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Avenco Silence Mattress Review

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Lauren Fountain

avenco silence mattress

Ideal for:

  • Sleepers who want the contouring and pressure relief of memory foam
  • Couples who prioritize motion isolation
  • Value seekers


  • Memory foam layer is much thinner in the 10-inch than 12-inch model
  • Only one firmness option available for each model
  • Potential for heat retention from memory foam layer
Price Range:
$398 - $637
Mattress Type:
Medium (5)
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The Avenco Silence mattress is a memory foam mattress that offers customers an enticing blend of support, comfort, and value.

Avenco’s mattress lineup includes both all-foam and hybrid options. The Avenco Silence mattress is an affordable all-foam bed that is offered in both a 10-inch and 12-inch model.

Both of these offerings deliver above-average pressure relief and motion isolation thanks to a top layer of memory foam bolstered by transition polyfoam and high-density base foam.

The taller 12-inch model includes thicker layers of both memory foam and transition polyfoam, providing added cushioning and conforming. The 12-inch has a medium soft (4 out of 10) feel, and the 10-inch is slightly firmer, rating as medium (5).

For customers looking for tailored support from memory foam at a competitive price point, both models of the Avenco Silence mattress are a worthy consideration.

Our Avenco Silence mattress review introduces all the key information, from pricing and sizing to construction and performance, to help you determine whether this mattress is the right match for your sleep needs.

Avenco Silence Mattress Review Breakdown

The Avenco Silence mattress is an all-foam bed with pressure-relieving performance that is driven by its memory foam top layer. It is offered in a 10-inch and a 12-inch model. The layering is the same in both, but the top two layers are thicker in the 12-inch version.

The internal construction of the mattress has four layers. The top two layers are the comfort system, and the bottom two are the support core.

The top layer is a gel-infused, open-cell memory foam. In the 10-inch model, it is 1.18 inches thick, and in the 12-inch model, it is 3 inches thick. Memory foam has strong contouring properties, tailoring its compression to match the body’s weight. This allows the material to provide support at pressure points, and at the same time, the ample conforming limits motion transfer across the bed’s surface. The open-cell design and gel infusion are both intended to cut down on heat retention in this top layer.

The second layer is a transition polyfoam that delivers extra cushioning and comfort. In the 10-inch model, this layer is 1.82 inches thick, and in the 12-inch model, it measures in at two inches. This polyfoam layer is soft enough to complement the feel of the memory foam but dense enough to limit how far sleepers sag into the mattress.

The third and fourth layers work together to form the support core of the Avenco Silence. These two layers are identical; each is made with a 3.5-inch layer of high-density polyfoam. This material, known as AirWave polyfoam, has an egg-crate shape to permit more airflow and ventilation while serving as a stable base for the mattress. The support core is the same in the 10-inch and 12-inch models.

The firmness level of the 10-inch Avenco Silence mattress is medium, rating as a five on the 1-10 firmness scale. The 12-inch model is slightly softer and comes in as medium soft (4). No other firmness options are offered.

The mattress cover is the same in both models and composed of a stretch knit fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch with enough breathability to help wick moisture away from the body.


Mattress Type

10” Model: Medium (5)
12” Model: Medium Soft (4)



Cover Material:

Stretch Knit Fabric

Comfort Layer:

1.18″ Memory Foam (gel-infused) (3” in 12” model)

1.82″ Transition Polyfoam (2” in 12” model)

Support Core:

3.5″ AirWave Convoluted High-Density Polyfoam

3.5″ AirWave Convoluted High-Density Polyfoam

Prices and Sizing

In the 10-inch model, the Avenco Silence mattress is available in all six standard sizes, from Twin to California King. In the 12-inch version, only Full, Queen, King, and California King options are available. Like most all-foam beds, these mattresses are quite lightweight for their size, especially compared to hybrid or latex mattresses.

Both models of the Avenco Silence mattress offer an economical price point for a memory foam mattress. Given memory foam’s popularity, it is common to see beds with this material carry a significantly higher price tag than that of the Avenco Silence.

While the 10-inch model is less expensive, the 12-inch version offers more value to many sleepers given that it has more than double the thickness of memory foam and a considerably thicker comfort system overall.

The following tables outline the pricing and dimensions for each size of the Avenco Silence mattress in both the 10-inch and 12-inch models.

