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People buying a new bed have thousands of options to choose from, but there’s still a place for custom mattresses and countless reasons why someone might choose one. Whether you are looking for a bed in a nonstandard shape or size, need greater control over firmness or materials, or want someone to create the bed you haven’t been able to find, a custom mattress offers the flexibility and control you need.

That said, more control over the final product can mean a more stressful buying experience. People looking for a custom bed must first decide on a manufacturer, which often requires an in-depth understanding of mattress construction as well as their own needs. They are then faced with the customization process, which can sometimes be time-consuming and overwhelming.

To help shoppers create the best custom mattress for their needs, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite custom mattress manufacturers. We’ll also break down the different types of custom mattresses and all the information you need to confidently design your custom bed.

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In-Depth Reviews

“Custom Mattress Makers offers a wide range of mattresses with varying firmness levels, and profiles. You can also opt for angled, notched, or radius corners if you’re purchasing a mattress for in-vehicle use, and the company’s generous sleep trial ensures ample time to test out your new purchase.” – Colin Simpson, Product Research Manager

  • Pros

    1. More than a dozen mattress models

    2. Custom length, width, and corner options

    3. Budget-friendly pricing

  • Cons

    1. Potentially long wait times due to customized designs

    2. Size variances of up to 1 inch may occur

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Soft (3), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)

Trial Period

100 nights

As the name implies, Custom Mattress Makers sells custom beds. Their range of 14 mattresses can be purchased in standard sizes, or custom-made to your preferred length and width. These handmade mattresses offer an appealing balance between value and quality.

The Ultimate and Premium collections feature variations of the Cocoa design. All of these models have a hybrid construction with Bolsa coils. Both collections come in soft (3), medium (5), and medium firm (6) feels to appeal to most sleepers, regardless of their weight or preferred sleep position.

The Balanced collection includes the Ozona, Clearwater, and Daytona models. These beds have a similar construction, featuring gel-infused padding and memory foam over Bolsa coils. Each mattress in the collection has a distinct firmness level. The Ozona is the plushest model, the Clearwater has a medium feel, and the Daytona is the firmest.

Mattresses in the Low-Profile collection have the most affordable price-points and thinnest profiles. The Cape fits a quilted foam comfort system and steel coil core into a 6-inch profile. Meanwhile, the Largo has an all-foam design and medium feel intended for temporary use. This collection also includes a 5-inch sofa bed.

Custom Mattress Makers allows shoppers to customize the width, length, height, and firmness of all models. They also take requests for angled corner cuts, notched corners, and radius corners. Most mattresses take 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture and package. Custom Mattress Makers currently ships for free within the contiguous U.S. states. All custom mattresses come with a 100-night guarantee, as well a 10-year limited warranty that covers impressions deeper than 1.5 inches and other manufacturing defects.

“Mattress Insider takes customization to the next level with their extensive options for personalized models. From the interior and cover materials to the overall size and shape, you have a say regarding every quality and feature that goes into your mattress.” – Logan Foley, Editorial Director

  • Pros

    1. Fully custom mattress from start to finish

    2. Choose preferred firmness level, materials, mattress style and more

    3. 10-year warranty with all purchases

  • Cons

    1. No trial period available

    2. May not be practical for those seeking a standard mattress size

Mattress Type

Foam, Hybrid

Firmness Options

Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)

Trial Period


Mattress Insider is a Colorado-based mattress manufacturer that offers both unusually sized mattresses — such as truck/RV and oversized mattresses — and start-to-finish customization services.

Customers who order through Mattress Insider have full control over their mattress design. This begins with the type of mattress, and the company offers common varieties like foam, innerspring, and latex. Mattresses can be purchased in any custom dimensions a customer requires, including beveling and overall shape. Given that many custom manufacturers only allow for length and width customization, this in-depth control is likely to make Mattress Insider an attractive choice for those buying a mattress to fit antique furniture or any unusually shaped space.

Along with mattress type and dimensions, customers can choose their preferred firmness level for comfort and support. They can also choose among Mattress Insider’s three cover options: organic cotton, moisture-wicking polyester, and bamboo-derived rayon.

