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Best Weighted Blanket for Kids

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Weighted blankets have surged in popularity over the last several years, which has led to a rise in the variety of weighted blankets on the market. Today’s options include lighter weighted blankets marketed toward children. Each weighted blanket for kids has an intended age range – usually 4 or older – so make sure to review product information before purchasing one for your child. Parents should also speak with their doctor before allowing their child to use a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets include ball bearings, plastic pellets, glass beads, or other materials in their design that make them heavier than normal blankets or comforters. Many sleepers find that the extra weight in a weighted blanket provides an added sense of security, helping to reduce anxiety and lead to a more relaxing sleep experience.

We’ll go over what to consider when purchasing a weighted blanket for children and discuss the materials, pricing, breathability, weight, and other details of some of the top models available today.

The Best Weighted Blanket for Kids

Product Details

Bearaby Nappling

Best Overall

Bearaby Nappling

Bearaby Nappling
Price: $149
Material: Organic Cotton
Who it's best for:
  • Children ages 4 to 14
  • Hot sleepers
  • Parents who want to invest in sustainably sourced products for their kids
  • Open-knit design ensures excellent airflow without sacrificing coziness or comfort
  • Produced from GOTS-certified organic cotton with a soft jersey knit
  • 4 kid-friendly design options
Bearaby Nappling

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Most weighted blankets sold today are quilted with beads, pellets, and other items secured within baffle boxes to achieve the desired weight. While cozy and warm during chilly times of the year, these blankets can sleep quite warm during the spring, summer, and early fall. The Bearaby Nappling is a notable exception thanks to its unconventional design, which consists of cotton yarns in an open-knit that allows air to pass through.

The yarns are layered to achieve an approximate weight of 8 pounds, so the blanket does not contain any beads or pellets. The cotton has received a Global Organic Textile Standard certification, ensuring it meets the highest standards of organic growth and production. A jersey knit gives the material an indelibly soft feel that’s comparable to a well-loved T-shirt. The entire blanket is machine-washable for quick and easy care.

Bearaby recommends the blanket for children between the ages of 4 and 14. Weighted blankets pose safety risks for younger kids, and those who are 15 or older may need a heavier blanket to feel comfortable. The ideal sleeper weight is 80 pounds, but there’s some wiggle room for kids who are slightly lighter or heavier. You can choose from three solid colors for the blanket, as well as a multi-tone option that incorporates them all.

The Nappling is reasonably priced given its innovative design and premium materials. Bearaby also ships the blanket for free throughout the contiguous U.S. Your order comes with a 30-day trial period that includes hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket

Best Value

Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket

Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket
Price: $169
Material: Glass beads
Size: 41" x 60", 48" x 72", 60" x 80", 80" x 87"
Who it's best for:
  • Kids 70 pounds and up
  • Shoppers looking for a breathable weighted blanket
  • People willing to line-dry their blanket
  • Five available weight options
  • Glass bead fill is quiet and durable
  • Dual-sided design with two textures
Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket

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The Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket is an affordable model that’s available in multiple kid-friendly weight options. The manufacturer doesn’t sacrifice quality to cut costs, as its materials and construction are quite durable and hard-wearing. This blanket is an excellent pick for shoppers who want a weighted blanket that will last their kids multiple years.

The blanket has a different texture on each side – one feels soft and fuzzy, while the other is smooth. Both fabrics are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton that’s blended with bamboo-derived rayon. Cotton and rayon are both highly breathable materials, so kids shouldn’t overheat even if they sleep with the fleecy side against their skin.

The blanket’s weight comes from glass beads that are sewn into baffles to keep the fill from migrating. There are five weight options to choose from: 7 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds, and 25 pounds. Kids between 70 and 100 pounds can choose one of the lighter blankets, while bigger kids and adults should find the three heavier weights more appropriate. The beads are quiet and sleepers shouldn’t notice any shifting, thanks to the blanket’s seven-layer design.

Weighted blankets can often feel excessively warm, but this model’s breathable fabric and versatile design lend themselves well to kids who sleep hot or live in warm climates. Shoppers should note that while the blanket’s shell is machine-washable, the weighted portion is spot or dry clean only. Using a duvet cover can help protect your blanket from spills, wear, and tear.

Sweet Zzz backs this blanket with a 5-year warranty and a 50-night sleep trial.

