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Hybrid mattresses combine elements of two mattress types, typically with thick comfort layers of foam or latex and a support core of coils. The hybrid design aims to maximize the benefits of its individual components like temperature regulation and pressure relief, all while minimizing their potential drawbacks. Shoppers who are considering a hybrid mattress often narrow down their options to the Layla Hybrid and WinkBeds models.

Layla originally gained popularity for its flagship foam model that has a reversible design, with a different firmness level on each side of the mattress. Layla uses copper-infused memory foam in its mattresses for additional support and temperature regulation. Copper is antibacterial and conducts heat, helping to provide a hygienic, cooling sleep surface. The Layla Hybrid is also reversible, building on the original design with a pocketed coil support core as the center layer of the mattress.

WinkBeds is a brand that offers luxury models that are competitively priced. The company produces a hybrid mattress, the WinkBed, which is available in several firmness options. WinkBeds also manufactures the EcoCloud, a latex hybrid mattress, and the GravityLux, an all-foam mattress. Each mattress has an eco-friendly design and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

There are unique benefits to the Layla Hybrid and WinkBeds models, which we’ll cover in this comparison. We’ll also take a closer look at the pricing, sizing, and construction of these mattresses.

Shoppers who are deciding between the Layla Hybrid and WinkBeds may be wondering which mattress will provide better pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature neutrality. We’ll include performance ratings for each model to help shoppers decide which best suits their needs. Lastly, we’ll compare company policies regarding shipping, returns, and warranties.

Quick Look

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Price Range (Queen)


$1,499 – $1,699

Firmness Options

Reversible: Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)

Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)

Standout Features
  • Reversible firmness
  • Copper-infused foam for temperature regulation
  • Memory foam relieves pressure points
  • Multiple firmness options available
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Lifetime warranty
Sleep Trial & Warranty
  • 120 nights
  • 10 year, Limited
  • 120 nights (30 night requirement)
  • Lifetime, Limited
Customer Service
  • A+
  • A+
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Sizing and Weight Options

Mattress size can impact performance, including how comfortable and supportive the mattress is. The size of the mattress also determines how comfortably it fits in your space, so it is important to keep the size and layout of the bedroom in mind. The height and weight of the mattress should also be considered.

A mattress can have a profile that is considered low, standard, or high. The height of a mattress depends on its construction. Hybrid mattresses often have higher profiles than foam mattresses. Low profiles are better for compact spaces and bunk beds. A high profile mattress, or one that measures more than 12 inches, can provide additional support with thicker layers. Keep the size of your bed frame in mind, as the combined height with a mattress may make it easier or harder to get in and out of bed.

The weight of a mattress affects how easy it is to adjust or move the mattress. A lightweight mattress is often ideal for those who need to rotate the mattress regularly for even wear, or those who plan to move with the mattress. Lightweight mattresses can be better suited for some bed frames, especially ones with lower weight limits. Heavier mattresses are less likely to shift on the bed frame but can be harder to adjust or move when needed.

Layla Hybrid




Size Options

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King



Size Options

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King



Size Options

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King



Size Options

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

The Layla Hybrid and all WinkBeds are available in the six standard mattress sizes, twin through California king. WinkBeds offers more models, and has different options for shoppers in terms of height.

Differences in construction between the Layla Hybrid and WinkBeds account for differences in weight and height. Hybrid models tend to have more layers, and can have higher profiles as a result. Foam is typically lighter than coils, so it makes sense that the WinkBeds GravityLux is the lightest option. It also has the lowest profile.

Shoppers who want a high profile mattress have more options available, including the Layla Hybrid, the WinkBed, and the EcoCloud. Each of these models is 12.5 inches or higher, and weighs more than 100 pounds in a queen size. Shoppers should keep this in mind for delivery and set-up.

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Construction and Materials Comparison

Construction and materials impact the lifespan of the mattress and determine how long it provides consistent support. Certain materials are less likely to sag or form deep impressions over time. Mattress type indicates the primary materials used. Popular mattress types include foam, latex, and hybrid models.