Mattress Insider also sells custom mattresses for hospital beds, rollaway beds, cots, sofa beds, and other nonstandard frames. Not all customization details may be available for all frames, but the company provides a greater range of options than many of its competitors.

Most custom mattress orders are completed within 5 to 7 business days, though more complex creations may take longer to manufacture. Free shipping through FedEx is available within all 50 states, and Canadian shipping is available for an additional shipping and handling fee. Most U.S. customers receive their mattress 2 to 5 days after it has shipped, depending on the destination. Mattress Insider does not provide a sleep trial for its custom orders, but each mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty.

“Those seeking a customized latex mattress should consider the Dual-Density model from Custom Sleep Technology, which features a distinct firmness level on each side of the bed. This split style is ideal for couples who differ in their firmness preferences.” – Jeremy Klein, Senior Product Testing Manager

  • Pros

    1. Couple-friendly design available in 12 dual-firmness configurations

    2. All-latex construction ensures exceptional responsiveness and durability

    3. Minimal heat retention and a moisture-wicking cover help the mattress sleep cool

  • Cons

    1. No returns or exchanges allowed after initial point of purchase

    2. Only available in queen, king, and California king sizes

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8)

Trial Period


If you seek out a custom mattress, chances are you’re hoping for a sleep surface that meets your specific comfort preferences. The Serenity Dual-Density Latex Mattress from Custom Sleep Technology allows you to choose from 12 different designs, each with a different firmness level on each side to ensure you and your partner can sleep comfortably. Three layers of latex make up each mattress. The latex gently conforms to your body but won’t sink or hug too closely like memory foam, and it produces a light bounce in response to movement that helps you easily change positions.

Each side of the Serenity is available in medium soft (4), medium (5), medium firm (6) or firm (8) designs. The three layers feel progressively denser, so you’ll notice some light cushioning when you get into bed and more pushback as your body settles into the mattress. We recommend a softer feel if you’re a side sleeper or weigh less than 130 pounds, and a firmer feel for back and stomach sleepers and those who weigh at least 130 pounds.

The Serenity should also meet the needs of hot sleepers. Latex doesn’t retain as much heat as foam, and all three layers are encased in breathable organic cotton shells. Another cooling component is the outer cover made from moisture-wicking Tencel, a fabric derived from eucalyptus. Our tests show the firmer designs provide the best thermoregulation because you won’t sink as deeply into their surfaces, but all of the Serenity’s configurations should maintain a comfortable temperature.

Queen, king, and California king sizes are available. Custom Sleep Technology offers free ground shipping for customers in the contiguous U.S. While there isn’t a trial period, all orders are backed by 10-year warranties against structural and material defects.

“Tochta is a budget-friendly option for shoppers seeking a customized all-foam mattress. Our team was particularly impressed with the Utopia, which combines foam and latex for a nice balance of cushioning, support, and bounce.” – Colin Simpson, Product Research Manager

  • Pros

    1. Choice between three organic latex mattresses, with pillow-top and hybrid options

    2. Materials hold GOTS certifications

    3. Interchangeable layers allow you to customize the firmness level

  • Cons

    1. Limited options for those seeking an exceptionally soft design

    2. Not ideal for sleepers who prefer a deep hug from their mattress

Mattress Type

Hybrid, Latex

Firmness Options

Soft (3), Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)

Trial Period

90 nights (30-night requirement)

Naturepedic EOS Customizable Mattresses are latex beds that come in three design options: Trilux all-latex, Classic hybrid, and Pillow-Top. All three have interchangeable layers that let you adjust the firmness level to suit your needs. This made the Customizable Mattresses appealing to most of our testers across sleeping positions and body types.

The 12-inch Classic model features GOTS-certified organic wool, plant-based material, and a thinner comfort layer of organic latex that gently cradle the body to relieve pressure. These layers rest over a robust pocketed coil system sandwiched between two layers of GOTS-certified organic cotton for enhanced breathability. This model is adjustable between medium soft (4) and firm (8) feels.

