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Full size beds are an ideal choice for individuals who are ready to upgrade from a twin or downsize from a queen. Also called a double bed, a full is the same length as a twin, but about 16 inches wider. Full size beds need ample support in the center, where the mattress is especially prone to sagging.

A full size bed frame must be able to accommodate the size and weight of a full size mattress. Durable materials, like metal or wood, affect the performance and appearance of a full bed frame. The frame’s construction influences its weight capacity, price, ease of assembly, and noise level when bearing weight.

Full beds are ideal for most single sleepers, including adults and children. They can also comfortably support two children and, in some cases, couples.

We’ll highlight our top picks for the best full size bed frame for different types of sleepers. We’ll also look closer at the criteria to consider before selecting a full bed frame for your home.

In-Depth Reviews

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Those who prefer natural and non-toxic materials

    2. Value seekers

    3. Shoppers who want a tool-free assembly

  • Highlights

    1. Made from sustainably sourced wood

    2. Can hold up to 1,500 pounds

    3. Does not need a box spring or foundation

The Birch Madison Bed Frame – Natural has an all-wood design that does not include any metal hardware, making it a good frame for shoppers who are looking for quick and easy assembly. The classic look is compatible with a variety of bedroom themes.

Birch uses wood from sustainably managed forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The frame’s legs are made with solid maple, the rails are made with Appalachian hardwood, and the slats are made with Southern yellow pine. The company also uses a water-based finish in an effort to avoid volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition to the natural finish, the bed is also available in a white finish.

The pieces of this frame are designed to fit together seamlessly and require no tools to set up. Because there are no metal parts, there is also a reduced likelihood of noise. The twin and twin XL frames can hold up to 500 pounds, and the full, queen, king, and California king sizes can hold up to 1,500 pounds. The frame does not require a box spring or foundation.

During Birch’s 100-night sleep trial, shoppers can return the frame for a full refund. A 5-year limited warranty covers defects in manufacturing or craftsmanship. The frame ships free via FedEx in the U.S., and it can also be ordered from Canada for an additional shipping charge.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Those who own exceptionally heavy mattresses

    2. Shoppers looking for a bed frame with a long trial period

    3. Value seekers

  • Highlights

    1. Solid hardwood construction ensures above-average durability and stability

    2. Grey upholstery fabric gives the frame a clean, modern look

    3. Optional legs let you choose between under-bed space or resting on the floor

The Nectar Foundation carries a relatively low price-point, but sturdy construction and versatile styling ensure great bang for your buck. The rails, legs, and slats are composed of solid pine and spruce, two of the strongest hardwood varieties used in furniture today, and a center support beam provides additional reinforcement. With a weight capacity of 750 pounds, the foundation is compatible with virtually any mattress — even pillow-top hybrids, all-latex beds, and other mattresses known for being heavy.

The legs measure 8 inches tall, creating plenty of under-bed space for storing your belongings. Alternatively, you can forgo the legs and place your foundation directly on the floor. The rails are covered in upholstery fabric with a light grey palette to complement any bedroom decor. All tools needed for assembly are included with your order, and our team was able to set up the foundation in less than 10 minutes.

In addition to an affordable cost, the Nectar Foundation qualifies for free ground delivery throughout the contiguous U.S. Your order comes with a sleep trial spanning 50 nights in length. Comparatively, many brands selling bed frames do not offer any sort of trial period. Should you decide to keep the foundation, you’ll also receive a 3-year warranty against structural defects.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Those who prefer sleeping with a headboard

    2. People with small or cramped bedrooms

    3. Shoppers looking for a bed frame that comes with a sleep trial

  • Highlights

    1. Durable design includes a metal frame and solid wood slats

    2. Elegant low-profile style complete with an upholstered headboard

    3. Abundant under-bed space

The DreamCloud Bed Frame with Headboard offers both timeless style and modern functionality. The low-profile platform design and upholstered, button-tufted headboard evoke a versatile 20th century aesthetic that should complement any bedroom setting, but durable all-metal rails and solid wooden slats ensure great durability and plenty of support for both you and your mattress. An approachable sticker price and long trial period also sweeten the deal for buyers.

The frame rests 8 inches off the ground, giving you ample clearance for under-bed storage. With the headboard in place, the frame measures 40 inches tall. The frame’s upholstery matches the headboard, and you can choose between grey fabric and pale-pink linen for the color scheme. A box spring is not needed. The entire frame can be assembled in minutes, and all necessary tools are included in the delivery package.