Silk & Snow Small Knit Weighted Blanket

Most Comfortable

Silk & Snow Small Knit Weighted Blanket

Silk & Snow Small Knit Weighted Blanket
Price: $140
Material: 100% cotton
Sizes: Small (38" x 60")
Who it's best for:
  • Kids who weigh about 80 pounds
  • Hot sleepers
  • Children with sensitive skin
  • Open-knit construction promotes airflow without sacrificing the weighted effect
  • Composed entirely of soft, natural cotton yarns
  • Nine color options
Silk & Snow Small Knit Weighted Blanket

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Despite their popularity among both adults and children, weighted blankets have a reputation for restricting airflow and sleeping hot during warmer times of the year. The Silk & Snow Knit Weighted Blanket mitigates this issue with a more breathable design compared to competitors. Constructed using thick cotton yarns in an open knit, the blanket circulates air while still maintaining the hefty, insulating feel sleepers appreciated from weighted coverings.

The blanket is available in a children’s size that weighs 8 pounds, making it best suited to kids who weigh roughly 80 pounds with some wiggle room in either direction. The slightly smaller travel size shares the same weight, which may be handy for your child during flights or long rides in the car. The yarns’ soft texture should be comfortable for kids with rashes and other conditions that cause sensitive skin.

You can choose from nine different colors. The blanket can be washed in household machines using cool water on a delicate or permanent press cycle. For drying, Silk & Snow recommends either laying the blanket flat or tumble-drying for two to three cycles. Hanging the blanket to dry may cause structural damage.

All customers in the contiguous U.S. and provincial Canada qualify for free ground shipping with their order. The blanket may be returned within 100 nights as long as it has not been stained or torn and is otherwise in decent condition, as all returned items are donated to charity.

Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket

Best Airflow

Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket

Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket
Price: $170
Material: Glass Beads
Sizes: 42" x 66"
Who it's best for:
  • Children ages 7 and up
  • Those who sleep cold at night
  • Children who find comfort in stuffed animals or toys
  • Machine-washable polyester duvet cover
  • Includes a weighted stuffed animal
  • Polyester cover provides insulation to keep children warm
Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket

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The Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket is designed to provide comfort and support for children ages 7 and older. Reinforced grid stitching keeps the small glass beads evenly distributed, which prevents bunching and ensures uniform weight across the blanket.

The outer shell is made of soft polyester. The polyester material and the gridded stitching in this blanket are fairly durable, meaning this blanket will likely enjoy a good lifespan. Although the glass beads leave room for airflow, the polyester cover traps some heat. The blanket is well-suited to cooler climates, but it may not be the best option for children who sleep hot.

This blanket weighs 10 pounds, which should meet the needs of older children. However, if you believe your child will have difficulty removing the blanket, you should not let your child use the blanket unsupervised.

Each Gravity Kids Weighted Blanket purchase includes a 3-pound weighted toy suitable for children ages 5 and up. The blanket measures 66 inches by 42 inches, and children have a choice of green or pink. The blanket’s cover is removable and machine-washable, making cleaning easier while preventing wear and tear to the inner blanket. The weighted toy and the inner blanket should only be spot-cleaned.

Gravity offers a 30-day return policy on blankets. The customer is responsible for the return packaging and shipping charges.

Baloo Kids Weighted Blanket

Best Eco-Friendly

Baloo Kids Weighted Blanket

Baloo Kids Weighted Blanket
Price: $149
Material: Glass Beads
Size: Kids (40" x 60")
Who it's best for:
  • Children 3 and older who weigh 50 lbs. or more
  • Kids who sleep hot
  • Parents who want to invest in weighted blanket that’s easily cleaned
  • Above-average breathability thanks to glass bead fill and a natural cotton cover
  • Fully machine-washable
  • 3 color options produced using natural dyes
Baloo Kids Weighted Blanket

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The Baloo Kids Weighted Blanket is crafted for a soft, cozy feel. The outer shell is composed of natural cotton, which is both breathable and effective at insulating against the cold. Glass beads and plush cotton batting are used for the fill. The beads retain less body heat than the plastic pellets used in other weighted blankets, so overheating during warmer times of the year shouldn’t be an issue.

The blanket weighs 9 pounds and is suitable for any child 3 or older who weighs at least 50 pounds. You can choose from three different colors: peach, aqua, or indigo. Each is derived from vegetable-based dyes. Mild detergent, cold water, and low dryer heat can help preserve these colors over time, as this type of dye is susceptible to fading without proper cleaning and care.

Baloo offers free ground delivery for all orders in the contiguous U.S. The company also covers shipping costs for returns and exchanges within 30 days of the original purchase.

Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket


Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket

Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket
Price: $100
Material: Glass beads
Size: Small (42" x 56"), Medium (54" x 72"), Large (60" x 80")
Who it's best for:
  • Children who weigh roughly 80 pounds
  • Those who need extra insulation from their weighted blanket
  • Parents looking for a blanket that’s easy to clean
  • Integrated cover and inner blanket design is fully machine-washable
  • Choose from covers made with breathable lyocell, plush minky, or a reversible combination of the two
  • Seven color options available
Luxome Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket

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Most weighted blankets sold today consist of a two-piece design with a removable, machine-washable cover and an inner weighted blanket that requires more intensive care when cleaning is needed. The innovative Integrated Cover Weighted Blanket from Luxome combines both components into a singular blanket that can be washed and dried in your household machines. The blanket is available in three sizes, with the small 8-pound option for kids who weigh up to 80 pounds or so.

You can select from three cover materials. One is composed of polyester minky with a plush, cozy feel ideal for colder weather. The other is made of breathable lyocell derived from bamboo, which sleeps cool and has moisture-wicking properties to keep your child comfortable on hot or humid nights. The third option is reversible and features both fabrics, one on each side. These blankets are best suited to year-round use. All versions contain glass microbeads for the weighted fill.

The blanket may be machine-washed on a cold, gentle cycle and tumble-dried on low heat. Seven color options are available, including single- and two-tone designs. The blanket is also sold in medium (15-pound) and large (18-pound) sizes intended for adults.

Luxome provides free ground shipping for all orders within the contiguous U.S. Returns are accepted within 30 days for blankets in new condition that haven’t been cleaned. The company also allows exchanges during the return period.

Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids

Best Range of Colors

Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids

Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids
Price: $50
Material: Glass Beads, Microfiber from Recycled Materials
Size: Kid (36" x 48"), Twin (41" x 60")
Who it's best for:
  • Kids up to 100 pounds
  • Parents who want a washable blanket
  • Kids who run hot while sleeping
  • Available in fun, kid-friendly prints
  • Machine-washable
  • Glass beads and baffle box design increase durability
Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids

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The Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids is a well-made option that comes in a variety of fun and unique prints. After choosing a design like llamas or dinosaurs, you can also pick between three different kid-appropriate weight options – 5 pounds, 7 pounds, or 10 pounds. This model has an affordable price-point, especially considering its high-quality materials.

The blanket’s shell is 100% cotton that feels soft and smooth. Inside is glass bead fill and microfiber made from recycled materials. The fill stays in place thanks to double-stitched baffle boxes. The microfiber helps quiet the beads and adds a bit of warmth. Air flows freely through the cotton shell, helping to keep kids at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Weighted blankets often have tricky washing instructions, but this model is simple to launder. You can wash and dry it at home as long as you’re careful to use gentle settings. The blanket has corner loops for those who prefer to use a duvet cover. Our sleep lab testing found that this model is highly durable and likely to last with proper care.

You can purchase the Luna Weighted Blanket for Kids as a small throw or in standard twin dimensions. Shoppers wishing to return their blankets must initiate a return within 30 days of delivery. There is a $10 processing fee for returned items. Shipping is free within the contiguous U.S. and the blanket carries a lifetime limited warranty.

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket for Children

When choosing the best weighted blanket for kids, there are a variety of factors to consider, such as the weight of the blanket, the quality and durability of materials used in its construction, and how easy it is to clean. Price is also an important detail for most shoppers. When you are blanket shopping, comparing the blanket to similar models can be helpful in making your purchasing decision.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Weighted Blanket for Kids

We’ll outline the top factors to consider when purchasing a weighted blanket. Think about your child’s unique sleep needs and your personal preferences. If your child wakes up hot at night, breathability becomes an important factor. For children who have sensitive skin or allergies, a hypoallergenic blanket could be the best choice.

A blanket that is too heavy could cause discomfort or could even be dangerous for small children. However, a blanket that is too light may not provide the needed comfort and security. Choosing the right weight for your child’s weighted blanket is vital to make sure they experience its benefits.

Quality Materials
Weighted blankets made with quality materials can provide a better sleep experience for your child. High-quality materials may also include benefits that you wouldn’t find in lower-quality models. For example, quality materials may be organic or hypoallergenic, or they may have other special attributes to help a specific type of sleeper. Quality cover materials are generally less likely to rip, tear, or become worn.

Cover Materials
The cover material of a weighted blanket is important because it’s the part of the blanket your child will feel against their skin. Consider whether your child would prefer their blanket to be soft or sleek, and whether they need it to be breathable or trap warmth. For younger children, the blanket’s color or design may also be a highlight.