The Pillow-Top model features the same materials as the Classic, but the latex layer is thicker than the Classic model. The comfort layers are also placed inside a plush pillow-top for extra cushioning. You can adjust this model between soft (3) and firm (7) feels. The Trilux model replaces the coils and one of the organic cotton layers in the comfort system with two layers of organic latex. This model can be adjusted between medium soft (4) and firm (8) feels.

Our testing found the customizable mattresses suitable for most sleepers, but those who prefer an exceptionally soft feel may wish to opt for the Pillow-Top model over the two others. All three excelled in our temperature control, edge support, and ease of movement tests. Latex mattresses tend to be great options for couples who value responsiveness for sex, and the Customizable Mattresses are no exception. We found we could move across the mattresses without restriction or sinking along the edges. The naturally breathable materials also made the mattresses hits with our hot-sleeping testers.

Naturepedic ships free to customers in the contiguous U.S. The Customizable Mattresses are backed by 90-night sleep trials and 20-year warranties against structural defects.

“Tochta is a budget-friendly option for shoppers seeking a customized all-foam mattress. Our team was particularly impressed with the Utopia, which combines foam and latex for a nice balance of cushioning, support, and bounce.” – Colin Simpson, Product Research Manager

  • Pros

    1. Choice of three customizable mattresses

    2. Divini model can be adjusted at home to customize feel over time

    3. All models have a 10-year limited warranty

  • Cons

    1. No coil designs available

    2. Available heights limited to low-profile options

Mattress Type


Firmness Options


Trial Period

100 nights

U.S.-based mattress manufacturer Tochta offers a range of three customizable mattresses, direct from their South Carolina factory. The company has been in operation for 25 years, with a user-friendly design process that allows streamlined customization without overwhelming the shopper.

Each of Tochta’s three mattresses have an all-foam construction. All three are available in standard sizes, but shoppers can also customize the dimensions and corner shapes.

Tochta’s budget-friendly option, the Journey, has a gel memory foam comfort layer and a balanced, medium firm feel that should appeal to most sleepers above 130 pounds regardless of their preferred sleep position. Tochta’s most popular mattress, the Utopia, combines gel memory foam and latex comfort layers for a responsive medium firm feel that has more bounce than most all-foam beds. Like the Journey, the Utopia should be suitable for most sleepers over 130 pounds.

The Divini is Tochta’s most customizable mattress. Its dual-zone construction allows customers to choose a firmness level for each side of the bed, ranging from ultra-soft to ultra-firm. Should your firmness needs change over time, you can take the Divini apart to rearrange the high-density polyfoam support layers under the gel memory foam comfort layer to change the overall feel. The support core has a raised perimeter that keeps each layer in place while providing above-average edge support. Customers also have the option of an 8-inch or 10-inch profile.

Tochta currently ships for free within the contiguous states. Additional charges apply for mattresses shipped to Alaska and Hawaii. The company provides a 100-night sleep trial, during which time customers can return their undamaged mattress for a full refund. All mattresses have a 10-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects, including lingering impressions greater than 1.5 inches.

“Thanks to its adjustable air chambers, the iSense Hybrid Premier is one of the most customizable coil mattresses we’ve tested. The embedded sensors are an added bonus — you can track your personal data and modify your nighttime routine accordingly.” – Brad Nehring, Senior Product Manager

  • Pros

    1. Air cylinders let you adjust the firmness on both sides

    2. Embedded sensors track your sleep data

    3. Six couple-friendly sizes including split and flex-head options

  • Cons

    1. Strong off-gassing may occur after unboxing

    2. Expensive pricing may be a dealbreaker for shoppers with tight budgets

Mattress Type


Firmness Options

Soft (3), Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm(6), Firm (7)

Trial Period

180 Night

iSense’s Hybrid Premier combines the adjustable chambers of classic airbeds with the unparalleled support of steel coils. The result is a mattress that provides your ideal level of cushioning on the surface without sacrificing stability or temperature control. Sensors embedded in the mattress also track your sleep position changes, heart and breathing rate, and other data points. You’ll receive a daily score each morning based on the previous night’s sleep quality and duration.

