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Best California King Size Bed Frame

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It’s easy to focus mostly on the mattress when shopping for a new bed, but choosing the right frame is just as important when it comes to comfort and stability. Commonly made from wood, metal, or upholstery, California king bed frames are available in a variety of styles designed to provide a robust support system for you and your mattress.

A well-constructed bed frame can reduce unwanted noises, and it may help extend the life of your mattress by minimizing premature sagging. A bed frame can also raise your mattress off the floor, making it easier to get in and out of bed.

Although California king is considered one of the six standard bed sizes, it’s not quite as common as the queen or king bed, meaning not all styles are available in a California king. To help you get started on your search, we’ll highlight our top California king bed frame picks and discuss what sets each model apart. We’ll also examine the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for your next bed frame.

The Best California King Size Bed Frame

Product Details

Saatva Santorini

Best Overall

Saatva Santorini

Saatva Santorini
Who it's best for:
  • Sleepers who prefer a headboard
  • People who need help setting up the bed
  • Shoppers looking for an upholstered frame
  • Upholstered headboard
  • Hardwood construction with plywood slats
  • Free White Glove delivery
Saatva Santorini

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The Santorini Bed Frame by Saatva is a platform bed with streamlined legs. Designed with a fully upholstered headboard, the bed can be placed against a wall or in the middle of the room.

Saatva uses sustainably grown hardwood that is kiln-dried to help increase its strength and prevent warping. The frame has built-in plywood slats to support the mattress.

The Santorini is available in three design options. The taupe vintage velvet and the graphite vintage velvet models are made with a polyester-cotton blend. The natural linen model is constructed from flax fibers that are free of harsh chemicals or dyes.

This frame does not require a box spring or foundation, though it can be paired with Saatva’s Lineal adjustable base. The California king bed frame is 92 inches long, 78 inches wide, and 14 inches high, and the headboard is 42 inches tall.

Saatva offers free White Glove delivery to the contiguous U.S. After scheduling a date and time window, a professional will install the bed frame in your room of choice for no extra fee. The Santorini also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 180-night sleep trial, subject to a $99 handling fee in the event of a return.

Nectar Mattress Foundation

Best Value

Nectar Mattress Foundation

Nectar Mattress Foundation
Who it's best for:
  • Value seekers
  • Shoppers who are looking for easy assembly
  • Those who prefer a minimalist design without a headboard
  • Slatted design made of pine and spruce
  • Frame includes optional legs
  • Legs provide 6 inches of storage space beneath the frame
Nectar Mattress Foundation

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The Nectar Mattress Foundation offers a versatile design at an accessible price-point. The frame includes optional legs, which provide 6 inches of storage space beneath the bed frame.

The Nectar Mattress Foundation features sturdy wood slats and doesn’t require a box spring to support your mattress. The solid slats are also designed to help prevent the mattress from shifting around. The wood legs and gray fabric cover make the foundation suitable for people who prefer a minimalist appearance.

The bed frame comes with instructions for easy assembly with no additional tools required. The frame is designed to clip and lock together, which makes it easier to disassemble and move if needed.

Nectar backs the Mattress Foundation with a 3-year warranty and a 50-day return policy. Nectar offers free shipping to the 48 contiguous states, and shipping is available to Hawaii and Alaska for an additional fee.

Tuft & Needle Wood Bed Frame

Best Wood Bed Frame

Tuft & Needle Wood Bed Frame

Tuft & Needle Wood Bed Frame
Who it's best for:
  • Shoppers who value an all-hardwood construction
  • People who prefer classic designs
  • Those seeking the reassurance of a lengthy warranty
  • Choice of oak or walnut
  • Features a slatted headboard
  • 100-night trial and 12-year warranty
Tuft & Needle Wood Bed Frame

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The Tuft & Needle Wood Frame is made from natural hardwood and is available in either oak or walnut. With its slatted headboard and minimalist design, the bed frame is intended to blend well with both modern and midcentury aesthetics.