Foam mattresses are often made with layers of polyfoam and memory foam. Synthetic foam contours to the shape of the body for strong pressure relief, which makes these mattresses great for people with back pain. High-density foam is often used as a support base for foam mattresses, as it tends to be more durable.

Latex mattresses incorporate layers of natural and/or synthetic latex. Natural latex is highly durable. It is harvested from the sap of rubber trees and processed using the Talalay or Dunlop method. The result is a buoyant, breathable material that relieves pressure and helps regulate temperature.

Hybrid mattresses combine elements of latex or foam mattresses with a pocketed coil support core. The coils are often made of steel and can be tempered for better durability. The lifespan of a hybrid mattress depends on the materials used in the comfort layers, in addition to the steel coil core.

Layla produces foam and hybrid mattresses, though we focus on the Layla Hybrid in this review. WinkBeds manufactures one foam model and two hybrids. We’ll break down the construction of each model here.

Layla Hybrid

The Layla Hybrid is made to order with layers of copper-infused memory foam and a pocketed coil support core. Copper helps draw heat away from the body, resulting in better temperature regulation than one might expect from traditional memory foam.

The cover of the Layla Hybrid is composed of polyester, rayon, viscose, and poly-lycra. The cover has a zipper and can be fully removed. Layla recommends dry cleaning the cover as needed.

The Layla Hybrid features a reversible design, with a soft side and a firm side. The cover includes a tag that indicates which side is which. Vinyl handles help users flip the mattress if needed.

The Layla Hybrid Soft Side

The soft side of Layla Hybrid is considered medium soft, or 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Its plush comfort system includes 2.5 inches of copper-infused memory foam. This layer offers variable support for deep compression areas like the shoulders and hips. The memory foam helps evenly distribute body weight for pressure relief.

Beneath the memory foam comfort layer lies 2 inches of Tri-Zone Airflow polyfoam. This layer has deep channels for airflow, which help dissipate heat. The Surface Modification Technology (SMT) used in the polyfoam provides targeted support.

The Layla Hybrid Firm Side

The firm side of the Layla Hybrid has a 7 rating on the firmness scale. It is firm and supportive, and sleepers will not experience as much contouring as they would on the soft side. The comfort system includes 1 inch of copper-infused memory foam. The second layer is 1.5 inches of firm Tri-Zone Airflow polyfoam with Surface Modification Technology. This side offers similar benefits to the soft side, with temperature-regulating properties and variable support for deep compression areas.

The Layla Hybrid Support Core

Between the soft side and firm side of the Layla Hybrid is a 6-inch bed of pocketed coils. This support core reduces motion transfer and offers full-body support. The pocketed coil layer includes a reinforced double coil perimeter for edge support.


WInkBeds uses eco-friendly materials in each of its models. The WinkBeds product line includes the WinkBed, the GravityLux, and the EcoCloud. Each model is handmade to order.

The WinkBed

The WinkBed mattress is available in three firmness options: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), and firm (7-8). The hybrid construction of the WinkBed results in plenty of bounce and support for sleepers. Gel-infused foam helps draw heat away from the body while relieving pressure points.

Each WinkBed has a Tencel cover, derived from eucalyptus. The cover naturally wicks away heat and moisture. The Euro style pillow-top of the WinkBed ensures plenty of pressure relief and motion isolation.

The soft WinkBed has a layer of gel-infused polyfoam quilted into the pillow top. Beneath the pillow top is dense transitional foam. A five-zoned support core of pocketed coils offers targeted support to help keep the spine aligned.

The medium firm and firm WinkBed models feature two layers of gel-infused polyfoam quilted into the pillow top. The coil support core is divided into seven zones for even more targeted support. The firm option option contours less to the shape of the body, providing the feeling of sleeping on, rather than in, the mattress.

The WinkBed is also available in a Plus option. The WinkBed Plus is designed for heavier sleepers. It does not feature transitional foam. Instead, it has zoned latex in its comfort system to resist deep impressions. The pocketed coil base has three zones for targeted support.

