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product image of the Fisher And Paykel Auto CPAP Machine

Ideal For:

  1. People who feel comfortable with standard CPAP therapy
  2. Those seeking a machine with a built-in humidifier
  3. People who want a machine that automatically adjusts exhalation pressure
  4. Tech-savvy users who want access to their sleep data


  1. FAA-compliant for use on a plane, but does not come with a battery
  2. Air temperature can’t be changed from default setting
  3. Accessing sleep data requires pairing the machine with your smartphone
  4. Automatic adjustment only works for exhalation pressure

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The SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine from Fisher & Paykel includes multiple innovative features designed to make PAP therapy more comfortable and effective. This machine helps ease the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by pushing pressurized air into users’ breathing passages to prevent airway collapse.

In addition to the SleepStyle Auto, Fisher & Paykel makes several continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, as well as many different types of CPAP masks and accessories. We’ll take an in-depth look at the SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine, explaining how it works, what kind of features it has, and who might want to consider it for PAP therapy. We’ll also explore how well its components function and discuss whether this machine is a good value.

Fisher Paykel SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine Review Breakdown

The SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine is an automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) machine, also called an auto-CPAP machine. Its pressure settings range from 4 to 20 centimeters of water (cm H2O). Together with your physician, you can adjust the pressure settings to meet your individual needs. 

CPAP machines deliver the same amount of pressure whether you’re breathing in or out. On the other hand, APAP machines adjust pressure settings automatically by monitoring resistance in your breath. The SleepStyle Auto changes the exhalation pressure for the user to make sleeping more comfortable. Inhalation pressure remains the same unless the machine senses that the user is waking up, in which case it lowers pressure to make it easier to get back to sleep.  

The SleepStyle Auto has a streamlined design that takes up very little room on your nightstand. The humidifier is integrated within the device to further cut down on its footprint. Heated tubing connects the device to your CPAP mask, which you must purchase separately. The SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine’s features, included components, cost, and size are all important factors to consider during your research. 

What’s Included

Each SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine purchase includes the device itself, as well as several other accessories that work together to produce pressurized air that users can adjust to their prescribed settings. Heated tubing connects to the device and channels the pressurized air to the user’s mask. This helps keep the user’s airways open to decrease OSA-related symptoms, including excessive sleepiness, irritability, and memory loss. 

This device also includes a humidifier to increase PAP therapy comfort and adherence. The power cord connects the device to your home’s outlet. All of the components should fit comfortably in the provided storage case, along with your mask

PAP Type:Components:
  • Integrated heated humidifier
  • ThermoSmart AirSpiral heated tubing
  • Carrying case
  • Power cord
  • Data USB
  • Two air filters
  • Spare elbow for tubing

Product Features

This device includes numerous features designed to make PAP therapy more effective and comfortable. The built-in humidifier adds moisture to the pressurized air in order to prevent dry mouth and discomfort. Users can adjust the humidity settings and choose between seven different levels to find the best setting for their needs. Heated tubing ensures that the humid air doesn’t cool down and create condensation. This feature is intended to combat rainout, which occurs when excess moisture leaves your face or mask wet. 

One of this device’s most unique features is its proprietary SensAwake ramp technology. Many PAP devices begin therapy with low pressure settings that gradually ramp up, which can make it easier to fall asleep. In addition to standard auto-ramp, this machine also senses when you wake up and decreases pressure accordingly to help you get back to sleep. 

Traditional CPAP machines maintain the same pressure settings during inhalation and exhalation. Bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machines have two different pressure settings – one for breathing in and one for breathing out. APAP devices adjust inhalation and exhalation settings in real time based on your breathing. The SleepStyle Auto decreases exhalation pressure automatically to increase comfort. 

Tech-savvy users can take advantage of this device’s connectivity features. Your sleep data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the SleepStyle app, where you can track trends and learn more about CPAP therapy. 

  • Expiratory relief: This device adjusts exhalation pressure automatically to make therapy more comfortable.
  • Auto-ramp: CPAP therapy begins at lower pressure levels, then slowly ramps up to your prescribed pressure settings. The SleepStyle Auto also decreases pressure when it notices that you’ve woken up.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: You can download the SleepStyle app and transmit data from your device to the Cloud via Bluetooth. Users can see all their sleep data in one place when using the app.

