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The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has recently released an expert report on the key indicators of good sleep quality.

Given the increase in the use of sleep technology devices, the key findings from the report are timely and relevant. This information complements the data these devices provide, helping millions of consumers interpret their sleep patterns. The report comes as the first step in NSF’s effort to spearhead defining good sleep quality.

A press release about the latest report is available. You can also learn more about good sleep quality by reading the report in Sleep Health Journal. Then, download the infographic to take a glimpse into your sleep universe.

Preview of Newborn Toddler Good Sleep Quality Infographic Preview of Preschool Teen Good Sleep Quality Infographic Preview of Young Adult Senior Good Sleep Quality Infographic

The findings in the report have been endorsed by the following organizations: American Association of Anatomists, American Academy of Neurology, American Physiological Society, Gerontological Society of America, Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, Society for Research on Biological Rhythms, Society for Research of Human Development, and Society for Women’s Health Research.

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