The Hybrid Premier begins with a comfort layer of adaptive foam that contours evenly to your body’s unique curves. This foam has an open-cell composition, so bothersome heat retention shouldn’t be an issue. A total of 14 cylindrical air chambers rest beneath the foam. You can add or remove air from each chamber to change how that part of the mattress feels. This makes the Hybrid Premier particularly well suited to couples with different firmness preferences.

You can adjust the firmness of each chamber between soft (3), medium soft (4), medium (5), medium firm (6), and firm (7). Pocketed coils with a dense foam encasement provide robust support regardless of your preferred levels. The cover is composed of a stretchy poly-spandex blend. You’ll need the iSense companion app — free to download on iOS and Android devices — to access your sleep data and other features, such as sleep coaching programs. Seven sizes are available, including standard queen, king, and California king options for couples. You can also opt for a flex-head king, split king, or flex-head California king if you and your partner share an adjustable bed.

The Hybrid Premier’s expensive sticker price reflects its cutting-edge, customizable design, but those in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free ground shipping with their purchase. You’ll also receive a generous sleep trial allowing you to test the mattress for up to 180 nights before deciding whether to return it for a refund or keep it. If you opt for the latter, your mattress is further covered under a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Dive Deeper – In-Depth Mattress Guides

If you’d like to expand your search for a bed beyond custom mattress options, take a look at our other recommendations broken down by mattress type.

What is a Custom Mattress?

A custom mattress can mean different things depending on the manufacturer. For many, the term refers to mattresses available in an exceptionally wide range of sizes. These are often used for specific purposes, such as RV or truck beds and nonstandard bed frames, as well as unusually shaped rooms.

The next tier of customization usually involves personalizing a bed’s firmness. While many standard mattresses are available in a range of firmness options, a customized bed often allows customers to choose their desired firmness without restriction. This can be applied to the whole sleep surface or split sides of the bed, depending on the manufacturer. The mattress itself can usually be bought in standard or custom sizes.

An entirely custom bed allows start-to-finish customization. Customers are given a choice of materials, firmness, shape, and other important options. This type of bed is particularly suitable for people with unique requests, like heart-shaped beds, or beds intended to fit snugly in antique frames, boat holds, or other uncommon places.

Custom vs. Customizable

Custom mattresses differ from the customizable mattresses shoppers might find on the market. Customizable mattresses provide buyers with a selection of predetermined options to choose from, including toppers, firmness options, height, and design. While these beds provide a greater range of choices for shoppers in search of the perfect bed, they are not considered custom-made.

How to Choose a Custom Mattress

Custom mattresses are unique by nature, but there are still common factors that all potential buyers should consider. Choosing the best custom-made mattress requires an understanding of what to look for in a mattress. We’ll walk you through some of the most important considerations, and how these factors may differ between custom and standard mattresses. We’ll also explain the different kinds of custom mattresses on the market to give you a broad overview of your options

What to Look For in a Custom Mattress

Mattress manufacturers are in the business of marketing their products, and many use marketing terms that are often unhelpful or misleading. While many companies will market their products as universally comfortable, every sleeper has different needs. What is comfortable for one person may cause a restless night for another sleeper.

Rather than relying on marketing, consider your unique needs and preferences, in addition to price, quality, and other factors, to find the best custom mattress for your needs.

Custom mattresses are generally more expensive than the average standard or customizable mattresses, but value-priced custom models can still come in well below the cost of a luxury bed. Price tends to be dependent on the level of customization, as custom-sized beds are usually less expensive than those with firmness or corner customizations. Start-to-finish customization can range in price widely depending on your choices. Most manufacturers offer quotes to give you a better idea of what your custom bed may cost.

Quality Materials
A custom bed is an investment, and most shoppers will want to be sure the mattress isn’t going to start showing wear and tear within a short period of time. While the average mattress has a lifespan of 6 to 8 years, you can get the most out of your custom mattress by ensuring it is made with high-quality materials. Most manufacturers will provide detailed information regarding the various materials they use, but buyers should consider doing their own research before making a decision.

Firmness Level
While many people love the idea of a soft, pillowy bed, the ideal firmness for a mattress is closely tied to the sleeper’s body weight and sleep position.

