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In 2016, Yaasa was founded and began selling furniture with an emphasis on adjustability. Its selection spans from the office to the bedroom.

Among its bedroom options, which include an adjustable bed frame, a mattress, and a sleep mask, is the Yaasa Weighted Blanket. While Yaasa offers other blankets, it only sells one weighted blanket model.

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket – also known as the Serenity Weighted Blanket – comes with two different weight options: 15 pounds and 25 pounds. Some individuals find the close hug and extra weight calming.

What makes Yaasa’s weighted blanket unique is that it is a chunky knit, which not only makes it visually distinctive but also allows for greater airflow. Because of its extra airflow, the Yaasa Weighted Blanket can help prevent overheating while still maintaining a certain degree of warmth.

In addition to the two weight options, the blanket is also available in multiple colors. This way, you can be sure that your blanket coordinates the rest of your decor.

We’ll breakdown the Yaasa Weighted Blanket’s construction, performance, and policies to help you assess whether this is the best weighted blanket for you. We’ll also share some tips on how to select your ideal blanket weight.

Yaasa Serenity Video Review

Watch the video below to see how the Yaasa Serenity Weighted Blanket performed when put to the test in our lab.

Yaasa Weighted Blanket Review Breakdown

Thanks to its hand-knit design, the Yaasa Weighted Blanket has a unique appearance and enhanced breathability. Its 100% cotton exterior adds to the blanket’s ability to prevent overheating.

On the inside, the blanket’s polypropylene fibers provide warmth and are likely to stay evenly distributed without the bean-bag-like quality of some bead-based weighted blankets. The fibers also give the blanket an extra bit of loft, which makes it feel thicker and more pillow-like.

While Yaasa only has two weight options available, most adults should be satisfied with one or the other. Yaasa’s color selection also gives you the chance to purchase a blanket that’s not only comfortable but also matches your other decor.

All in all, the high-quality materials of the Yaasa Weighted Blanket make it a great option for consumers who care about comfort, style, and durability.

Materials and Options

The surface of the Yaasa Weighted Blanket is made entirely of cotton, and the fill consists of 100% polypropylene fibers.

The blanket comes in two weight options. You have the choice between the 15-pound or 20-pound versions, each of which has slightly different dimensions. The 15-pound blanket is approximately full size, while the 20-pound option is close to queen size. The blanket also comes in four different colors: sand, mist, twilight, and ivory.

ProductSize OptionsWeight OptionsFill MaterialShell MaterialDimensions
Yaasa Signature Weighted BlanketN/A10 lbs., 15 lbs., 20 lbs.92% silicon beads, 8% polyester fiberCover: 100% Fleece made from polyester

Inner Blanket: 59% bamboo rayon, 41% polyester
72” x 48”
Yaasa Serenity Knit Weighted BlanketN/A15 lbs., 20 lbs.Polypropylene Fibers100% Organic Cotton15 lbs.: 72” x 49”

20 lbs.: 78” x 55”

Pricing Information

Both of the size options for the Yaasa Weighted Blanket fall on the high end of the average price range for a weighted blanket, making it a luxury option.

Naturally, the heavier of the two blankets is the more expensive. This is due to the increased materials and size. When considering whether or not a heavier blanket is worth the price increase, you should take into consideration your body type. If you’re a lighter person, a heavier blanket might feel too substantial. However, if you have a larger frame or plan to share the blanket with a partner, then you might want to opt for the heavier of the two.

While the Yaasa Weighted Blanket falls on the higher end of the average price range, it could be a good value for some shoppers, especially those who want to use it year-round. Its durable build may also help it last longer while maintaining even weight distribution, allowing owners to use it longer than some lower-priced alternatives.

Yaasa Weighted Blanket Pricing

Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket10 lbs.: $209
15 lbs.: $219
20 lbs.: $229
Yaasa Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket15 lbs.: $249

20 lbs.: $269

Weighted Blanket Performance Ratings

Overall, the Yaasa Weighted Blanket performs very well. It starts with the high quality of materials that are used both internally and externally.

With the filling of polypropylene fibers, the blanket provides moderate warmth while avoiding the bean-bag-like feel that’s common in many weighted blankets. The even fill distribution also ensures that the blanket feels a consistent weight throughout without any particularly heavy or light areas.

Its cotton shell attributes to the blanket’s softness and breathability, the latter of which plays a major part in the blanket’s temperature control. A breathable fabric allows greater airflow, which helps to keep the blanket cool and hinder the absorption of your body heat. Hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates may benefit from the Yaasa Weighted Blanket’s exceptional temperature regulation.

Where the Yaasa Weighted Blanket comes up short is in its weight options. Only two are available, though they’re popular enough so that most adults should be satisfied with one or the other.

Quality of Fill

The polypropylene fibers are warm and provide greater loft while avoiding the textured, shifting feel that’s common with many weighted blankets on the market.

Quality of Shell

The cotton surface gives the blanket much of its softness, breathability, durability, and overall comfort. Its increased airflow balances out the warmth of the filling for coziness without excess heat.

Temperature Control

The cover’s unique knitted design and cotton surface both contribute to its increased amount of airflow. With this combination, the blanket remains cool and appropriate for year-round use.

Weight Options

There are only two weight options available: 15 pounds and 20 pounds. While consumers may not be able to find the ideal weight for their body type and personal preferences, these weight options are suitable for most adults.

Distribution of Fill

Since the blanket doesn’t contain beads, there’s a significantly lower chance of the filling shifting or pooling, thus providing more consistent pressure.


With its durable design, the Yaasa Weighted Blanket is a high-quality model. As such, it’s likely to last longer than most other weighted blankets and remain like-new for a longer period of time.

How Heavy Should My Weighted Blanket Be?

The ideal blanket weight for you will likely depend on your body type, intended use, and personal preferences. Some people prefer a lighter blanket in order to move around more, while others might be more inclined to choose a heavier blanket to feel snugger.

Experts recommend that a weighted blanket be about 10 percent of the sleeper’s body weight for optimal comfort. For that reason, lighter sleepers may prefer a lighter blanket and heavier individuals may favor a heavier option.

The Yaasa Weighted Blanket is the company’s only weighted blanket, and it comes in two different weight options. Since they are 15 pounds and 20 pounds, conventional wisdom says that they will be closest to optimal for sleepers who are around 150 pounds and 200 pounds, respectively.

You should talk to a doctor before making a weighted blanket purchase if you have an underlying medical condition, like sleep apnea, or if you’re buying the weighted blanket for a child. Yaasa’s Weighted Blankets are heavier than is advisable for most children, so be sure to discuss appropriate weight options with their medical provider.

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Trial, Shipping, and Warranty Policies


The Yaasa Weighted Blanket ships within the contiguous United States. Customers located in Alaska and Hawaii should contact the company for special shipping arrangements. While Yaasa generally doesn’t ship internationally, you can contact the company to discuss potential options.

You can purchase the Yaasa Weighted Blanket online or at the company’s showroom in Santa Barbara, CA. You can also try the brand’s products at partner showrooms in Chicago, IL, and Edina, MN.


Yaasa ships its weighted blanket for free via FedEx within the contiguous United States. The company can also help arrange shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, though fees apply.


The Yaasa Weighted Blanket does not come with a trial period and is not eligible for a return or refund


A 1-year limited warranty protects the Yaasa Weighted Blanket.

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