The GravityLux

The WinkBeds Memory Lux is a foam mattress available in three firmness options. Shoppers can choose between soft (4), medium (5), and firm (7). Each firmness option is similarly constructed, but differs in the firmness of the memory foam comfort layer.

The Tencel cover of the GravityLux is breathable and moisture-wicking. In each GravityLux model, 2 inches of gel-infused polyfoam are quilted into the cover to draw heat away from the body and increase airflow.

The second layer of the GravityLux is the brand’s proprietary memory foam, AirCell. AirCell memory foam retains less heat than traditional viscoelastic memory foam and is less likely to sag over time. This layer contours to the shape of the body, relieves pressure points, and helps keep the spine properly aligned.

Beneath the comfort system is a transition layer of zoned polyfoam for targeted support. This layer is firmer underneath the hips and lumbar region, and softer underneath the shoulders and legs.

The support core of the GravityLux is ATLAS Core polyfoam for added durability.

The EcoCloud

The EcoCloud is a latex hybrid model made with natural materials. This includes an organic cotton and wool cover that wicks away moisture and heat. The EcoCloud is available in a medium firmness, which is considered a 5 on the 10-point firmness scale.

The comfort layer of the EcoCloud is made of 4 inches of aerated Talalay latex. This layer moderately contours to the shape of the body and relieves pressure. It is firmer underneath the lumbar region and softer at the shoulders and hips. Latex is breathable, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial.

The support core of the EcoCloud includes pocketed coils that are tempered three times for durability. The perimeter of the coil base is reinforced for edge support, which helps prevent sagging over time. The coil base evenly distributes body weight and helps keep the spine aligned. A polyfoam base reinforces the coils and helps minimize motion transfer.

In-Depth Ratings

Performance ratings show shoppers where a mattress excels and where it may fall short. The following aspects are especially important, but will vary in significance for each shopper. Before comparing mattresses, shoppers should understand and prioritize the following features to help them find a mattress that suits their needs. For example, side sleepers and those with sharp pressure points may value pressure relief more than other aspects. Couples may prioritize motion isolation and ease of movement.

Several factors influence the durability of a mattress, including materials, construction, and usage. The bed frame is also important, as a sturdy foundation can help prevent sagging. Certain materials are highly durable, including natural latex, tempered steel coils, and high-density foam. On average, the lifespan of a mattress is six to eight years. Beds that are made with durable materials can provide consistent support for longer. Shoppers should keep in mind that high-quality materials can be more expensive, but the mattress will not need to be replaced as soon as one that is made with less durable materials.

Motion Isolation
Motion isolation is an essential consideration for those who share the bed, as it refers to how well a bed absorbs movements and isolates them to one area. Strong motion isolation makes it less likely for a sleeper to feel his or her partner change positions throughout the night. Memory foam is highly regarded for its motion isolating properties, as it responds to pressure and is slow to return to its original shape. Mattresses with coils and latex layers tend to have more bounce, and may transfer motion as a result.

Buoyant comfort layers on a mattress can provide ease of movement, allowing users to change positions comfortably during sex. Coils add bounce and help facilitate movement. Memory foam can provide some traction, which is helpful for shifting positions, but too much traction can also feel restrictive. When shopping for a mattress, couples may also want to consider the amount of edge support the mattress provides and if it is silent when bearing weight.

Temperature Neutrality
Some mattresses are prone to heat retention while others have a temperature neutral or cooling feel. How well a mattress regulates temperature depends on its materials and construction. Cooling mattresses often incorporate elements that help draw heat away from the body and keep it from building up in the mattress. These elements may include aerated or coil layers for ample airflow, a breathable cover, or thermal conductive materials in the comfort system. Latex and hybrid mattresses tend to encourage airflow, while foam mattresses are more likely to retain heat. Those who sleep hot will want to confirm whether or not the mattress they are considering is highly rated for temperature neutrality.