Back sleepers and those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds often prefer a medium to medium firm mattress. Side sleepers and those under 130 pounds tend to select softer options, while stomach sleepers and those above 230 pounds find firmer models to be more supportive. These differences are due to both the need for support and the subjective nature of mattress firmness.

Depending on the mattress manufacturer, shoppers may choose between predetermined firmness levels or they may be able to fully customize the way the bed feels.

In addition to the six standard mattress sizes, there are a number of nonstandard sizes available. These include oversized beds like Alaska king and Texas king, as well as mattresses meant to fit RVs, pickup truck beds, and semi-truck bunks. If none of these options works for your situation, a custom-size mattress may be well worth the investment.

Many people turn to custom mattresses to fit an unusually shaped bed frame or sleeping area. Shape customization can vary widely, from beveled or angled corners to custom geometric shapes or beds for boats. Corner customization is more widely available, while specific shapes usually require a company experienced in start-to-finish customization.

Pressure Relief
While most beds offer some degree of pressure relief, the type of mattress and materials you choose will have the greatest impact on your bed’s performance. Pressure relief is particularly important for side and stomach sleeping, as these positions can create pressure points that may cause next-day or long-term aches and pains. If this feature is important to you, consider your custom options carefully and work with the manufacturer directly to decide what may be best for your needs.

Edge Support
Sitting on the side of a bed with poor edge support will cause it to sag, and its perimeter will offer less support for sleepers than the center of the mattress. Edge support is largely dependent on a bed’s construction. Foam beds tend to perform poorly in this category, while innerspring and hybrid options often rank quite well. Features like perimeter reinforcement can provide both foam and hybrid models with excellent edge support.

Many people associate contouring — the feeling of sleeping in, rather than on, a mattress — with improved pressure relief. Memory foam tends to hug the body for exceptional pressure relief. That said, less-contouring materials like latex can still offer top-notch pressure relief. How much contouring your mattress should provide is primarily a matter of personal preference.

Temperature Regulation
How well a mattress regulates temperature tends to depend on its construction. Support cores and comfort layers with better airflow make for a more temperature-neutral sleeping environment, while materials that restrict airflow or retain body heat tend to be quite warm. Contouring also affects temperature regulation, since a closely contouring mattress may prevent airflow around the body.

What Kinds of Custom Mattresses are Available?

There are multiple types of custom mattresses available. Some are designed for specific purposes, while others are built precisely to the customer’s specifications. While RV, boat, and sofa bed mattresses are common, fully customizable options allow shoppers to get more creative when it comes to different modifications and builds.

RV Mattresses and Campers: While standard sized mattresses rarely fit in RVs and campers, there are non-custom options on the market. However, these models may offer limited options that may not work for your sleep needs. Custom sizing is usually the only option required for this category.

Boat Mattresses: Some sleeping areas on boats allow for a standard sized mattress, but many require a custom creation. Depending on your boat, you may need anything from a custom-sized mattress, to one with beveled corners, to an entirely custom-made bed. Before assuming custom sizing is all you need, be sure to examine the sleeping area for awkward angles or other complications.

Sofa Beds: Replacement mattresses for sofa beds are available, but construction and size options are usually limited. Custom beds can be an excellent option, particularly for people who use theirs often, but not all custom mattress manufacturers work with this style. If you’re looking for a custom sofa bed mattress, you may be best served by a manufacturer specializing in start-to-finish custom work.

Oversized Mattresses: Oversized mattresses can adhere to standardized sizes, such as Alaska king and Texas king, or they can be custom-made. Standard oversized mattresses are easier to find accessories for, but custom options offer greater control. Some custom manufacturers can also add features like hinges, making it easier to fit an extra-large mattress into a small space.

Odd Shapes, Sizes, and Edges: Many custom mattress manufacturers are able to accommodate features like angled or beveled edges. More complex requests, like a heart-shaped bed, may require a start-to-finish custom job. While some mattresses in this category can be considered novelty beds, others are mattresses made to fit tight or unusually shaped spaces, or antique bed frames that require custom dimensions.