Avenco Silence Mattress, 10-Inch

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin 39" x 75" 10" 38.5 lbs. $398
Twin XL 39" x 80" 10" 39 lbs. $427
Full 54" x 75" 10" 52 lbs. $495
Queen 60" x 80" 10" 62 lbs. $528
King 76" x 80" 10" 76 lbs. $627
California King 72" x 84" 10" 76 lbs. $637
Scroll L - R for more details

Avenco Silence Mattress, 12-Inch

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Full 54" x 75" 12" N/A $556
Queen 60" x 80" 12" N/A $597
King 76" x 80" 12" N/A $676
California King 72" x 84" 12" N/A $696
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Discounts and Deals


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Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

10-Inch model: 3/5, 12-Inch Model: 4/5
Motion isolation is well above-average in the Avenco Silence mattress. A major strength of memory foam is its pinpoint compression, meaning that the foam only reacts in the places where weight is directly applied to it. As a result, little to no vibration travels across the mattress surface when you move around on the bed. The transition foam layer underneath the memory foam supplements the contouring, providing even better motion isolation. This effect is especially strong in the 12-inch model because it has a much thicker comfort system.

The 12-inch version has three inches of memory foam, which confers excellent motion isolation and makes it a solid fit for people who share a bed and don’t want to be disrupted by their bed partner’s movement.

Pressure Relief

10-Inch Model: 3/5, 12-Inch Model: 4/5
Memory foam is central to the high marks that the Avenco Silence mattress gets for pressure relief. Memory foam’s ability to closely contour to the body means that it can deliver extra cushioning to the heaviest areas and sharpest pressure points. This tailored, proportional support helps soften impact points at the hips and shoulders and promotes a natural, pain-free spinal alignment.

As with motion isolation, the pressure relief is greatest in the 12-inch model thanks to the thicker layers of memory foam and transition polyfoam. While the 10-inch model offers solid pressure relief, the thinner memory foam top layer may be insufficient to effectively support sleepers over 230 pounds or to fully cushion the sharpest pressure points.

Temperature Control

10-Inch Model: 3/5, 12-Inch Model: 2/5
One downside of memory foam is that many people find that it sleeps hot, and this is a potential issue with the Avenco Silence mattress. Because of how it hugs the body, memory foam leaves little room for air to flow over and around the skin to help cool the body down. As heat builds up, memory foam actually gets softer, with more hug and less airflow.

Avenco Home utilizes an open-cell memory foam, which is meant to keep the top layer from collecting too much heat, and the memory foam is gel-infused to cut down on heat retention. In addition, the AirWave foam in the support core is built for enhanced ventilation. Despite these design elements, the Avenco Silence mattress may sleep too warm for people who have a tendency to overheat at night.

Heat buildup is worse in the 12-inch model because of its thicker memory foam layer and its softer firmness level, which can mean tighter hug against the body.

Edge Support

Edge support in the Avenco Silence mattress is below average because of the significant compression that comes from the top layers. Both the memory foam and transition polyfoam will sag as weight is applied, and the perimeter experiences the greatest degree of compression. These foams have minimal responsiveness, so they are slow to bounce back to their normal size. A result of this minimal responsiveness is that the mattress can feel more unstable around the perimeter.

Edge support is worse in the 12-inch model because of the total of five inches of softer foams in the comfort system. While you can still sit or sleep near the edge of the Avenco Silence mattress, it may feel slightly unstable, especially for people with a higher body weight who place added pressure on the foam.

Ease of Movement

10-Inch Model: 3/5, 12-Inch Model: 2/5
While memory foam’s hug provides comfort and support, it can reduce ease of movement on top of the mattress. As its name indicates, memory foam retains its compressed form before slowly rebounding to retake its original size and shape. This low level of responsiveness means that there’s very little bounce on the Avenco Silence mattress, and as a result, it takes more effort to move around on the surface of the bed.

Smooth movement is more likely on the 10-inch model because it’s easier to avoid feeling stuck in its thinner comfort layers. The softer feel of the 12-inch Avenco Silence mattress can make the amount of sink more pronounced, reducing the ease of movement relative to the 10-inch model.


10-Inch Model: 3/5, 12-Inch Model: 2/5
Most people can maintain an active sex life on the Avenco Silence mattress, but at the same time, it’s not the optimal bed for sex. An ideal mattress for sexual activity has plenty of bounce that facilitates rapid, effortless movements on top of the bed while delivering enough cushioning to ensure comfort during intimate activities.

While the Avenco Silence mattress has plenty of cushioning, it doesn’t have the level of bounce that is found in the best mattresses for sex. Because of the limited responsiveness of memory foam, there’s a greater risk of feeling impediments to movement that could be noticeable during sex.

Most people will detect more difficulty moving on the 12-inch mattress because of its softer firmness rating and thicker comfort levels that allow the body to sink further into the bed.


When you first open the Avenco Silence mattress, you can expect to detect a light chemical odor that some people describe as a “new mattress smell.” That odor isn’t harmful, but it may be annoying enough to bother some people when they try to get to sleep.