Ease of Cleaning
If a blanket isn’t easy to clean, it generally will have a shorter lifespan. Regular cleaning helps to keep blankets free of stains and bacteria. Children’s blankets are especially prone to soiling, which makes ease of cleaning a top consideration when it comes to choosing a weighted blanket for kids.

The weighted blanket you choose must fit within your price range while also meeting your child’s sleep needs. Blankets made with quality materials will likely come at a higher price tag, but those blankets are also more likely to offer durability, providing a better return on investment in the long run.

Weighted blankets are particularly heavy, which means sleepers can easily overheat if the blanket isn’t sufficiently breathable. Many weighted blankets include materials and designs that don’t trap heat and instead encourage airflow, making for a cooler night’s sleep.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

The extra weight in a weighted blanket is meant to offer sleepers a sense of security and comfort, aiding them to achieve a better night’s sleep. A weighted blanket is typically filled with glass or plastic pellets to make it heavier than the average blanket and provide the benefits of deep pressure touch (DPT) therapy.

While not all the claims about weighted blankets have been scientifically proven, recent studies do suggest that weighted blankets may help reduce anxiety.

Manufacturers typically market weighted blankets to people who have anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, or other issues that keep them from sleeping well. While a weighted blanket isn’t guaranteed to help, it may be worth a try if your child is experiencing anxiety-related sleep problems.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe for Kids?

When used correctly, weighted blankets are considered safe for most children who weigh more than 50 pounds and are over 3 years of age, as long as the blanket is an appropriate size and weight. We recommend that you consult your child’s physician before your child uses a weighted blanket. Many manufacturers do not recommend using their blankets for babies or toddlers. In fact, with just a few exceptions, most manufacturers make their weighted blankets specifically for older children, teens, and adults.

Children may have trouble removing a blanket that is too heavy. This can limit their movement and may even lead to suffocation or decrease their blood circulation. Children of any age with respiratory or cardiac problems, or certain other health issues, should not use weighted blankets.

For safer use of a weighted blanket for kids, ensure your child’s head and neck are not covered by the blanket and always make sure they are able to easily remove the blanket.

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket for Kids Be?

When choosing a weighted blanket for a child, it is generally best to look for one that is 10% of their body weight. For example, if your child weighs 50 pounds, a 5-pound weighted blanket would be most appropriate.

While an overly heavy blanket can be dangerous for a child, a blanket that is too light may not be adequate for your child’s needs. Once you receive the weighted blanket, supervise your child as they try it out to see if the weight works well. Make sure they can move freely beneath the blanket and that they find the weight comfortable. If the weight is uncomfortable or if your child has trouble removing the blanket, you should exchange it for a lighter blanket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weighted Blankets

  • How much do weighted blankets for kids cost?

    Generally, the price for weighted blankets for kids falls between $50 and $200. Due to their smaller sizes and lower weights, weighted blankets for children are usually less expensive than weighted blankets for adults. However, the price for a child’s weighted blanket can vary depending on the quality and type of materials used in the blanket, where the blanket is made, its construction, and other factors.

  • Do weighted blankets help kids sleep?

    Studies on children with autism have shown that weighted blankets may help kids fall asleep faster, though results are inconclusive on whether or not they help children stay asleep or enjoy better-quality sleep. If your child has trouble falling asleep due to anxiety or another issue, you should talk to your doctor about using a weighted blanket as a sleep aid.

  • How heavy should my child's weighted blanket be?

    Generally, a child’s weighted blanket should weigh 10% of the child’s body weight. As blankets come in limited weight options, you may choose to use a blanket that’s 1 or 2 pounds lighter or heavier than this recommendation. Test the blanket out with your child to ensure that it’s not too restrictive.

  • What size weighted blanket is best for kids?

    Child-size weighted blankets usually measure 30 or 40 inches by 50 or 60 inches. Smaller blankets are generally better for a child. You want your child to be able to move the blanket and get out from under it for safety reasons.

  • How do you clean a weighted blanket?

    Cleaning methods for weighted blankets vary based on the design of the blanket and the materials used in its construction. Cotton and polyester weighted blankets are generally the easiest to maintain because they are durable and can be washed more easily. For easy cleaning, look for a weighted blanket that can be washed in your home washing machine or one with a removable cover.

  • Is it safe for kids to use a weighted blanket?

    Age-appropriate weighted blankets are generally considered safe for most children aged 3 years or older. However, you should discuss the use of a weighted blanket with your child’s doctor before making your purchase. Weighted blankets are not safe for children who have certain health conditions, especially respiratory- and cardiac-related health conditions. A weighted blanket that is too heavy can also lead to suffocation or circulation issues. If you decide to purchase a weighted blanket for your child, it is important to select the correct size and weight.

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