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ReST Original With Gel Grid

Ideal for:

  • Shoppers with larger budgets
  • Those who want a smart bed with adjustability
  • Couples with different preferences
  • Hot sleepers


  • White Glove Delivery is the only available shipping option, and it costs an additional $199
  • The high price point may exceed the budget of some shoppers
  • The bed is controlled by an app, and an iOS or Android device is required
Price Range:
$4,599 - $6,399
Mattress Type:
Adjustable: Soft (3) to Firm (8)
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Written by

Lauren Fountain


ReST produces two smart airbeds with customizable firmness levels and built-in technology. The flagship ReST Bed utilizes a pressure-mapping layer that provides personalized support. The brand’s newest model, the Rest Original Smart Bed with Gel Grid, builds on the original design with a pressure-relieving comfort layer composed of hyperelastic polymer material.

The addition of the Gel Grid results in better temperature regulation, as this layer includes open channels for more airflow. A layer of memory foam supports the grid and helps reduce tension throughout the body. The air chamber support core is zoned for unique customization options and the firmness of each side of the mattress can be adjusted independently. Its modular design allows components to be replaced if needed.

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid is designed with the latest technology and materials to support those with active lifestyles, couples, and hot sleepers. With a range of firmness options and settings, the smart bed can accommodate different sleeping positions and preferences.

We’ll take a closer look at the construction, pricing, and sizing of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid. We’ll break down in-depth performance ratings and more information about the smart features included with the mattress. Lastly, we’ll discuss the shipping, return, and warranty policies for the ReST Bed.

ReST Bed with Gel Grid Review Breakdown

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid is an airbed with a 13-inch profile. The firmness of the bed is adjustable from soft to firm, with multiple zones that can be customized to suit your sleeping position and preferences.

The performance fabric cover is removable and machine washable. It wicks away moisture to help keep sleepers comfortable throughout the night. The lightweight construction of the fabric cover ensures sleepers feel the benefits of the Gel Grid comfort layer.

The adaptive Gel Grid cradles the body and relieves pressure. The grid design creates air channels that allow air to circulate throughout the mattress, which helps dissipate body heat. The 2-inch Gel Grid contours to the shape of the body while resisting impressions over time.

Beneath the Gel Grid is 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. This layer is built into the comfort system to support the grid and offer additional pressure relief. A sensor layer of flexible knit fabric with 2,000 data points maps out pressure points in real time and relays that information to the ReST app and support core.

The air chamber support core has five zones so that you can adjust the firmness under your legs, hips, lumbar region, shoulders, and head. The air chambers are made of medical grade polyurethane that is RF-welded to prevent leaks. This increases the durability of the mattress and ensures consistent support.

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid has a closed WiFi system that connects to the app so users can control the amount of inflation for each chamber. Settings include manual, automatic, and auto-position.


Mattress Type

Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8)



The ReST Bed with Gel Grid is composed of four layers, including an air chamber support core, a sensor layer, a memory foam layer, and the Gel Grid.

Cover Material:

Performance Cover (Removable)

Comfort Layer:

2” Gel Grid

2” Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Sensor layer (3-Ply: Polyester/Nylon; Knit Polyester/Nylon with Sensor; Polyester/Nylon)

Support Core:

Adjustable Air Chambers

Discounts and Deals


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ReST Bed with Gel Grid Prices and Sizing

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid has an above-average price point for an airbed, but it includes more customization options and unique features. The complex construction includes smart technology and the Gel Grid for pressure relief and a personalized feel.

Though the ReST Bed with Gel Grid is newer, the construction is durable and the bed should last, making it a valuable investment. The modular design allows components to be replaced as needed and the smart bed is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Shoppers should note that not all six standard mattress sizes are available, as the ReST Bed with Gel Grid is not produced in twin or full sizes. In addition to twin XL, queen, king, and California king, ReST offers the bed in split top queen, split top king, and split king sizes. The twin XL size has one set of air hoses, while the queen and larger sizes include two sets of air hoses to adjust each side of the mattress independently.

There is an option to add on a Bed Jet for an additional charge, which is an air technology climate comfort system with heating and cooling capabilities.