Thanks to its all-hardwood design, the Tuft & Needle Wood Frame rates well in terms of durability. Wooden bed frames tend to be more expensive than other materials, but the trade-off is usually a longer lifespan. When compared to other wood frames of comparable quality, the Tuft & Needle Wood Frame is competitively priced.

The California king frame is 87 inches long and 74.5 inches wide. The mattress slats are located 14 inches off the ground, and the bed has 7 inches of clearance below that can be used as storage space.

With relatively few parts, the Tuft & Needle Wood Frame is designed for easy assembly. However, because the components are made from heavy wood, installation requires at least two people.

Tuft & Needle offers complimentary shipping to the lower 48 states, as well as a 100-night sleep trial and a 12-year limited warranty.

Casper Haven Bed Frame

Best Upholstered Frame

Casper Haven Bed Frame

Casper Haven Bed Frame
Who it's best for:
  • Those who read or watch TV in bed
  • Shoppers who prefer professional assembly
  • People who want a bed frame that does not require a box spring
  • Hardwood frame for added durability
  • Slanted headboard makes it more comfortable to sit up in bed
  • Designed with rounded edges and felted wool upholstery
Casper Haven Bed Frame

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The Casper Haven Bed Frame’s minimalist design should suit a range of interior designs. The cushioned headboard is upholstered with a wool and polyester blend fabric. The frame is available in two neutral colors: heathered gray and charcoal.

The hardwood frame supports thick slats made of laminated veneer lumber, which are encased in a polyester fabric cover.

The Casper Haven is suitable for shoppers who do not want to assemble the bed frame themselves, as its $149 delivery fee includes professional installation in the room of your choice. The delivery service is restricted to the contiguous 48 states and certain parts of Canada.

Casper offers shoppers the reassurance of a 30-night trial for the Haven Bed Frame. Customers who also purchase a Casper mattress have a 100-night risk-free trial for both the frame and mattress. The Casper Haven Bed Frame includes a non-transferrable, 2-year warranty.

Bear Platform Bed

Easiest Assembly

Bear Platform Bed

Bear Platform Bed
Who it's best for:
  • Co-sleepers who individually weigh over 230 pounds
  • People who don’t want to use a box spring or foundation
  • Shoppers seeking quick and easy assembly
  • Available in three colors
  • Can hold up to 900 pounds
  • Natural pinewood construction
Bear Platform Bed

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The Bear Platform Bed is an exceptionally sturdy frame built to support up to 900 pounds. The bed is made with natural pine, which is strong yet relatively lightweight compared to other types of wood. Steel brackets and strong slats further enhance the bed’s durability.

Available in gray, walnut, or almond, the Bear Platform Bed has a subtle finish that shows off the natural wood grain. The Bear Platform Bed uses non-toxic, water-based adhesives, as well as a solvent-based finish that is free of formaldehyde and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The bed frame measures 85.5 inches long by 73.75 wide, and it does not require a box spring. The mattress sits 13.5 inches off the ground, with 6.5 inches of space between the floor and the frame.

The Bear Platform Bed is designed to be assembled in under 10 minutes with the provided tools. Bear provides free shipping to the contiguous U.S., and orders typically arrive within 2 to 7 business days. While the Bear Platform Bed is not eligible for returns, it is backed by a 1-year warranty.

How to Choose a Bed Frame

A California king size bed frame can be an investment, so it’s important to put some thought into its purchase. We’ll provide an overview of the variables that most impact a bed frame’s longevity, appearance, and performance.

What to Look For in a California King Size Bed Frame

It can be challenging to separate marketing hype from what is actually essential in a bed frame. To add further confusion, it’s not always clear what size bed frame will be compatible with the special dimensions of a California king size mattress.

Prioritizing the following factors while bearing in mind your own needs and preferences can help you find the right bed frame for you.

Quality Materials
The stability, performance, and lifespan of a bed frame are directly related to the quality of its materials. Higher-quality frames are often more expensive, but they are more likely to resist premature sagging, creaking, and cosmetic wear. Similarly, high-quality bed frames may provide better support to your mattress, helping extend its lifespan as well.