Pressure Relief
How well the mattress distributes body weight will determine whether or not it relieves pressure. Certain areas like the shoulders and hips are more likely to develop pressure points, especially if the mattress is too firm. A mattress that contours to the shape of the body can help cushion these areas while keeping the spine properly aligned. It is important for shoppers to choose the right firmness for their body types and preferred sleeping positions.

Off-gassing is the result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into the air. This is most intense when the mattress is first unpackaged. It is commonly associated with foam mattresses. Off-gassing is not considered to be dangerous, but the chemical smell may be bothersome to some people. Mattresses made with natural materials are less likely to off-gas, though they may still have an initial odor.

Ease of Movement
Ease of movement on a mattress is determined by how buoyant or springy the layers are. Latex and innerspring coils can add bounce, making it easy to move around on the mattress or change positions as needed. Memory foam is slower to return to its original shape when pressure is removed, which can inhibit movement to a certain extent. This is an important factor to consider for those who change sleeping positions throughout the night. It can also affect how conducive the mattress is to amorous activity.

Edge Support
Edge support determines how well the perimeter of the mattress holds up under pressure. A reinforced perimeter can help sleepers feel supported near the edge of the bed. It can also make it easier to get in and out of bed, and prevent sagging along the edges over time. For couples, sturdy edge support increases the amount of usable space and can make a bed feel larger.

Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid - Firm side
Layla Hybrid – Firm side Layla Hybrid – Soft side
Firmness Firm (7) Medium Soft (4)
Durability 4 /5 4 /5
Motion Isolation 3 /5 4 /5
Sex 3 /5 3 /5
Sleeps Cool 4 /5 3 /5
Pressure Relief 3 /5 4 /5
Off-Gassing 4 /5 4 /5
Ease of Movement 4 /5 3 /5
Edge Support 4 /5 3 /5


WinkBed GravityLux EcoCloud
Firmness Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8) Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Firm (7) Medium (5)
Durability 4 /5 3 /5 5 /5
Motion Isolation 4 /5 5 /5 3 /5
Sex 3 /5 3 /5 5 /5
Sleeps Cool 4 /5 3 /5 4 /5
Pressure Relief 3 /5 4 /5 3 /5
Off-Gassing 3 /5 3 /5 4 /5
Ease of Movement 3 /5 3 /5 5 /5
Edge Support 4 /5 2 /5 4 /5

Prices and Sizing

When budgeting for a new mattress, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Mattress price can be affected by materials, construction, size, and where the mattress is manufactured. Mattresses made with high quality materials may be more expensive, but the added durability can make them better investments in the long run.

There are a wide range of price points available for each type of mattress. Latex, hybrid, and airbed models are often more expensive, while foam mattresses tend to be more affordable. The larger a mattress is, the more expensive it is to manufacture.

Discounts are often available for mattresses purchased online, with many companies offering year-round promotions for shoppers. This reduces the retail price of the mattress. Shipping is another cost to keep in mind. Many online companies offer free standard shipping, but in-home delivery and old mattress removal may be an additional charge.

Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid
Layla Hybrid
Twin $1,099
Twin XL $1,199
Full $1,399
Queen $1,499
King $1,699
California King $1,699

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WinkBed GravityLux EcoCloud
Twin $1,149 $1,199 $1,099
Twin XL $1,249 $1,299 $1,199
Full $1,499 $1,599 $1,399
Queen $1,799 $1,799 $1,699
King $1,999 $1,999 $2,099
California King $2,049 $1,999 $2,099

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Both the Layla Hybrid and WinkBeds models are competitively priced. The Layla Hybrid, WinkBed, and GravityLux have similar price points. The WinkBed Plus includes a layer of natural latex, which makes it more expensive than the standard WinkBed models that have polyfoam comfort systems. The WinkBeds EcoCloud is the most expensive option, partly because it is made with a thick layer of natural latex.

Eco-conscious shoppers who want a mattress made with natural materials may find the EcoCloud is worth the higher price point. It is the most highly rated for durability, which makes it a good choice for value-minded shoppers. Additionally, WinkBeds offers a lifetime warranty for each of its mattresses.