Sizes Dimensions Height Weight Price
Twin XL 38" x 80" 13" N/A. $4,599
Queen 60" x 80" 13" N/A. $5,799
Split-Top Queen 60" x 80" 13" N/A. $6,599
(Eastern) King 76" x 80" 13" N/A. $6,699
(Eastern) Split-Top King 76" x 80" 13" N/A. $6,999
Split King 76" x 80" 13" N/A. $9,198
California King 72" x 84" 13" N/A. $6,399
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Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The comfort system of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid includes a 2-inch grid layer and a 2-inch memory foam layer, both of which isolate motion exceptionally well.

The Gel Grid reacts to pressure and springs back to shape quickly, but it does not allow movements to ripple across the bed. The memory foam layer helps absorb movements to minimize sleep disturbances. Most movements should not be felt, though some sleepers may notice their partner getting in and out of bed.

Motion isolation is an important consideration for couples and sleepers who share the bed with a pet. It determines to what extent movements in one area of the bed are felt in other areas.

Airbeds in general have minimal bounce, so they prevent motion transfer better than more responsive innerspring and latex mattresses.

Pressure Relief

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid offers excellent pressure relief for sleepers. The grid is made of flexible hyperelastic polymer, which cradles the body and cushions areas where pressure would otherwise build up.

A layer of memory foam reinforces the Gel Grid and responds to pressure for a customized feel and additional relief.

In addition to the pressure-relieving comfort system, the ReST Bed with Gel Grid has a built-in sensor layer that maps out pressure points. Users can see the pressure map on the app.

The firmness of the ReST Bed can be manually adjusted, or set to automatically adjust in response to pressure. The auto-position setting adjusts for side and back sleeping positions, while the automatic setting senses pressure and adjusts settings accordingly. As a result, sleepers experience personalized pressure relief.

Temperature Control

Several components of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid help regulate temperature and prevent overheating. The breathable performance cover wicks away moisture, which is beneficial for hot sleepers who tend to sweat throughout the night.

The addition of the Gel Grid layer improves the temperature regulation of the ReST Bed, as it increases airflow throughout the mattress. The hyperelastic polymer is infused with temperature-neutral gel to prevent heat retention. Also, unlike soft memory foam, the Gel Grid cradles the body without restricting airflow.

The foam layer beneath the Gel Grid is gel-infused to help prevent heat from building up in the mattress, and the knit sensor layer is breathable. The ReST Bed with Gel Grid is a good fit for hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates.

Edge Support

Couples benefit from edge support, as it increases the amount of usable surface area on the mattress. It can also make it easier to get in and out of bed.

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid has good edge support, as the flexible grid is supported by memory foam and high resiliency polyfoam. Additionally, the Gel Grid resists sagging over time. The solid base and perimeter of the smart bed ensure edge support for those who sleep near or sit on the edge of the bed.

That said, the ReST Bed with Gel Grid may not feel as sturdy around the edges as a hybrid mattress with a reinforced coil perimeter.

Ease of Movement

The comfort system of the ReST Bed combines the Gel Grid with a layer of memory foam for pressure relief, but these layers conform to the shape of the body and can inhibit movement to a certain extent.

It is common for mattresses with foam elements to feel restrictive, but one of the benefits of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid is its adjustability. How easy it is to move around on the mattress will depend on the firmness settings. The softer the mattress is, the more sleepers will sink into the bed and feel restricted. Firmer settings make it easier to move across the surface.

Overall, the ReST Bed with Gel Grid has an average rating for ease of movement. A mattress with bounce, like an innerspring or hybrid mattress, helps facilitate movement better.


The ReST Bed with Gel Grid makes minimal noise, offers good edge support, and regulates temperature, all of which are beneficial for couples.

The Gel Grid comfort layer bounces back to shape when pressure is removed, which can help make it easier to change positions during sex. However, memory foam beneath the Gel Grid may feel restrictive for some. Airbeds generally lack bounce and some couples may find they prefer a mattress with innerspring coils.

To make it easier to change positions as needed, couples may want to set the ReST Bed with Gel Grid to a firmer setting. Since the automatic mode adjusts to pressure, inflating or deflating the air chambers as needed, the manual mode might be better suited for intimate activity.