Sizing and Pricing

The SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine has a streamlined design. At 7 inches wide by 7.2 inches tall and 5.7 inches high, this machine is about as big as a medium-sized alarm clock. It fits easily on top of a nightstand, and at just under 4 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to travel with. Users don’t need to worry about additional accessory space, as this machine’s humidifier is built directly into the device. The included travel case is small enough to fit into a carry-on size suitcase. 

Size Comparison:

  • Travel: Some travel CPAP machines are exceptionally small and light. They can weigh under 1 pound and fit in the palm of your hand. The SleepStyle Auto CPAP machine is small compared to many machines, but not as tiny as travel-specific devices. However, it’s FAA-compliant and small enough to fit on an airplane tray for in-flight use. 
  • Standard: This machine sits squarely in the average range for standard PAP machines both in weight and size. It’s light enough that most users should be able to lift it using one hand. The device also has a smaller footprint than many other PAP machines and takes up minimal space on your nightstand. 

The SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine has a price-point that’s on par with similar devices. It’s more expensive than most budget options but has a lower price tag than machines with lots of high-end features. The price-point is quite reasonable, considering that it comes with extras like Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in humidifier.   

Fisher Paykel SleepStyle Auto

7” x 7.2” x 5.7”3.7 lbs.$999

Device Performance

  • Noise level: The average CPAP Machine noise level is 30 decibels (dbA), which is comparable to the sound of rustling leaves. This device’s dbA level is 28, making it a little quieter than most machines. It should be a good choice for light sleepers. However, those who are particularly sensitive to noise may want to look for a “whisper-quiet” machine that operates closer to 25 dbA.
  • Ease of use: This device’s interface uses large buttons and a simple menu. From the menu, users can adjust device settings on the digital screen. The machine’s settings include humidity controls, expiratory pressure settings, data storage, and a wakeup detection system unique to Fisher & Paykel devices. 
  • Portability: At 3.7 pounds, this machine is quite lightweight, though it’s not designed specifically for travel. The humidifier and water chamber are situated within the device, which helps keep its profile fairly small. The heated tubing detaches quickly, and all the components fit easily inside the included carrying case. This machine is FAA-compliant, though it can’t run on a battery and needs to be plugged in during use.
  • Pressure settings: Like most PAP machines, this device has a pressure range between 4 and 20 cm H2O. Users who need higher pressure may want to consult with their physician to discuss getting a BiPAP machine, which can provide up to 25 cm H2O. 
  • Air temperature control: The SleepStyle Auto’s tubing can be set within a range of 60 to 86 degrees. This device uses an algorithm to adjust temperature automatically based on which humidity setting you choose. Users can’t change the temperature separately from humidity.
  • Humidity control: On the device’s menu, there are seven different humidity settings to choose from. The machine defaults to the fifth setting, though it’s easy to increase or decrease humidity levels as necessary.
  • Compatibility: This device works with any of Fisher & Paykel’s CPAP masks as well as the brand’s patented ThermoSmart breathing tube. If you own a mask from another manufacturer, make sure to check if it’s compatible with Fisher & Paykel’s devices before purchasing. If you already use a specialized mask such as a mask designed for women or a mask for side sleepers, you will also need to ensure that your existing mask will work with this device.
  • Maintenance: Cleaning your machine and accessories is critical and should be done regularly. The SleepStyle Auto’s breathing tube, water chamber, and chamber seal should be cleaned daily using warm water and mild soap. You should hand-wash the outlet seal and elbow every seven days. Each component needs to fully air dry before use. You can wash the water chamber in the dishwasher weekly.

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Purchasing the SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine requires a prescription from your physician. Those who qualify can buy this device from multiple online medical device retailers as well as in certain brick-and-mortar stores.  


Shoppers who purchase their machine through The CPAP Shop receive free shipping on orders over $99. Domestic orders ship via UPS ground, though faster shipping is available for an additional fee. International shoppers may have to pay taxes and additional shipping fees. 

To assemble the machine, connect the power cord to the device and plug it in. Then connect the heated hose to the air outlet. Remove the water chamber and fill it with distilled water, then replace the chamber. Connect your mask to the breathing tube and ensure that the water chamber seal is secured. 

Sleep Trial

This device does not include a sleep trial, and machines cannot be returned once opened. 


The SleepStyle Auto CPAP Machine comes with a two-year warranty that covers workmanship and material defects. It does not cover accidents, modifications, or other issues related to misuse. Contact Fisher & Paykel directly with a proof of purchase to qualify for a warranty replacement or repair. 

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