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Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover

Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover

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Beddley garnered national attention in 2020 after appearing on Shark Tank. Entrepreneur Lola Ogden created the product when she became frustrated with the difficulty of putting on a standard duvet cover. Using her background in finance and technology, Ogden developed Beddley to give consumers an alternative to traditional duvet covers. Its patented three-sided opening is designed for faster and less stressful fitting. Currently, the company offers several duvet cover options and one style of sham.

The Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover is the company’s main duvet cover offering. It comes in queen/full and king/California king sizes with a percale weave, hidden zippers, and four inner corner ties. The Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover is made with long-staple cotton with a 300 thread count that is best suited for sleepers who prefer crisp, lightweight bedding.

We’ll take a closer look at the Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover. We will analyze and rate its performance, materials, and pricing to help you determine whether it’s the ideal option for you.

Beddley Duvet Cover Review Breakdown

Duvet covers can be an important part of a bedroom setup because they protect your comforter or duvet and should be easy to clean. Some of the biggest complaints about traditional duvet covers are that they are expensive and hard to manage. Finding an option with a lower price-point that’s easy to take on and off could be a gamechanger for some sleepers.

The Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover is durable and comfortable with a budget-friendly price-point and an innovative design intended for easy use. A three-sided opening with hidden zippers can make it less stressful to place your duvet and easier to remove the cover for laundering. The breathable, soft natural cotton fabric makes this duvet cover well-suited for those in warmer climates and hot sleepers.

Overall, the Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover might be a good choice for sleepers who want an affordable, lightweight duvet cover with an innovative design.

Materials and Construction

The Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover has two size options: queen/full and king/California king. With its 300 thread count, long-staple cotton construction, the Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover is soft, lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean. The percale weave gives it a crisp feel, and the three-sided opening allows for quick and easy duvet placement.

Beddley’s other duvet cover option, the Beddley Cotton Duvet Cover, is similar in construction, using a 300 thread count fabric with a percale weave and a three-sided opening. However, it is made with Egyptian cotton and comes in several color options.

ProductSize OptionsMaterials
Beddley Supreme White Duvet CoverQueen/Full: 90” x 90”

King/Cal King: 106” x 90”

Long-Staple Cotton

Pricing Information

Quality duvet covers typically cost between $100 and $300, though some cost as little as $30 and others reach upwards of $600. The Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover is on the lower end of the standard range.

Duvet covers can be pricey because of the cost of materials and manufacturing. They require a lot of extra fabric to be able to fully cover a duvet, and the long zippers and internal tiebacks also contribute to higher manufacturing costs.

Its affordable price-point paired with its quality materials and innovative design might make the Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover appealing to budget-conscious shoppers.

Beddley Duvet Cover Pricing

Beddley Supreme White Duvet CoverQueen/Full: $150

King/Cal King: $165

Duvet Cover Performance Ratings

There are many key factors to consider when choosing a duvet cover, including durability, temperature control, comfort, and fit. You should also consider your sleep preferences and needs when shopping for a duvet cover to determine what’s right for you.

The Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover performs very well in all of our performance categories. Its cotton fabric and percale weave make this a durable option that can have an above-average lifespan with proper care. The soft, lightweight material allows air circulation, which can help with temperature regulation and overall comfort. Thanks to its patented three-sided zipper design, the Beddley Supreme White Duvet cover should be relatively simple to fit on a duvet or comforter, allowing for easier cleaning. It can be machine washed and dried.

Since it is only available in white, this duvet cover may not be well-suited for sleepers who prefer a broad color selection. However, Beddley offers some duvet cover sets that include white duvet covers with embroidered embellishments.


Because of its high-quality long-staple cotton, mid-range thread count, and crisp percale weave, the durability of the Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover should be above average.

Temperature Regulation

This breathable fabric with a lightweight percale weave offers excellent temperature control, making the Supreme White Duvet Cover well-suited for warm climates.


The Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover may appeal to hot sleepers because of its breathability. This cover could also suit any sleeper who prefers lightweight construction and a crisp, soft feel.

Duvet Fit

The three-sided opening with a hidden zipper and four inner corner ties make fitting this cover fairly easy compared to covers with buttons or other closure types.

Care and Cleaning

Beddley duvet covers can be cleaned using household washers and dryers. For best results, close all zippers and wash in cold water with similar items and a mild detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners, powdered detergent, and chlorine bleach. To brighten the fabric, you can add vinegar and baking soda during washing.

Tumble dry on a low heat setting, make sure your dryer isn’t too full, and remove the duvet cover promptly to avoid wrinkles. If you end up with some wrinkles, you can use a warm iron to smooth them out.

To extend the lifespan of your bedding, follow manufacturer instructions carefully. Removing your duvet cover from the dryer when it is close to fully dry and hanging it to finish air drying may help to extend its life and prevent it from wrinkling. Avoiding high heat and heavy-duty wash cycles can also help the fabric stay crisp and vibrant longer.

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Beddley ships to the 50 states and select international destinations. You can purchase Beddley products exclusively through the company's website.


Most orders ship within 1 to 5 business days. Beddley uses a variety of carriers, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Standard shipping rates from these carriers apply.


Beddley allows returns or exchanges within 30 days of the purchase date. To be eligible, the product must be unused and in its original packaging. A return can take up to 15 business days to process, and shipping fees are nonrefundable.


Beddley does not offer a warranty.

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