There is an initial odor to the ReST Bed with Gel Grid when it is first delivered. Off-gassing is the result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) releasing as the mattress airs out.

The Gel Grid has minimal VOCs and the air chambers help dissipate any initial odors. The comfort layer of memory foam will be more prone to off-gassing, but this should dissipate within a couple of days.

Keep the bedroom ventilated and allow any odors to dissipate before adding bedding.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight

Since the ReST Bed with Gel Grid is adjustable, it is suitable for all sleeping positions and body weights. Sleepers can set the bed to their preferred firmness levels, with customizable support for the legs, hips, lumbar, shoulders, and head. Those who share the bed with a partner can adjust each side separately. Though the ReST Bed with Gel Grid is a good fit for most sleepers, there are special considerations for each sleeping position that we will break down further here.

Side Sleepers:
Side sleepers will notice that their shoulders and hips press into their mattresses, so they need a bed that responds proportionately to pressure and evenly distributes their body weight. The Gel Grid cradles the body and relieves pressure points. Memory foam reinforces the grid and contours to the shape of the body to help keep the spine aligned.

The ReST Bed has side sleeping settings to ensure that pressure does not build up in the shoulders and hips. Sleepers can also manually adjust the firmness of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid at the shoulders and hips for proper support and spinal alignment.

Most side sleepers prefer a mattress with a medium to medium firm feel. The ReST Bed with Grid Grid is an excellent choice for side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds. It is also a good fit for side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds.

Back Sleepers:
Back sleepers tend to prefer a medium firm to firm mattress, but they need a contouring comfort system to relieve any pressure on the lower back. The ReST Bed offers moderate contouring with the Gel Grid and memory foam comfort system, and sleepers can manually adjust the airbed for targeted lumbar support.

The auto-position setting of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid includes a back sleeping setting that supports the natural posture of the body. This helps keep the spine aligned while reducing pressure and tension.

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid is highly rated for back sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds, but it also provides adequate support for heavier back sleepers. The firmness settings can be adjusted to prevent the lower back from sinking in too deeply.

Stomach Sleepers:
Stomach sleepers often need a firm mattress to prevent their hips and abdomens from sinking into the mattress, but they also need cushioning for the chest and shoulders. While the Gel Grid and memory foam comfort system may not be considered firm enough on its own, the ReST Bed can be adjusted to suit the needs of stomach sleepers.

The multiple zones of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid can be adjusted for stomach sleepers to receive enough support underneath the hips, with softer settings for the upper body. We find that it is best for stomach sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, but lighter and heavier stomach sleepers should still find that the airbed offers good support.

Under 130 lbs. 130-230 lbs. Above 230 lbs.
Side Sleepers Excellent Excellent Good
Back Sleepers Excellent Good Good
Stomach Sleepers Good Good Fair
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Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies

  • Availability

    ReST ships to the United States and Canada. The ReST Bed with Gel Grid can be purchased online through ReST.

    ReST also partners with home stores across the United States, and a full list of retail partners can be found on the ReST website.

  • Shipping

    All ReST orders are shipped via White Glove Delivery, which is an additional charge. Free standard shipping is not available. White Glove delivery within the United States is available for $199. Orders shipped to Canada incur an additional $199 shipping fee, for a total of $398. Orders are currently processed and delivered within three to four weeks.

    The White Glove delivery team involves a two-person crew that unboxes and sets up the ReST Bed with Gel Grid. The delivery process takes approximately 20 minutes. The delivery company calls the customer 24 hours before delivery to arrange a delivery time frame.

  • Additional Services

    Old mattress removal can be added on to White Glove delivery for an additional $99.

  • Sleep Trial

    The ReST Bed with Gel Grid comes with a 90-night sleep trial. There is no required break-in period, and customers can initiate a return at any point during the sleep trial.

    In the event of a return, ReST offers a full refund. There are no return or restocking fees.

  • Warranty

    The ReST Bed with Gel Grid is covered by a 10-year non-prorated warranty, which covers defects in the mattress components. In the event of a defect, ReST will repair or replace the faulty parts and cover any shipping charges.