerspring models can also offer enough relief for most people. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers tend to require more pressure relief than back sleepers.

Motion Isolation
This category refers to how well a mattress prevents your sleep partner from noticing when you change positions, roll over, or climb out of bed. All-foam beds usually have the best performance, since the linked coils of an innerspring mattress transfer motion mechanically regardless of any foam layers.

Temperature Regulation
Staying cool and breezy in the heat or warm in the cold is important regardless of where you sleep, but this can be a particularly important factor for truck mattresses. Innerspring beds are a good choice if airflow is important to you, as foam beds contour to the body for less airflow and a warmer sleep.

Contouring is the difference between feeling as though you are sleeping “on” or “in” a mattress. Highly-contouring materials like memory foam create a cradle that hugs the body regardless of firmness, while inflatable mattresses create a bouncy surface with very minor contouring. Innerspring mattresses usually have minimal contouring unless they are made with a foam comfort layer.

Mattress Type
As described above, the three most popular types of truck mattresses — inflatable, innerspring, and foam — have specific upsides and drawbacks. We recommend innerspring and foam models for comfort and support, but deciding on a mattress type is a personal decision that will largely determine the way your mattress feels.

Consider the Climate

Your bedding and mattress might keep you warm in cold weather, but will your truck mattress be kept warm as well? In very cold temperatures, innerspring mattresses perform better than foam or inflatable models. Inflatable mattresses can become brittle in freezing weather and much more prone to punctures, while foam tightens and becomes very hard when the temperatures drop. Some mattress manufacturers fight this with foam designed to function better at all temperatures, but cold-weather campers may still prefer the reliability of an innerspring. Semi-trucks tend to be better insulated, giving long-haul truckers a wider range of mattresses to choose from even when driving in the snow.

What Sizes of Truck Mattresses are Available?

As previously discussed, the sizes of truck mattresses are described by exact measurements rather than single-word labels like “queen”. Even if your truck seems as though it would fit a standard at-home mattress, the measurements are likely different by just enough to make a truck mattress the better choice.

Truck bed and semi-truck sleeper sizes are broadly standardized, but they do differ slightly depending on your truck’s manufacturer and model. Because of this, it’s important to measure your available space before making your choice. Most truck mattresses are available in a wide range of sizes.

Truck Bed Sizes

Most trucks have a short, standard, or long truck bed. These have standard dimensions that differ slightly between manufacturers and models, and truck mattress companies reflect these differences by offering multiple sizing options. However, many sizes are based on semi-truck sizing and therefore may not fit your pickup perfectly.

Customers should measure their truck bed’s length and width (between the wheel wells, which tends to be 42 inches) before making a purchase, but should also measure and consider the height of a mattress as well. Depending on what kind of cover you’ll be sleeping under, some of the thicker mattresses may leave you with very little overhead space. Keep this in mind when purchasing, particularly since some of the more comfortable mattresses tend to have a thicker profile.

Short Truck BedStandard Truck BedLong Truck Bed
Truck Bed Dimensions68″ x 64″77″ x 64″96″ x 64″
Recommended Mattress Dimensions66″ x 38″75″ x 34″86″ x 38″

What Types of Mattresses Are Best for Trucks?

As mentioned previously, there are three major types of mattresses used for trucks: inflatable, innerspring, and all-foam. We’ll be focusing on the latter two varieties, since inflatable mattresses offer significantly less comfort and support than the others.

Each type of mattress has its own upsides and downsides, making it critical to choose one that suits your needs the best. That said, different models will also vary in what they offer. For example, foam mattresses tend to sleep warmer than innersprings, but some luxury foam models counteract this tendency with innovative designs or materials.

Regardless of the mattress type you choose, there are some qualities shared by all truck mattresses. They should be lightweight and compact to make it easier to move and store them, they should be comfortable in a range of temperatures, and should have a lower profile than standard beds to accommodate minimal overhead space under a camping shell.


Definition: All-foam mattresses are made using polyfoam or a combination of polyfoam and memory foam. They usually have a high-density polyfoam support core for stability and support, with less-dense comfort layers (on both sides for flippable mattresses) to provide a softer sleep surface with soothing pressure relief.


Definition: Innerspring mattresses are built from a support core of interlocking steel springs. This traditional mattress type tends to be among the least expensive varieties while offering good support for a wide variety of sleepers. They feature a range of comfort systems, with the most common being a pillow-top or a layer of foam.

Highlight: In addition to being priced lower than all-foam models, innerspring mattresses are exceptionally durable and temperature-resistant. While foam beds can seize up and become uncomfortable hard in very cold weather, innerspring mattresses — particularly those with pillow-top comfort layers — remain in working condition regardless of the conditions outside.

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Mattresses

How Much do Truck Mattresses Cost?

Just like ordinary mattresses, truck mattresses are available at a wide range of price-points. They usually run from under $100 for an inexpensive air mattress, to just under $1000 for the most luxurious all-foam options. While the most budget-friendly in the short term, inflatable mattresses tend to be far less durable than innerspring or all-foam options. Coupled with their comparative lack of comfort and support, we don’t suggest inflatable mattresses except as very temporary options. Innerspring models are often very similar in price, but will offer a better sleep for far longer.

In addition to the cost of a mattress, there may be other costs associated with making your truck mattress-ready. Make sure to set aside part of your budget for cleaning, securing your mattress, or buying a topper if necessary.

Do I Need to Use a Truck Topper or Camper Shell With My Truck Mattress?

While sleeping under the stars may seem romantic, in practice it tends to be damp, unsafe, and uncomfortable. A truck topper or camper shell solves these problems without breaking the bank, since they are often available secondhand, and inexpensive but practical models are available for under $100. The most important considerations when buying a shell or topper are strength, available headroom, weatherproofing, insulation, and ventilation.

Do I Need a Truck Mattress or an RV or Camper?

Deciding between sleeping in your truck bed and purchasing an RV or a camper can be surprisingly difficult. RVs and camper trailers are significantly more expensive, can be difficult to move and store, and require much more maintenance. However, they do offer an all-in-one camping experience that even the most comfortable truck mattress and shell combination can’t replicate.

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