Types of Custom Mattresses

Custom mattress buyers have many decisions to make, but one of the most crucial is the type of mattress. Despite the wide range of standard and custom mattresses available on the market, most can be classified into one of four common types: foam, hybrid, innerspring, or latex.

Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, and there can be a great deal of difference between models within one type of mattress when it comes to quality and construction. For example, foam beds tend to have poor edge support, but this is often remedied in models with reinforced perimeters.

While these four varieties are the most common choices for a custom mattress, a start-to-finish custom manufacturer will likely be able to work with you should you want a more unusual mattress construction, though it may be more expensive.


All-foam mattresses are one of the most popular options on the market for both standard and custom mattresses. Usually built from a support core of high-density polyfoam, with polyfoam or memory foam comfort layers, foam mattresses generally offer balanced support and pressure relief at a budget-friendly price.

Foam beds offer a number of other benefits, including motion isolation and contouring around the body. Potential drawbacks may include poor temperature regulation, edge support, and suitability for sex, but manufacturers often seek to counteract these drawbacks by using different designs or varieties of foam.


Hybrid mattresses often combine the best traits of foam or latex models with those of a traditional innerspring, with the added benefit of pocketed coils. Individually encased coils form a hybrid’s support core, allowing for better support, temperature regulation, and responsiveness than a foam core. A hybrid’s comfort system is usually made from polyfoam, memory foam, or latex, allowing for significant pressure relief and moderate contouring. There are few downsides to a hybrid mattress, but they can be expensive.


Traditional innerspring mattresses may be less popular than they once were, but modern versions are often an inexpensive choice that still offers durable support. Due to their interconnected coils, innerspring mattresses have less motion isolation and contouring than foam or hybrid beds. However, their temperature regulation is often some of the best on the market. They also have excellent responsiveness, making them particularly suitable for sex.


Natural latex is made from rubber tree sap, making it a popular choice among eco-minded shoppers. It offers pressure relief with gentle contouring, which is ideal for sleepers who prefer the feeling of sleeping on their bed rather than sinking into it. Latex is naturally responsive for ease of movement, and the breathable construction helps it remain temperature neutral.

All-latex beds are available, but tend to be both heavy and expensive. Some mattresses pair latex comfort layers with a support core made of pocketed coils or high-density polyfoam. Synthetic latex exists, but it lacks many of the qualities of natural latex.

There are several additional considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a custom mattress. As options vary between companies and available models, most custom mattress manufacturers will be happy to answer your inquiries and walk you through what you need to know before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Mattresses

How do I find bedding for custom mattresses?

Custom-sized mattresses are difficult to purchase bedding for, but owners do have two options. The first is to utilize bedding made for standard or oversized mattresses, which is usually easy to find and affordable. Flat sheets and duvets can be bought in a size that hangs over the edges of your bed, while fitted sheets are more difficult and must be altered or pinned to fit properly. If you prefer a more polished look, or have a bed that is too large or awkwardly shaped for premade bedding, you may prefer to have your bedding custom-made as well.

Do I need a custom mattress?

For mattresses that are made for specific purposes, such as use in RVs, there are generally a few standard sizes available. Depending on the size or shape of the intended space, you may be able to purchase a standard size instead of a custom mattress.

In more unique circumstances, like a bed frame with an unusual shape or special dimensions, a custom mattress will likely be necessary to ensure a proper fit.

Will a custom mattress fit in my space?

If you measure accurately, your custom mattress should fit in its intended space. Accuracy is key, so consult your manufacturer for measurement advice if you are unsure. Many mattress manufacturers only allow for customization to the nearest inch, so customers may need to round down in the case of fractions of an inch.

It is also important to check whether your mattress can be moved into its intended location, as oversized mattresses or cramped spaces can make this difficult. If necessary, some manufacturers are able to make custom mattresses that fold for ease of transport.

Can I customize a mattress myself?

While it may seem tempting to cut a standard mattress to fit, particularly if the alteration seems small, doing so damages the integrity of the mattress, voids the warranty, and ensures a less supportive bed with a much shorter lifespan. However, owners can customize their existing mattress’ firmness, support, and overall feel with mattress toppers and other accessories.

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