The Layla Hybrid and WinkBeds models are all highly rated for pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature regulation. There are plenty of benefits to each mattress, and price may not be the determining factor for shoppers.

Trials, Warranty, and Delivery


Sleep Trial & Returns

120 nights


10 year, Limited


Free to Contiguous U.S.


Sleep Trial & Returns

120 nights (30 night requirement)


Lifetime, Limited


Free to contiguous U.S.

Each company has its own policies for shipping, returns, and warranty claims. Understanding these policies is an important part of any mattress comparison, as it helps shoppers determine which will best suit their needs.


Delivery timeframes for online mattress purchases depend on where the mattress is manufactured, and how it is shipped. Plenty of companies offer free standard shipping, which can take one to two weeks depending on processing time and the destination.

Mattresses packed in boxes are compressed by machine, sealed in plastic, and shipped inside of a standard sized box.

White Glove delivery includes in-home set-up. Some companies offer the removal of an old mattress as part of White Glove delivery. This service is often an additional charge and may require additional time for delivery.

Layla Shipping Policy

Layla offers free ground shipping to the contiguous United States. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada is available for an additional fee. White Glove delivery is not currently offered.

Each Layla mattress is made to order. The company allows three to five business days for manufacturing and seven to 10 business days for delivery. The Layla Hybrid is compressed, vacuum-sealed in plastic, and shipped in a box to the customer’s doorstep.

WinkBeds Shipping Policy

WinkBeds provides free standard shipping to the contiguous United States. Shipping outside of the contiguous U.S. is not offered. White Glove delivery is available for $129. Shoppers can add old mattress removal to White Glove delivery for a combined total of $189.

WinkBeds mattresses are handmade to order, compressed, and shipped as a mattress in a box.


Most mattresses purchased online include a sleep trial, which gives purchasers the chance to try out the mattress and return it if it does not meet their expectations. Sleep trials can range in length, and some include a mandatory break-in period before a return can be initiated.

Since mattresses in a box are compressed by machine and fully expand once unboxed, shoppers are not required to return the mattress in its original packaging. Most companies will help coordinate the pickup and donation or recycling of returned mattresses. That said, policies vary between companies so it is important to read the fine print.

Layla Return Policy

Layla offers a 120-night sleep trial for the Layla Hybrid. The company asks that purchasers try out the mattress for two weeks before initiating a return. In the event of a return, Layla coordinates pickup and donation of the mattress and issues the customer a full refund. There are no return fees.

WinkBeds Return Policy

WinkBeds offers a 120-night sleep trial, which includes a 30-day break-in period before a return can be initiated. If the customer decides to return the mattress, WinkBeds helps coordinate pickup and donation of the mattress.

Additionally, customers can decide to exchange their WinkBeds mattress for a different model or firmness level. WinkBeds charges $49 for pickup of the returned mattress and delivery of the new mattress. A 60-night sleep trial applies to the new mattress.


A mattress warranty typically covers defects in materials and manufacturing. In the event of a defect, the company will often provide repair or replacement of the mattress. Mattress warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, and many have requirements to ensure eligibility for coverage.

Shoppers should compare length and terms of coverage, in addition to any additional costs that may be included.

Layla Warranty

The Layla Hybrid has a 10-year non-prorated warranty. The warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing, including seams coming apart, compressions and loss of shape greater than 1 inch, and splits or cracks in the foam.

In the event of a defect, Layla will repair or replace the mattress. The customer may be responsible for shipping charges up to $50.

WinkBeds Warranty

WinkBeds offers a lifetime non-prorated warranty for its mattresses. This warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing, including indentations greater than 1.5 inches and other physical flaws.

In the event of a defect, WinkBeds will replace the mattress at no cost. The customer may be responsible for shipping costs, but WinkBeds will assume these costs if the warranty claim is validated.

Additionally, WinkBeds offers an “Any Reason” lifetime replacement guarantee. Customers can trade in their WinkBeds mattress for a new model for 50% of the current retail price for any reason, instead of submitting a warranty claim.

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