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Many parts of the world are experiencing heat waves, and for the first time many people are having trouble sleeping because it is just too hot.

Research has shown that there seems to be an ideal temperature for sleep and when this temperature is very high, it takes longer to fall asleep, and once sleep is achieved, it is broken up or fragmented and there is less dreaming.

In many parts of the world where it is always hot in the summer, people will often have air conditioning in their dwellings. However, with extreme heat waves, electrical power often goes down because of increased demand.

Here are some helpful tips.


What you can do about where you sleep

1. Do whatever you can to prevent excessive heat build-up in your sleep environment . During the daytime use blinds to keep out sunlight and keep the windows closed if the temperature outside is much hotter than inside. At night time, if the temperature is less outside than inside, open your windows.

2. Remember that heat rises. So if you are living in a multiple story dwelling the lower you are the cooler it will be.

3. If there is absolutely nothing you can do to cool off your dwelling, consider asking friends or relations who have a cooler dwelling or who live in a cooler place, whether you can stay with them for a few nights. They will understand.

4. If worse comes to worst, in some parts of the world people end up sleeping outdoors because it is simply not possible to cool off their dwellings at night. If you sleep outdoors, consider the need to protect yourself against mosquitoes and other insects.

5. Some communities may have cooling centers in schools or public places that are air-conditioned.

6. This is important! Some people will sleep in a motor vehicle and have the air conditioning running. This can be very dangerous if the vehicle is not moving, because there may be a build-up of carbon monoxide.

What you can do before going to bed

1. Water is a great

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