Bed frame weight is crucial when it comes to steadiness and maneuverability. The heavier the frame, the more difficult it will be to assemble or move. Since California king mattresses are already on the heavier side, pairing the mattress with a very sturdy frame might not be realistic for people who move often or frequently rearrange their furniture. On the flip side, a heavier bed frame can help sleepers feel more secure.

Some bed frames are designed to be relatively nondescript in order to harmonize with a variety of interior designs, while others make a bolder style statement. The right bed frame style ultimately depends on your unique aesthetic sensibility and your bedroom decor.

California king size bed frames are the most expensive of the standard sizes, but it is possible to find affordable options. Minimalist platform beds start at $200 or less, while more complex bed frame designs can cost upward of $1,500. Wooden bed frames are usually more expensive than those made from metal, and upholstered bed frames may be more costly than non-upholstered designs.

Ease of Assembly
An incorrectly assembled bed frame can undermine its very function, which is to support and elevate a mattress. Not properly assembling a bed frame can also void the manufacturer’s warranty. Most bed frames sold online are shipped in a box together with an instruction manual so you can assemble the frame at home. Although bed frames are generally designed for easy setup, some companies also offer optional White Glove delivery for an extra fee, in which a professional assembles the bed frame for you.

Ideally, a bed frame should be virtually silent, as a noisy bed can significantly impair sleep or be distracting during sex. Some bed frame models feature a sturdy build that minimizes noise by keeping your mattress in place, or joints that are specifically designed to reduce creaking. Paying careful attention to the screws during setup may help reduce noise.

Bed frames come in a range of styles and configurations. For example, platform beds have a simple slatted design, sleigh beds feature a curved headboard and footboard that resemble a sleigh, and canopy bed frames feature four posts joined at the top to make a canopy, from which sleepers can hang curtains if they wish. When choosing a bed frame style, you may wish to consider the height, the available storage space, and the bed frame’s footprint in the bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About California King Size Bed Frames

  • How much do California king bed frames cost?

    California king bed frames can be as inexpensive as $100 or as costly as $10,000, but most are priced between $200 and $1,000. The price may vary depending on the style, the quality of the materials, and any extra features such as sustainability certifications or sophisticated designs.

  • Can you buy California king bed frames online?

    Many California king bed frames can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer, or through the websites of major department stores and other third-party retailers. Buying online opens up a wider range of choices, and shoppers may benefit from online-only deals. The drawback is that shoppers don’t have the opportunity to see the bed frame in person before purchasing. However, many online bed frame retailers grant a sleep trial during which you can test the bed out at home and return it for a refund if you don’t like it.

  • What are the dimensions of a California king size bed frame?

    A California king size mattress is typically 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, so a California king bed frame should be at least this big, and often a little larger. On average, a California king size bed frame supports the mattress at a height of 12 inches to 16 inches above the ground, and the sleep surface lies 8 to 15 inches above that depending on the profile of the mattress.

    Given the large size of a California king bed, it’s helpful to consider your room size and layout before purchasing. California king beds are most suitable for larger rooms that can accommodate the bed without feeling cramped.

  • Will a California king mattress fit on a king bed frame?

    As king and California king mattresses differ slightly in their measurements, standard king size mattress frames are generally not compatible with California king mattresses. Most people prefer not to have the frame protrude out from underneath the mattress, so frames are usually cut to size. Accordingly, a California king size mattress will normally be too long for a standard king size frame, while simultaneously leaving the sides of the slats or the foundation exposed.

About Our Editorial Team

Daniel Noyed

Certified Sleep Coach

Danny is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with an in-depth knowledge of sleep health. He has tested hundreds of mattresses and sleep products.

About Our Editorial Team

Daniel Noyed

Certified Sleep Coach

Danny is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with an in-depth knowledge of sleep health. He has tested hundreds of mattresses and sleep products.