The smell comes from off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are a byproduct of the manufacturing process. Foam materials give off significant VOCs, which is why a smell is typical for the all-foam Avenco Silence mattress. Because the 12-inch model features two added inches of foam, you can expect slightly more smell from it than the 10-inch version.

While the smell usually goes away within a few days, it will dissipate more quickly if you ensure good ventilation in the bedroom. You can also remove the mattress cover for a few hours to facilitate more rapid dissipation of VOCs.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

To identify your ideal mattress, you want to think about how any option matches up with your specific needs. Two major factors to account for in this process are your sleeping position and body weight.

Side Sleepers:
The Avenco Silence mattress is generally a good fit for most side sleepers because its memory foam comfort layer can provide critical support at the hips and shoulders. Its contouring foam reduces pressure in those areas and helps keep the spine properly aligned.

In general, the Avenco Silence mattress is a better fit for side sleepers who have a body weight under 230 pounds. On the 10-inch model, sleepers over 230 pounds may find that the comfort system is too thin, causing them to sink too deeply into the bed and put more pressure on the support core. On the 12-inch model, people with a higher body weight may find that the medium soft feel is too plush to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Sleepers who have especially sharp pressure points should lean toward the 12-inch model because its thicker 3-inch memory foam layer is more apt to sufficiently cushion those zones.

Back Sleepers:
Back sleepers under 130 pounds are most likely to find that the Avenco Silence mattress is the right fit for their sleep needs. These sleepers find that the mattress has enough conforming to lightly cradle their lower back and keep their lumbar spine supported. At the same time, it’s not so soft as to cause them to sag excessively into the bed.

Because back sleepers don’t need as much contouring for support, the 10-inch model is often best-suited to match their posture. The 12-inch model has more contouring and more sink because of its medium soft feel, and this may be too soft for many back sleepers.

Most back sleepers over 130 pounds will find that the mattress is too soft and allows their midsection to slump too deeply into the comfort layers, potentially pulling their lower back out of alignment. This effect is even more pronounced for those over 230 pounds.

Stomach Sleepers:
The Avenco SIlence mattress is not an ideal fit for most stomach sleepers. People who sleep in this position typically need a firmer mattress that keeps their abdominal area from pushing too far into the bed, which can put stress on the lumbar spine. In addition, the contouring of memory foam can feel suffocating and off-putting to some stomach sleepers.

The main exception is stomach sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds, many of whom can sleep well on this mattress. People with a lighter body weight don’t sink as far into the foams in the comfort system, making it more likely that they can find this mattress to feel both comfortable and supportive. Typically, the 10-inch model, which is slightly firmer, is a better bet for stomach sleepers of this weight than the 12-inch model.

On both the 10-inch and 12-inch model, the feel of the bed is too soft and contouring to work for most stomach sleepers over 130 pounds, but those who have a personal preference for this firmness level may still find it to be a viable option.


Avenco Silence Mattress, 10-Inch

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Excellent Good Fair
Back Sleepers Excellent Fair Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Fair Fair
Scroll L - R for more details

Avenco Silence Mattress, 12-Inch

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Excellent Good Fair
Back Sleepers Good Fair Fair
Stomach Sleepers Fair Fair Poor
Scroll L - R for more details

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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    The Avenco Silence mattress is only available for purchase online. It can be found on the Avenco website and on Amazon.

    The mattress can be shipped to customers in the 48 contiguous U.S. states and to some military addresses. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and international locations is not currently offered.

  • Shipping

    The Avenco Silence mattress comes with free shipping in the contiguous United States. After an order is placed, the mattress usually arrives within 3-7 business days after being delivered by UPS or FedEx.

    The mattress is shipped to your doorstep as a mattress-in-a-box. In this shipping method, the mattress is tightly compressed in plastic to take up less space, and then it is placed in a large cardboard box. To install the Avenco Silence mattress, you just bring the box to your bedroom and remove the packaging, which allows the mattress to retake its full size.

  • Additional Services

    Avenco does not offer installation, old mattress removal, or any other White Glove delivery services.

  • Sleep Trial

    Avenco provides a 100-night sleep trial to buyers of the Avenco Silence mattress. The company requests that you keep the mattress for two months to give your body time to adjust to the new mattress.

    If you decide that you are not satisfied with the Avenco Silence mattress, you can request a return and full refund within the 100-day trial window. In most cases, Avenco pays for shipping, but the customer may be responsible for shipping if the return is not for a quality issue.

  • Warranty

    The mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty from Avenco that covers defects in mattress materials and manufacturing.

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About Our Editorial Team

Lauren Fountain

Certified Sleep Coach

Lauren is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with extensive experience researching and testing a wide variety of sleep products.

About Our Editorial Team

Lauren Fountain

Certified Sleep Coach

Lauren is a Certified Sleep Science Coach with extensive experience researching and testing a wide variety of sleep products.

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