All customers in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free ground delivery, and the frame is shipped in a single package for added convenience. DreamCloud allows you to test out the frame for up to 50 nights before making a decision. Comparatively, many competing brands don’t allow returns for bed frames. Free return shipping is also included.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. People who prefer sleeping with a headboard

    2. Anyone with hardwood flooring in their bedroom

    3. Shoppers with limited budgets

  • Highlights

    1. Composed entirely of solid, durable Acacia hardwood

    2. Japanese joinery-inspired design does not require metal hardware for assembly

    3. Cork pads beneath the legs help prevent damage to your floor

The Silk & Snow Wooden Bed Frame checks all the boxes if you’re seeking an attractive, sturdy, and long-lasting foundation for your mattress. The rails, legs, slats, and headboard are all composed of solid Acacia, one of the most durable hardwood varieties used in furniture today. Assembly is a breeze thanks to the frame’s innovative design, which forgoes metal hardware in favor of notched fittings inspired by classic Japanese joinery. Simply slide the components together for a secure fit — our team was able to set up the entire frame in roughly 9 minutes.

A platform design with slats spaced 3 inches apart ensures robust reinforcement for you and your mattress. Silk & Snow lists the full size frame’s weight capacity at 1,100 pounds. We also recommend the bed if your bedroom has limited storage space. With 8 inches of under-bed clearance, the frame frees up some extra room for your belongings. Each leg features a cork pad at the base. Even if your bedroom features hardwood flooring, these pads greatly reduce the potential for scuffs, scrapes, and other types of permanent damage.

The Wooden Bed Frame is reasonably priced given the high-quality design and long expected lifespan. Silk & Snow also offers free ground shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. and provincial Canada. You may return the bed frame within 30 days of delivery, provided each component is shipped back to the company in its original packaging. Those who decide to keep the frame also receive a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. Those who want to invest in a long-lasting bed frame

    2. People who prefer sleeping with a headboard

    3. High-end shoppers

  • Highlights

    1. Japanese joinery techniques allow rails and legs to fit together without metal hardware

    2. Choose between a traditional headboard or foam-cushioned pillowboard

    3. Three stains available

The Bed by Thuma is a game-changing wooden frame boasting an innovative, durable design. Rather than using bolts or screws, the design relies on traditional Japanese joinery techniques that allow the legs and rails to slide into place. This not only expedites assembly but also ensures excellent overall stability and long-lasting performance. The rails, legs, and slats are all composed of repurposed wood, so The Bed is also sustainably sourced.

Each leg is padded with a cork base to protect your floor from scuff marks. The slats are also lined with a felt material to reduce squeaks and creaks during the night. You can choose between a traditional headboard that’s also produced from repurposed wood, or a pillowboard consisting of a foam cushion encased in pebbled upholstery fabric. The latter is available in two grey hues, and you can also choose between natural, walnut, and espresso palettes for the wood.

While The Bed carries a fairly expensive price-point — even in a full size — shipping is free for orders within the contiguous U.S. and each order comes with a 100-night trial period. If you are satisfied with the frame and decide to keep it, Thuma further backs your purchase with a lifetime warranty against structural and workmanship defects.

  • Who it’s best for

    1. People who prefer sleeping with a headboard

    2. Anyone who doesn’t have extra storage needs in their bedroom

    3. Shoppers looking for a bed frame they can test out before making a commitment

  • Highlights

    1. Thick wooden slats provide sturdy support

    2. Elegant design includes a headboard and stitched upholstery

    3. Each frame is backed by a 101-night trial period

Bed frames are a practical purchase first and foremost, but some offer more style than others. The Puffy Bed Frame is constructed with a tall headboard and stitched gray upholstery for an elegant, modern look with clean lines and striking profile. However, the frame is also solidly built. Thick wooden slats reinforced with sideboards serve as a robust foundation, ensuring adequate support for you and your mattress.

Assembling the frame is fairly straightforward, and Puffy provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for doing so. The frame is also easy to keep clean — simply spot clean the upholstery fabric if spills or stains occur. The frame’s base rests close to the ground, so there isn’t much space for under-bed storage, and you should measure your room before buying to ensure the 51-inch headboard will fit properly.

Puffy ships the bed frame free of charge to all 50 states. Your order includes a sleep trial that runs for 101 nights. Comparatively, most competing brands don’t allow returns for bed frames at any point past the date of purchase. If you decide to keep your Puffy Bed Frame, it’s further backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed Base allows sleepers to customize their bed to accommodate a range of sleep preferences. The base caters to those who are looking for a model that goes above and beyond your typical bed frame.

