A “double” bed is a mattress size that falls in between twin and queen. It’s a moderately sized bed, providing a spacious feel for a single adult, or a somewhat cramped feel for a couple.

The terms double and full are interchangeable. In the United States, full has become the more popular term to use, so you won’t see US manufacturers advertising double beds very often. In other areas of the world, double is the more common term.

Regardless, whether you see the term full or double, remember that both refer to the exact same mattress size. If you’re wondering about the difference between double vs. full, there is none.

Double Bed Dimensions

The dimensions of a full/double bed are: 54 inches X 75 inches.

The width of a double bed is 54 inches, or 4 feet 6 inches. This makes it spacious for one person, but fairly cramped for two.

The length of a double bed is 75 inches, or 6 feet 3 inches. This provides ample legroom for those under 6′ tall, but it may feel cramped for anyone over 6 feet.

Who Should Buy a Double Bed?

The term “double” can make it seem like this mattress size is suitable for two people. However, this is not the case for most couples.

The width of a double is only 54 inches, just 15 inches wider than a twin. Compare this to the width of a queen (60 inches) or a king (76 inches), and you can start to see why a double would feel cramped for two sleepers.

So who is a double bed for? For the most part, we recommend doubles for single adults who want more space than a twin. The double can feel quite spacious for a single person, and it can also accommodate a partner in a pinch.

This size is also a good choice for children and teens, as it can accommodate growing children for a long time. Whereas a twin may feel cramped for a growing teen, a full can easily accommodate your child until they are ready to purchase their own bed.

A double/full is a good middle-ground between a twin and a queen. It’s affordable and fits well in small spaces, yet feels much more spacious than a twin.

Thanks for the feedback - we're glad you found our work instructive!

Thanks for the feedback - we're glad you found our work instructive!

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