One of the most notable features of the bed base is the adjustable head and feet. Using a one-touch remote, owners can elevate the head and feet to a desired angle to improve sleep posture or reduce snoring. You can also adjust elevation settings to achieve a more comfortable position for reading or watching TV in bed. The bed base features a zero-gravity setting, which elevates the head and feet in a position that reduces pressure and creates a weightless sensation. Other attractive features include massage settings and underbed lighting.

The Lineal Adjustable Bed Base is available in eight sizes, including split king and split California king. Saatva offers free White Glove delivery to all 50 states. The bed base is not eligible for returns, but it does come with a 25-year warranty that includes full coverage for the initial 5 years.

How to Choose a Bed Frame

Choosing a bed frame for a full size mattress does not have to be complicated. Figuring out why you need a full size bed is the first step in creating your criteria for the frame. Individuals purchasing a full bed frame for their guest room may have different design and price-point preferences from someone buying a bed frame for their young child.

What to Look For in a Full Size Bed Frame

Before purchasing a full size bed frame, make sure it includes the features that are most important to you. While design and price tend to grab most shoppers’ attention, other factors greatly impact the bed frame’s performance. Full size bed frames constructed with high-quality materials and an intuitive design are more durable, longer-lasting, and easier to assemble than those that aren’t. The best full size bed frame should meet most, if not all, of these criteria.

Quality Materials
A bed frame should be made of high-quality materials to properly support a full size mattress. Low-quality materials may provide inadequate support and ultimately shorten the lifespan of the bed overall. While frames constructed with durable materials may be higher in price, they’re typically more durable than bed frames with cheaper construction.

If you’re planning to move the bed to another room in the future, take into account the weight of your frame. A full size frame weighs more than a twin or twin XL, but it’s lighter than a queen. Bed frame weight also affects the stability of the bed. Heavier frames typically stay anchored to the ground better than lighter foundations. In general, solid wood frames tend to weigh more than those with metal construction.

Many full size bed frames have neutral designs, while others are well-suited for specific bedroom styles. For example, a sleek metal bed frame has a different aesthetic from a solid wood frame. A bed frame is a long-term investment, so it’s important to choose one that complements your existing bedroom decor.

Many factors influence the price of a bed frame, including quality of materials, design, and ease of assembly. Certain styles, such as four-poster and canopy beds, cost more than simple metal bed frames. Optional features, such as a headboard, footboard, or storage under the bed, can also drive up the price.

Ease of Assembly
For some shoppers, easy assembly is an important feature in a bed frame. Some styles and designs are easier to assemble than others. Wood frames tend to have the most intuitive designs, but many metal frames are also easy to assemble. Some manufacturers also offer video setup instructions online for customers.

A bed frame that squeaks when bearing weight can contribute to poor sleep quality. Bed frames made with sturdy materials and high-quality construction typically cause less noise than those made with low-quality materials.

The type of bed frame you choose can affect the price, construction, and noise level of the bed. Each has its own pros and cons. While platform beds don’t require a box spring, they have a low-profile design that minimizes storage under the bed. Canopy and sleigh beds offer a distinct aesthetic that shoppers may find appealing, but they can also cost more due to more intricate construction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Full Size Bed Frames

How much do full/double bed frames cost?

Full size bed frames range in price from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. They cost more than a twin, but less than a queen due to their slightly smaller size. The materials and construction of the frame greatly affect its overall price. A solid wood frame typically costs more than a metal frame. Headboards, footboards, and storage under the bed can also increase the price of the frame.

Can you buy full size bed frames online?

Most manufacturers, mattress companies, furniture stores, and department stores sell full bed frames online. Many online retailers offer convenient perks, like free shipping, in-home delivery and setup, and sleep trials. Buying a bed frame online allows you to compare prices, read reviews, and research warranty information.

What are the dimensions of a full size bed frame?

Full size bed frames are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. They are the same length as twin beds, but about 16 inches wider. Full beds fit well in small spaces, making them ideal for many single adults. Most full size bed frames are about 8 to 18 inches in height. Other factors that affect the overall height of your full size bed frame include the addition of a headboard, foundation, or box spring.

Will a twin bed frame fit a full size mattress?

A full size mattress is too wide and heavy for a twin or twin XL bed frame. Placing a full size bed on a twin frame will result in an uncomfortable sleep surface and can shorten the lifespan of both the mattress and the frame.

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